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You are looking for a hotel at the airport? Close to the big cities? On this website you will find a list of hotels close to the airport.


AK KURGAN - Ak Kurgan Airport ALHI - Alhi Airport ANDIZHAN - Andizhan Airport ANDIZHAN - Andizhan Northeast Airport ARADZHI - Aradzhi Airport AYMAN - Karyz Airport BAKHT - Bakht Southeast Airport BAYAUT PERVYY - Bayaut Pervyy West Airport BERUNI - Beruni Airport BUKHARA - Bukhara Airport CHAR-KHANA - Siyazy Pa Yan Airport CHARKHIN - Charkhin Airport CHARTAK - Chartak Airport CHIMKURGAN - Chimkurgan Airport CHINAZ - Chinaz Highway Airstrip CHIRCHIK - Chirchik Airport DAUL - Daul Airport DENAU - Denau Airport DENAU - Denau Southwest Airport DIMITROVSKOYE - Dimitrovskoye Airport DZHAR-TEPE - Dzhar-Tepe Airport FERGANA - Fergana International Airport FERGANA - Fergana Southwest Airport GALYABITA - Galyabita East Airport GULISTAN - Gulistan North Airport ILICH - Ilich Airport ILICH - Ilich North Airport IMENI CHKALOVA - Imeni Chkalova Airport IMENI KIROVA - Imeni Kirova Airport ISAT - Isat Airport KAGAN - Kagan South Airport KAHVAST - Khavast Airport KALINOVKA - Kalinovka Angren Airport KAMASHI - Kamashi Airport KARA DARYA - Mitan Airport KARA KALPAK - Kara Kalpak Airport KARABAG - Ulmas Airport KARADARYA - Karadarya East Airport KARAKOY - Kakakoy Southeast Airport KARAKOY - Karakoy Airport KARAKOY - Karakoy Southwest Airport KARAKUL - Karakul Airport KARYM BABA - Yangi Kurgan Airport KATTAKURGAN - Kattakurgan East Airport KATTAMING - Kattaming Airport KAYKI - Kayki Airport KHALKABAD - Pap Airport KHALKABAD - Pap East Airport KHATCHA - Chambel Airport KHATYRCHI - Khatyrchi Northwest Airport KHODZHI SAGAT - Obi Kiik Airport KILAB - Kilab Northwest Airport KILAB - Kilab Southeast Airport KOCHKOR-ATA - Isbaskent Airport KOKAND - Kokand Airport KOKAND - Kokand North Airport KOKAND - Kokand South Airport KOKAND - Kokand Southeast Airport KOSH RABAT - Kosh Rabat Airport KUKARAL - Kukaral Sedmoy Airport KUMUSHKENT - Kumushkent Airport KUNGRAD - Kungrad Airport KURGANTEPA - Aim Southeast Airport KUVACHA - Kuvacha Airport MALEKSKAYA - Malekskaya Airport MARGELAN - Margelan Airport MARKHAMAT - Kuva Southeast Airport MAYNANAK - Maymanak Airport MEVALI - Kairma Airport NAMANGAN - Namagan Southwest Airport NAMANGAN - Namangan Airport NAMANGAN - Namangan Northeast Airport NAUKENT - Naukent Airport NAVOI - Navoi Airport NUKUS - Nukus Airport NUKUS - Nukus South Airport NUSHKENT - Ishbulak North Airport OBETOVANNI - Nadezhdinskoye Airport PARCHAYUZ - Matlha Airport PUTK SOTSIALISMU - Putk Sotsialismu Airport RAMADAN - Kuva West Airport RISHTAN - Dutyr Airport SAMARKAND - Samarkand Airport SARIASIYA - Sariasiya Airport SARYKSU - Balykchi Southwest Airport SAYBUI - Saybui Airport SHABSKIY - Shabskiy North Airport SHAKHRIKHAN - Shakhrikhan South Airport SHAKHRIKHAN - Shakhrikhan West Airport SHAKHRISTABZ - Shakhristabz Airport SHAKHRISTABZ - Shakhristabz Southwest Airport SHAMALDY SAY - Shamaldy Say Southeast Airport SHAMENAY - Shamenay Airport SHORKISHLAK - Aravan Northeast Airport SOLDATSKIY - Soldatskiy Southeast Airport SRENTENKA - Srentenka Airport SYRDARYA - Syrdar Northwest Airport SYRDARYA - Syrdaya Airport SYRDAYA - Syrdaya Highway Southwest Airstrip TARDZHILGA - Tardzhilga Airport TASHKENT - Tashkent East Airport TASHKENT - Tashkent International Airport TOSHKENT - Ak Tepe Airport TOSHKENT - Tashkent Sergeli Airport TURTKUL - Turtkul Airport UALIK - Kuvasay North Airport UCHKURGAN - Uchkurgan Southeast Airport UDURGI - Udurgi Airport URGENCH - Urgench Airport UYCHI - Uychi Southeast Airport YAKKABAG - Statsiya Yakkabag Airport YAKKATU - Yakkatu Airport YANGI ARYN - Yangi Aryn Airport YANGI YUL - Yangi Yul Airport YANGIKISHIAK - Yangikishiak Airport YANGIKURGAN - Yangikurgan Akdaya Airport YANGITURMISH - Yangiturmysh Airport YAYPAN - Yaypan Northeast Airport ZAR CHOB - Zar Chob Airport ZOLOTAYA - Zolotaya Orda Airport



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Airports are listed by alphabet. Choose the desired airport and find accommodations nearest to the airport. The top 10 airport hotels are not listed arbitrarily, but rather actually air-line distance to the airport. In the case of particularly large airports, of course, the distance to the respective departure hall or arrival hall is also relevant. In this airport catalog, you will find hotels just a stone's throw away from the airport, perfect to walk, but also some of those with taxi and shuttle service are easily accessible and have 24 hour reception, ideal for late arrival, early departure or Transit so they can check in around the clock. Check availability and rates and book your best airport hotel.



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