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MARFA (TEXAS) - Presidio Lely International Airport ABBEVILLE - Abbeville Airport ABBEVILLE - Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport ABBEVILLE - Abbeville Municipal Airport ABBEVILLE - Coastal Ridge Airpark ABBEVILLE - Ken Guidry Nr 1 Airport ABBEVILLE - Live Oak Landing Strip Airport ABBEVILLE - Ms Pats Airport ABBEVILLE - Rambos Field Airport ABBOTT - Stapleton Field Airport ABERDEEN - Aberdeen Municipal Airport ABERDEEN - Aberdeen Regional Airport ABERDEEN - Thorson Airfield ABERDEEN - Wishkah River Ranch Airport ABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDS(ABERDEEN) - Phillips Army Air Field ABERDEEN/AMORY - Monroe County Airport ABERNATHY - Abernathy Municipal Airport ABIE - Abie Sky Ranch Airport ABILENE - Abilene Executive Airpark ABILENE - Abilene Municipal Airport ABILENE - Abilene Regional Airport ABILENE - Dyess Air Force Base ABILENE - Elmdale Airpark ABILENE - Flying B Ranch Airstrip ABILENE - Portlock Airfield ABILENE - Zimmerle Airport ABINGDON - Old South Aerodrome Airport ABINGDON - Virginia Highlands Airport ABINGDON - Wolfords Airport ABIQUIU - Ghost Ranch Strip Airport ABITA SPRINGS - Price Ultralightport Airport ABSARAKA - Punton Private Airport ACKERLY - Coleman Cattle Company Nr 1 Airport ACKERMAN - Ackerman Choctaw County Airport ACKLEY - Ackley Municipal Airport ACME - Acme Field Airport ACTON - Buzzys Field Airport ACTON - Marshall Field Airport ACTON - Old Acton Airfield ADA - Ada Airport ADA - Ada Municipal Airport ADA - Hammars Farm Airport ADA - Somerville Airport ADA - Thomas Ranch Airport ADA - Valley Airport ADA/TWIN VALLEY - Norman County Ada Twin Valley Airport ADAIR - Grand Isle Airport ADAMS - Butterville Airport ADAMS - Rothrock Field Airport ADAMS MILLS - Graham Farm Airport ADDIS - Daniel Airport ADDISON - Addison Municipal Airport ADDISON - Ass-Pirin Acres Airport ADDISON - Juergensen Airpark and Maritime Facility Airport ADDISON - Spencer Airport ADDISON - Towner Farm Airport ADDY - Bluecreek Airport ADEL - Cook County Airport ADEL - Mc Ranch Airport ADELANTO - Adelanto Airport ADELANTO - Hansen Airport ADELANTO - Krey Field Airport ADIN - Adin Airport ADKINS - Mc Creless Farm Airport ADRIAN - Angle Bar M Airport ADRIAN - Coleman Cattle Company Nr 2 Airport ADRIAN - Lenawee County Airport ADVANCE - Happy Bottom Airport ADVANCE - Marchmont Plantation Airpark AFTON - Afton Municipal Airport AFTON - Grand Lake Regional Airport AFTON - Heiner Airport AFTON - North Fork Airport AFTON - Teramiranda Airport AFTON - Walker Field Airport AGATE - Metrogro Farm Airport AGRICOLA - Schoolcraft Airport AGUA CALIENTE SPRINGS - Agua Caliente Airport AGUA DULCE - Agua Dulce Airpark AGUA DULCE - Old Hoppe Place Airport AGUANGA - Ward Ranch Airport AGUILA - Eagle Roost Airpark AGUILA - Flying Dares Ranch Airport AGUILA - Hillair Dirt Strip Airport AGUILA - Sampleys Airport AHOSKIE - Dragonfly Field Airport AHOSKIE - Tri County Airport AIKEN - Aiken Municipal Airport AIKEN - Wexford Landing Airport AINSWORTH - Ainsworth Municipal Airport AITKIN - Aitkin Municipal Steve Kurtz Field Airport AJO - Eric Marcus Municipal Airport AKIEY - Hay Acres Airport AKRON - Akron Airport AKRON - Akron Canton Regional Airport AKRON - Akron Fulton International Airport AKRON - Colorado Plains Regional Airport AKRON - Gebauer Airport AKRON - Mayfield Airport AKRON - Strickland Smalley Field Airport AKRON - Woodcock Airport ALABASTER - Shelby County Airport ALACHUA - Link Field Airport ALACHUA - Santa Fe River Ranch Airport ALAMANA - Leffler Airport ALAMO - Alamo Landing Field Airport ALAMO - Alamo Navajo Airport ALAMO - Mid-Valley Dusters Inc Airport ALAMO - Roy Lohse Airport ALAMOGORDO - Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport ALAMOGORDO - Gorby Ranch Airport ALAMOGORDO - Holloman Air Force Base ALAMOGORDO - Mesa Verde Ranch Strip Airport ALAMOGORDO - Timberon Airport ALAMOSA - San Luis Valley Regional Bergman Field Airport ALBA - Cooper Flying Service Airport ALBANY - Albany Airport ALBANY - Albany International Airport ALBANY - Albany Municipal Airport ALBANY - Albany Municipal Airport ALBANY - Albany Municipal Airport ALBANY - Chucks Airport ALBANY - Dale Hollow Regional Petro Field Airport ALBANY - Double O Farm Airport ALBANY - Finneys Airpark ALBANY - Hemmingson Airport ALBANY - Jerry Phibbs Airport ALBANY - Lambert Field Airport ALBANY - Leavitt Airport ALBANY - Miller Airstrip ALBANY - Pinebloom Plantation Airport ALBANY - Propst Airport ALBANY - Roppair Airport ALBANY - Skalicky Airstrip ALBANY - Southwest Georgia Regional Airport ALBANY - Tallassee Plantation Airport ALBANY - Wooldridge Agstrip Airport ALBEE - Tribitt Airport ALBEMARLE - Stanly County Airport ALBERT - Tequesquite Ranch Airport ALBERT LEA - Albert Lea Municipal Airport ALBERTA - Alberta Ultralightport Airport ALBERTVILLE - Albertville Regional Airport Thomas J Brumlik Field ALBIA - Albia Municipal Airport ALBION - Albion Municipal Airport ALBION - B & V Flying Ranch Airport ALBION - Dawn Patrol Aviation Airport ALBION - G & N Airport ALBION - Gaines Valley Aviation Airport ALBION - Homer Ranch Airport ALBION - Jim Shearer Airport ALBION - Leise Airport ALBION - Marther Field Airport ALBION - Midway Airport ALBION - Pine Hill Airport ALBION - Pippenger Airport ALBUQUERQUE - Albuquerque International Sunport Airport ALBUQUERQUE - Double Eagle II Airport ALBUQUERQUE - New Mexico Soaring Ranch Airport ALBUQUERQUE - Prices Dairy Airport ALBURG - Greenwoods Airfield ALBURG - Northern Lights Airport ALDEN - Bingham Airport ALDERDALE - Mercer Ranch Airport ALEDO - Beggs Ranch Aledo Airport ALEDO - Log Cabin Airport ALEDO - Mercer County Airport ALEXANDER - Chitwood Airstrip ALEXANDER - Gajewski Field Airport ALEXANDER - Haugens Airport ALEXANDER CITY - Thomas C Russell Field Airport ALEXANDRIA - Aggies Landing Airport ALEXANDRIA - Alexandria Airport ALEXANDRIA - Alexandria International Airport ALEXANDRIA - Chandler Airport ALEXANDRIA - Chandler Field Airport ALEXANDRIA - Esler Regional Airport ALEXANDRIA - Grass Roots Airport ALEXANDRIA BAY - Maxson Airfield ALFALFA - Goering Ranches Airport ALGOMA - Carnot Field Airport ALGOMA - Foscoro Airport ALGOMA - Jorgensen - Stoller Airport ALGONA - Algona Municipal Airport ALHAMBRA - Hammock Field Airport ALICE - Alice International Airport ALICEVILLE - George Downer Airport ALINE - Stewart Farms Airport ALKALI LAKE - Alkali Lake State Airport ALLAMUCHY - Weiss Farm Airport ALLEGAN - Chicora Field Airport ALLEGAN - Padgham Field Airport ALLEN - Kittyhawk Airport ALLENDALE - Allendale County Airport ALLENDALE - Deyoung Airport ALLENDALE - Sugar Hill Airport ALLENSPARK - Elk Park Ranch Airport ALLENTOWN - Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport ALLENTOWN - Lehigh Valley International Airport ALLIANCE - Alliance Airport ALLIANCE - Alliance Municipal Airport ALLIANCE - Barber Airport ALLIANCE - Miller Airport ALLIANCE - Stubs Field Airport ALLIGATOR - Glidwell Flying Service Airport ALLISON - Allison Municipal Airport ALLISON PARK - Nardo Airport ALLOWAY - Alloway Airfield ALMA - Alma Municipal Airport ALMA - Bacon County Airport ALMA - Gratiot Community Airport ALMA - Griffin Airport ALMIRA - J-Z Airport ALMOND - Swan Field Airport ALMYRA - Almyra Municipal Airport ALPENA - Alpena County Regional Airport ALPENA - Silver City Airpark ALPHARETTA - Chukkar Farm Ultralightport Airport ALPINE - 02 Ranch Airport ALPINE - Alpine Airport ALPINE - Alpine Casparis Municipal Airport ALPINE - Kayutah Lake Airport ALPINE - On the Rocks Airport ALPINE - Taurus Mesa Airport ALPINE - Terlingua Ranch Airport ALTA LOMA - Rebel Field Airport ALTAMONT - Piney Creek Airport ALTAMONT - Reed-Wilsonton Airport ALTHA - Cattle Creek Ranch Airport ALTHA - County Line Airstrip ALTHA - Farm Air Service Airport ALTO - Johnson Airport ALTO - Taylor Ranch Airport ALTON - Strawberry Valley Estates Airport ALTON - Swains Creek Airport ALTON - Vaughan Airport ALTON/ST LOUIS - St Louis Regional Airport ALTOONA - Altoona Blair County Airport ALTOONA - Vicars Private Airport ALTURAS - Alturas Municipal Airport ALTURAS - Bates Field Airport ALTURAS - California Pines Airport ALTURAS - Wesinger Ranch Airport ALTUS - Altus Air Force Base ALTUS - Altus Quartz Mountain Regional Airport ALTUS - Scottys Field Airport ALTUS - Sheffield-Smith Airstrip ALTUS - Stewart Airport ALTUS - Winfield Airpark ALVA - Alva Regional Airport ALVA - Logsdon Ranch Airport ALVA - May Ranch Airport ALVA - Woodlake Airport ALVADA - Stone Airport ALVARADO - Block Ranch Airport ALVARADO - Goodlett Field Airport ALVARADO - Luscombe Acres Airport ALVARADO - Phillips Farm Airport ALVIN - Alvin Airpark ALVIN - J-D Ranch Airport ALVIN - Minard Pegasus Airport ALVORD - Becker Airport ALVORD - Vance Field Airport ALZADA - Lanning Ranch Airport AMA - St Charles Airport AMAGANSETT ( NEW YORK) - Gardiners Island Landing Field Airport AMANA - Amana Airport AMANDA - Amanda Airport AMARGOSA VALLEY - Imvite Airport AMARILLO - Blue Sky Airfield AMARILLO - Buffalo Airport AMARILLO - Flying K Airport AMARILLO - Palo Duro Airport AMARILLO - Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport AMARILLO - River Falls Airport AMARILLO - Tradewind Airport AMBER - Martin Farms Airport AMBOY - Albrecht 2 Airport AMBOY - Burk Airport AMBOY - Mc Clellan Field Airport AMBOY - Taylor Airport AMBOY - Walter Suttons Private Strip Airport AMBOY - Zarn Airport AMELIA - Easter Field Airport AMELIA - Hill Top Airport AMELIA - Humphries Rotordrome Airport AMELIA COURT HOUSE - Merlin Aerodrome Airport AMENIA - Nelson Airport AMENIA - Peterson Airport AMENIA - Smith Private Airport AMERICAN FALLS - American Falls Airport AMERICUS - Lowell Field Airport AMERICUS - Souther Field Airport AMERY - Amery Municipal Airport AMES - Ames Municipal Airport AMESBURY - Meadowbrook Airport AMHERST - Fulcher Family Farms Airport AMHERST - Lake Ell Field Airport AMHERST - Timberdoodle Airport AMITE - Skyline Airpark AMITE - Sycamore Airport AMITY - Plum Valley Airport AMITY - Reds Field Airport AMITY - Watts Landing Airport AMO - Marcidale Airport AMSTERDAM - Longwell Airport AMSTERDAM - Snow Field Airport ANACONDA - Bowman Field Airport ANACORTES - Anacortes Airport ANACORTES - Beckers Landing Airport ANADARKO - Anadarko Municipal Airport ANAHUAC - Chambers County Airport ANAMOOSE - Petes Tractor Salvage Airport ANATONE - Rogersburg Airport ANCHOR BAY - Lofty Redwoods Airport ANCHOR POINT - Anchor River Airpark ANCHOR POINT - Lowell Field Airport ANCHORAGE - Bold Airport ANCHORAGE - Campbell Airstrip ANCHORAGE - Elmendorf Air Force Base ANCHORAGE - Fire Island Airport ANCHORAGE - Flying Crown Airport ANCHORAGE - Merrill Field Airport ANCHORAGE - Shelby Strip Airport ANCHORAGE - Sixmile Lake Airport ANCHORAGE - Sky Harbor Airport ANCHORAGE - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ANDALUSIA/OPP - South Alabama Regional At Bill Benton Field Airport ANDERSON - Anderson Municipal Darlington Field Airport ANDERSON - Anderson Regional Airport ANDERSON - Burk Personal Use Airport ANDICE - Keno Field Airport ANDICE - Rab Ranch Airport ANDOVER - Aeroflex-Andover Airport ANDOVER - Daniels Landing Airport ANDOVER - Riceland Aerodrome Airport ANDOVER - Trinca Airport ANDOVER - Tucker Farm Airport ANDREAS - East Penn Airport ANDREWS - Andrews County Airport ANDREWS - Jordan Airport ANDREWS - Robert F Swinnie Airport ANDREWS - Western Carolina Regional Airport ANETA - Ricketyback Field Airport ANGEL FIRE - Angel Fire Airport ANGELICA - Erb Acres Airport ANGIER - Angier C A G Farms Airport ANGIER - Barclaysville Field Airport ANGIER - Fish Airpark ANGLETON - Bailes Airport ANGLETON - Clover Lake Farms Airport ANGLETON - Flyin Tiger Airport ANGLETON - Phillips Corporation Airport ANGLETON/LAKE JACKSON - Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport ANGOLA - Angola Airstrip ANGOLA - Pigeon Airport ANGOLA - Tri State Steuben County Airport ANGUS - Pulkrabek Private Landing Field Airport ANGWIN - Angwin Parrett Field Airport ANIMAS - Gray Ranch Airport ANITA - Anita Municipal Kevin Burke Memorial Field Airport ANKENY - Ankeny Regional Airport ANKENY - Todd Field Airport ANN ARBOR - Ann Arbor Municipal Airport ANNA - Hartline Air Strip STOLport ANNA - Heitman Field Airport ANNADA - Barber Airport ANNAPOLIS - Fairview Airport ANNAPOLIS - Lee Airport ANNETTE - Annette Island Airport ANNISTON - Anniston Metropolitan Airport ANNONA - Russells Ranch Airport ANNVILLE - Millard Airport ANNVILLE - Rover Airport ANSON - Steen Airport ANSONIA - Leis Airport ANSTED - Lee Massey Airport ANTELOPE - Big Muddy Ranch Airport ANTHONY - Anthony Municipal Airport ANTHONY - Wilcox Field Airport ANTIGO - Langlade County Airport ANTIGO - Rag Wing Airport ANTIOCH - Donald Alfred Gade Airport ANTIOCH - Midland Airport ANTLER - Peterson Airstrip ANTLERS - Antlers Municipal Airport ANTON CHICO - Park Springs Airport ANZA - Lake Riverside Estates Airport APACHE CREEK - Jewett Mesa Airport APALACHICOLA - Apalachicola Regional Airport APALACHICOLA - St George Island Airport APEX - Cox Airport APEX - Deck Airpark APOLLO - River Hill Aviation Airport APOPKA - Carter Airport APOPKA - Orlando Apopka Airport APPLE RIVER - Foster Field Airport APPLE SPRINGS - North Cedar Airport APPLE VALLEY - Apple Valley Airport APPLE VALLEY - Holiday Ranch Airport APPLETON - Appleton International Airport APPLETON - Appleton Municipal Airport APPLETON - Five Corners Airways Airport APPLETON CITY - Bauer Pgi Airport APPLING - Carpenter Airport APPOMATTOX - Highview Farms Airport APPOMATTOX - Nashs Airport ARAPAHOE - Arapahoe Municipal Airport ARBOVALE - Deer Creek Farm Airport ARBUCKLE - Mc Cabe Ranch Airport ARCADE - Arcade Tri County Airport ARCADE - East Arcade Airport ARCADE - Roberts Roost Airport ARCADIA - Arcadia Bienville Parish Airport ARCADIA - Arcadia Municipal Airport ARCADIA - Carlstrom Field Airport ARCADIA - Cruzan Field Airport ARCADIA - Diehl Ranch Airport ARCADIA - Ellsworth Field Airport ARCADIA - Frierson Grove Airport ARCADIA - Heinzman Airport ARCADIA - Hennessy Airport ARCADIA - Mc Donalds Field Airport ARCADIA - Montgomery Ranch Airport ARCADIA - Rutter Airport ARCADIA - Skyridge Airport ARCADIA - Sunnybreeze Airport ARCADIA - Ward Airport ARCANUM - Heins Field Airport ARCATA/EUREKA - Arcata Airport ARCHBOLD - Huffman Farm Airport ARCHER - Flying Ten Airport ARCHER - Peach Orchard Airport ARCHER CITY - Archer City Municipal Airport ARCHER CITY - Hornady Ranch Airport ARCHIE - Mc Donnell Airport ARCO - Arco Butte County Airport ARCOLA - Confers Place Airport ARCOLA - Dicks Strip Airport ARCOLA - Glascock Airport ARCOLA - Smith Airport ARDMORE - Ardmore Airport ARDMORE - Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport ARDMORE - Ardmore Municipal Airport ARDMORE - Bass Aero Airport ARDMORE - Goddard Ranch Airport ARDMORE - Strader Ranch Airport ARDMORE - Taliaferro Field Airport ARENZVILLE - Kinsey RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport ARGONIA - Argonia Municipal Airport ARGOS - Scott Field Airport ARGUSVILLE - Lisburg Airport ARGUSVILLE - Walkinshaw Airport ARGYLE - Argyle Airport ARGYLE - Johnson Airport ARGYLE - Kelly Airport ARGYLE - Leroux Airport ARKADELPHIA - Ashworth Airport ARKADELPHIA - Dexter B Florence Memorial Field Airport ARKANSAS CITY - Tyler Airport ARKANSAW - Rutherford Airport ARKDALE - Zanadu Airport ARKOE - Tallen Airport ARLINGTON - Alge Airport ARLINGTON - Andrews Airport ARLINGTON - Arlington Municipal Airport ARLINGTON - Arlington Municipal Airport ARLINGTON - Arlington Municipal Airport ARLINGTON - Arlington Municipal Airport ARLINGTON - Del Monte Airport ARLINGTON - Funfsinn Airport ARLINGTON - Gila Compressor Station Airport ARLINGTON - Jordans Airport ARLINGTON - Needhams Airport ARLINGTON - Williams Airpatch Airport ARMA - Youvan Airport ARMSTRONG - Armstrong Ranch Airport ARNAUDVILLE - Couvillion Airport ARNAUDVILLE - Tim Bullard Memorial Airport ARP - Oaks Airport ARRINGTON - Starr Airport ARTESIA - 2 X 4 Ranch Airport ARTESIA - Artesia Municipal Airport ARTESIA - Champion Ranch Airport ARTHUR - Arthur Airport ARTHUR - Arthur Municipal Airport ARTHUR - Hawkins Ranch Airport ARTHUR - Packard Ranch Airport ARTHUR - Turner Field Airport ARTHURDALE - Titus Field Airport ARVILLA - Frokjer Airport ARVIN - Creekside Airport ARVIN - J&J Crop Dusters Inc Airport ASBURY - Parker Airport ASH FLAT - Sharp County Regional Airport ASHBURN - Richter Airpark ASHBURN - Turner County Airport ASHBY - Melby Airport ASHBY - Merrihew Airport ASHBY - Merry Airport ASHBY - Runner Landing Area Airport ASHDOWN - Pine Prairie Airport ASHEBORO - Asheboro Regional Airport ASHEBORO - Delks Airport ASHEBORO - Smith Air Strip ASHEBORO - Spencer Field Airport ASHEVILLE - Asheville Regional Airport ASHEVILLE - Six Oaks Airport ASHFORD/WESTFORD - Westford Airstrip ASHLAND - Ashland County Airport ASHLAND - Ashland Municipal Sumner Parker Field Airport ASHLAND - Ashland Regional Airport ASHLAND - Cool Water Airport ASHLAND - Flying H Airport ASHLAND - Harold Krier Field Airport ASHLAND - John F Kennedy Memorial Airport ASHLAND - John Farese Airpark ASHLAND - Mayers Airport ASHLAND - Meadow Farm Airport ASHLAND - Shupe Airport ASHLAND - St Labre Mission Airport ASHLAND - Starns Auxiliary Airport ASHLAND - Starns Brothers Airport ASHLAND/LINEVILLE - Ashland Lineville Airport ASHLEY - Ashley Municipal Airport ASHMORE - John R Reed Airport ASHTABULA - Northeast Ohio Regional Airport ASHTON - Miller Airport ASHVILLE - Beckman Field Airport ASHVILLE - Duggers Field Airport ASHVILLE - Golden Pond Airport ASOTIN - Hawks Run Airport ASPEN - Aspen Gliderport Airport ASPEN - Aspen-Pitkin Co Sardy Field Airport ASPERMONT - Douglas Flying Service Private Airport ASPERMONT - Stonewall County Airport ASTORIA - Astoria Regional Airport ASTORIA - Karpens Airport ATCHISON - Amelia Earhart Airport ATHENA - Barrett Field Airport ATHENS - Athens Ben Epps Airport ATHENS - Athens Municipal Airport ATHENS - Corinth Airport ATHENS - Davids Airport ATHENS - Deer Meadow Ranch Airport ATHENS - Glad Oaks Airport ATHENS - Gunner Field Airport ATHENS - JohnS Field Airport ATHENS - Lars Private Airport ATHENS - Lochridge Ranch Airport ATHENS - McMinn County Airport ATHENS - Wilcoxon Airport ATHENS/ALBANY - Ohio University Snyder Field Airport ATHERTON - Martens Airport ATHOL - Granite Airport ATHOL - Hackney Airpark ATHOL - Western Spur Airport ATKINSON - Stuart Atkinson Municipal Airport ATKINSON - Yonder Airport ATLANTA - Atlanta Airport ATLANTA - Atlanta Municipal Airport ATLANTA - Bee-Acre Farm Strip Airport ATLANTA - Cobb County-Mc Collum Field Airport ATLANTA - DeKalb Peachtree Airport ATLANTA - Fulton County Airport Brown Field ATLANTA - Graham US Forest Service Airport ATLANTA - Hall Miller Municipal Airport ATLANTA - Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATLANTA - Hoblit Farms Airport ATLANTA - Newnan Coweta County Airport ATLANTA - Peachtree City Falcon Field Airport ATLANTA - Rollins STOLport Airport ATLANTA - Sugar Creek Farm Airport ATLANTA - Weatherby US Forest Service Airport ATLANTIC - Atlantic Field Mcolf Airport ATLANTIC - Atlantic Municipal Airport ATLANTIC - Jackson Private Airport ATLANTIC - Taylor Airport ATLANTIC CITY - Atlantic City International Airport ATMORE - Atmore Municipal Airport ATOKA - Atoka Municipal Airport ATOKA - Cochran Ranch Airport ATOKA - Flying W Ranch Airport ATOMIC CITY - Big Southern Butte Airport ATOMIC CITY - Coxs Well Airport ATOMIC CITY - Midway Airport ATTAPULGUS - Viola Farm Airport ATTICA - Riley Field Airport ATTLEBURY - Rocky Reef Farm Airport ATWATER - Gay Airport ATWATER - Pagels Field Airport ATWOOD - Atwood-Rawlins County City Airport ATWOOD - Cooch Landing Area Airport ATWOOD - Kamm Airport AUBERRY - Johnston Field Airport AUBREY - Campbell Field Airport AUBREY - Mustang Community Airfield AUBREY - Weems Farm Airport AUBURN - Auburn Academy Airport AUBURN - Auburn Municipal Airport AUBURN - Auburn Municipal Airport AUBURN - Auburn Opelika Robert G. Pitts Airport AUBURN - De Kalb County Airport AUBURN - Farington Field Airport AUBURN - Lone Pine Aerodrome Airport AUBURN - Mooney Field Airport AUBURN - Murphy Field Airport AUBURN CENTER - Derecsky Airport AUBURN/LEWISTON - Auburn Lewiston Municipal Airport AUBURNDALE - Market World Airport AUDUBON - Audubon County Airport AUGUSTA - Airpark Estates Airport AUGUSTA - Augusta Airport AUGUSTA - Augusta Municipal Airport AUGUSTA - Augusta Regional At Bush Field Airport AUGUSTA - Augusta State Airport AUGUSTA - Brady-Pippin Airport AUGUSTA - Daniel Field Airport AUGUSTA - Flying H Ranch Airport AUGUSTA - Grandpas Farm Airport AUGUSTA - Heape Field Airport AUGUSTA - Sills Air Park AUGUSTA - Williams Field Airport AUGUSTA - Woodruff County Airport AUMSVILLE - Flying E Airport AURORA - Aarons Field Airport AURORA - Aurora Municipal Al Potter Field Airport AURORA - Aurora State Airport AURORA - Buckley Air Force Base AURORA - Elge Field Airport AURORA - Jerry Sumners Sr Aurora Municipal Airport AURORA - Lee Creek Airport AURORA - Match Mate Airport AURORA - Simons Airport AUSTIN - Austin Bergstrom International Airport AUSTIN - Austin Executive Airport AUSTIN - Austin Executive Airport AUSTIN - Austin Municipal Airport AUSTIN - Dryden Airport AUSTIN - Hudson Airport AUSTIN - Lakeway Airpark AUSTIN - Shipman Ranch Airport AUSTINBURG - Armington Airport AUSTINTOWN - Mollica Airport AVA - Arnika Ranch Airport AVA - Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport AVA - Valenty Mierek Airport AVALON - Catalina Airport AVANT - Candy Lake Estate Airport AVANT - Candy Lake Estate Airport AVENAL - Avenal Airport AVILLA - Baugh Flight Park Ultralightport Airport AVILLA - Sunderland Airport AVINGER - Eagle Landing Airport AVINGER - Mc Kenzie Field Airport AVOCA - Avoca Airport AVOCA - Fasel Field Airport AVOCA - Tackaberry Airport AVON - Johnsons Field Airport AVON - Keller Airport AVON - Lindbergh Airport AVON - R & M Aviation Airport AVON PARK - Avon Park Executive Airport AVON PARK - Crews Homestead Ranch Airport AVON PARK - MacDill Air Force Base Auxiliary Field AYERSVILLE - Blevins Airport AYLETT - Toddsbury Farm Airport AYR - Wilcox Farm Airport AZLE - Blue Skies Airport AZLE - Boe-Wrinkle Airport AZLE - Moore Private Airport AZTEC - Aztec Municipal Airport BABB - Babb Airport BABCOCK - Speedwing Field Airport BABCOCK - Whittlesey Cranberry Co Airport BACKUS - Backus Municipal Airport BAD AXE - Engler Field airport Airport BAD AXE - Huron County Memorial Airport BADGER - Andersen Farms Airport BAGDAD - Bagdad Airport BAGLEY - Bagley Municipal Airport BAGLEY - Hoiland Field Airport BAILEY - Tyrone Airport BAINBRIDGE - Brock Airpark BAINBRIDGE - Decatur County Industrial Air Park BAINBRIDGE - Haas Airport BAINBRIDGE - Valley Vista Airport BAINBRIDGE - Way West Airport BAKER - Baker Airport BAKER - Baker Municipal Airport BAKER - Dotson Airport BAKER - Sky Ranch Airport BAKER CITY - Baker City Municipal Airport BAKER CITY - Bald Mountain Airport BAKERSFIELD - Bakersfield Municipal Airport BAKERSFIELD - Costerisan Farms Airport BAKERSFIELD - Joe Gottlieb Field Airport BAKERSFIELD - Majors Airport BAKERSFIELD - Meadows Field Airport BAKERSFIELD - Paradise Lakes Airport BALD KNOB - Bald Knob Municipal Airport BALDWIN - Baldwin Airport BALDWIN - Baldwin Municipal Airport BALDWIN - Kanten Field Airport BALDWIN - Redpath Restricted Landing Area Airport BALDWIN - Rush River Airport BALDWIN - Spitzer Airport BALDWIN CITY - Flory Private Airport BALDWIN CITY - Maxwell Airport BALDWIN CITY - Vinland Valley Aerodrome Airport BALDWINSVILLE - B-Ville Airpark BALL GROUND - Pegasus Run Airport BALLINGER - Bruce Field Airport BALLY - Bally Spring Farm Airport BALLY - Butter Valley Golf Port Airport BALSAM LAKE - Romeo Airstrip BALTIMORE - Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport BALTIMORE - Essex Skypark Airport BALTIMORE - Industry Air Park BALTIMORE - Martin State Airport BALTIMORE - Miller Farm Landing Strip Airport BAMBERG - Bamberg County Airport BANCROFT - Bancroft Municipal Airport BANDERA - Bains Private Airport BANDERA - Bandera State Airport BANDERA - Flying L Airport BANDERA - Lobo Mountain Ranch Airport BANDON - Bandon State Airport BANGOR - Bangor International Airport BANGOR - Halletts Airport BANKS - Chadwick Airport BANKS - Rieben Airport BANNER ELK - Elk River Airport BANNING - Banning Municipal Airport BANTRY - Holen Aerial Spray Airstrip BAR HARBOR - Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport BARABOO - Baraboo Wisconsin Dells Airport BARABOO - Thiessen Field Airport BARAGA - Baraga Airport BARBEAU - Franklins Airport BARDSTOWN - Greene County Parachute Center Airport BARDSTOWN - Samuels Field Airport BARDWELL - Flying O Airport BARDWELL - Larkins Farm Airport BARGAINTOWN - Nordheim Flying K Airpark BARGERSVILLE - Beck Airport BARGERSVILLE - Bronson Airport BARGERSVILLE - Kephart Field Airport BARGERSVILLE - Thorn Field Airport BARKSDALE - Flying Bull Ranch Airport BARNARD - Show Me The Sky Airport BARNESVILLE - Ag Spray Inc Airport BARNESVILLE - Antique Acres Airport BARNESVILLE - Barnesville Bradfield Airport BARNESVILLE - Barnesville Municipal Airport BARNESVILLE - De De Airport BARNESVILLE - Janssen Airport BARNESVILLE - Little Tobesofkee Creek Ranch Airport BARNESVILLE - Mathew Private Field Airport BARNESVILLE - Wagner Farm Airport BARNEVELD - Desmet Airport BARNEY - Goerger Airport BARNEY - Hager Strip Airport BARNEY - Moffet Airstrip BARNSTEAD - Locke Lake Airport BARNSVILLE - Coot Landing Airport BARNWELL - Barnwell Regional Airport BARODA - Del Hickcox Airport BARRE/BARRE PLAINS - Tanner Hiller Airport BARRE/MONTPELIER - Edward F Knapp State Airport BARRETVILLE - Barret Airport BARRON - Barron Municipal Airport BARRY - Potter Airport BARSTOW - Goldstone Gts Airport BARSTOW - Ludlow Airport BARTLESVILLE - Bartlesville Municipal Airport BARTLESVILLE - Flying Eagle Estates Airport BARTLESVILLE - Hi-Way Airport BARTLETT - Landgren Ranch Airport BARTLEY - Lee Field Airport BARTOW - Bartow Municipal Airport BASEHOR - Hoelting Airport BASEHOR - Neu Field Airport BASILE - Millers Flying Service Airport BASIN - Dorsey Creek Ranch Airport BASIN - Klies Air Strip BASIN CITY - Green Acres Airport BASKIN - Gregs Flying Service Airport BASSETT - Rock County Airport BASTROP - Davis Plantation Airport BASTROP - Morehouse Memorial Airport BASTROP - Travis Airport BASYE - Sky Bryce Airport BATAVIA - Clermont County Airport BATAVIA - Genesee County Airport BATES CITY - Harry S Truman Regional Airport BATESBURG - House Movers Field Airport BATESVILLE - Batesville Regional Airport BATESVILLE - Dm Ranch Airport BATESVILLE - Hillenbrand Industries Airport BATESVILLE - Nash Ranch Airport BATESVILLE - Panola County Airport BATESVILLE - R & J Livestock County Airport BATH - Jolamtra Landing Area Airport BATH - University Airpark BATHGATE - Craig Private Airport BATON ROUGE - Baton Rouge Metropolitan Ryan Field Airport BATON ROUGE - La Coste Construction County Airport BATON ROUGE - Southern Helicopters Airport BATON ROUGE - Triangle J Airport BATTLE CREEK - B.C. Air Airport BATTLE CREEK - W K Kellogg Airport BATTLE GROUND - Becker Field Airport BATTLE GROUND - Cedars North Airpark BATTLE GROUND - Goheen Airport BATTLE GROUND - Parkside Airpark BATTLE LAKE - Battle Lake Municipal Airport BATTLE MOUNTAIN - Battle Mountain Airport BATTLE MOUNTAIN - Swanson Ranch 3 Airport BATTLETOWN - Eagles Nest Airport BATTLETOWN - Russell Airport BAUDETTE - Baudette International Airport BAXLEY - Baxley Municipal Airport BAXTER (MINNESOTA) - B I R Airport BAXTER SPRINGS - Walter A Swalley Airpark BAY - Miller Farm Airport BAY CITY - Ag Aviation Airport BAY CITY - Bay City Municipal Airport BAY CITY - Fehmel Dusting Service Airport BAY CITY - James Clements Municipal Airport BAY CITY - Kenneth Hayward Airport BAY MINETTE - Bay Minette Municipal Airport BAY SPRINGS - Thigpen Field Airport BAY ST LOUIS - Stennis International Airport BAY ST. LOUIS - Rocking T Ranch Airport BAY VIEW - Rancho Buena Vista Airport BAYBORO - Bay Creek Airport BAYBORO - Pamlico Airport BAYFIELD - Petit Cache Airport BAYOU LA BATRE - Roy E. Ray Airport BAYPORT - Bayport Aerodrome Airport BAYTOWN - Baytown Airport BAYTOWN - Ferris Airport BAYTOWN - RWJ Airpark BEACH - Beach Airport BEACH CITY - Beach City Airport BEAGLE - Dunn Field Airport BEAR RIVER - Anderson Airport BEAR VALLEY - Bear Valley STOLport Airport BEARDSTOWN - Greater Beardstown Airport BEARDSTOWN - Krohe Airport BEASLEY - Aviasud Airpark BEASLEY - Purdy-Nielsen Memorial Airpark BEASLEY - Ward Airpark BEATRICE - Beatrice Municipal Airport BEATTY - Beatty Airport BEATTY - Moondance Ranch Airport BEAUFORT - Beaufort County Airport BEAUFORT - Beaufort MCAS - Merritt Field Airport BEAUFORT - Findley Field Airport BEAUFORT - Laurel Hill Plantation Airport BEAUFORT - Marsh Point Airport BEAUFORT - Michael J. Smith Field Airport BEAUMONT - Beaumont Hotel Airport BEAUMONT - Beaumont Municipal Airport BEAUMONT - Stonecipher Airport BEAUMONT/PORT ARTHUR - Southeast Texas Regional Airport BEAVER - Beaver Municipal Airport BEAVER - Beaver Municipal Airport BEAVER - Glade STOLport Airport BEAVER - Sulphurdale Airport BEAVER CITY - Hewetts Airport BEAVER FALLS - Beaver County Airport BEAVER ISLAND - Beaver Island Airport BEAVER ISLAND - Welke Airport BEAVER MARSH - Beaver Marsh State Airport BEAVER SPRINGS - Snook Airport BEAVERTON - Flying K Ranch Airport BEAVERTON - HarveyS Acres Airport BECKER - Schroeder Airport BECKLEY - Raleigh County Memorial Airport BECKWOURTH - Nervino Airport BEDFORD - Bedford County Airport BEDFORD - Bedford Municipal Airport BEDFORD - Hawk Ridge Airport BEDFORD - Johnson Fox Field Airport BEDFORD - Laurence G Hanscom Field Airport BEDFORD - Miller Airport BEDFORD - Robinson Airport BEDFORD - Virgil I Grissom Municipal Airport BEDFORD - Windy Ridge Airport BEDIAS - Jordan Ranch Airport BEDMINSTER - Stefanik Airport BEE SPRING - Nolin Aero Salvage Airport BEECHER - Red Roof Airport BEECHER - Shangrila Airport BEECHER - Von Alvens Airview Airport BEEDEVILLE - Breckenridge Airport BEEKMANTON - Vasile Field Airport BEEKMANTOWN - Mountain View Airpark BEEVILLE - Beeville Municipal Airport BEEVILLE - Brown Ranch Airport BEEVILLE - Chase Field Industrial Airport BEEVILLE - Terminal D Ranch Airport BEGGS - Eagle Creek Airport BELCHER - Belcher Airpatch Airport BELCHER - Belcher Regional Airport BELCHER - SlayS Airstrip BELCHERTOWN - Norms Field Airport BELDING - Boulder Canyon Airport BELEN - Alexander Municipal Airport BELEN - Burris Ranch Nr 1 Airport BELFAST - Belfast Municipal Airport BELFIELD - Swenson Airport BELGRADE - Kreikemeier Airport BELGRADE - Mc Kenna Airport BELGRADE - Sunny Hill Airport BELGRADE - Thompson Field Airport BELINGTON - Durrett Ranches Airport BELL - Country Landings Airport BELL - Darrah Air Park BELL - Flying Harness Farms Airport BELL - Saw Whet Farms Airport BELL - Shady Bend Airport BELL RANCH - Bell Ranch Headquarters Airport BELL RANCH - Bell Ranch Waggoner Airport BELLAIRE - Antrim County Airport BELLBROOK - Anderson Airfield BELLE - Stickle Cattle Farms Airport BELLE CHASSE - Southern Seaplane Airport BELLE CREEK - Belle Creek Airport BELLE FOURCHE - Belle Fourche Municipal Airport BELLE GLADE - Belle Glade State Municipal Airport BELLE GLADE - Duda Airstrip BELLE PLAINE - A.R.S. Sport Strip Airport BELLE PLAINE - Belle Plaine Farms Airport BELLE PLAINE - Belle Plaine Municipal Airport BELLE PLAINE - Nagel and Schultz Airport BELLE PLAINE - Rands Airport BELLE ROSE - Cane-Air Airport BELLEFONTAINE - Bellefontaine Regional Airport BELLEFONTE - Bellefonte Airport BELLEFONTE - Bierly Personal Use Airport BELLEFONTE - Ziggys Field Airport BELLEVIEW - Back Achers Airport BELLEVIEW - Johary Airport BELLEVIEW - Monroe Airpark BELLEVIEW - Norton Airport BELLEVIEW - Sky Ranch Ii Airport BELLEVILLE - Aero Estates Airport BELLEVILLE - Belleville Airport BELLEVILLE - Belleville Johnston Airport BELLEVILLE - Belleville Municipal Airport BELLEVILLE - Ben Emge Airport BELLEVILLE - Cedar Creek Ranch Airport BELLEVILLE - Cooper Airport BELLEVILLE - Harold Emmerich Airport BELLEVILLE - Scott AFB Midamerica Airport BELLEVUE - Dougherty Airport BELLEVUE - Hoff Airport BELLEVUE - Menard Airport BELLEVUE - Missler-Bellevue Airport BELLEVUE - Sluder Airstrip BELLFLOWER - Sanctuary Airport BELLINGHAM - Bellingham International Airport BELLINGHAM - Eliza Island Airport BELLINGHAM - Floathaven Airstrip BELLS - Mag Drop Airport BELLS - Pritchard Airport BELLS - Skida Patch Airport BELLS - Windwood Farm Airport BELLVIEW - Mitchell Farms Airport BELLVILLE - Bender Airport BELLVILLE - Grawunder Field Airport BELLVILLE - P-K Ranch Airport BELLVILLE - Traylor Tick Farm Airport BELLVUE - Bellvue Flying Circus Airport BELMAR/FARMINGDALE - Monmouth Executive Airport BELMOND - Belmond Municipal Airport BELMONT - Tishomingo County Airport BELOIT - Beloit Airport BELOIT - Moritz Memorial Airport BELOIT - Turtle Airport BELPRE - Blue Bird Airport BELTON - Barge Ranch Airport BELTON - Robinson Airport BELUGA - Beluga Airport BELVIDERE - Bob Walberg Field Airport BELVIDERE - Henderson Airport BELVIDERE - Johnson Farms Airport BELVIDERE - Kaufield Airport BELVIDERE - Matthews Airport BELVIDERE - Untied Acres Airport BELVIDERE - Wagner Field Airport BELZONI - Belzoni Municipal Airport BELZONI - Turner Field Airport BEMENT - Triple Creek Airport BEMIDJI - Bemidji Regional Airport BEMIDJI - Chandler Personal Use Airport BEMIDJI - Cloverleaf-East Bemidji Airport BEMIDJI - Moberg Air Base BEMIDJI - Up Yonder Airport BENCHMARK - Benchmark Airport BEND - Bend Municipal Airport BEND - D M Stevenson Ranch Airport BEND - Gopher Gulch Airport BEND - Inspiration Airport BEND - Juniper Air Park BEND - Kennel Airstrip BEND - Pilot Butte Airport BEND - Sundance Meadows Airport BENEDICT - Robinson Private Airport BENFER - Beaver Springs Airport BENFER - Gilfert Airport BENGE - Clinesmith Ranch Airport BENGE - Gray Ranch Airport BENGE - Honn Farm Airport BENKELMAN - Hoppys Airport BENKELMAN - Jones Airport BENNET - Clearidge Airport BENNET - Harrington Ranch Airport BENNET - Logan Airport BENNET - Stewart Field Airport BENNETT - Greggs Nr 1 Airport BENNETT - Hoy Airstrip BENNETT - J & S Airport BENNETT - Yoder Airstrip BENNETT - Youngs Strip Airport BENNETTSVILLE - Marlboro County Jetport H.E. Avent Field Airport BENNINGTON - Alderson Airport BENNINGTON - Allen and Gloss Airport BENNINGTON - Lee Field Airport BENNINGTON - Summer Hill Farm Airport BENNINGTON - William H. Morse State Airport BENOIT - Catfish Point Airport BENOIT - West Bolivar Flying Service Airport BENSON - Benson Airport BENSON - Benson Municipal Airport BENSON - Benson Municipal Airport BENSON - Lorenz Airport BENSON - Unzicker Airport BENTLEY - Eagle Field Airport BENTLEY - Roberts Field Airport BENTON - Benton Airport BENTON - Benton Municipal Airport BENTON - Chilhowee Gliderport Airport BENTON - L J Earnest Airport BENTON - Lloyd Stearman Field Airport BENTON - Pirates Cove Airport BENTON - Saline County Regional Airport BENTON - Saline County Watts Field Airport BENTON - Taylor Airport BENTON HARBOR - Southwest Michigan Regional Airport BENTONVILLE - Bentonville Municipal-Louise M Thaden Field Airport BERCLAIR - Goliad County Industrial Airpark BEREA - Cartersville Airport BERESFORD - Howard Field Airport BERGEN - Ely Air Park BERGER - Ultra Flight Airpark BERGHEIM - Grosser Airport BERKELEY SPRINGS - Buzzards Gap Ultralightport Airport BERKELEY SPRINGS - Potomac Airpark BERKEY - R C Ford Field Airport BERKLEY - Myricks Airport BERKSHIRE - Pine Lake Airport BERLIN - Berlin Field Airport BERLIN - Berlin Lndg Area Airport BERLIN - Berlin Regional Airport BERLIN - Broken Prop Airport BERLIN - Buntings Field Airport BERLIN - Camden County Airport BERLIN - Zink Airport BERLIN CENTER - Circle C Airport BERNARD - Bernard US Forest Service Airport BERRIEN SPRINGS - Andrews University Airpark BERRYVILLE - Carroll County Airport BERRYVILLE - High View Farm Airport BERRYVILLE - Paradise Point Airport BERRYVILLE - Pickles Airport BERTHOLD - Berg Strip Airport BERTHOLD - Skinningsrud Airport BERTHOUD - Lazy W Airport BERTHOUD - Ponds Field Airport BERTHOUD - Skylane Ranch Airport BERTHOUD - Skywagon Ranch Airport BERTRAM (TEXAS) - Briggs Skotz Airfield BERTRAM - Deiterich Ranch Airport BERTRAM - Griffin Airport BERTRAM - Mcfarlin Ranch Airport BERWICK - Berwick Airport BERWICK - Perrotti Skyranch Airfield BERWICK - Salmon Falls Airport BERYL - Beryl Junction Airport BESSEMER - Bessemer Airport BETHANY - Bethany Memorial Airport BETHANY - Meadows Airport BETHANY - Sharp Airport BETHANY CENTER - Bethany Airpark BETHEL - Bethel Regional Airport BETHEL - Grimes Airport BETHEL - Kelch Airport BETHLEHEM - Irish Hills Farms Airport BETHLEHEM - Thomson Field Airport BETHLEHEM - Whelan Farms Airport BETHUNE - Hildebrandt Airport BETTSVILLE - Hull Airport BEULAH - Beulah Airport BEULAH - Good Pasture Airport BEVENT - Plover River Airfield BEVERLY - Beverly Municipal Airport BEVERLY - Lazy J. Aerodrome Airport BIDDEFORD - Biddeford Municipal Airport BIEBER - Southard Field Airport BIG BEAR - Big Bear City Airport BIG BOW - Lucas Airport BIG CREEK - Big Creek Airport BIG CREEK RANGER STATION - Cabin Creek US Forest Service Airport BIG FALLS - Big Falls Municipal Airport BIG LAKE - Big Lake Airport BIG LAKE - Charles J Hughes Ranch Airport BIG LAKE - Cubdivision Airport BIG LAKE - Fisher Airport BIG LAKE - Kramer Airport BIG LAKE - Kucera Residence Airport BIG LAKE - Owen Field Airport BIG LAKE - Reagan County Airport BIG LAKE - Twin Lake Airport BIG LAKE - West Beaver Airport BIG PINEY - Miley Memorial Field Airport BIG RAPIDS - Roben Hood Airport BIG ROCK - J Maddock Airport BIG SANDY - Alert Field Airport BIG SANDY - Big Sandy Airpark BIG SANDY - Big Sandy Airport BIG SKY - Ousel Falls Airport BIG SPRING - Big Spring Mc Mahon-Wrinkle Airport BIG SPRING - Edwards Lucian Wells Ranch Airport BIG SPRINGS - Newman Airport BIG TIMBER - Big Timber Airport BIG WELLS - Price Ranch Airport BIGELOW - Pearson Field Airport BIGFOOT - Ranch-Aero Airport BIGFORK - Bigfork Municipal Airport BIGFORK - Ferndale Airfield BIGFORK - Masonry Field Airport BIGGS - Jones Ag-Viation Airport BIGLERVILLE - Bowtie Airport BIGLERVILLE - Schulteis Airport BILL - Dilts Ranch Airport BILL - Iberlin Ranch Nr 3 Airport BILLINGS - Bakers Landing Airport BILLINGS - Billings Logan International Airport BILLINGS - Skyrider Ultralightport Airport BILLINGS - Wilcox Airport BILOXI - Keesler Air Force Base BILOXI - Kennedy Executive Airport BINGHAM - Gadabout Gaddis Airport BINGHAM LAKE - Turner Field Airport BINGHAMTON - Chenango Bridge Airport BINGHAMTON - Greater Binghamton Edwin A Link field Airport BINGHAMTON - Luke Airport BIRCHWOOD - Birchwood Airport BIRCHWOOD - Florida North Airport BIRCHWOOD - Lilac Time Airport BIRCHWOOD - Will-Be-Gone Airport BIRD CITY - Bressler Field Airport BIRD CITY - Bursch Private Airport BIRDSBORO - Arnold Airport BIRDSBORO - POTTSTOWN - Berts Airport BIRKENFIELD - Holce & Oblack Airport BIRMINGHAM - Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport BIRMINGHAM - Bonham Airport BISBEE - Bisbee Municipal Airport BISHOP (CALIFORNIA) - Alaki Hot Springs Airport BISHOP - Bishop Municipal Airport BISHOP - Eastern Sierra Regional Airport BISHOP - North Valley Airport BISHOP - Oliver Till Airport BISHOPVILLE - Carey Field Airport BISHOPVILLE - Lee County Butters Field Airport BISMARCK - Bismarck Memorial Airport BISMARCK - Bismarck Municipal Airport BISMARCK - Dove Airstrip BISMARK - Sauter Airport BISON - Steinert Lakes Airport BIXBY - Myers Field Airstrip BLACK BUTTE NORTH AIRPORT - Black Butte North Airport BLACK CREEK - Wolf River Landing Strip Airport BLACK DIAMOND - Black Diamond Airport BLACK DIAMOND - Evergreen Sky Ranch Airport BLACK RAPIDS - Black Rapids Airport BLACK RIVER FALLS - Black River Falls Area Airport BLACK RIVER FALLS - Lewis Airport BLACK ROCK CITY (BURNING MAN) - Black Rock City Airport BLACKFOOT - Mccarley Field Airport BLACKHAWK - Athanasiou Valley Airport BLACKHAWK - Ellis Fly-In Airport BLACKSBURG - Catawba Valley Airport BLACKSBURG - Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport BLACKSTONE - Allen C Perkinson Blackstone Army Air Field BLACKWELL - Blackwell Tonkawa Municipal Airport BLACKWELL - Earl Henry Airport BLADENBORO - Bladenboro Airport BLAINE - Landing At RiverS Edge Airport BLAINE - Melton Field Airport BLAIR - Blair Airport BLAIR - Blair Municipal Airport BLAIR - Orum Aerodrome Airport BLAIRSTOWN - Blairstown Airport BLAIRSVILLE - Blairsville Airport BLAIRSVILLE - Blairsville Airport BLAKELY - Early County Airport BLAKELY - Sawyer Farm Airport BLAKELY ISLAND - Blakely Island Airport BLAKESBURG - Antique Airfield BLAKESLEE - Marvin Thiel Field Airport BLANCA - Blanca Airport BLANCHARD - Tater Patch Ultralightport Airport BLANCHARD - Warbonnet Airport BLANCHARDVILLE - Bakers Field Airport BLANCHESTER - Barnett Airpark BLANCO - Blanco Landing Airport BLANCO - Cts Stacy Airport BLANCO - Kennedy Ranch Airport BLANCO - Pippen-York Ranch Airport BLANCO - Rocky Top Ranch Airport BLANCO - Tatum Ranch Airport BLANDING - Blanding Municipal Airport BLISS - Keysa Airport BLISSFIELD - Betz Airport BLOCK ISLAND - Block Island State Airport BLOOMER - Gateway Airport BLOOMFIELD - Bloomfield Municipal Airport BLOOMFIELD - Bloomfield Municipal Airport BLOOMFIELD - Shawnee Field Airport BLOOMINGBURG - Sha-Wan-Ga Valley Airport BLOOMINGTON - C Jeidy Farms Airport BLOOMINGTON - Cottonwood Airport BLOOMINGTON - Eagle Pass Airport BLOOMINGTON - Green Lake Ranch Airport BLOOMINGTON - Monroe County Airport BLOOMINGTON/NORMAL - Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal BLOOMSBURG - Bloomsburg Municipal Airport BLOOMSBURG - Seesholtz Airport BLOOMSBURG - Stone Castle Motel Airport BLOUNTSTOWN - Able Airpark BLOUNTSTOWN - Calhoun County Airport BLOUNTSVILLE - New Horizon Airport BLOXOM - Midway Airport BLUE EARTH - Blue Earth Municipal Airport BLUE HILL - Blue Hill Airport BLUE MOUND - Cribbet Airport BLUE MOUND - Horttor Airport BLUE MOUND - Mc Coy Airport BLUE MOUND - Noland RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport BLUE RIDGE - Blue Ridge Skyport Airport BLUE SPRINGS - Clevenger Airport BLUE SPRINGS - Stevinson Farm Airport BLUEFIELD - Mercer County Airport BLUFF - Bluff Airport BLUFFTON - Bluffton Airport BLUFFTON - Grandlienard-Hogg Airport BLUFFTON - Miller Airport BLUM - Circle A Ranch Airport BLY - Allens Airstrip BLY - Wilderness Airport BLYTHE - Aha-Quin Airport BLYTHE - Blythe Airport BLYTHE - Cyr Aviation Airport BLYTHE - Pea Patch Aerodrome Airport BLYTHE - W R Byron Airport BLYTHEVILLE - Arkansas International Airport BLYTHEVILLE - Blytheville Municipal Airport BOARDMAN - Boardman Airport BOARDMAN - Simtag Farms Airport BOCA RATON - Boca Raton Airport BODINES - Logue Airport BOELUS - Nelson Airport BOERNE - Grier Airport BOERNE - John Henry Key Airport BOGALUSA - George R Carr Memorial Air Field BOGGSTOWN - Gardner Airport BOGGSTOWN - Gray Airport BOGGSTOWN - Henneman Airport BOIS BLANC ISLAND - Bois Blanc Airport BOISE - Boise Air Terminal Gowen field BOISE - Peaceful Cove Airport BOISE CITY - Boise City Airport BOKCHITO - Canyon Springs Ranch Airport BOLCKOW - Hannah Airport BOLINGBROOK - Bolingbrooks Clow International Airport BOLIVAR - Bar V K Airport BOLIVAR - Bolivar Municipal Airport BOLIVAR - Cherokee Airpark BOLIVAR - Cotton Patch Airport BOLIVAR - William L. Whitehurst Field Airport BONDVILLE - Red Fox Airport BONESTEEL - Pepper Port Airport BONFIELD - Classic Landings Airport BONGARDS - Empire Farm Strip Airport BONHAM - Jones Field Airport BONHAM - R V Ranch Airport BONHAM - Reward Ranch Airport BONIFAY - Garnair Airport BONIFAY - Tharpe Airport BONIFAY - Tri-County Airport BONNE TERRE - Bonne Terre Municipal Airport BONNER SPRINGS - Bovinair Airport BONNER SPRINGS - Huff Airport BONNER SPRINGS - Ney Airport BONNERS FERRY - Boundary County Airport BONNIE - Davy Jones Private Airport BOOKER - Booker Airport BOOKER - Figure 1 Ranch Airport BOOKER - Loesch Ranch Airport BOONE - Boone Inc Airport BOONE - Boone Municipal Airport BOONE - Youtsey Airport BOONEVILLE - Booneville Municipal Airport BOONEVILLE - Worth James Ranch Airport BOONEVILLE/BALDWYN - Booneville Baldwyn Airport BOONVILLE - Boonville Airport BOONVILLE - Boonville Airport BOONVILLE - Boonville Airport BOONVILLE - Boonville Inc Airport BOONVILLE - Cornell Airport BOONVILLE - Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport BOONVILLE - Welborn Farm Airport BORDEN - Elk Creek Airport BORGER - Hutchinson County Airport BORING - Flying K Bar J Ranch Airport BORING - Krueger Airport BORING - Schmidt Airport BORON - Boron Airstrip BORREGO SPRINGS - Borrego Air Ranch Airport BORREGO SPRINGS - Borrego Valley Airport BOSCOBEL - Boscobel Airport BOSCOBEL - Sky Hollow Airport BOSQUE - Skywagon Farm Airport BOSSIER CITY - Barksdale Air Force Base BOSSIER CITY - Pilkinton Airstrip BOSSIER CITY - Pioneer Field Flight Park Ultralightport Airport BOSTON - General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport BOSTWICK - Klockner Airport BOSTWICK - Southern Oaks Airport BOSTWICK - Taylor Field Airport BOSWELL - Clifton Airport BOSWELL - Krebs Airport BOSWELL BAY - Boswell Bay Airport BOTTINEAU - Bottineau Municipal Airport BOULDER - Boulder Airport BOULDER - Boulder Municipal Airport BOULDER - Lemons Private Strip Airport BOULDER CITY - Boulder City Municipal Airport BOULDER JUNCTION - Boulder Junction Payzer Airport BOUNDARY - Boundary Airport BOUNTIFUL - Skypark Airport BOURBON - Arrowhead Farm Airport BOURBON - Ball Field Airport BOURBON - Rusts Landing Airport BOWBELLS - Bowbells Municipal Airport BOWDLE - Bowdle Municipal Airport BOWDOINHAM - Merrymeeting Field Airport BOWDON - Buchmiller Airport BOWIE - Bowie Municipal Airport BOWIE - Sky Acres Airport BOWLING GREEN - Aring Field Airport BOWLING GREEN - Bordner Airport BOWLING GREEN - Bowling Green Municipal Airport BOWLING GREEN - Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport BOWLING GREEN - Conklin Airport BOWLING GREEN - Drake Airport BOWLING GREEN - Falin Landing Strip Airport BOWLING GREEN - Nietz Airport BOWLING GREEN - Plane-O-Field Airport BOWLING GREEN - Shelton Airport BOWLING GREEN - Wood County Airport BOWLING GREEN - Woodford Airpark BOWMAN - Bowman Municipal Airport BOWMAN - Folske Ranch Airport BOWSTRING - Bowstring Airport BOXELDER/LYDIA - Keys Ranch Airport BOYCEVILLE - Boyceville Municipal Airport BOYD - Carter-Norman Airport BOYD - Dauenhauer Field Airport BOYDS - Fly Away Farm Airport BOYDTON - Murdocks Holly Bu Airport BOYKIN - El Porvenir Airpark BOYKINS - Mann Airport BOYNE CITY - Boyne City Municipal Airport BOYNE FALLS - Boyne Mountain Airport BOYNTON - Meadowlark Field Airport BOYNTON BEACH - Willis Gliderport Airport BOZEMAN - Briar Creek Airport BOZEMAN - Edsall Field Airport BOZEMAN - Gallatin Field Airport BOZEMAN - Haggerty Airport BOZEMAN - Monger Airport BOZEMAN - Waterfall Airport BOZRAH - Gager Field Airport BRACEWELL - Highline Farm Airstrip BRACKETTVILLE - Fort Clark Springs Airport BRACKETTVILLE - Frerich Ranch Airport BRACKETTVILLE - L Davis Ranch Airport BRACKETTVILLE - La Fonda Ranch Airport BRACKETTVILLE - Leona Ranch Airport BRACKETTVILLE - Pinon Ranch Airport BRACKETTVILLE - Spring Ranch Airport BRACKETTVILLE - Tularosa Airport BRADDOCK - Preszler Airstrip BRADFORD - Bradford Regional Airport BRADFORD - Pecora Field Airport BRADFORD - Rinkenberger Restricted Landing Area Airport BRADFORD - Sams Field Airport BRADFORD - Sell Field Airport BRADY - Curtis Field Airport BRADY - Curtis Ranch Field Airport BRADY - Las Culebras Airport BRADY - River Bend Ranch Airport BRAHAM - Grohnke Field Airport BRAHAM - Pangerl Airport BRAINARD - Stava Airport BRAINERD - Barrett Airport BRAINERD - Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport BRAINERD - Jackson Field Airport BRAITHWAITE - Braithwaite Park Airport BRANCHVILLE - Bells Branch Airport BRANCHVILLE - Town & Country Airpark BRANDON - Dees Strip Airport BRANDON - Lewis Airport BRANDON - Mohr Farm Airport BRANDON - Scherler Private Airstrip BRANDON - Woodbridge Airport BRANDONVILLE - Mc Donalds Airport BRANFORD - Flints Flying Ranch Airport BRANFORD - Flying C Farm Airport BRANFORD - Fox Field Airport BRANFORD - OBrien Airpark East West Airport BRANFORD - Thompson Airfield BRANSON - Branson Airport BRANSON - Jecan Airport BRANSON / HOLLISTER - M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport BRANSON WEST - Branson West Airport BRATTLEBORO - Moores Field Airport BRAWLEY - Brawley Municipal Airport BRAWLEY - OConnell Brothers Airport BRAY - Wolfe Field Airport BRAZIL - Brazil Clay County Airport BRAZORIA - Eagle Air Park BREAUX BRIDGE - Bordelon Airpark BREAUX BRIDGE - Castille Field Airport BREAUX BRIDGE - Dupuis Airport BREAUX BRIDGE - Spillers Club Airport BRECKENRIDGE - Caselman Ranch Airport BRECKENRIDGE - Green Ranch Airport BRECKENRIDGE - Stephens County Airport BRECKENRIDGE - Yaggie Private Airport BREINIGSVILLE - Gardner Airport BREMEN - Birkey Private Airport BREMEN - Creighton Airport BREMEN - Hackbarth Airport BREMEN - Hide-A-Way Hills Resort Airport BREMEN - Lill Strip Airport BREMEN - Unsicker Airport BREMEN - Willard Field Airport BREMERTON - Bremerton National Airport BREMERTON - Leisureland Airpark BRENHAM - Brenham Municipal Airport BRENHAM - Faust Farm Airport BRENHAM - K Star Ranch Airport BRENHAM - Live Oak Ranch Airport BRENHAM - Lucky Star Ranch Airport BRENHAM - Rancho Verde Airport BRENHAM - Sky Lane Ranch Airport BRENTWOOD - Funny Farm Airport BRENTWOOD - Winterwood Airport BREVARD - Brevard Airport BREVARD - Transylvania County Airport BREWER - Brewer Airport BREWSTER - Anderson Field Airport BREWTON - Brewton Municipal Airport BRICKEYS - Dawsons Airport BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport-Cahill Field Airport BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport Municipal Airport BRIDGEPORT - Bryant Field Airport BRIDGEPORT - Flying S Ranch Airport BRIDGEPORT - Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport BRIDGEPORT - Jim Sears Airport BRIDGEPORT - Mckimmy Field Airport BRIDGER - Bridger Municipal Airport BRIDGETON - Bucks Airport BRIDGETON - Hidden Acres Farm Airport BRIDGETON - Li Calzi Airport BRIDGETON - Wide Sky Airpark BRIDGEVILLE - Huey Airport BRIDGEWATER - Bridgewater Air Park BRIDGEWATER - Waltner & Richards Airport BRIDGMAN - Myers Airport BRIDPORT - Manning Personal Airstrip BRIDPORT - Melrose Springs Airfield BRIGGS - Flf Gliderport Airport BRIGGS - Flying K Airport BRIGGS - J R Ranch Airport BRIGGSDALE - Cass Field Airport BRIGGSDALE - William Leon Schawo Airport BRIGGSVILLE - Gaffney Airport BRIGHAM CITY - Brigham City Airport BRIGHAM CITY - Fort Ranch Airport BRIGHTON - Brighton Airport BRIGHTON - Brighton Van-Aire Estates Airport BRIGHTON - Flying E Airport BRIGHTON - Heckendorf Ranches Airport BRIGHTON - Parsons Field Airport BRIGHTON - Reasoner Airport BRIGHTWOOD - Grand Pre Farm Airport BRINKLEY - Frank Federer Memorial Airport BRISTOL - Bristol Airport BRISTOL - Dutch Gap Airstrip BRISTOL - Eisenbeck Ranch Airport BRISTOL - Green Acres Airport BRISTOL - Hatfield Airport BRISTOL - Kibs Air Park BRISTOL - Newfound Valley Airport BRISTOL - Ruby Airport BRISTOL - Thompson Strawberry Farm Airport BRISTOL - Winfield Airport BRISTOL/JOHNSON/KINGSPORT - Tri Cities Regional Tn Va Airport BRISTOLVILLE - Bristol Airstrip BRISTOLVILLE - Morrison Field Airport BRISTOW - Jones Memorial Airport BRISTOW - Neversweat Airport BRITT - Newbrough Airport BRITTON - Brablec Farms Airport BRITTON - Britton Municipal Airport BROADALBIN - Circle K Ranch Airport BROADALBIN - Lewis Field Airport BROADALBIN - The Pines Airport BROADWATER - Ag Air Airport BROADWAY - Sager Field Airport BROADWAY - William Irving Lewis Airport BROCK - Eagle Airport BROCKPORT - Ledgedale Airpark BROCKPORT - Mc Kinney Airport BRODHEAD - Brodhead Airport BRODHEAD - Crawford Ultralightport Airport BROGUE - Baublitz Commercial Airport BROKEN ARROW - Cotton Field Airport BROKEN ARROW - Silverwood Ultralightport Airport BROKEN BOW - Broken Bow Airport BROKEN BOW - Broken Bow Municipal Airport BROOK - North West Indiana Air Airport BROOKFIELD - Brookfield Airpark BROOKFIELD - Capitol Airport BROOKFIELD - North Central Missouri Regional Airport BROOKHAVEN - Brookhaven-Lincoln County Airport BROOKINGS - Brookings Airport BROOKINGS - Brookings Regional Airport BROOKLINE - Brookline Airport BROOKLYN - Banas Field Airport BROOKLYN - Shamrock Field Airport BROOKLYN - Skydive Iowa Airport BROOKLYN - Syvrud Airport BROOKNEAL - Brookneal Campbell County Airport BROOKS - Brooks Field Airport BROOKS - Harchenko Industrial Airport BROOKS - Hollin Airport BROOKS - Kenley Field Airport BROOKS - Smith Private Airport BROOKSHIRE - Jo Na Acres Airport BROOKSHIRE - Mikeska Field Airport BROOKSHIRE - Sport Flyers Airport BROOKSHIRE - Woods Airport BROOKSHIRE - Woods Nr 2 Airport BROOKSTON - Shultz Private Airport BROOKSVILLE - Chinsegut Airport BROOKSVILLE - Hernando County Airport BROOKSVILLE - Pilot Country Airport BROOKSVILLE - Sunset Strip Airpark BROOKVILLE - Belcher Airport BROOKVILLE - Brookville Air-Park Airport BROOKVILLE - Mcgregor Airfield BROOTEN - Brooten Municipal Airport BROSELEY - Brown Field Airport BROWNFIELD - Terry County Airport BROWNING - Starr Browning Airstrip BROWNLEE - Higgins Bros Airport BROWNS - Nelson Private Airport BROWNSBORO - Echo Lake Airport BROWNSBURG - Bramble Airport BROWNSBURG - Fuller Field Airport BROWNSBURG - Newby Landing Airport BROWNSVILLE - Ag-Air Inc. Airport BROWNSVILLE - Brownsville Airport BROWNSVILLE - Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport BROWNSVILLE - Cubehole Airport BROWNSVILLE - Lafferty Field Airport BROWNSVILLE - Resaca Airstrip BROWNSVILLE - Showa Airport BROWNSVILLE - Thornton Airport BROWNVILLE - Webber Jones Airport BROWNWOOD - Brownwood Regional Airport BROWNWOOD - Flying S Air Ranch Airport BROWNWOOD - Tin Top Ranch Airport BRUCE - Hasting Airpark BRUCE - Taylorport Airport BRULE - Cedar Island Airport BRULE - El-Co Airport BRUNDAGE - Tortuga Ranch Airport BRUNDIDGE - Brundidge Municipal Airport BRUNEAU - Owen Ranches Inc Airport BRUNI - Hamilton Ranch Airport BRUNSWICK - Brunswick Executive Airport BRUNSWICK - Brunswick Golden Isles Airport BRUNSWICK - Malcolm McKinnon Airport BRUSH - Brush Municipal Airport BRUSH PRAIRIE - Brush Prairie Aerodrome Airport BRUSSELS - Crispy Cedars Airport BRYAN - Coulter Field Airport BRYAN - Texas A And M Flight Test Station Airport BRYAN - Varisco Airport BRYAN - Williams County Airport BRYCE CANYON - Bryce Canyon Airport BRYON - Pingston Aeroworks Airport BRYSON CITY - Sossamon Field Airport BRYTE - Chp Academy Airport BUCHANAN - Hancock Airport BUCHANAN - Nelson Airport BUCHANAN - Springwood Airstrip BUCHANAN - Treadwell Airport BUCHANAN - Wolvertons Field Airport BUCHANAN DAM - Camp Longhorn Airport BUCKEYE - Buckeye Municipal Airport BUCKEYE - Lakeside Airpark BUCKEYE - Pierce Airport BUCKHANNON - Upshur County Regional Airport BUCKHOLTS - Glaser Field Airport BUCKHOLTS - Wolfe Field Airport BUCKINGHAM - Eastview Airport BUCKINGHAM - Hendrix Airport BUCKINGHAM - Wheatland Airport BUCKINGHAM COURTHOUSE - Toga Airport BUCKINHAM - Lotus International Airport BUCKLEY - Albritton Airport BUCKLEY - Flying H Ranch Airport BUCKLIN - Bucklin Airport BUCYRUS - Albright Airport BUCYRUS - Port-Bucyrus-Crawford County Airport BUDA - Rutherford Ranch Airport BUENA - Buena Airport BUENA VISTA - Central Colorado Regional Airport BUENA VISTA - Marion County Airport BUFFALO - Buffalo Airfield BUFFALO - Buffalo Municipal Airport BUFFALO - Buffalo Municipal Airport BUFFALO - Buffalo Municipal Airport BUFFALO - Buffalo Niagara International Airport BUFFALO - Clarence Aerodrome Airport BUFFALO - Garys Airport BUFFALO - Grieve Airport BUFFALO - Harding County Airport BUFFALO - Johnson County Airport BUFFALO - Lauries Landing Airport BUFFALO - Mikes Place Airport BUFFALO CENTER - Friesenborg & Larson Airport BUFORD - Stiehl Airport BUHL - Buhl Municipal Airport BULGER - Risker Field Airport BULLARD - French Field Airport BULLHEAD CITY - Eagle Airpark BULLHEAD CITY - Laughlin Bullhead International Airport BULLHEAD CITY - Sun Valley Airport BULLHEAD CITY - Willow Springs Ranch Airport BULVERDE - Flying J Airport BUMPASS - Lake Anna Airport BUNKER HILL - Caldwell Field Airport BUNKER HILL - Miller Strip Airport BUNKER HILL - Weidner Airport BUNKIE - Bullers Airstrip BUNKIE - Bunkie Flying Service Airport BUNKIE - Bunkie Municipal Airport BUNKIE - Mixon Airport BUNN - Crooked Creek Airport BUNN - Riley Field Airport BURBANK - Bob Hope Airport BURDETT - Eagle Ridge Airport BURDETT - Rucker Burdett Airport BURGAW - Brickhouse Field Airport BURGAW - Stag Air Park BURGESS - Serenity Farm Airport BURKBURNETT - 4-Shipp Airport BURLESON - Brabsom Farm Airport BURLESON - Rafter J Airport BURLESON - Retta Airport BURLEY - Burley Municipal Airport BURLINGTON - Aviation Acres Airport BURLINGTON - Bayview Farms Airport BURLINGTON - Behrens Airstrip BURLINGTON - Black Diamond Airport BURLINGTON - Bully Field Airport BURLINGTON - Burlington Alamance Regional Airport BURLINGTON - Burlington International Airport BURLINGTON - Burlington Municipal Airport BURLINGTON - Coffey County Airport BURLINGTON - Fairholt Airport BURLINGTON - Kit Carson County Airport BURLINGTON - Pietschtree Airstrip BURLINGTON - Silkman Farms Inc. Airport BURLINGTON - Southeast Iowa Regional Airport BURLINGTON COUNTY - Warren Grove Range Airport BURLINGTON JUNCTION - Hester Airport BURLINGTON/MOUNT VERNON - Skagit Regional Airport BURLISON - Field of Dreams Ultralightport Airport BURNA - Barnes Farm Airport BURNELL - Porter Ranch Airport BURNET - Aero-Bee Ranch Airstrip BURNET - Burnet Municipal Kate Craddock Field Airport BURNET - Flattop Ridge Airport BURNETTSVILLE - Boyer Flight Park Ultralightport Airport BURNEYVILLE - Falconhead Airport BURNHAM - Mc Cardle Farm Airport BURNHAM - Shangri La Airport BURNIPS - Bakers Field Airport BURNS - Burns Municipal Airport BURNS - Dripping Springs Farm Airport BURNS - Wagontire Airport BURNSIDE - Boss Airport BURNSIDE - Brooks Ranch Airport BURNSVILLE - Mountain Air Airport BURNT CABINS - Mills Brothers Airport BURNT CHIMNEY - Burnt Chimney Airport BURR - Watermeier Airport BURRTON - Fisher Airport BURWELL - Cram Field Airport BUSHNELL - Cheryl-Lane Landings Airport BUSHNELL - Connells Wahoo Airport BUSHNELL - Flying W Airranch Airport BUSHNELL - Grass Patch Airport BUSHNELL - Ko-Kee Airport BUSHNELL - Runyan Aviation Airport BUTLER - Butler-Choctaw County Airport BUTLER - Butler County-K W Scholter Field Airport BUTLER - Butler Farm Show Airport BUTLER - Butler Memorial Airport BUTLER - Butler Municipal Airport BUTLER - Greuter Field Airport BUTLER - Harrold Airport BUTLER - Hawks Nest Airport BUTLER - Keener Field Airport BUTLER - Kline Field Airport BUTLER - Oerke Enterprises Airport BUTLER - Tinsley Airstrip BUTLERVILLE - Brush Creek Airport BUTLERVILLE - Mc Croskey Field Airport BUTTE - Bert Mooney Airport BUTTE - Flying Arrow Ranch Airport BUTTE - Smith Field Airport BUTTONWILLOW - Elk Hills Buttonwillow Airport BUXTON - Apple Valley Airport BUXTON - Central Valley Aviation Airport BYERS - Bijou Basin Airport BYERS - East Moore Field Airport BYERS - Moore Field Airport BYERS - Singleton Ranch Airport BYERS - Sky Haven Airport BYERS - Spickard Farm Airport BYRNEVILLE - Byrne Field Airport BYROMVILLE - Byromville Aerodrome Airport BYROMVILLE - Flint River Nursery Airport BYRON - Byron Airpark BYRON - Byron Airport BYRON - Byron Airport BYRON - Smith Field Airport CABLE - Cable Union Airport CABOOL - Cabool Memorial Airport CABOT - Catamount Airfield CABOT - Cypress Creek Airport CABOT - Dogwood Airport CABOT - Four Mile Creek Ranch Airport CABOT - Henry Field Airport CABOT - Lightning Bolt Field Airport CABOT - Odom Field Airport CABOT - Ralph Fulmer Field Airport CABOT - Red Oak Airport CABOT - Shurley Field Airport CACHE - Huscher Field Airport CADDO - Stuart Ranch Airport CADDO GAP - Williams Ranch Airport CADDO MILLS - Caddo Mills Municipal Airport CADDO MILLS - Flying T Ranch Airport CADDO MILLS - Thorny Woods Airport CADILLAC - Wexford County Airport CADIZ - Cadiz Airstrip CADIZ - Ferrell Airport CADIZ - Harrison County Airport CADIZ - Lake Barkley State Park Airport CADIZ - Lowe Airport CADOTT - Crane Field Airport CAHOKIA/ST LOUIS - St Louis Downtown Airport CAIRO - Cairo Grady County Airport CAIRO - Cairo Regional Airport CAIRO - Hunter Raffety Elevators Inc Airport CAL NEV ARI - Kidwell Airport CALAMINE - Mc Donalds Airstrip CALDWELL - Caldwell Industrial Airport CALDWELL - Caldwell Municipal Airport CALDWELL - Caldwell Municipal Airport CALDWELL - Davison Ranch Airport CALDWELL - Essex County Airport CALDWELL - Hubler Field Airport CALDWELL - Noble County Airport CALDWELL - Weber Ranch Airport CALEDONIA - Byrd Creek Airport CALEDONIA - Houston County Airport CALEDONIA - Lee Creek Airport CALEDONIA - Short-N-Ruff Airport CALERA - Boatner Field Airport CALEXICO - Calexico International Airport CALEXICO - Johnson Brothers Airport CALHAN - Aero Bear Field Airport CALHAN - Calhan Airport CALHOUN - A & L Airport CALHOUN - Mercer Airfield CALHOUN - Moseley Field Airport CALHOUN - Tom B. David Field Airport CALHOUN CITY - Wade Field Airport CALHOUN FALLS - Hester Memorial Airport CALICO ROCK - Calico Rock Izard County Airport CALIENTE - Flying S Ranch Airport CALIFON - Sliker Strip Airport CALIFORNIA - Phillips Field Airport CALIFORNIA CITY - California City Municipal Airport CALIPATRIA - Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport CALLAGHAN - Callaghan Ranch Airport CALLAO - Shivok Airport CALLAWAY - Hoesel Airport CALLAWAY - Paul Ridder Ranch Airport CALLAWAY - Witthuhn Airport CALLIHAM - Paisano Ranch Airport CALPINE - Totem Pole Ranch Airport CALUMET - Harman Airport CALVERT - Putz Aero Inc Airport CALVERTON - Calverton Executive Airpark CALVERTON - Walnut Hill Airport CALVIN - Lincoln Farms Airport CALVIN - Lobo Field Airport CALVIN - Pace Field Airport CAMARILLO - Camarillo Airport CAMAS - Grove Field Airport CAMBELLTON - Arrow S Ranch Airport CAMBRIA - Rancho San Simeon Airport CAMBRIDGE - Big Oak Farm Airport CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge Dorchester Airport CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge Municipal Airport CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge Municipal Airport CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge Municipal Airport CAMBRIDGE - Chapin Field Airport CAMBRIDGE - Cuddy Meadows Airport CAMBRIDGE - Greenfield Hill Airport CAMBRIDGE - Hilltop Airport CAMBRIDGE - Horn Point Airport CAMBRIDGE - Pokety Airport CAMBRIDGE - Ragged Island Airport CAMBRIDGE - Rossneck Airport CAMBRIDGE - Taildragger Airport CAMBRIDGE - Troll Farm Airport CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS - Gravel Run Airport CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS - Mortons Airport CAMDEN - Bald Mountain Airport CAMDEN - Benton County Airport CAMDEN - Camden Municipal Airport CAMDEN - Harrell Field Airport CAMDEN - Joe Cimprich Airport CAMDEN - Meadowlark Airport CAMDEN - Mite Airport CAMDEN - Woodward Field Airport CAMDENTON - Camdenton Memorial Airport CAMDENTON - Mistwood Airport CAMERON - Cameron Airstrip CAMERON - Cameron Memorial Airport CAMERON - Cameron Municipal Airpark CAMERON - Ccc Airport CAMERON - Dean Wings Past Airport CAMERON - Mc Neil Airport CAMERON - Randalls Roost Airport CAMERON - Rooster Field Airport CAMERON PARK - Cameron Airpark CAMILLA - Camilla Mitchell County Airport CAMILLUS - Camillus Airport CAMP BLANDING MIL RES(STARKE) - Camp Blanding Army Air Field NG Airfield CAMP CROOK - Camp Crook Municipal Airport CAMP CROOK - Sky Ranch For Boys Airport CAMP CROOK - Tennant Ranch Airport CAMP DAWSON (KINGWOOD) - Dawson Army Air Field CAMP DOUGLAS - Volk Field Airport CAMP LAKE - Camp Lake Airport CAMP MACKALL - Mackall Army Air Field CAMP POHAKULOA - Bradshaw Army Airfield CAMP RIPLEY - Ray S Miller Army Air Field CAMP ROBERTS - Mc Millan Assault Strip Airport CAMP ROBINSON/LITTLE ROCK - Robinson Army Air Field CAMP SHELBY - Hagler Army Air Field CAMP SPRINGS - Andrews Air Force Base CAMP VERDE - Montezuma Airport CAMP WILLIAMS - Camp Williams Airfield CAMP WOOD - Fossil Creek Ranch Airport CAMP WOOD - Yolo Ranch Airport CAMPBELL - Campbell Municipal Airport CAMPBELL - Glenmar Airport CAMPBELL - Rs Ag-Land Airport CAMPBELLSVILLE - Taylor County Airport CAMPBELLTON - 74 Ranch Airport CAMPBELLTON - Watson Airport CAMPUS - Aero Acres Airport CANADENSIS - Flying Dollar Airport CANADIAN - Arrowhead Airport CANADIAN - En Gedi Ranch Airport CANADIAN - Hemphill County Airport CANADIAN - Split B Ranch Airport CANADIAN - Urschel Ranch Airport CANADICE - Coye Field Airport CANAJOHARIE - Russell Airport CANAL FULTON - Canal Fulton Airport CANAL FULTON - Clays Rv Airport CANAL WINCHESTER - Anderson Airport CANANDAIGUA - Canandaigua Airport CANANDAIGUA - Hopewell Airpark CANANDAIGUA - Hopewell Airpark CANBY - Compton Airport CANBY - Dietz Airpark CANBY - Myers Field Airport CANBY - Workman Airpark CANDELARIA - Candelaria Airport CANDO - Cando Municipal Airport CANDOR - Frame Field Airport CANFIELD - Brocker Field Airport CANFIELD - Mahoning County Joint Vocational School Airport CANISTEO - Gaskins Hilltop Airport CANKTON - Trahan Ultralightport Airport CANNON FALLS - Stewart Farms Airport CANON - Franklin County Airport CANON CITY - Tezak Airport CANTON - Canton Hackney Airport CANTON - Canton Municipal Airport CANTON - Cherokee County Airport CANTON - Cochran Airport CANTON - Cross Airport CANTON - Denniss Flying Farm Airport CANTON - Eagle Crest Estates Airport CANTON - Goode Field Airport CANTON - Hurlbut Field Airport CANTON - Ingersoll Airport CANTON - Lockeridge Airport CANTON - Pace Airstrip CANTON - Rhines Roost Airport CANTON - Stoe Creek Farm Airport CANTON - Supplejack Airport CANTON - Thompson Field Airport CANTON - Walnut Creek Airport CANTWELL - Cantwell Airport CANTWELL - Golden North Airfield CANYON - Maples Field Airport CANYON LAKE - Canyon Lake Airport CAPAY - G3 Ranch Airport CAPE CARTERET - Star Hill Golf Club Airport CAPE CARTERET - Triple M Airport CAPE CHARLES - Bull Farm Airport CAPE CHARLES - Earth Airport CAPE CHARLES - Scott Farm Strip Airport CAPE CHARLES - Starbase Airport CAPE GIRARDEAU - Cape Girardeau Regional Airport CAPE VINCENT - John Gonzales Field Airport CAPITAN - Block Ranch Airport CAPITAN - G Bar F Ranch Airport CAPON BRIDGE - Rivers Edge Farm Airport CAPRON - Marys Landing Airport CAPRON - Pine Hill Airport CAPRON - Sd Aero Airport CAPRON - Southampton Correctional Center Airport CARBONDALE - Carbondale-Clifford Airport CARBONDALE - Cosklos Elkview Airport CARBONDALE - Glen-Aspen Airport CARBONDALE - Kellachows Airport CARBONDALE - Malinchak Private Airport CARBONDALE/MURPHYSBORO - Southern Illinois Airport CARDWELL - South Boulder Airport CAREFREE - Sky Ranch At Carefree Airport CAREY - Carey Airport CAREY - Tong Farm Airport CARIBOU - Caribou Municipal Airport CARL JUNCTION - Cook Airport CARL JUNCTION - Jta Asbell Field Airport CARLETON - Folkerts Airport CARLETON - Wickenheiser Airport CARLINVILLE - Denby Airport CARLINVILLE - Nelson Airport CARLISLE - Carlisle Airport CARLISLE - Carlisle Municipal Airport CARLISLE - Davis Airport CARLISLE - Neiderer Airport CARLISLE - Ridgway Flying Service Airport CARLSBAD - Cavern City Air Terminal CARLSBAD - Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport CARLSBAD - Seven Rivers Airport CARMAN - Johnson Farm Airport CARMEL - Ring Hill Airport CARMI - Carmi Municipal Airport CARMICHAELS - Blomster Field Farm Airport CARMICHEAL - Muddy Creek Airport CARNEGIE - Carlin Lawrence Airport CARNEGIE - Carnegie Municipal Airport CARNESVILLE - Broad River Air Park CARNESVILLE - Hudson River Landing Airport CARO - Tuscola Area Airport CAROLEEN - Summey Airpark CAROLINA BEACH - Pilots Ridge Airport CARRABASSETT - Sugarloaf Regional Airport CARRABELLE - Carrabelle Thompson Airport CARRABELLE - Dog Island Airport CARRIERE - Greener Pastures Airpark CARRINGTON - Carrington Municipal Airport CARRINGTON - Reimers Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - Chupadera Ranch Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - Dentonio Ranch Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - Dimmit County Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - Faith Ranch Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - Glass Ranch Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - Indio-Faith Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - Miller Ranch Airport CARRIZO SPRINGS - San Pedro Ranch Airport CARRIZOZO - Carrizozo Municipal Airport CARROLL - Arthur N Neu Airport CARROLLTON - Carroll County-Tolson Airport CARROLLTON - Carrollton Memorial Airport CARROLLTON - C&R Farm Airport CARROLLTON - Craw Daddy Landing Airport CARROLLTON - Falcons Aerie Airport CARROLLTON - Flying W Farms Airport CARROLLTON - Hawkins Airport CARROLLTON - Hibbetts Airport CARROLLTON - Parsons Airport CARROLLTON - West Georgia Regional O V Gray Field Airport CARROLLTON - Wilson International Airport CARROLLTOWN - Krumenacker Airport CARSON - Goodyear Blimp Base Airport CARSON - Volkens Field Airport CARSON CITY - Bailey Ranch Airport CARSON CITY - Carson Airport CARSON CITY - Mayes Airport CARSON CITY - Parker Carson STOLport Airport CARSONVILLE - Carsonville Airport CARTER - Praise God Airport CARTERSVILLE - Cartersville Airport CARTERSVILLE - Stokes Airport CARTHAGE - Andrews Airport CARTHAGE - Barlets Base Airport CARTHAGE - Carthage-Leake County Airport CARTHAGE - Countrymans Landing Strip Airport CARTHAGE - Frerer Strip Airport CARTHAGE - Gilliam-Mc Connell Airfield CARTHAGE - Lung RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport CARTHAGE - Mc Pherson Airport CARTHAGE - Nimsick Airport CARTHAGE - Panola County Sharpe Field Airport CARTHAGE - Route 66 Airfield CARTHAGE - Schilson Field Airport CARTHAGE - Seiferd Field Airport CARTHAGE - Small Field Airport CARTHAGE - Williams Airport CARUTHERS - Al Divine Airport CARUTHERSVILLE - Caruthersville Memorial Airport CASA - A Js Airport CASA GRANDE - Casa Grande Municipal Airport CASCADE - Barrett Field Airport CASCADE - Cascade Airport CASCADE - Cascade Airport CASCADE - Deadwood Dam Airstrip CASCADE - Hidden Lakes Airport CASCADE - High Valley Swanson Airport CASCADE - Morgan Ranch Airport CASCADE - Sulphur Creek Ranch Airport CASCADE LOCKS - Cascade Locks State Airport CASEVILLE - Farver Field Airport CASEY - Casey Municipal Airport CASHION - The Highlands Airport CASHMERE - Cashmere-Dryden Airport CASPER - American Falconry Airport CASPER - Casper-Natrona County International Airport CASPER - Harford Field Airport CASSADAGA - Spaudling Aerodrome Airport CASSELTON - Casselton Robert Miller Regional Airport CASSIA - Royal Trails Airport CASSOPOLIS - Taylors Flight Park Airport CASSVILLE - Cassville Municipal Airport CASSVILLE - Cassville Municipal Airport CASSVILLE - Schrenkel Airport CASSVILLE - Timber Line Airpark CASTALIA - Mather Field Airport CASTLE ROCK - Cougar Flat Airstrip CASTLE ROCK - Flying K Ranch Airport CASTLE ROCK - Kelgun Airport CASTROVILLE - Castroville Municipal Airport CASTROVILLE - T-Ranch Airport CASTROVILLE - Weiblen Airport CATARINA - Briggs Ranch Airport CATARINA - Briscoes Catarina Ranch Airport CATARINA - Diamond H Ranch Airport CATARINA - Harrison Piloncillo Ranch Airport CATHLAMET - Michair Airport CATLETT - Breeden Airport CATTARAUGUS - Berdick Field Airport CATTARAUGUS - Neverland Airport CAUGHDENOY - Caughdenoy Airport CAVALIER - Cavalier Municipal Airport CAVALIER - Hinkle Airport CAVE JUNCTION - Illinois Valley Airport CAVE SPRING - Dawson Field Airport CAVE SPRINGS - Elder Airstrip CAVE SPRINGS - Gunem Field Airport CAVENDISH - Freeman Creek Airport CAVOUR - Ingle Airport CAYUSE CREEK - Cayuse Creek US Forest Service Airport CAÑON CITY - Fremont County Airport CECIL - Deer Haven Ranch Airport CECILTON - Hexton Farms Airport CEDAR - Harry-Walt Airport CEDAR - Miller-Herrold Airport CEDAR BLUFF - Flying M Ranch Airport CEDAR CITY - Cedar City Regional Airport CEDAR CITY - Hamilton Fort Ranch Airport CEDAR CREEK - P & R Airport CEDAR CREEK - Utley Field Airport CEDAR FALLS - Isley Field Airport CEDAR FALLS - Lemons Airport CEDAR FALLS - Witcombe Field Airport CEDAR FORT - Cedar Valley Airport CEDAR FORT - Glenmar Ranch Airport CEDAR GROVE - Smies Airport CEDAR ISLAND - Wolfs Den Airport CEDAR KEY - George T Lewis Airport CEDAR KEY - The Cedars Airfield CEDAR MILLS - Runkes Field Airport CEDAR PARK - Breakaway Park Airport CEDAR RAPIDS - Chain Lakes Airpark CEDAR RAPIDS - The Eastern Iowa Airport CEDAR SPRINGS - North Cedar Airport CEDAR SPRINGS - Wilds Field Airport CEDAR VALLEY - West Desert Airpark CEDARBURG - Covered Bridge Fields Airport CEDARBURG - Sss Aerodrome Airport CEDARCREEK - Someday Ranch Airport CEDAREDGE - Flying W Ranch Airport CEDAREDGE - Mesawood Airpark CEDARTOWN - Polk County Airport- Cornelius Moore Field CEDARVILLE - Cedar Creek Airport CEDARVILLE - Cedarville Airport CEDARVILLE - Daves Aerodrome Airport CEDARVILLE - Williamson Airport CELESTE - Chambers Airport CELINA - Aero Estates Airport CELINA - Bishops Landing Airport CELINA - Celina Field Airport CELINA - Four Winds Airport CELINA - Lakefield Airport CELINA - Mulholland Airport CELINA - Tallows Field Airport CENTER - Center Municipal Airport CENTER - Hawkeye Hunting Club Airport CENTER - Leach Airport CENTER - Letzring Airport CENTER - Minnkota Private Airport CENTER ISLAND - Center Island Airport CENTER OSSIPEE - Chickville Airport CENTER POINT - Hannen Airport CENTER VILLAGE - August Acres Airport CENTERBURG - Chapman Memorial Field Airport CENTERTON - Ashmore Field Airport CENTERTON - L C Hickman Airport CENTERVIEW - Fletcher Field Airport CENTERVILLE - Bixler Ridge Airport CENTERVILLE - Centerville Airstrip CENTERVILLE - Centerville Municipal Airport CENTERVILLE - Centerville Municipal Airport CENTERVILLE - Dillard Ranch Airport CENTERVILLE - Hooterville South Airport CENTERVILLE - Moore Ranch Airport CENTERVILLE - Pentecost Airport CENTERVILLE - Plane Haven Airport CENTERVILLE - Rathbun Lake Airport CENTERVILLE - Ray Johnson Inc Airport CENTERVILLE - Schubert Airstrip CENTERVILLE - Warwick Airport CENTRAL CITY - Central City Municipal - Larry Reineke Field Airport CENTRAL CITY - Indian Lake Airport CENTRAL SQUARE - Riveredge Airpark CENTRAL SQUARE - Spring Brook Airport CENTRALHATCHEE - Sunset Strip Airport CENTRALIA - Centralia Municipal Airport CENTRALIA - Skyqueen Airport CENTRE - Centre Municipal Airport CENTRE - Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport CENTRE - Headquarters Airport CENTRE HALL - Centre Airpark CENTRE HALL - Penns Cave Airport CENTREVILLE - Ashland Landing Farm Airport CENTREVILLE - Bibb County Airport CENTREVILLE - Centreville Airport CENTREVILLE - Piker-Too Airport CENTURY - Collier Pine Barren Airpark CERES - Freefall Oz Airport CEYLON - Rosenberg Airport CHADDS FORD - Mountain Top Airport CHADRON - Chadron Municipal Airport CHAFFEE - Ausk Strip Airport CHAFFEE - J Vining Airport CHAGRIN FALLS - Auburn Airport CHALLIS - Challis Airport CHALLIS - Lower Loon Creek Airport CHALLIS - Upper Loon Creek US Forest Service Airport CHALMERS - Marshall Field Airport CHALMETTE - Fishers Field Airport CHAMA - Chama Land & Cattle Co. Airport CHAMA - Eastside Airport CHAMBERLAIN - Chamberlain Municipal Airport CHAMBERLAIN - Cook Field Airport CHAMBERLAIN GUARD STATION - Chamberlain Usfs Airport CHAMBERS ISLAND - Chambers Island Airport CHAMBERSBURG - Franklin County Regional Airport CHAMBERSBURG - Lost Acres Airport CHAMBERSBURG - Rocktop Airport CHAMBERSVILLE - Davis Airport CHAMPAIGN - Andrew RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport CHAMPAIGN - Mc Culley Airport CHAMPAIGN/URBANA - University of Illinois Willard Airport CHAMPION - Smith Field Airport CHANDLER - Chandler Municipal Airport CHANDLER - Chandler Regional Airport CHANDLER - Gila River Memorial Airport CHANDLER - Raceway Airport CHANDLER - Stellar Airpark CHANNAHON - Aero Four Airport CHANNAHON - Chicago Glider Club Gliderport Airport CHANUTE - Chanute Martin Johnson Airport CHAPEL HILL - Horace Williams Airport CHAPEL HILL - Miles Airport CHAPEL HILL - The Duchy Airport CHAPEL HILL - Womble Field Airport CHAPIN - Williams Airpark CHAPMAN - Mc Gowin Field Airport CHAPMAN - Prairie Cottage Airport CHAPMANSBORO - Whifferdill Airport CHAPPELL - Billy G Ray Field Airport CHAPPELL HILL - Eberly Ranch Airport CHARDON - Curtis Airport CHARENTON - Chitimacha Air Park CHARITON - Chariton Municipal Airport CHARLES CITY - Northeast Iowa Regional Airport CHARLESTON - Charleston Air Force Base-International Airport CHARLESTON - Charleston Executive Airport CHARLESTON - Charleston Harte Field Airport CHARLESTON - Charleston Municipal Airport CHARLESTON - Eickholtz Airport CHARLESTON - Flying W Airpark II Airport CHARLESTON - Hondarosa Airport CHARLESTON - Mississippi County Airport CHARLESTON - Pluff Mud Field Airport CHARLESTON - The Ranch Airport CHARLESTON - Yeager Airport CHARLESTON - Yonges Island Airport CHARLEVOIX - Charlevoix Municipal Airport CHARLOTTE - Charlotte Douglas International Airport CHARLOTTE - Crippen Field Airport CHARLOTTE - E.A.Deeds Farm Airport CHARLOTTE - Fitch H Beach Airport CHARLOTTE - Flying Ed Airport CHARLOTTE - Henley Aerodrome Airport CHARLOTTE - Wend Valley Airport CHARLOTTE - Wilgrove Air Park CHARLOTTESVILLE - Bundoran Airport CHARLOTTESVILLE - Cathro Airport CHARLOTTESVILLE - Charlottesville Albemarle Airport CHARLOTTESVILLE - Oakes Field Airport CHARLOTTESVILLE - Snow Hill Airport CHARLTON - Dresser Hill Airport CHARLTON - Westwind Farm Airport CHASE CITY - Chase City Municipal Airport CHASE CITY - Hazelswart Airport CHASE CITY - Twin Towers Airport CHASSELL - Pike River Landing Airport CHATAIGNIER - Whitaker Ultralightport Airport CHATFIELD - Flying A Airport CHATFIELD - Hackberry Airport CHATFIELD - Schulzes Airport CHATHAM - Chatham Municipal Airport CHATHAM TOWNSHIP - Soaring Horse Airport CHATOM - Hawthorn Pines Airport CHATOM - Roy Wilcox Airport CHATSWORTH - Chatsworth Restricted Landing Area Airport CHATSWORTH - Coyle Field Airport CHATTANOOGA - Chattanooga Sky Harbor Airport CHATTANOOGA - Dallas Bay Sky Park Airport CHATTANOOGA - Lovell Field Airport CHATTAROY - Lees Airport CHAUMONT - Salubrious Point Airport CHAVIES - Duff Airport CHEBANSE - Enjoy Field Airport CHEBOYGAN - Cheboygan County Airport CHEBOYGAN - Hoffmans Black Mountain Aerodrome Airport CHECOTAH - Rafter R Ranch Airport CHEHALIS - Chehalis Centralia Airport CHEHALIS - Dwight Field Airport CHEHALIS - Fantasy Field Airstrip CHEHALIS - Hartley Airport CHELAN - Lake Chelan Airport CHELAN - River View Airpark CHELSEA - Monarch Field Airport CHELSEA - Winters Field Airport CHEMEHUEVI VALLEY - Chemehuevi Valley Airport CHENA HOT SPRINGS - Chena Hot Springs Airport CHENEGA - Chenega Bay Airport CHENEY - Albers Airport CHENEY - Flying R Ranch Airport CHENEY - Mono Aircraft Airport CHENEYVILLE - Cheneyville Airport CHENOA - Mays Aviation Airport CHENOA - Seeman Airport CHENOA - Thacker Airport CHERAW - Cheraw Municipal Airport Lynch Bellinger Field CHERAW - Wild Irish Rose Airport CHERITON - Cherrystone Airport CHERITON - Eagles Nest Airport CHEROKEE - Cherokee County Regional Airport CHEROKEE - Cherokee Municipal Airport CHEROKEE - Kegelman AF Aux Field Airport CHERRY POINT - Cherry Point MCAS Cunningham Field Airport CHERRY VALLEY - Lawrence Field Airport CHERRY VALLEY - Watercolor Airport CHERRYVILLE - Northbrook International Ultraport Ultralightport Airport CHESANING - Howard Nixon Memorial Airport CHESANING - Woodside Airport CHESAPEAKE - Island Airport CHESAPEAKE - Weatherly & Son Airport CHESAPEAKE CITY - Woodstock Airport CHESAPEAKE/HUNTINGTON WVA - Lawrence County Airpark CHESHIRE - Grover Airport CHESNEE - Davis Field Airport CHESNEE - State Line Ultraport Flightpark Ultralightport Airport CHESTER - Bowman Field Airport CHESTER - Chester Airport CHESTER - Chester Catawba Regional Airport CHESTER - Heaton Airport CHESTER - Holloway Airport CHESTER - Liberty County Airport CHESTER - Miller Airport CHESTER - Orange Poultry Farm Airport CHESTER - Rogers Field Airport CHESTER - Sutton Airport CHESTERTON - Bodin Airport CHESTERTOWN - Breezecroft Airport CHESTERTOWN - Cromwell Farm Airport CHESTERTOWN - Hybarc Farm Airport CHESTERTOWN - Pond View Private Airport CHESTERTOWN - Silver Hill Airport CHESTERTOWN - Smith Field Airport CHESTERTOWN - Wright Field Airport CHETEK - Chetek Municipal Southworth Airport CHETEK - Cloud Dancer Private Airport CHETEK - Knutson Farms Airport CHEWELAH - Sand Canyon Airport CHEYENNE - Cheyenne Regional Jerry Olson Field Airport CHEYENNE - Mignon Laird Municipal Airport CHEYENNE - Skyview Airpark CHEYENNE - Sloan Airport CHEYENNE WELLS - Cheyenne Wells Municipal Airport CHICAGO - Chicago Midway International Airport CHICAGO - Chicago OHare International Airport CHICAGO - Lansing Municipal Airport CHICAGO/AURORA - Aurora Municipal Airport CHICAGO/BARRINGTON - Mill Rose Farm Restricted Landing Area Airport CHICAGO/LAKE IN THE HILLS - Lake in the Hills Airport CHICAGO/PROSPECT HEIGHTS/WHEELING - Chicago Executive Airport CHICAGO/ROCKFORD - Chicago Rockford International Airport CHICAGO/ROMEOVILLE - Lewis University Airport CHICAGO/SCHAUMBURG - Schaumburg Regional Airport CHICAGO/WAUKEGAN - Waukegan National Airport CHICAGO/WEST CHICAGO - Dupage Airport CHICKALA - John Harris Field Airport CHICKASHA - Chickasha Municipal Airport CHICKASHA - Redhills Airport CHICKASHA - Stidham-Private Airport CHICKEN - Chicken Airport CHICO - Butte Creek Hog Ranch Airport CHICO - Chico Municipal Airport CHICO - Johnsen Airport CHICO - Ranchaero Airport CHICO - Richey Airfield CHICO - Spectre Airport CHICORA - Waltman Airport CHIEFLAND - Brookins Air Strip CHIEFLAND - Chiefland Sky Ranch Airport CHIEFLAND - Neal Field Airport CHIEFLAND - White Farms Airport CHIEFLAND - Windy Acres Airport CHILDRESS - Childress Municipal Airport CHILES - Chiles Airpark CHILHOWIE - White Oak Stand Airport CHILLICOTHE - Barnett Airport CHILLICOTHE - Chillicothe Municipal Airport CHILLICOTHE - Ross County Airport CHILOQUIN - Chiloquin State Airport CHILTON - Flying Feathers Airport CHINA GROVE - Bradley Field Airport CHINA LAKE - China Lake Naws Armitage Field Airport CHINA SPRING - Pocock Airport CHINA SPRING - Wildcat Canyon Airport CHINLE - Chinle Airport CHINLE - Chinle Municipal Airport CHINO - Chino Airport CHINO VALLEY - H&H Ranch Airstrip CHINO VALLEY - Robin STOLport Airport CHINOOK - Edgar G Obie Airport CHINOOK - Hebbelman Airport CHIPLEY - Hartzog Field Airport CHIPLEY - Vosikas Airport CHIPPEWA FALLS - Blunt Field Airport CHIPPEWA FALLS - Rosenbaum Field Airport CHIPPEWA FALLS - T-Bo Field Airport CHIPPEWA FALLS - Wissota Airport CHIRIACO SUMMIT - Chiriaco Summit Airport CHISAGO - Dupres Airport CHISANA - Chisana Airport CHISHOLM - Klutts Field Airport CHISTOCHINA - Chistochina Airport CHITINA - Chitina Airport CHITTENANGO - Lakeview Airport CHITTENANGO - Luther Airport CHLORIDE - Chloride Airport CHOTEAU - Choteau Airport CHOWCHILLA - Chapman Farms Airport CHOWCHILLA - Chowchilla Airport CHOWCHILLA - Triangle T Ranch Airport CHRISTIANBURG - Dade Field Airport CHRISTINE - Flying-N-Ranch Airport CHRISTMAS VALLEY - Christmas Valley Airport CHRISTMAS VALLEY - Table Rock Airport CHRISTOVAL - Brown Field Airport CHUCKEY - Hensley Airpark CHUGIAK - Hilltop Airport CHUGWATER - Vowers Ranch Airport CHULA VISTA - John Nichols Field Airport CHULUOTA - Big Oaks Ranch Airport CHURCH HILL - Church Hill Airport CHURCH HILL - Darnells Field Airport CHURCH HILL - Darnells Landings Airport CHURCH HILL - Kennersley Airport CHURCH HILL - Saxon Farms Airport CHURCH POINT - Church Point Flyers Airport CHURCHVILLE - Harford County Airport CHURUBUSCO - Green Field Airport CHURUBUSCO - Tropria Airport CICERO - Mc Gill Airport CICERO - Michael Airfield CICERO - Thomas Airport CIMARRON - Cimarron Municipal Airport CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport CIRCLE - Circle Town County Airport CIRCLE PINES - Surfside Airport CIRCLEVILLE - Clarks Dream Strip Airport CIRCLEVILLE - Lindsey L.S. Airport CIRCLEVILLE - Pickaway County Memorial Airport CISCO - Cisco Municipal Airport CISCO - Westwater Airport CITRA - Paniola Air Ranch Airport CITRA - Thompsons Goinbroke Aero Ranch Airport CLAIBORNE - Bedsole Farm Airport CLAIRETTE - J F Ranch Airport CLANTON - Chilton County Airport Gragg-Wade Field CLANTON - Ware Island Airport CLARA CITY - Howards Airport CLARE - Clare Municipal Airport CLAREMONT - Claremont Municipal Airport CLAREMORE - Barcus Field Airport CLAREMORE - Claremore Regional Airport CLAREMORE - Sageeyah Airfield CLAREMORE - Sam Riggs Airpark CLAREMORE - Will and Wileys Aerodrome Airport CLARENCE CENTER - Merkle Airport CLARENCE CENTER - Potoczak Airport CLARENDON - Clarendon Municipal Airport CLARENDON - Smiley Johnson Municipal Airport-Bass Field CLARINDA - Schenck Field Airport CLARION - Clarion County Airport CLARION - Clarion Municipal Airport CLARION - Parker-Cramer Airport CLARISSA - Clarissa Municipal Airport CLARK - Clark County Airport CLARK FORK - Cx Ranch Airport CLARK FORK - Cx Ranch Nr 2 Airport CLARK FORK - Delta Shores Airport CLARK FORK - Riverlake Airport CLARK FORK - Tuka STOLport Airport CLARKESVILLE - King Sky Ranch Airport CLARKIA - Stocking Meadows Airport CLARKSBORO - Peaslees Airstrip CLARKSBURG - Borges - Clarksburg Airport CLARKSBURG - North Central West Virginia Airport CLARKSBURG - Perl Acres Airport CLARKSBURG - Rexroad Airport CLARKSBURG - Ruth Field Airport CLARKSDALE - Fletcher Field Airport CLARKSDALE - Shannon Field Airport CLARKSON - Mc Grew Airport CLARKSVILLE - Big River Ranch Airport CLARKSVILLE - Clarksville Airport CLARKSVILLE - Clarksville–Montgomery County Regional Airport CLARKSVILLE - Clarksville Municipal Airport CLARKSVILLE - Clarksville Red River City-J D Trissell Field Airport CLARKSVILLE - Ferraraccio Field Airport CLARKSVILLE - Haysfield Airport CLARKSVILLE - Johnson Farm Lines Airport CLARKSVILLE - Lake Country Regional Airport CLARKSVILLE - Merifield Airport CLARKSVILLE - Parr Field Airport CLARKSVILLE - Ron Wood Airport CLARKSVILLE - Ruckman Field Airport CLARKSVILLE - Salem Field Airport CLARKSVILLE - Steep Head Farm Airport CLARKSVILLE - Titan Field Airport CLARKTON - Elkins Field Airport CLAUDE - Finley Ranch Airport CLAUDE - Reed Airport CLAUNCH - Monte Prieto Ranch Airport CLAXTON - Claxton Evans County Airport CLAXTON - Hearn Airport CLAY - Airlane Enterprises Airport CLAY CENTER - 5-D Ranch Airport CLAY CENTER - Callaway Airpark CLAY CENTER - Clay Center Municipal Airport CLAY CITY - Booe Airport CLAYSVILLE - Uphill Airport CLAYTON - Big Creek Flying Ranch Airport CLAYTON - Clayton Municipal Airpark CLAYTON - Clayton Municipal Airport CLAYTON - Cross Winds Airport CLAYTON - Full Throttle Farm Airport CLAYTON - Heavens Landing Airport CLAYTON - Miami Valley Career Technology Center Airport CLAYTON - Ritchie Airfield CLAYTON - Wayne Brown Airport CLAYTON LAKE - Clayton Lake Strip Airport CLE ELUM - Cle Elum Municipal Airport CLE ELUM - De Vere Field Airport CLEAR - Clear Airport CLEAR - Clear Sky Lodge Airport CLEAR LAKE - Clear Lake Municipal Airport CLEAR LAKE - Leaders Clear Lake Airport CLEAR LAKE - Lloyds Field Airport CLEAR LAKE - Miller Airport CLEARBROOK - Bardwell Airstrip CLEARFIELD - Clearfield Lawrence Airport CLEARWATER - Clearwater Air Park CLEARWATER - Rucker Airport CLEARWATER - Seven Hills Airport CLEARWATER - Toketee State Airport CLEBURNE - Blackwood Airpark CLEBURNE - Cleburne Municipal Airport CLEMENTS - Clements Airport CLEMENTS - Recompense Farm Airport CLEMENTSVILLE - Mutschler Field Airport CLEMMONS - Berts Airport CLEMSON - Oconee County Regional Airport CLERMONT - Fly-N-S Ranch Airport CLERMONT - Hi-Acres Airport CLERMONT - Kings Field Airport CLEVELAND - Ainsworth Airport CLEVELAND - Burke Lakefront Airport CLEVELAND - Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLEVELAND - Cleveland Municipal Airport CLEVELAND - Cleveland Municipal Airport CLEVELAND - Cleveland Municipal Airport CLEVELAND - Cleveland Regional Jetport Airport CLEVELAND - Cuyahoga County Airport CLEVELAND - Deer Crossing Airport CLEVELAND - Double Creek Ranch Airport CLEVELAND - Hardwick Field Airport CLEVELAND - King Field Airport CLEVELAND - Lake Bay Gall Airport CLEVELAND - Mountain Airpark CLEVELAND - Williams Airport CLEWISTON - Airglades Airport CLEWISTON - Harpers Fly-In Ranch Airport CLEWISTON - Mc Daniel Ranch Inc. Airport CLEWISTON - Southern Ranch Airport CLIFFORD - Ashlawn Airport CLIFFORD - Erickson Airport CLIFTON - Berns Airport CLIFTON - Clifton Municipal Isenhower Field Airport CLIFTON - Flying B Ranch Airport CLIFTON - Hassell Field Airport CLIFTON - Talley Airport CLIFTON FORGE - Hop-Along Airport CLIFTON/MORENCI - Greenlee County Airport CLIMAX SPRINGS - Eagles Landing Airport CLIMAX SPRINGS - Miller Airport CLINTON - Carolina Cow Country Airport CLINTON - Clinton Airport CLINTON - Clinton-Hickman County Airport CLINTON - Clinton Memorial Airport CLINTON - Clinton Municipal Airport CLINTON - Clinton Municipal Airport CLINTON - Clinton Regional Airport CLINTON - Clinton Sherman Airport CLINTON - Ferros Ranch-Aero Airport CLINTON - Holley Mountain Airpark CLINTON - Honey Acres Airport CLINTON - Hooterville Airport CLINTON - John Scharff Airport CLINTON - Lbl Farms Airport CLINTON - Markham Airport CLINTON - Martin RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport CLINTON - Mc Coy Airport CLINTON - Mc Cutcheon Field Airport CLINTON - Melin Farms Airport CLINTON - Overton Private Airport CLINTON - Rock Creek Airport CLINTON - Sampson County Airport CLINTON - Schumacher Field Airport CLINTON - Shannon Field Airport CLINTON - Twin Oak Airport CLINTON - Washington Executive Hyde Field Airport CLINTON DALE - Minard Farms Airport CLINTONVILLE - Clintonville Municipal Airport CLINTONVILLE - Schewe Airport CLIO - Cagney Airport CLIO - Clio Crop Care Airport CLIO - Cromptons Private Strip Airport CLOQUET - Cloquet Carlton County Airport CLOQUET - Country Haven Airport CLOVER - Alpha Hotel Airport CLOVERDALE - Clover Knoll Airport CLOVERDALE - Cloverdale Municipal Airport CLOVERDALE - Sanders Gyroport Airport CLOVIS - Aero Tech Inc Airport CLOVIS - Cannon Air Force Base CLOVIS - Clovis Municipal Airport CLOVIS - Kindsvater Ranch Airport CLOVIS - Lockmiller & Sons Airport CLYDE - Bandit Field Airdrome Airport CLYDE - Owen Field Airport CLYDE - Southcreek Airport CLYMER - Downes Airport CLYO - Briar Patch Airport COAL GATE - Rock Creek Farm Airport COALGATE - City of Coalgate Airport COALINGA - Harris Ranch Airport COALINGA - New Coalinga Municipal Airport COALTON - Baisden Airport COATES - Turkey Track Airport COATESVILLE - Chester County G O Carlson Airport COBB ISLAND - Squier Landing Airport COBBS CREEK - Hudgins Farm Ultralightport Airport COBDEN - Houseman Airport COBURG - Briggs Airport COBURG - Greer Airport COBURG - West Point Airport COCHRAN - Cochran Airport COCOA BEACH - Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip Airport COCOA BEACH - Patrick Air Force Base CODY - Bar Flying E Airport CODY - Luckinbill Airstrip CODY - Yellowstone Regional Airport COEUR D ALENE - Hawk Haven Airport COEUR D ALENE - Magee Airport COEUR D ALENE - Regan Ranch Airport COEUR D ALENE - Scanlon Airport COEUR DALENE - Carlin Bay Airport COEUR DALENE - Coeur DAlene - Pappy Boyington Field Airport COEUR DALENE - Pischs Place Airport COFFEEVILLE - Burney Farms Airport COFFEYVILLE - Coffeyville Municipal Airport COGSWELL/BRAMPTON/ - Dahl Private Airport COHAGEN - Pluhar Airport COITSVILLE - J and B Sky Ranch Airport COKEVILLE - Cokeville Municipal Airport COLBERT - Boyle R & D Airport COLBY - Shalz Field Airport COLCHESTER - Gardner Lake Airport COLCHESTER - Skis Landing Area Airport COLD MEADOWS GUARD STATION - Cold Meadows US Forest Service Airport COLDEN - Hilltop Airport COLDWATER - Branch County Memorial Airport COLDWATER - Comanche County Airport COLDWATER - Williams Field Airport COLEBROOK - Gifford Field Airport COLEMAN - Coleman Municipal Airport COLEMAN - Ermis-Ridgeview Airport COLEMAN - Freeflight International Airport COLES POINT - Sanford Field Airport COLFAX - Colfax Airport COLFAX - Eagle Ridge Ultralightport Airport COLFAX - Lower Granite State Airport COLFAX - Port of Whitman Business Air Center Airport COLLEGE PARK - College Park Airport COLLEGE PLACE - Martin Field Airport COLLEGE STATION - Easterwood Field Airport COLLEGEDALE - Collegedale Municipal Airport COLLEGEVILLE - Kunda Airport COLLEGEVILLE - Perkiomen Valley Airport COLLIERVILLE - Burkeen Field Airport COLLIERVILLE - Colonial Air Park COLLINS - Peterman Airport COLLINS - Redoft Airport COLLINS - Windhaven Airport COLLINSVILLE - Airman Acres Airport COLLINSVILLE - Bluestem Airport COLLINSVILLE - Flying S Ranch Airport COLLINSVILLE - J-Bar Ranch Airport COLLINSVILLE - Ragtime Aerodrome Airport COLLINSVILLE - Sand Ridge Airpark Inc Airport COLLINSVILLE - Sudden Stop Airport COLOMA - Coloma Municipal Airport COLOMA - Rox Airport COLORADO CITY (COLORADO) - Greenhorn Valley Airport COLORADO CITY - Colorado City Airport COLORADO CITY - Colorado City Municipal Airport COLORADO CITY - Landers Ranch Airport COLORADO CITY - Trulock Ranch Field Airport COLORADO SPRINGS - City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport COLORADO SPRINGS - Meadow Lake Airport COLORADO SPRINGS - USAF Academy Airfield COLSTRIP - Colstrip Airport COLT - Runsick Flying Service Airport COLUMBIA - Caldwell Parish Airport COLUMBIA - Cedar Creek Airport COLUMBIA - Columbia-Adair Co. Airport COLUMBIA - Columbia Airport COLUMBIA - Columbia-Marion County Airport COLUMBIA - Columbia Metropolitan Airport COLUMBIA - Columbia Regional Airport COLUMBIA - Crook Restricted Landing Area Airport COLUMBIA - Glendale Field Airport COLUMBIA - Hunter STOLport Airport COLUMBIA - Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens Airport COLUMBIA - King Airport COLUMBIA - Mc Ginness Airport COLUMBIA - Porter Airport COLUMBIA - Sackman Field Airport COLUMBIA - Sugar Branch Airport COLUMBIA - White Cloud Flying Field Airport COLUMBIA CITY - Gordon Airport COLUMBIA CITY - Homestead Airport COLUMBIA CITY - Plew Airport COLUMBIA CITY - Terrys Airport COLUMBIA CITY - Wigent Airport COLUMBIA FALLS - Hoerner Airport COLUMBIA FURNACE - Ayers Airport COLUMBIA STATION - Columbia Airport COLUMBIA STATION - Crocker Airport COLUMBIA STATION - Dorlon Airpark COLUMBIA/MOUNT PLEASANT - Maury County Airport COLUMBIANA - Tri-L Acres Airport COLUMBIANA - York Aerodrome Airport COLUMBUS - Bolton Field Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Air Force Base COLUMBUS - Columbus Lowndes County Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Metropolitan Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Municipal Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Municipal Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Municipal Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Municipal Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Southwest Airport COLUMBUS - Columbus Stockyards Airport COLUMBUS - Darby Dan Airport COLUMBUS - First Aero Squadron Airpark COLUMBUS - Fountain Prairie Airport COLUMBUS - Hacienda Sur Luna Airport COLUMBUS - J-Em Farm Airport COLUMBUS - Loseke Airstrip COLUMBUS - Ohio State University Airport COLUMBUS - Port Columbus International Airport COLUMBUS - Rickenbacker International Airport COLUMBUS - River Field Airport COLUMBUS - Robert R Wells Jr Airport COLUMBUS - Strietelmeier Flying Field Airport COLUMBUS - Strom Private Airport COLUMBUS - Woltermann Memorial Airport COLUMBUS/W POINT/STARKVILLE - Golden Triangle Regional Airport COLUMIA CROSS ROADS - Akm Airfield COLUSA - Colusa County Airport COLUSA - Davis Airport COLUSA - Douglas Airport COLVILLE - Colville Municipal Airport COLVILLE - Smith Airport COLVILLE - Zema Private Airport COMANCHE - Comanche County City Airport COMANCHE - Ksa Orchards Airport COMETA - Loma de Cometa Airport COMFORT - B. J. Mc Combs Sisterdale Airport COMFORT - Comfort Airpark COMFORT - Diamond K Ranch Airport COMFORT - Santiago Cattle Co. Airport COMFORT - Wallace Ranch Airport COMMERCE - Commerce Municipal Airport COMMERCE - Doug Bolton Field Airport COMO - Silver Heels Airport COMPTON - Bresson Airport COMPTON - Compton Woodley Airport COMPTON - Earl Barnickel Airport COMPTON - W Davis Airport COMSTOCK - Hyde Ranch Airport COMSTOCK - Morts Landing Airport COMSTOCK - Nix River Ranch Strip Airport COMSTOCK - Robertson Ranch Airport COMUS - Flying M Farms Airport CONCHAS DAM - Conchas Lake Airport CONCORD - Beaver Creek Airport CONCORD - Buchanan Field Airport CONCORD - Buffalo Creek Airport CONCORD - Chalfant Airport CONCORD - Concord Municipal Airport CONCORD - Concord Regional Airport CONCORD - Flying D Airport CONCORD - Flying H Ranch Airport CONCORD - Meadowlark Airport CONCORD - Propst Airport CONCORD - Shade Tree Airport CONCORD - Skovhus Airport CONCORD - Spencer Airport CONCORD - Takle Field Airport CONCORD - Thacker Field Airport CONCORD - Windrift Aerodrome Airport CONCORDIA - Blosser Municipal Airport CONCRETE - Mears Field Airport CONDON - Ajax Airport CONDON - Condon State Pauling Field Airport CONDON - Condon US Forest Service Airport CONDON - Snyder Ranch Airport CONESVILLE - Wrights Field Airport CONEVILLE - Adams Airport CONIFER - Meyer Ranch Airport CONNEAUT - Murtha Airport CONNELL - Connell City Airport CONNELLSVILLE - Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville Airport CONNER - Trapper Creek Strip Airport CONNER - West Fork Lodge Airport CONNERSVILLE - Mettel Field Airport CONNERSVILLE - Nulltown Wingnuts Ultralightport Airport CONNERSVILLE - Squires Airport CONOWINGO - Pembroke Farm Airport CONRAD - Conrad Airport CONROE - Cut and Shoot Airport CONROE - Flying Hare Field Airport CONROE - Outlaw Flyers Airport CONSTANTIA - Engineers Airport CONSTANTIA - Shepard Airport CONTINENTAL - Continental Airport CONTINENTAL - Verhoff Airport CONVENT - Whitehall Field Ultralightport Airport CONVERSE - Converse Airport CONWAY - Arkavalley Airport CONWAY - Cantrell Farms Airport CONWAY - Conway Horry County Airport CONWAY - Dennis F Cantrell Field Airport CONWAY - Eagles Aerodrome Airport CONWAY - J Cs Airport CONWAY - Poes Airport CONWAY SPRINGS - Wamsley Field Airport CONYERS - Jims Private Airport CONYERS - Lola Landing Airport CONYERS - Whispering Pines Airport COOK - Cook Municipal Airport COOKEVILLE - One Grand Field Airport COOKEVILLE - Schiff Airport COOKSON - Snake Creek Wilderness Airport COOKSON - Tenkiller Lake Airpark COOKSVILLE - Blackburn Airport COOKSVILLE - Schertz Aerial Service - Cooksville Airport COOLIDGE - Coolidge Municipal Airport COOLIDGE - Sarita Airport COOLIDGE - Valley Farms Airport COOLIN - Cavanaugh Bay Airport COON RAPIDS - Stangl STOLport Airport COOPER - Oak Glen Ranch Airport COOPER - Walker Airport COOPER LANDING - Quartz Creek Airport COOPERSTOWN - Cooperstown Municipal Airport COOPERSTOWN - Cooperstown-Westville Airport COOPERSTOWN - Hawkins Field Airport COOPERSTOWN - Maple Cave Park Airport COOPERTON - Jennings Ranch Airport COPAKE - B Flat Farm Airport COPALIS - Copalis State Airport COPLAY - Hi-Vu Airport COPPERHILL - Martin Campbell Field Airport COQUILLE - Benham Airport CORBETT - Lehman Field Airport CORCORAN - Corcoran Airport CORCORAN - El Rico Airport CORCORAN - Krals Personal Use Landing Field Airport CORCORAN - Salyer Farms Airport CORDELE - Crisp County Cordele Airport CORDELE - Fenner Ranch Airport CORDELL - Cordell Municipal Airport CORDES - Cordes Airport CORDOVA - Cordova Municipal Airport CORDOVA - Merle K Mudhole Smith Airport CORDOVA - Strawberry Point Airport CORDOVA - The Sandbox Airport CORINNE - Mike Ferrell Field Airport CORINTH - Dilworth Airport CORINTH - Roscoe Turner Airport CORNELIA - Habersham County Airport CORNELIUS - Skyport Airport CORNELL - Antique Aerodrome Airport CORNELL - Cornell Municipal Airport CORNELL - Testoni Farms Airport CORNING - Brown Truck Sales Airport CORNING - Corning Municipal Airport CORNING - Corning Municipal Airport CORNING - Corning Municipal Airport CORNING - Corning Painted Post Airport CORNING - Old Port Royal Airport CORNUCOPIA - Cornucopia Field Airport COROLLA - Pine Island Airport CORONA - Corona Municipal Airport CORONA - Lincoln Station Airport CORPUS CHRISTI - Cabaniss Field Nolf Airport CORPUS CHRISTI - Corpus Christi International Airport CORPUS CHRISTI - Corpus Christi Naval Air Station Truax Field CORPUS CHRISTI - Cuddihy Field Airport CORPUS CHRISTI - Dean Airport CORPUS CHRISTI - Waldron Field Nolf Airport CORRIGAN - Anderosa Airpark CORRY - Corry Lawrence Airport CORSICA - Corsica Municipal Airport CORSICANA - Anxiety Aerodrome Airport CORSICANA - C David Campbell Field Corsicana Municipal Airport CORSICANA - Coyote Field Airport CORSICANA - Jtj Ranch Airport CORSICANA - Smith Airport CORSICANA - The Homestead Airport CORTEZ - Cortez Municipal Airport CORTEZ - Tanner Field Airport CORTLAND - Allen Airport CORTLAND - Cortland County Chase Field Airport CORTLAND - Urban Airport CORVALIS - Coca Cola Airport CORVALLIS - Corvallis Municipal Airport CORVALLIS - Dunning Vineyards Airport CORVALLIS - Flying Tom Airport CORVALLIS - Gates Airport CORVALLIS - Hedditch Airport CORVALLIS - Holiday Airport CORVALLIS - Muddy Creek Airport CORVALLIS - Schrock Airport CORVALLIS - Shimmon Airport CORVALLIS - Venell Airport CORVALLIS - Winn Airport CORYDON - Amy Airport CORYDON - Cobb Farm Airport CORYDON - Corydon Airport CORYDON - Grismore Airport COSHOCTON - Richard Downing Airport COSMOS - Lux Strip Airport COTOPAXI - Lowe Airstrip COTTAGE GROVE - Cottage Grove State Airport COTTAGE GROVE - Little Wheel Field Airport COTTAGE GROVE - Quale Airport COTTER - The Valley Airport COTTONDALE - Rainey Field Airport COTTONPORT - Max Airport COTTONWOOD - Cooks Airport COTTONWOOD - Cottonwood Airport COTTONWOOD - Cottonwood Municipal Airport COTTONWOOD - Flying N Ranch Airport COTTONWOOD - Lake California Air Park COTTONWOOD FALLS - Chase County Airport COTULLA - Cotulla-La Salle County Airport COTULLA - Crescent C Ranch Airport COTULLA - El Caballero Airport COTULLA - Ghost Apache Airport COTULLA - Gould Strip Airport COTULLA - Herradura Lodge Airport COTULLA - Los Cuernos Ranch Airport COTULLA - Morris Ranch Airport COTULLA - Rancho Ecantado Airport COTULLA - Uno Mas Ranch Airport COUDERSPORT - Greeley Airport COUGAR - Mount St Helens Aero Ranch Airport COULEE CITY - Coulee City Airport COUNCIL - Council Municipal Airport COUNCIL - Flying Y Ranch Airport COUNCIL - Seven Devils Airport COUNCIL BLUFFS - Council Bluffs Municipal Airport COUNCIL BLUFFS - Ruckl Airport COUNCIL GROVE - Council Grove Municipal Airport COUPEVILLE - Coupeville Airpark COUPEVILLE - Coupeville Nolf Airport COUPLAND - Chan-C Airport COUPLAND - Crosswinds Airfield COURTLAND - Lawrence County Airport COUSHATTA - Stuart Airstrip COUSHATTA - The Red River Airport COVE - Cove Side Ranch Port Airport COVE - Minam Lodge Airport COVELO - Round Valley Airport COVENTRY - Heckler Field Airport COVENTRYVILLE - Miller Field Airport COVINGTON - Alcovy Airport COVINGTON - Baskin Airport COVINGTON - Bull Run Airport COVINGTON - Cades Airport COVINGTON - Covington Municipal Airport COVINGTON - Covington Municipal Airport COVINGTON - Covington-Vincent Airport COVINGTON - Hickham Field Airport COVINGTON - Kemps Field of Dreams Airport COVINGTON - Morgan Farm Field Airport COVINGTON - Neely Farms Airport COVINGTON - Warner-Thunder Hill Airport COVINGTON - Windy Hill Airport COWETA - Jantzen Airport COWLEY/LOVELL/BYRON - North Big Horn County Airport COXSACKIE - Deer Run Airport COY - Walls Airport COYOTE SPRINGS - Coyote Run Gliderport Airport COZAD - Cozad Municipal Airport CRAIG - Craig Moffat Airport CRAIG - Lonesome Sky Airport CRAIG - Mesa View Ranch Airport CRAIGMONT - Craigmont Municipal Airport CRAIGSVILLE - Herold Airport CRANBERRY - Eakin Airport CRANDALL - Bennetts Airport CRANDALL - Blue Bird Field Airport CRANDALL - Petty Farms Airport CRANDON - Crandon Municipal Airport CRANDON - Island View Airport CRANE - Arnold Airstrip CRANE - Crane County Airport CRANE - J-Bar Ranch Airport CRANE ISLAND - Crane Island Airstrip CRANESVILLE - Franklin Center Airport CRANESVILLE - Willows Airport CRANFILLS GAP - Cade Field Airport CRANFILLS GAP - Parrish Airstrip CRANSTON - Mystery Farm Airport CRAWFORD - Crawford Airport CRAWFORD - Flying Cs Plantation Airport CRAWFORD - Flying Nd Ranch Airport CRAWFORDSVILLE - Crawfordsville Municipal Airport CRAWFORDSVILLE - Mission Field-Marotti Memorial Airport CRAWFORDSVILLE - Ropkey Field Airport CREEDE - Mineral County Memorial Airport CREIGHTON - Creighton Municipal Airport CREIGHTON - Flying G Airport CREOLA - Mark Reynolds North Mobile County Airport CRESCENT - Hawk Haven Airport CRESCENT - Myers Airport CRESCENT - Sky High Airport CRESCENT CITY - Eagles Nest Aerodrome Airport CRESCENT CITY - Jack Mc Namara Field Airport CRESCENT CITY - Skinners Wholesale Nursery Airport CRESCENT CITY - Thunderbird Air Park CRESCENT LAKE - Crescent Lake State Airport CRESCENT VALLEY - Crescent Valley Airport CRESCO - Ellen Church Field Airport CRESCO - Rocky Hill Ultralightport Airport CRESENT CITY - Jim Finlay Farm Airport CRESSON - Chicken Strip Airport CRESSON - Chigger Field Airport CRESTED BUTTE - Buckhorn Ranch Airport CRESTLINE - Cole Airfield CRESTON - Creston Municipal Airport CRESTON - Hendrickson Flying Service Airport CRESTON - Mercer Field Airport CRESTON - Wallace Field Airport CRESTVIEW - Bob Sikes Airport CRESTVIEW - Duke Field Airport CRESTVIEW - The Funny Farm Airport CRESTVIEW - Triple B Airpark CRESTWOOD - Woodledge Farm Airport CRESWELL - Hobby Field Airport CRESWELL - Walker Airport CRETE - Crete Municipal Airport CREWE - Crewe Municipal Airport CRISFIELD - Crisfield Municipal Airport CRITZ - Moorefields Airstrip CRITZ - Trent Farm Airstrip CRIVITZ - Crivitz Municipal Airport CRIVITZ - Neveln Field Airport CROCKETT - Dibrell Airport CROCKETT - Houston County Airport CROCKETT - Kenleys Mustang Prairie Ranch Airport CROCKETT - Last Resort Airport CROCKETT - M Y Ranch Airport CROFTON - Grimm Farm Airport CROOKSTON - Crookston Municipal Kirkwood Field Airport CROOKSVILLE - Crooksville Airport CROSBY - Crosby Municipal Airport CROSBY - Crosby Municipal Airport CROSBY - Dunham Field Airport CROSBY - Flying F Ranch Airport CROSBY - Roeder Airport CROSBY - Rogers Airport CROSBY - Troy Field Airport CROSBYTON - Crosbyton Municipal Airport CROSS - Crosswinds-Wilson Private Airport CROSS - Lesesne Airport CROSS ANCHOR - Southern Aero Sports Airport CROSS CITY - Cross City Airport CROSS CREEK - Rimes Lakecrest Airport CROSS KEYS - Cross Keys Airport CROSS PLAINS - Goodall Ranch Airport CROSS PLAINS - Ross Planes Airport CROSSETT - Z M Jack Stell Field Airport CROSSVILLE - Buck Creek Ranch Airport CROSSVILLE - Crossville Memorial Whitson Field Airport CROSSWIND LAKE - Crosswind Lake Airport CROSWELL - Arnold Field Airport CROWDER - W C Ranch STOLport Airport CROWELL - Foard County Airport CROWLEY - Crowley Ranch Airstrip CROWLEY - Hensgens Strip Airport CROWLEY - Lawson Field Airport CROWLEY - Le Gros Memorial Airport CROWLEY - Walsh Airport CROWN - Swanson Field Airport CROWNPOINT - Crownpoint Airport CROZET - Cottonwood Farm Airport CRUMPTON - Spring Landing Airport CRYSTAL BEACH - Seafood Warehouse Park Airport CRYSTAL CITY - Chacon Creek Ranch Airport CRYSTAL CITY - Crystal City Municipal Airport CRYSTAL CITY - Flying G Airport CRYSTAL CITY - H & F Properties Airport CRYSTAL CITY - Picosa Ranch Airport CRYSTAL CITY - Wagner-Braxdale Airport CRYSTAL FALLS - Huber Airport CRYSTAL FALLS - Iron County Airport CRYSTAL LAKE - South 80 Field Airport CRYSTAL RIVER - Crystal River Airport CRYSTAL RIVER - J.R.s STOLport Airport CRYSTAL RIVER - Post Oak Ranch Airport CRYSTAL SPRINGS - Copiah County Airport CRYSTAL SPRINGS - Wells Farm Airport CUBA - Cuba Municipal Airport CUBA - Dew Airpark CUBERO - Cubero Airport CUERO - Cuero Municipal Airport CUERO - Lempa Airport CULBERTSON - Big Sky Field Airport CULBERTSON - Hock Airport CULLEN - Layne Farm Airstrip CULLEOKA - Askey Field Airport CULLMAN - Cullman Regional Airport-Folsom Field CULMERVILLE - Culmerville Airport CULPEPER - Belmont Farm Airport CULPEPER - Berryvale Airport CULPEPER - Culpeper Regional Airport CULPEPER - Homeland Airport CULPEPER - The Greenhouse Airport CULVER - 3 Rivers Recreation Area Airport CULVER - Ddt Field Airport CULVER - Fleet Field Airport CULVER - H.J.Umbaugh Airport CULVER - I & C Field Airport CULVER - Lake Billy Chinook State Airport CULVER - Van De Mark Airport CULVER - Winn Field Airport CUMBERLAND - Cumberland Municipal Airport CUMBERLAND - Greater Cumberland Regional Airport CUMBERLAND - Mexico Farms Airport CUMBERLAND ISLAND - Stafford Airport CUMBY - Morris Manor Airport CUMMING - Ebeneezer Airport CUMMING - Mathis Airport CUMMING - Stoney Point Field Airport CUNNINGHAM - Terry Field Airport CURLEW - Eagles Nest Airport CURRAN - Circle T Ranch Airport CURRANT - Currant Ranch Airport CURRITUCK - Currituck County Regional Airport CURTICE - Gruetter Airport CURTIS - Curtis Airport CURTIS - Curtis Municipal Airport CURWENSVILLE - Old Orchard Airport CURWENSVILLE - Windy Hill Airport CUSHING - Cushing Municipal Airport CUSTER - Custer County Airport CUSTER - Ruff Airport CUSTER - Thorn Airport CUSTER PARK - Corn Field Airport CUT BANK - Cut Bank International Airport CUT OFF - Ledet Airfield CUTHBERT - Cuthbert-Randolph Airport CUTLER - Cutler Regional Airport CUTLER - Hepp Airport CUYAMA - Dixon Airport CUYAMA - 7R Ranch Airport CYNTHIANA - Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport CYPRESS - Dry Creek Airport CYPRESS - Folsom Airport DADE CITY - Cub Haven STOLport Airport DADE CITY - Dusty Airpatch Airport DADE CITY - Two Js Flying Ranch Airport DAGGETT - Barstow Daggett Airport DAHLGREN - Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center Airport DAHLGREN - Gelfius International Airport DAHLONEGA - Lumpkin County Wimpys Airport DAINGERFIELD - Greater Morris County Airport DALEYVILLE - Atkins Ridge Airport DALHART - Dalhart Municipal Airport DALHART - Miller Airfield DALLAS - Addison Airport DALLAS - Air Park Dallas Airport DALLAS - Airpark East Airport DALLAS - Collin County Regional At Mc Kinney Airport DALLAS - Dallas Executive Airport DALLAS - Dallas Love Field Airport DALLAS - Lavon North Airport DALLAS - Lehman Airport DALLAS - Paulding County Regional Airport DALLAS CENTER - Husband Field Airport DALLAS-FORT WORTH - Dallas Fort Worth International Airport DALMATIA - Flying Eagle Airport DALTON - Dalton Municipal Airport DALTON - Miller Airstrip DALTON - Pratermill Flight Park Airport DAMON - H & S Airfield DAMON - Massimiliano Memorial Field Airport DANBURY - Danbury Municipal Airport DANBURY - Garrett Ranch Airport DANBURY - Knape Airport DANBURY - Salaika Aviation Airport DANBY - Danby Airstrip DANBY - Tom N Jerry Airport DANDRIDGE - Rays Stall Airport DANE - Dane Airport DANE - Eberle Ranch Airport DANEVANG - Smith Aviation Inc Airport DANFORTH - Raymond Classen Memorial Airport DANIEL - Antelope Run Ranch Airport DANIELSON - Danielson Airport DANSVILLE - Dansville Municipal Airport DANVILLE - Buck Hollar Airport DANVILLE - Danville Airpark DANVILLE - Danville Airport DANVILLE - Danville Municipal Airport DANVILLE - Danville Regional Airport DANVILLE - Flying B Ranch Airport DANVILLE - Gravity Zero Airport DANVILLE - Jrs Airport DANVILLE - Lindley Private Airport DANVILLE - Mccoy Airport DANVILLE - Meadors Field Airport DANVILLE - Melody Field Airport DANVILLE - Stuart Powell Field Airport DANVILLE - Vermilion Regional Airport DAPHNE - Belforest Airport DARBYVILLE - Ronshausen Airport DARBYVILLE - Whites Airport DARIEN - Ames Private Airport DARIEN - Eden Field Airport DARIEN - Patterson Island Airport DARIEN - Sapelo Island Airport DARLINGTON - Branhams Airport DARLINGTON - Darlington County Jetport Airport DARLINGTON - Graham Airport DARLINGTON - Pauls Plantation Airport DARMSTADT - J & S Field Airport DARNELL - Bayou Meadows Airport DARRINGTON - Darrington Municipal Airport DARROUZETT - Duke Ranch Airport DATELAND - Dateland Airfield DATELAND - Morton Field Airport DAUPHIN - Tallman West Airport DAUPHIN ISLAND - Dauphin Island Airport DAVENPORT - 7 Bays Airport DAVENPORT - Davenport Airport DAVENPORT - Davenport Municipal Airport DAVENPORT - Grone Airport DAVENPORT - Las Trancas Airport DAVENPORT - Mountain Top Airport DAVENPORT - Plath Farms Airport DAVENPORT - R & R Farms Airport DAVENPORT - Schroeder Airport DAVEY - Hall-Feld Airport DAVEY - Warbonnet Ag Strip Airport DAVID CITY - David City Municipal Airport DAVILLA - Isbell Ranch Airport DAVIS - Crazy Horse Municipal Airport DAVIS - Ellis Airport DAVIS - Medlock Field Airport DAVIS - University Airport DAVIS - Windwood Fly-In Resort Airport DAVIS WHARF - Chance Airport DAVIS/WOODLAND/WINTERS - Yolo County Davis Woodland Winters Airport DAVISON - Athelone Williams Memorial Airport DAVISON - Johns Airport DAWSON - Dawson Municipal Airport DAWSON - Knapp Pecan Orchard Airpark DAWSON - Young Airport DAWSON SPRINGS - Tradewater Airport DAWSONVILLE - Elliott Field Airport DAY - Fort Atkinson Plantation Airpark DAYS CREEK - Riverview Ranch Airport DAYTON - Dahio Trotwood Airport DAYTON - Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport DAYTON - Glenair Airport DAYTON - Greene County-Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport DAYTON - Gum Island Airport DAYTON - James M Cox Dayton International Airport DAYTON - Jamison Airstrip DAYTON - Jet Ag Inc Airport DAYTON - Leos Angus Ranch Airport DAYTON - Mark Anton Airport DAYTON - Moraine Air Park DAYTON - Paulling Place Airstrip DAYTON - Pavlat Airport DAYTON - Pinoak Airport DAYTON - Seaberg Ranch Airport DAYTON - West Liberty Airport DAYTON - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base DAYTON - Xingu Airstrip DAYTON/CARSON CITY - Dayton Valley Airpark DAYTONA BEACH - Daytona Beach International Airport DAYTONA BEACH - Spruce Creek Airport DAYVILLE - Lands Inn Ranch Airport DAYVILLE - Wiley Creek Airport DAZEY - Bryn Airport DE FOREST - Elert Airport DE KALB - De Kalb Taylor Municipal Airport DE KALB - Hoffman Airport DE KALB - Jack W. Watson Airport DE KALB - Uncle Chucks Airport DE KALB - Walter Airport DE LEON - De Leon Municipal Airport DE LEON - Smith Flying Service Airport DE LEON SPRINGS - Lafayette Landings Airport DE MOTTE - De Motte Airport DE PERE - Antique Aerodrome Airport DE PERE - Birch Creek Airport DE QUEEN - J Lynn Helms Sevier County Airport DE QUINCY - De Quincy Industrial Airpark DE RIDDER - Beauregard Regional Airport DE RIDDER - Swamp Smith Airport DE SMET - Hangman Creek Ranch Airport DE SMET - Lee Airport DE SOTO - De Soto Airport DE SOTO - Ingels Aerodrome Airport DE WITT - De Witt Municipal Airport DE WITT - Hoerners Corners Airport DEALE - Deale Airport DEARBORN - Triple R Airport DEATH VALLEY JUNCTION - Amargosa Airport DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK - Furnace Creek Airport DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK - Stovepipe Wells Airport DEATSVILLE - Samuels Springs Airport DEBLOIS - Deblois Flight Strip Airport DECATUR - Allison Farm Airport DECATUR - Bishop Airport DECATUR - Blomenberg Airport DECATUR - Crystal Lake Airport DECATUR - Decatur Airport DECATUR - Decatur Municipal Airport DECATUR - Decatur Shores Airport DECATUR - Flat Bush Airport DECATUR - Gage Airport DECATUR - Heritage Creek Airstrip DECATUR - Jbj Ranch Airport DECATUR - Lazy G Bar Ranch Airport DECATUR - Lazy 9 Ranch Airport DECATUR - Mc Entire Airport DECATUR - Pryor Field Regional Airport DECATUR - Red Ace Ranch Airport DECATUR ISLAND - Decatur Jones Airport DECKER - Bandmill Field Airport DECKER - Innes Acres Airport DECKER - Snider Field Airport DECKERVILLE - Indian Creek Ranch Airport DECORAH - Decorah Municipal Airport DEER - Taylors Air Strip DEER GROVE - Cady Aerial RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport DEER LODGE - Deer Lodge City County Airport DEER LODGE - Larner Field Airport DEER PARK - Deer Flat Airport DEER PARK - Deer Park Airport DEER PARK - Petes Airport DEER TRAIL - Morris Airport DEERING - Millers Airstrip DEERWOOD - Lindeys Landing Airport DEERWOOD - Sethney Personal STOLport Airport DEETH - Marys River Ranch Airport DEFIANCE - Defiance Memorial Airport DEFUNIAK SPRINGS - Breezy Knoll Airport DEFUNIAK SPRINGS - Cedar Lane Airport DEFUNIAK SPRINGS - Cuchens Airport DEFUNIAK SPRINGS - Defuniak Springs Airport DEFUNIAK SPRINGS - Joy Farms Airport DEFUNIAK SPRINGS - Unicorn Place Airport DEGRAFF - Paynes Airport DEGRASSE - Moores Airport DEL NORTE - Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport DEL RIO - Bertani Ranch Airport DEL RIO - Del Rio International Airport DEL RIO - Devils River Ranch Airport DEL RIO - Flying D Ranch Airport DEL RIO - Horn Ranch Airport DEL RIO - Laughlin Air Force Base DEL RIO - Lewis Private Airport DEL RIO - Rio Vista Ranch Airport DEL RIO - Rnk Ranch Airport DEL RIO - Tyra Ranch Airport DEL VALLE - Del Valle Airport DELAND (FLORIDA) - Samsula Coe Field Airport DELAND - Bob Lee Flight Strip Airport DELAND - Bradshaw Farm Airport DELAND - Deep Woods Ranch Airport DELAND - Deland Municipal Sidney H Taylor Field Airport DELAND - North Exuma Airport DELAND - Pine Lakes Farm Airport DELANO - Brandt Airport DELANO - Delano Municipal Airport DELANSON - Wandervogel Gliderport Airport DELAVAN - Hobby Hideaway RLA Airport DELAVAN - Lake Lawn Airport DELAVAN - Smilin Sams Airport DELAWARE - Berlin Station Lndg Strip Airport DELAWARE - Bowman Field Airport DELAWARE - Delaware Municipal Airport DELAWARE - Fly-A-Way Farm Airport DELAWARE - Flying Acres Airport DELAWARE - Obi One Airport DELCAMBRE - Leonards Airfield & Indust Park Airport DELEVAN - Gunnersfield Ranch Airport DELHI - Delhi Municipal Airport DELL - Dell Flight Strip Airport DELL CITY - CLM Ranch Airport DELL RAPIDS - Jensen Airport DELL RAPIDS - Weelborg Airport DELMAR - Cross Farm Airport DELPHI - De Ford Airport DELPHI - Delphi Municipal Airport DELPHOS - Baldock Farm Airport DELPHOS - Youngpeter Airport DELRAY BEACH - Antiquers Aerodrome Airport DELTA - Barber Field Airport DELTA - Blake Field Airport DELTA - Delta Municipal Airport DELTA - Desert Aviation Airport DELTA - Roubideau Airport DELTA - Sky Island Ranch Airport DELTA - Westwinds Airport DELTA JUNCTION - All West Airport DELTA JUNCTION - Arctic Angel Airport DELTA JUNCTION - Cherokee Airport DELTA JUNCTION - Delta Daves Airport DELTA JUNCTION - Delta Junction Airport DELTA JUNCTION - Pogo Mine Airstrip DELTA JUNCTION - Remington Field Airport DELTA JUNCTION - Rocking T. Ranch Airport DELTA JUNCTION - Wingsong Estates Airport DELTA JUNCTION FT GREELY - Allen Army Airfield DEMING - Deming Municipal Airport DEMING - Luna Landing Airport DEMING - Riverside Airport DEMING - Solo Ranch Airport DEMOPOLIS - Demopolis Municipal Airport DENALI - Road Commission Nr 1 Airport DENHAM - Podell Airport DENISON - Denison Municipal Airport DENISON - Kidd-Private Airport DENISON - Mc Keon Aviation Airport DENMARK - Cape Blanco State Airport DENNISON - Roxford Airport DENTON - Denton Airfield DENTON - Denton Airport DENTON - Denton Municipal Airport DENTON - Dileo Field Airport DENTON - G W Farm Airport DENTON - Gary Field Airport DENTON - Hartlee Field Airport DENTON - Myska Field Airport DENTON - Smither Field Airport DENTON - Warschun Ranch Airport DENTON - Windy Hill Airport DENVER - Centennial Airport DENVER - Denver International Airport DENVER - Front Range Airport DENVER - Little Mountain Airport DENVER - Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport DENVER CITY - Denver City Airport DENVER CITY - Two Leggs Airport DERBY - Beyer Farm Airport DERBY - Cook Airfield Inc Airport DERBY - Hamilton Field Airport DERBY - Olson Aerodrome Airport DERBY - Port-O-John Airport DERBY - Selby Farm Airport DERMOTT - Dermott Municipal Airport DES ARC - Bob Norman Airstrip DES ARC - Taylor Airstrip DES MOINES - De Louis Field Airport DES MOINES - Des Moines International Airport DES MOINES - Morningstar Field Airport DESERT CENTER - Desert Center Airport DESERT CENTER - Iron Mountain Pumping Plant Airport DESERT CENTER - Julian Hinds Pump Plant Airstrip DESHLER - Deshler Municipal Landing Strip Airport DESMET - Wilder Airport DESTIN - Destin Executive Airport DETROIT - Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport DETROIT - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DETROIT - Willow Run Airport DETROIT LAKES - Detroit Lakes Airport - Wething Field DETROIT/GROSSE ILE - Grosse Ile Municipal Airport DEVILS LAKE - Devils Lake Regional Airport DEVINE - Devine Municipal Airport DEVON - Hellinger Airport DEWITT - Zischke Airport DEXTER - Cackleberry Airport DEXTER - Dexter Municipal Airport DEXTER - Dexter Regional Airport DEXTER - K-D Field Airport DEXTER - Lost Creek Airport DEXTER - Petes Airport DHANIS - Glasscock Field Airport DHANIS - Squirrel Creek Ranch Airport DI GIORGIO - Di Giorgio Ranch Landing Strip Airport DIAMOND - Barton Lake Ranch Airport DIAMONDHEAD - Diamondhead Airport DICKINSON - Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport DICKINSON - Wolbergs Private Airport DICKSON - Dickson Municipal Airport DIGHTON - Dighton Airport DIKE - Triple J Airport DILLEY - Dilley Airpark DILLEY - Mc Donald Ranch Airport DILLON - Dillon Airport DILLON - Dillon County Airport DILLON - Price Airport DILLSBURG - Vogelsong Airport DIMMITT - Dimmitt Municipal Airport DIMMITT - Ott Farms Airport DINSMORE - Dinsmore Airport DISCOVERY BAY/MAYNARD - Olympic Field Airport DISNEY - Disney Airport DIXFIELD - Swans Field Airport DIXIE - Dixie Town Airport DIXIE - Dixie US Forest Service Airport DIXIE - Mackay Bar Airport DIXIE - T & M Ag Aviation Airport DIXIE - Wilson Bar US Forest Service Airport DIXON - Ballys Strip Airport DIXON - Dixon Airport DIXON - Dixon Municipal Charles R. Walgreen Field Airport DIXON - J & Y Ultralightport Airport DIXON - Maine Prairie Airport DODGE CENTER - Dodge Center Airport DODGE CITY - Dodge City Regional Airport DODGE CITY - Wilroads Gardens Airport DODGEVILLE - Southwind Airport DOLA - Eibling Circle E Airport DOLAND - Hofer Private Airport DOLGEVILLE - Dolgeville Airport DONALD - Mc Gee Airport DONALSONVILLE - Donalsonville Municipal Airport DONGOLA - Keil Airport DONIPHAN - Doniphan Municipal Airport DONNELLSON - Donnellson Airport DONNELLSVILLE - Victory Field Airport DONNELLY - Bear Air Airport DONNELLY - Boulder Creek Airstrip DONNELLY - Cascade Reservoir Private Strip Airport DONNELLY - Donald D. Coski Memorial Airport DONOVAN - Loy Airport DONOVAN - Russell Airport DORCHESTER - Jones Airport DORCHESTER - Txaerosport Aerodrome Airport DORRIS - Butte Valley Airport DORSET - Allen Airport DORSEYVILLE - Cedar Run Airport DOS PALOS - Dos Palos Airport DOS PALOS - Eagle Field Airport DOS PALOS - Emmett Field Airport DOS PALOS - Willis Ranch Airport DOTHAN - Blueberry Hill Airport DOTHAN - Dothan Regional Airport DOUBLE SPRINGS - Double Springs Winston County Airport DOUGLAS - Chamberlain Brothers Ranch Airport DOUGLAS - Circle H Ranch Airport DOUGLAS - Cochise College Airport DOUGLAS - Converse County Airport DOUGLAS - Douglas Municipal Airport DOUGLAS - Douglas Municipal Airport DOUGLAS - Hardy Ranch Airport DOUGLAS - Lmn 120 Airport DOUGLAS - Underwood Airport DOUGLAS - Wagonhound Airport DOUGLAS BISBEE - Bisbee Douglas International Airport DOUGLASS - Alley Field Airport DOUGLASS - Pilot Pointe Estates Airport DOUGLASVILLE - Chattahoochee Air Park DOUGLASVILLE - Miller Farm Airport DOUGLASVILLE - Pinewood Airport DOUSMAN - Bark River Airport DOUSMAN - Heitman Field Airport DOVE CREEK - Dove Creek Airport DOVER - Baneys Airport DOVER - Chandelle Estates Airport DOVER - Dover Air Force Base DOVER - Hood Field Airport DOVER - Landers Loop Airport DOVER - Lazy B Ranch Airport DOVER - Short Creek Airport DOVER/CHESWOLD - Delaware Airpark DOVER/FOXCROFT - Charles A. Chase Jr. Memorial Field Airport DOW - William E. Koenig Airport DOWAGIAC - Dowagiac Municipal Airport DOWELLTOWN - Soggy Bottom Airport DOWNERS GROVE - Brookeridge Air Park DOWNEY - Downey Hyde Memorial Airport DOWNINGTOWN - Fetters Construction Airport DOWNS - Griffith Field Airport DOWNSVILLE - Downsville Airport DOYLESTOWN - Buckingham Airport DOYLESTOWN - Doylestown Airport DRAPER - Valburg Ranch Airport DRAYDEN - West St Marys Airport DRAYTON - Drayton Municipal Airport DRAYTON - Elliott Farms Airport DRESDEN - Meitl Airport DRESDEN - Riverview Airport DRESDEN - Turner Field Airport DRESDEN - Waynes World Airport DREW - Ruleville Drew Airport DREXEL - Arvin Ranch Airport DREXEL - Hilltop Airport DRIGGS - Driggs Reed Memorial Airport DRIPPING SPRINGS - Alexander Ranch Airport DRIPPING SPRINGS - Bleakley Ranch Airport DRIPPING SPRINGS - Keyes Ranch Airport DRIPPING SPRINGS - Ohho Airport DRIVER - Lowrance Airport DRUMMOND - Drummond Airport DRUMMOND - Eau Claire Lakes Airport DRUMMOND - Gold Creek Airport DRUMMOND ISLAND - Drummond Island Airport DRY CREEK - B T & K H Ranch Airport DRY RIDGE - Conrads Airport DRYDEN - Tate Ranch Airport DRYDEN - Terrell County Airport DRYTOWN - Horse Shoe A Ranch Airport DU QUOIN - Hemmer RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport DUANESBURG - Duanesburg Airport DUANESBURG - Mariaville Aerodrome Airport DUANESBURG - Six Ponds Airport DUBLIN - Dublin Field Airport DUBLIN - Dublin Municipal Airport DUBLIN - Duke Strip 2 Airport DUBLIN - Graystrip Airport DUBLIN - Lt Landing Airport DUBLIN - Moxleys Airport DUBLIN - New River Valley Airport DUBLIN - Quahadi Ranch Airport DUBLIN - W H Bud Barron Airport DUBOIS - Dubois Municipal Airport DUBOIS - Dubois Municipal Airport DUBOIS - DuBois Regional Airport DUBOIS - Kinky Creek Divide Airport DUBUQUE - Anderson Airport DUBUQUE - Dubuque Regional Airport DUCHESNE - Duchesne Municipal Airport DUCK CREEK VILLAGE - High Meadow Ranch Airport DUCKWATER - Duckwater Airport DUDLEY - Bussart Airport DUDLEY - Dudley Airport DUETTE - Southfork Airport DUFUR - Fargher Airport DUFUR - Lyda Ranch Airstrip DUGWAY PROVING GROUND - Michael AAF Dugway Proving Ground Airport DULCE - Jicarilla Apache Nation Airport DULL CENTER/SW CLARETON/ - Sherwin Field Nr 1 Airport DULUTH - Duluth International Airport DULUTH - Sheltons Private Airport DULUTH - Sky Harbor Airport DUMAS - Beauchamp Airstrip DUMAS - Billy Free Municipal Airport DUMAS - Moore County Airport DUMAS - Reedville Airport DUMONT - Frisch Personal Airport DUMONT - Rick Mathias Private Airport DUNBAR - Dunbar Airport DUNCAN - Copland Airport DUNCAN - Halliburton Field Airport DUNCAN - Ketchum Ranch Airport DUNCANNON - Chestnut Hill Airport DUNDEE - Greenlawn Farm Airport DUNDEE - Kettle Moraine Airport DUNDEE - Southerly Airport DUNKERTON - Davis Field Airport DUNKIRK - Chautauqua County-Dunkirk Airport DUNLAP - Baker & Hall Airport DUNN - Charles Field Airport DUNN CENTER - Sunset Strip Airport DUNNELLON - Dunnellon Marion Co & Park of Commerce Airport DUNNELLON - Seven Feathers Airport DUNNING - Mc Ginn Ranch Airport DUNSEITH - International Peace Garden Airport DUNSMUIR - Dunsmuir Muni-Mott Airport DURAND - Durand Municipal Airport DURAND - Flying Z Ranch Airport DURAND - Hayes Road Airport DURAND - Mc Cartney Airport DURANGO - Animas Air Park DURANGO - Durango La Plata County Airport DURANGO - Val Air Airport DURANT - Eaker Field Airport DURANT - Mc Laughlin Farm Airport DURHAM - Lake Ridge Aero Park Airport DURHAM - Maplewood Farm Airport DUSHORE - Dwights Delight Airport DUSON - Glenns Strip Ultralightport Airport DUTCH JOHN (UTAH) - Kastler Compressor Station Airport DUTCH JOHN - Dutch John Airport DUTTON - Dutton Airport DUTTON - East-West Paris Airport DUVALL - Majerle Strip STOLport Airport DWIGHT - Dwight Airport DWIGHT - Jim & Peg RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport DWIGHT - Sauer Airport DWIGHT - Watters Airport DYER - Circle L Ranch Airport DYER - Dyer Airport DYER - Squirrel Run Airport DYERSBURG - Dyersburg Regional Airport DYERSVILLE - Dyersville Area Airport DYERSVILLE - Dyersville Area Airport E KINGSFORD - Fontecchio Airport EADS - Cotton Field Airport EADS - Eads Municipal Airport EADS - Parker Airport EADS - Richardson Strip Airport EAGLE - Eagle County Regional Airport EAGLE BUTTE - Cheyenne Eagle Butte Airport EAGLE BUTTE - Hunt Field Airport EAGLE GROVE - Eagle Grove Municipal Airport EAGLE LAKE - Eagle Lake Airport EAGLE LAKE - Eagles Nest Aerodrome Airport EAGLE LAKE - Renz Ranch Airport EAGLE MOUNTAIN - Jake Garn Airport EAGLE PASS - Comanche Ranch Airport EAGLE PASS - Maverick County Memorial International Airport EAGLE PASS - Winn Exploration Co. Inc Airport EAGLE POINT - East Oregon Cattle Co Airport EAGLE POINT - Mucky Flat Airport EAGLE POINT - Oakridge Ranch Airport EAGLE RIVER - Eagle River Union Airport EAGLE RIVER - Highland Airport EAGLE ROCK - Big Hill Airport EAGLE ROCK - Eagles Nest Airport EAGLES MERE - Eagles Mere Field Airport EAGLES MERE - Merritt Field Airport EAGLEVILLE - Hawk Haven Airfield EAGLEVILLE - Puckett Gliderport Airport EAGLEVILLE - T-Top Airfield EAGLEVILLE - Versailles Aerodrome Airport EAKLY - King Airport EAKLY - Lasley Private Airport EAKLY - Lawrence Airport EARL PARK - Rheude Airport EARLE - Bernard Manor Airport EARLE - Mc Neely Airport EARLVILLE - Ambler - Cady Airport EARLVILLE - B & C Airport EARLVILLE - Earlville Airport EARLVILLE - Humm Airport EASLEY - Williamsport Airpark EAST BERLIN - Bens Landing Ultralightport Airport EAST BERLIN - Circle W Airfield EAST BERNE - Heldeberg Airstrip EAST BRADY - Offutt Acres Airport EAST DUBLIN - Chinaberry Ranch Airport EAST GRAND FORKS - J J and T Airport EAST GRAND FORKS - Pribbs Field Airport EAST GRAND FORKS - Spud Field Airport EAST GULL LAKE - East Gull Lake Airport EAST HADDAM - Devils Hopyard Field Airport EAST HADDAM - Goodspeed Airport EAST HAMPTON - East Hampton Airport EAST HOMER - Walters Field Airport EAST JORDAN - East Jordan City Airport EAST JORDAN - Wilson Township Airport EAST KILLINGLY - Yankee Airstrip EAST LIBERTY - Hillview Airstrip EAST LIBERTY - Transportation Research Center of Ohio Airport EAST LIVERPOOL - Columbiana County Airport EAST LYNNE - Richters Airport EAST MOLINE - Mc Neals Field Airport EAST MORICHES - Lufker Airport EAST MORICHES - Spadaro Airport EAST PALESTINE - Aero Flight Center Airport EAST PALMYRA - Oak Ridge Airport EAST PRAIRIE - Henderson Mounds E B G Airport EAST PROSPECT - D.Evans Farm Airport EAST SCHODACK - Alexander Farm Airport EAST SOUND - Waldronaire Airport EAST STROUDSBURG - Stroudsburg Pocono Airport EAST TAWAS - Iosco County Airport EAST TROY - Air Troy Estates - Restricted Airport EAST TROY - Barker Strip Airport EAST TROY - East Troy Municipal Airport EAST WINDSOR - Roberts Farm Airport EAST WINDSOR HILL - Bancroft Airport EASTFORD - Buell Farm Ultralightport Airport EASTFORD - Eastford Airport EASTLAND - Eastland Municipal Airport EASTMAN - Heart of Georgia Regional Airport EASTON - Braden Airpark EASTON - Easton Newnam Field Airport EASTON - Easton State Airport EASTON - Ewing Airport EASTON - Risky Airport EASTOVER - Mc Entire Joint National Guard Base Airport EASTPORT - Eastport Municipal Airport EASTPORT - Torchport Airport EASTSOUND - Clam Harbor Airport EASTSOUND - Orcas Island Airport EASTVILLE - Mears Field Airport EATON - Crop Air Inc Airport EATON - Horizon Field Airport EATON RAPIDS - Rapids Airway Airport EATON RAPIDS - Skyway Estates Airport EATONTON - Deerfield Landing Airport EATONTON - Sebastian Cove Airport EATONVILLE - Swanson Airport EAU CLAIRE - Carlson Airport EAU CLAIRE - Chippewa Valley Regional Airport EAU CLAIRE - Mertinkes Airport EBENSBURG - Ebensburg Airport EBENSBURG - Hamilton Hill Airport EBENSBURG - Strittmatter Airport EBRO - Redhead Airport ECHO - West Buttercreek Airport ECKERT/ORCHARD CITY - Doctors Mesa Airport ECTOR - Parker Place Airport EDCOUCH - Cannon Aviation Airport EDCOUCH - Skalitsky Airport EDDY - Liberty Hill International Airport EDDYVILLE - Courtneys Landing Airport EDEN - Dinnerbell Airport EDEN - Fairbanks Airfield EDENTON - Lees Airport EDENTON - Northeastern Regional Airport EDGARTOWN - Katama Airpark EDGELEY - Edgeley Municipal Airport EDGEMONT - Edgemont Municipal Airport EDGERTON - Jana Airport EDGEWOOD - Robertsons Roost Airport EDGEWOOD - Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport EDGEWOOD ARSENAL - Weide Ahp Aberdeen Proving Ground Heliport Airport EDINA - Hall Airport EDINA - Joe D Lewis Airport EDINBORO - Carlson Airport EDINBURG - Hidden River Airport EDINBURG - Longs Airport EDINBURG - Norman & White Airport EDINBURG - Olafson Brothers Airport EDINBURG - Plateau Sky Ranch Airport EDINBURG - South Texas International At Edinburg Airport EDINBURG - Tommys Airpark EDISON - Mclendon Airport EDMOND - 5B Ranch Airport EDMOND - Edmond Airport EDMOND - Myrick Airport EDMOND - Northwest Edmond Airport EDMOND - Woodleaf Aero Estates Airport EDNA - Hahns Airport EDNA - Jackson County Airport EDNA - Kubecka Flying Service Inc. Airport EDWARDS - Edwards Af Aux North Base Airport EDWARDS - Edwards Air Force Base EDWARDS - Joe Sanford Field Airport EDWARDSVILLE - Jett Airpark EFFINGHAM - Effingham County Memorial Airport EFFINGHAM - Strafuss Airport EGG HARBOR - Sunny Slope Runway Airport EHRHARDT - Broxton Bridge Plantation Airport EHRHARDT - Ehrhardt Airport EHRHARDT - Moccasin Creek Airport EHRHARDT - Shiloh Plantation Airport EIGHTY FOUR - Bandel Airport EIGHTY FOUR - Gregg Airport EKALAKA - Castleberry Airport EKALAKA - Ekalaka Airport EKALAKA - Sikorski Ranch Airport EL CAMPO - El Campo Airpark EL CAMPO - Frels Airport EL CAMPO - Norris Raun Ranch Airport EL CAMPO - Rodgers Roost Airport EL CAMPO - Stovall Ranch Nr 1 Airport EL CAMPO - Tradewind Agricultural Airport EL CENTRO - Douthitt Strip Airport EL CENTRO - El Centro Naf Airport EL DORADO - Captain Jack Thomas El Dorado Airport EL DORADO - El Dorado Downtown-Stevens field Airport EL DORADO - Foster Field Airport EL DORADO - Patty Field Airport EL DORADO - South Arkansas Regional At Goodwin Field Airport EL DORADO SPRINGS - El Dorado Springs Memorial Airport EL MIRAGE - El Mirage Field Adelanto Airport EL MIRAGE - El Mirage-Village Square Airport EL MONTE - El Monte Airport EL PASO - Barnstorm Field Airport EL PASO - Corn Alley Airport EL PASO - Cypress Creek Airpark EL PASO - El Paso International Airport EL PASO - Horizon Airport EL RENO - Baker Airstrip EL RENO - Brandley Airport EL RENO - El Reno Airport EL RENO - El Reno Regional Airport EL RENO - Pellar Farm Airport ELAND - Norrie Brook Airport ELBA - Carl Folsom Airport ELBERT - Ambrosich Field Airport ELBERT - Flying Lazy D Ranch Airport ELBERT - Kelly Air Park ELBERTA - Horak Airport ELBERTA - Perdido Winds Airpark ELBERTA - Pleasant View Farm Airport ELBERTA - Shields Airport ELBERTON - Elbert-County-Patz Field Airport ELBOW LAKE - Elbow Lake Municipal - Pride of the Prairie Airport ELBRIDGE - Walls Airport ELDERSBURG - Hoby Wolf Airport ELDON - Eldon Model Airpark ELDORA - Eldora Municipal Airport ELDORADO - Christian Ranch Airport ELDORADO - Eldorado Airport ELDORADO - Rocking R Ranch Airport ELDRIDGE - Blue Hollow Airpark ELDRIDGE - Johnson Airstrip ELDRIDGE - L. Seckerson Airstrip ELECTRA - Mc Alister Farm Airport ELECTRIC CITY - Grand Coulee Dam Airport ELEVA - Gopher Stol Airport ELEVA - Log Cabin Airport ELGIN - Bakers Place Airport ELGIN - Elgin Intracontinental Airport ELGIN - Elgin Municipal Airport ELGIN - Hawken Air One Airport ELGIN - Koinzan Airport ELGIN - Over the Hill Airport ELGIN - Skye Dance Airport ELGIN - Wood Triple D Airport ELIOT - Littlebrook Air Park ELIZABETH - Circle 8 Ranch Airport ELIZABETH - D Bar D Airport ELIZABETH - Dietrichs Airport ELIZABETH - Flyin B Ranch Airport ELIZABETH - Hales Landing Airport ELIZABETH - Pine View Airport ELIZABETH - Robinson Airpark ELIZABETH - Safer Airport ELIZABETH - Stewart Airport ELIZABETH CITY - Elizabeth City Regional Airport & Coast Guard Air Station ELIZABETH CITY - Fletchers Airport ELIZABETH CITY - Meadstown Airstrip ELIZABETHTON - Elizabethton Municipal Airport ELIZABETHTOWN - Addington Field Airport ELIZABETHTOWN - Curtis L Brown Jr Field Airport ELIZABETHTOWN - Mitchell Field Airport ELIZABETHTOWN - Oz Airport ELIZABETHVILLE - Harman Airport ELIZABETHVILLE/HALIFAX - Gusler Airport ELK - Elk Heights Airport ELK CITY - Bob Faler Airport ELK CITY - Darbro Field Airport ELK CITY - Elk City Airport ELK CITY - Elk City Regional Business Airport ELK CREEK - Diamond M Ranch Airport ELK GROVE - Elk Grove Airport ELK GROVE - Lucchetti Ranch Airport ELK GROVE - Mosier Airport ELK GROVE - Sky Way Estates Airport ELK MOUND - Stocktrade Airport ELK POINT - Mj Aviation Ii Airport ELK RAPIDS - Yuba Airport ELK RIVER - Elk River Airport ELK RIVER - Meadowvale Airport ELKADER - Elkader Airport ELKDALE - Strizki Ultralightport Airport ELKHART - Elkhart Morton County Airport ELKHART - Elkhart Municipal Airport ELKHART - Mishawaka Pilots Club Airport ELKHORN - Paddock Field Airport ELKHORN - Swan Airport ELKHORN - Weedhopper Meadow Airport ELKHORN - Wheatley Farms Airport ELKIN - Elkin Municipal Airport ELKINS - Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Field Airport ELKINS - Fairview Airport ELKINS - Foggy River Airport ELKLAND - Baker Airport ELKLAND - Blumenstetter Airport ELKO - Elko Regional Airport ELKO - Red Rock Ranch Airport ELKTON - Byrd Air Field ELKTON - Cecil County Airport ELKTON - Farm Yard Field Airport ELKTON - Knollwood Farm Airport ELKTON - Standard Field Airport ELLENBORO - Martin Fierro Airport ELLENDALE - Ellendale Municipal Airport ELLENDALE - Owens Field Airport ELLENSBURG (WASHINGTON) - Ellensburg Rotor Ranch Airport ELLENSBURG - Beiter Airport ELLENSBURG - Blowout Bench Airport ELLENSBURG - Bowers Field Airport ELLENSBURG - Flying Rock Airpark ELLENSBURG - Hillcrest Farms Airport ELLENSBURG - J K D Farms Airport ELLENTON - Thomson Airfield ELLENVILLE - Joseph Y Resnick Airport ELLICOTT - Colorado Springs East Airport ELLICOTT - Usaf Academy Bullseye Aux Airstrip ELLIJAY - Gilmer County Airport ELLINGTON - Eagle Field Airport ELLINGTON - Ellington Airport ELLINGTON - Wysocki Field Airport ELLINWOOD - Ellinwood Municipal Airport ELLISON BAY - Maves Lakeview Road Airport ELLISTON - Wood Strip Airport ELLSWORTH - Ellsworth Municipal Airport ELLSWORTH - Philbrick Mountain Airport ELLSWORTH/BENTLEYVILLE - Home Safe Airport ELM MOTT - Hess Airport ELMA - D and B Airpark ELMA - Elma Municipal Airport ELMA - My Airport ELMDALE - Harold K. Wells Airport ELMENDORF - Harmony Field Airport ELMENDORF - Lebegue Lsa Landing Airport ELMENDORF - Midlake Airport ELMENDORF - Russell Paradise Airport ELMER - Coombs Airport ELMER - Emmanuel Airport ELMER - Walnut Creek Airport ELMIRA - Connelly Field Airport ELMIRA - Crow-Mag Airport ELMIRA - Dalrymples Airport ELMIRA - Harris Hill Gliderport Airport ELMIRA - Jackson Field Airport ELMIRA/CORNING - Elmira Corning Regional Airport ELMO - Barnard Airport ELMORE - Haar Airport ELMORE - Toussaint Airpark ELMORE CITY - Entropy Airport ELMORE CITY - Mckey Airport ELMWOOD - Bornemeier Airstrip ELON COLLEGE - K & D Airport ELOY - Eloy Municipal Airport ELROY - Elroy Municipal Airport ELROY - Seidel Ranch Airport ELSBERRY - Sloans Airport ELSIE - Stinking Water Creek Airport ELWELL - Hamp Airport ELWOOD - Elwood Airport ELWOOD - Johnson Lake Airport ELWOOD - Sweedler Airport ELY - Ely Airport Yelland Field ELY - Ely Municipal Airport ELY/PIOCHE - Geyser Ranch Airport ELYRIA - Carrolls Airport ELYRIA - Elyria Airport ELYRIA - Richards Airport ELYSIAN - Gallers Airport EMERALD - Cub Bear Airport EMIGRANT GAP - Blue Canyon Nyack Airport EMINENCE - Pams Place Airport EMINENCE - Patrum Field Airport EMINENCE - Rooster Field Airport EMMA - Yoder Airport EMMETSBURG - Emmetsburg Municipal Airport EMMETT - Emmett Municipal Airport EMMETT - Lanham Field Airport EMMETT - Sharpes Strip Airport EMMITTSBURG - Bell Airport EMPIRE - Empire Airport EMPIRE - Empire Airport EMPIRE - Empire Farms Airport EMPORIA - Emporia Greensville Regional Airport EMPORIA - Emporia Municipal Airport EMPORIA - Marys Place Airport EMPORIA - Roberts Memorial Airport EMPORIA - Sickler Airstrip ENCAMPMENT - A A Ranch Airport ENCAMPMENT - Platt Ranch Airport ENCINAL - El Jardin Ranch Airport ENCINAL - La Esperanza Ranch Airport ENCINAL - Lewis Ranch Airport ENCINAL - Strait Ranch Airport ENCINO - El Coyote Ranch Airport ENDERLIN - Geske Airfield ENDERLIN - Sky Haven Airport ENDICOTT - Tri Cities Airport ENFIELD - Dunroamin Farms Airport ENFIELD - Enfield-Shearin Airport ENFIELD - Moore Airfield ENFIELD - Stoney Real Estate Airport ENGELHARD - Hyde County Airport ENGLAND - Bredlow Farm Airport ENGLAND - Capps Airport ENGLAND - Moore Farm Airport ENGLEWOOD - Buchan Airport ENGLISH - Roberson Airport ENGLISHTOWN - Mar Bar L Farms Airport ENID - Enid Woodring Regional Airport ENID - Longhorn Field Airport ENID - Vance Air Force Base ENNING - Barber Airport ENNIS - Ennis Big Sky Airport ENNIS - Ennis Municipal Airport ENNIS - Skylark Airport ENON - Corkern Airport ENON VALLEY - Reno Airport ENSENADA - Esenada Airport ENTERPRISE - Beach Ranch Airport ENTERPRISE - Enterprise Municipal Airport ENTERPRISE - Enterprise Municipal Airport ENTERPRISE - Peacock Ranch Airport ENTERPRISE - Prichard Airstrip ENTERPRISE - Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch Airport ENUMCLAW - Bergseth Field Airport ENUMCLAW - Bryan Airport ENUMCLAW - Enumclaw Airport EOLIA - Harvey Airport EPARATHA - Hiserts Airpark Inc Airport EPHRAIM - Ephraim-Fish Creek Airport EPHRATA - Ephrata Municipal Airport EPPING - Moen Airport ERA - Bucker Field Airport ERA - Flying R Ranch Airport ERA - Ruby Field Airport ERICK - Haddock Field Airport ERICSON - X1 Ranch Airport ERIE - Erie Aerodrome Airport ERIE - Erie Air Park ERIE - Erie International Tom Ridge Field Airport ERIE - Erie Municipal Airport ERIE - Parkland Airport ERIE - Schroeder Private Airport ERIE - Thermal G. Ranch Gliderport Airport ERIN - Matejka Field Airport ERROL - Errol Airport ERSKINE - Hemmingsen Private Airport ERSKINE - Oak Lake Air Strip ERWIN - Harnett Regional Jetport Airport ERWINNA - Erwinna Private Airport ERWINNA - Tintinhull Airport ERWINNA - Vansant Airport ERWINVILLE - Schexnayder Airport ESCALANTE - Escalante Municipal Airport ESCANABA - Delta County Airport ESCOBAS - Zachry Ranch Airport ESCONDIDO - Lake Wohlford Resort Airport ESCONDIDO - Lyall-Roberts Airport ESKRIDGE - Converse Farm Airport ESMOND - Ripplinger Strip Airport ESMOND - Slater Farm Airport ESMOND - Vodden Airport ESPANOLA - Ohkay Owingeh Airport ESPERANCE - Gar Field Airport ESPERANCE - Hogan Airport ESPERANCE - Schoharie Creek Airport ESSEX - Bonebender Airport ESSEX - Jurassic Landings Ultralightport Airport ESSEX - Richter Aero Airport ESTACADA - Beaver Oaks Airport ESTACADA - Eagle Nest Ranch Airport ESTACADA - Mc Gill Airport ESTACADA - Valley View Airport ESTANCIA - Estancia Municipal Airport ESTERO - Corkscrew Trace Airpark ESTERWOOD - Lejeune Airport ESTHERVILLE - Estherville Municipal Airport ESTHERVILLE - Freedom Field Airport ESTILL - Harpers Airport ESTILL SPRINGS - Myers-Smith Airport ETHEL - Ethel International Airport ETHRIDGE - Torgerson Airport ETNA - Keech Airport ETON - R.M. Harris Airport EUBANK - Short Airport EUCLID - Gasper Airport EUCLID - Kaml Airstrip EUCLID - Shimpa Airstrip EUDORA - Baker Flying Service Airport EUDORA - Bland Airport EUDORA - Wards Airport EUFAULA - Canadian River Ranch Airport EUFAULA - Eufaula Municipal Airport EUFAULA - Fountainhead Lodge Airpark EUFAULA - Weedon Field Airport EUGENE - Mahlon Sweet Field Airport EUHARLEE - Etowah Fields Airport EUNICE - Eunice Airport EUNICE - Koch Airport EUNICE - Luscombe Lane 1 Airport EUNICE - Mowata Flying Service-Eunice Airport EUPORA - Eupora Airport EUREKA - Edinger Field Airport EUREKA - Eureka Airport EUREKA - Eureka Municipal Airport EUREKA - Eureka Municipal Airport EUREKA - Happy Jacks Air Strip EUREKA - Kneeland Airport EUREKA - Murray Field Airport EUREKA - Samoa Field Airport EUREKA - Skelton Airport EUREKA SPRINGS - Black Horse Landing Ultralightport Airport EUREKA SPRINGS - Buck Mountain Airport EUREKA SPRINGS - Flying Machines Airstrip EUREKA SPRINGS - Hammer Field Airport EUREKA SPRINGS - Silver Wings Field Airport EUSTIS - Ashley Field Airport EUSTIS - Britt Brown & Porter Ranch Airport EUSTIS - Mid Florida Air Service Airport EUTAW - Eutaw Municipal Airport EVA CREEK - Eva Creek Airport EVANS - Evans Airways Airport EVANS CITY - Pabst Blue Ribbon Airport EVANSTON - Evanston-Uinta County Airport-Burns Field EVANSVILLE - Elmer Airport EVANSVILLE - Evansville Regional Airport EVANSVILLE - Plugger Airport EVANSVILLE - Riverveiw Airport EVANSVILLE - Skylane Airport EVART - Evart Municipal Airport EVELETH - Eveleth Virginia Municipal Airport EVERETT - Heineck Farm Airport EVERETT - Jim & Julies Airport EVERETT - Snohomish County Paine Field Airport EVERGLADES - Everglades Airpark EVERGLADES CITY - Oasis Ranger Station-U.S. Government Airport EVERGREEN - Marshdale STOLport Airport EVERGREEN - Middleton Field Airport EVERMAN - Alpine Range Airport EVERSON - West Wind Airport EVERTON - Ellingsen Field Airport EWING - Staggs Airport EWING - Vandersnick Airport EXCELSIOR SPRINGS - Excelsior Springs Memorial Airport EXELAND - Kitty-Wompus Airport EXETER - Exeter Airport EXPORT - Phil Cain Memorial Field Airport EYOTA - Thomas Field Airport FABENS - Fabens Airport FABIUS - Woodford Airfield FACTORYVILLE - Seamans Field Airport FAIR BLUFF - Strickland Field Airport FAIR GROVE - Eads Ridge Airport FAIR GROVE - Marshall Field Airport FAIR HAVEN - Fair Haven Municipal Airport FAIR HAVEN - Wards Long Acres Airport FAIRBANKS - Chena Marina Airport FAIRBANKS - Dalrymples Airport FAIRBANKS - Eielson Air Force Base FAIRBANKS - Fairbanks International Airport FAIRBANKS - Gold King Creek Airport FAIRBANKS - Hardrock Field Airport FAIRBANKS - Lakloey Air Park FAIRBANKS - Metro Field Airport FAIRBANKS - Moens Ranch Airport FAIRBANKS - Tolovana Hot Springs Airport FAIRBANKS /FT WAINWRIGHT/ - Blair Lake Airport FAIRBANKS /FT WAINWRIGHT/ - Clear Creek Airport FAIRBANKS/FT WAINWRIGHT - Ladd AAF Airfield FAIRBURN - Custer State Park Airport FAIRBURY - Fairbury Municipal Airport FAIRBURY - Ficklin-Airtech Airport FAIRBURY - Wayne Ziller Jr Airport FAIRDEALING - Waldemer Flying W Ranch Airport FAIRFAX - Cleveland Airport FAIRFAX - Steele Airport FAIRFIELD - Arliss M Airport FAIRFIELD - Big Brown Creek Airstrip FAIRFIELD - Bob-Mar Airport FAIRFIELD - Camas County Airport FAIRFIELD - Dozier Airport FAIRFIELD - Estle Field Airport FAIRFIELD - Fairfield Airport FAIRFIELD - Fairfield Municipal Airport FAIRFIELD - Fairfield Municipal Airport FAIRFIELD - Frager Field Airport FAIRFIELD - Karlindo Airport FAIRFIELD - Mid Atlantic Soaring Center Airport FAIRFIELD - Moore Hx Ranch Airport FAIRFIELD - Pyramid Ranch Airport FAIRFIELD - Travis Air Force Base Aero Club FAIRFIELD - Travis Air Force Base FAIRFIELD - WhitfieldS East Airport FAIRHOPE (ALABAMA) - Silverhill Nolf Airport FAIRHOPE - H L Sonny Callahan Airport FAIRHOPE - Klumpp Airport FAIRLAND - Green Country Airpark FAIRMONT - Carr Airport FAIRMONT - Fairmont Field Airport FAIRMONT - Fairmont Municipal Airport FAIRMONT - Fairmont Municipal-Frankman Field Airport FAIRMONT - Fairmont State Airfield FAIRMONT - Mckee Airport FAIRMOUNT - Cast Airport FAIRMOUNT - Peacock Farms Airport FAIRTON - Halka Nurseries Airport FAIRVIEW - Fairview Airport FAIRVIEW - Fairview Evergreen Airport FAIRVIEW - Fairview Municipal Airport FAITH - Vig Limousin Airport FALCON - G W Flanders Ranch Strip Airport FALFURRIAS - Brooks County Airport FALFURRIAS - Cage Ranch Airport FALL BRANCH - Roach Farm Airport FALL CITY - Fall City Airport FALL RIVER MILLS - Fall River Mills Airport FALLBROOK - Fallbrook Community Airpark FALLON - Darrow Field Airport FALLON - Dixie Valley Airport FALLON - Fallon Municipal Airport FALLON - Fallon Naval Air Station FALLON - Fallon Southwest Airpark FALLS CITY - Brenner Field Airport FALLS-OF-ROUGH - Rough River State Park Airport FALLSTON - Fallston Airport FALMOUTH - Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station FALMOUTH - Erics Field Airport FALMOUTH - Falmouth Airpark FALMOUTH - Gene Snyder Airport FAMOSO - Poso Kern County Airport FAN ROCK - Swope Farm Airport FANNETT - Broussard Farm Airport FANNETT - Kelley Crop Service Airport FARGO - Fargo Airport FARGO - Hector International Airport FARGO - South Hector Airstrip FARGO - West Fargo Municipal Airport FARIBAULT - Faribault Municipal Airport FARMER CITY - Niklaus RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport FARMERS RETREAT - Pruss Airport FARMERSBURG - Austin Air Ads Airport FARMERSBURG - Kester Fly Inn Airport FARMERSBURG - Shure Airport FARMERSVILLE - Mc Intosh Airport FARMERSVILLE - Mullins Landing Airport FARMERSVILLE - Murphy Farms Airport FARMERSVILLE - Short Stop Airport FARMERVILLE - Union Parish Airport FARMINGDALE - Republic Airport FARMINGTON - Chorman Airport FARMINGTON - Davenport Airport FARMINGTON - Farmington Airport FARMINGTON - Farmington Regional Airport FARMINGTON - Four Corners Regional Airport FARMINGTON - Hall Airport FARMINGTON - J-B Airport FARMINGTON - Jennrich Field Airport FARMINGTON - Keller Field Airport FARMINGTON - Lakeside Airport FARMINGTON - Lucht Field Airport FARMINGTON - Nemacolin Airport FARMINGTON - New Salem Aerodrome Airport FARMINGTON - Nielsens Airport FARMINGTON - Willaview Airport FARMINGTON - Williams Airport FARMVILLE - Big Buffalo Airstrip FARMVILLE - Farmville Regional Airport FARMVILLE - Flanagan Field Airport FARMVILLE - Providence Airport FARRAGUT - Raby Airpark FARRAR - Farrar Airport FARWELL - Farwell Spraying Service Inc Airport FARWELL - Witbeck Aerodrone Airport FAUCETT - Farris Strip Airport FAUCETT - Lawlor-Justus Airport FAULKTON - Faulkton Municipal Airport FAYETTE - Aero Britton Airport FAYETTE - Charlie Wilkes Airport FAYETTE - Mundron Field Airport FAYETTE - Richard Arthur Field Airport FAYETTEVILLE - 5 Lakes Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Adams Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Beck Field Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Bishops Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Bocamanu Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Coleman Field Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Double J Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Drake Field Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Eastover Air Ranch Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Fayette Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Fayetteville Municipal Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Fayetteville Regional Grannis Field Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Grays Creek Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Henson Farm Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Mc Lendon Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Mount Comfort Airpark FAYETTEVILLE - Pope Field Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Walker Field Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Wedington Woods Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Willow Pond Aviation Inc Airport FAYETTEVILLE - Windemere Airport FAYETTEVILLE/SPRINGDALE - Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport FEATHERVILLE - South Fork Ranch Airport FEDERALSBURG - Magennis Farm Airport FEDERALSBURG - Slater Field Airport FELICITY - Utter Field Airport FELLSMERE - Fellsmere Airport FELTON - Belfair Airport FELTON - Doyles Airport FELTON - Henderson Aviation Airport FELTON - Pake Airport FELTON - Schjeldrup Airport FENCE LAKE - High Lonesome Airport FENNIMORE - Stupek Farms Airport FENNVILLE - Reading Airport FENTON - Trollmans Field Airport FENTRESS - Fentress Airpark FENTRESS - Fentress Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Airport FERGUS FALLS - Fergus Falls Municipal Airport - Einar Mickelson Field FERNANDINA BEACH - Fernandina Beach Muni Airport FERNANDINA BEACH - Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport FERNANDINA BEACH - Flying-A-Ranch Airport FERNDALE - Horse Fly Airport FERNDALE - Meadow Mist Airport FERNEY - Hite Private Airport FERNLEY - Tiger Field Airport FERRIDAY - Summerell Airport FERRYDAY - Delta Ultralightport Airport FERRYVILLE - Turkey Bluff Airport FERTILE - Fertile Municipal Airport FESSENDEN - Fessenden Municipal Airport FESTUS - Aire Parque Airport FESTUS - Festus Memorial Airport FIBRE - Dowd Field Airport FIFE LAKE - Tannehill Airfield FILER - Ziggys Airport FILLMORE - Fillmore Municipal Airport FILLMORE - O K Flying Club Inc Airport FILLMORE - Oleo Airport FILLMORE - Simerly Airport FINCASTLE - Barrows Airport FINCASTLE - Fincastle Airport FINCHVILLE - Willow Island Airpark FINDLAY - Enoch Airport FINDLAY - Ferrell Airport FINDLAY - Findlay Airport FINDLAY - Howell Airport FINDLAY - Lutz Airport FINDLAY - Priebe Airport FINDLAY - Schaller Airport FINDLAY - Tathams STOLport Airport FINDLAY - Weaver Airport FINKSBURG - Reservoir Airport FINLEYVILLE - Finleyville Airpark FINLY - Farm Strip Airport FIREBAUGH - Firebaugh Airport FIRESTONE - Wings N Things Airpark & Museum Airport FISH HAVEN - J-Lazy-M Ranch Airport FISH LAKE - Fish Lake US Forest Service Airport FISHERS ISLAND - Elizabeth Field Airport FISK - Pfaffenroth Private Airport FISK - Planeacres Airport FITCHBURG - Fitchburg Municipal Airport FITHIAN - Wilson Airport FITZGERALD - Bowens Mill Christian Center Airport FITZGERALD - Fitzgerald Municipal Airport FIVE POINTS - Agro-West Airport FIVE POINTS - West Side Field Station Airport FLAGLER - Flagler Aerial Spraying Inc Airport FLAGSTAFF - Flagstaff Pulliam Airport FLANDREAU - Flandreau Municipal Airport FLAT ROCK - Leons Landing Airport FLATONIA - Piano Ranch Airport FLEETVILLE - Grayce Farms Airport FLEMINGSBURG - Fleming Mason Airport FLEMINGTON - Bradford Field Airport FLEMINGTON - ODwyer Airport FLEMINGTON - Teeny Weeny Acres Airport FLEMINGTON - The Landing Airport FLETCHER - Cane Creek Airport FLINT - Bishop International Airport FLINTON - Barnhart Airport FLIPPIN - Marion County Regional Airport FLIPPIN - Pine Mountain Airpark FLIPPIN - Thunder Ridge Ranch Airport FLOMATON - Flomaton Airport FLORA - E E Lane Airport FLORA - Flora Municipal Airport FLORA - Flora Municipal Airport FLORA - Gilbertson Field Airport FLORA - Mississippi Petrified Forest Airport FLORA - Root Hog Airport FLORALA - Florala Municipal Airport FLORALA - Melanies Airport FLORENCE - Estes Airport FLORENCE - Florence Municipal Airport FLORENCE - Florence Regional Airport FLORENCE - Tullos Field Airport FLORENCE - Wilson Creek Airport FLORESVILLE - Boening Brothers Airport FLORESVILLE - Circle P Ranch Airport FLORESVILLE - Gillingham Airport FLORESVILLE - John B Connally Ranch Airport FLORESVILLE - Ray Farm Airport FLORESVILLE - Wall Flying Service Airport FLOWER MOUND - Flower Mound Airport FLOWER MOUND - Shiloh Airport FLOWOOD - Flowood Industrial STOLport Airport FLOYD - Alum Ridge STOLport Airport FLOYD - Deer Run Airport FLOYD - Flying M Airport FLOYD - Henry Airport FLOYD - Hickory Hollow Airport FLOYDADA - Floydada Municipal Airport FLUSHING - Cedarville Airport FLUSHING - Dalton Airport FOLEY - Bass Field Airport FOLEY - F. Dillenburg Airport FOLEY - Foley Municipal Airport FOLEY - Irwin Farms Airport FOLEY - Naval Outlying Field Barin Airport FOLEY - Resort Airport FOLEY - Styron Airport FOLKSTON - Davis Field Airport FOLLETT - Follett Lipscomb County Airport FOLSOM - Folsom Airport FOLSOM - Unicorn Airport FOND DU LAC - Fond du Lac County Airport FOND DU LAC - Nett Construction Airport FORD - Humbert Airport FORDVILLE - Fordville Airport FORDVILLE - Level Acres Farm Airport FORDYCE - Fordyce Municipal Airport FOREST - Forest Field Airport FOREST - G. V. Montgomery Airport FOREST - New London Airport FOREST CITY - Clutes Hilltop Airport FOREST CITY - Forest City Municipal Airport FOREST GLEN - Silver Creek Ranch Airport FOREST GROVE - Hayden Mountain Airport FOREST GROVE - Slack Airport FOREST HILL - Forest Hill Airport FOREST LAKE - Du Fresne Airport FOREST LAKE - Forest Lake Airport FORGAN - Judy Ranch Airport FORISTELL - Ahlers Acres Airport FORISTELL - Riddles Roost Airport FORISTELL - Woodliff Airpark FORK UNION - F. U. M. A. Airport FORKS - Forks Airport FORNEY - Smith Field Airport FORNEY - Sunset Airport FORREST - Curtis and Curtis Airport FORREST CITY - Forrest City Municipal Airport FORREST CITY - Rice-Bell Field Airport FORSYTH - Broken Ranch Airport FORSYTH - Tillitt Field Airport FORT A. P. HILL - A P Hill Aaf Fort A P Hill Airport FORT ANN - Harris Airport FORT ATKINSON - Blackhawk Island Airport FORT ATKINSON - Christie Aerodrome Airport FORT ATKINSON - Fort Atkinson Municipal Airport FORT ATKINSON - J Rock Airport FORT ATKINSON - Jirak Airport FORT ATKINSON - Oakbrook Airport FORT BELVOIR - Davison Army Air Field FORT BENNING(COLUMBUS) - Lawson Army Air Field Fort Benning FORT BENTON - Fort Benton Airport FORT BIDWELL - Fort Bidwell Airport FORT BLISS/EL PASO - Biggs Army Air Field Fort Bliss FORT BRAGG - Fort Bragg Airport FORT BRAGG - Simmons Army Air Field FORT BRIDGER - Fort Bridger Airport FORT CALHOUN - Bil Lo Airport FORT CALHOUN - Heaton Airport FORT CAMPBELL/HOPKINSVILLE - Campbell AAF Fort Campbell Air Field FORT CARSON - Butts AAF Fort Carson Air Field FORT CHAFFEE - Arrowhead Assault Strip Airport FORT COLLINS - Christman Field Airport FORT COLLINS - Hat-Field STOLport Airport FORT COLLINS - Wkr Airport FORT COLLINS - Yankee Field Airport FORT COLLINS/LOVELAND - Fort Collins Loveland Municipal Airport FORT DAVIS - Blue Mountain Airport FORT DEPOSIT - Fort Deposit Lowndes County Airport FORT DODGE - Fort Dodge Regional Airport FORT DRUM - Indian Hammock Airport FORT DRUM - Wheeler Sack Army Air Field FORT EUSTIS - Felker Army Air Field FORT FAIRFIELD - Fort Fairfield Airport FORT GAINES - Coates Airport FORT HILL - Keystone Airport FORT HOOD(KILLEEN) - Hood Army Air Field FORT HOOD(KILLEEN) - Longhorn Aux Landing Strip Airport FORT HOOD/KILLEEN - Robert Gray Army Air Field Airport FORT HOOD/KILLEEN/ - Shorthorn Aux Landing Strip Airport FORT HUACHUCA SIERRA VISTA - Sierra Vista Municipal Libby Army Air Field FORT INDIANTOWN GAP(ANNVILLE) - Muir Army Air Field Fort Indiantown Gap Airport FORT IRWIN/BARSTOW - Bicycle Lake Army Air Field FORT JENNINGS - Gerker Airfield FORT JOHNSON - Amsterdam Airfield FORT JONES - Lefko Airport FORT JONES - Scott Valley Airport FORT KENT - Sunrise Farms Airport FORT KNOX - Godman Army Air Field FORT LAUDERDALE - Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport FORT LAUDERDALE - Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport FORT LEAVENWORTH - Sherman Army Air Field FORT LEONARD WOOD - Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Forney field Airport FORT LEWIS/TACOMA - Gray Army Air Field FORT MADISON - Fort Madison Municipal Airport FORT MC COY - Young Tactical Landing Site Airport FORT MC KAVETT - Lopez Ranch Airport FORT MEADE(ODENTON) - Tipton Airport FORT MORGAN - Fort Morgan Municipal Airport FORT MYERS - Buckingham Field Airport FORT MYERS - Eagles Landing Airport FORT MYERS - Page Field Airport FORT MYERS - Pine Island Airport FORT MYERS - Pine Shadows Airpark FORT MYERS - Salty Approach Airport FORT MYERS - Southwest Florida International Airport FORT MYERS - Strayhorn Ranch Airport FORT MYERS - Tranquility Bay Strip Airport FORT MYERS - Woodstock Airport FORT PAYNE - Flying J Ranch Airport FORT PAYNE - Isbell Field Airport FORT PECK - Fort Peck Airport FORT PIERCE - Adams Ranch Airport FORT PIERCE - Aero Acres Airport FORT PIERCE - Baggett STOLport Airport FORT PIERCE - Dragonfly Airport FORT PIERCE - Evans Properties Inc Airport FORT PIERCE - Hales 700 Airport FORT PIERCE - Southeastern Airport FORT PIERCE - St Lucie County International Airport FORT PIERCE - Strazzulla Groves Airport FORT PIERCE - Treasure Coast Airpark FORT PIERCE - Williams Hawgwild Airport FORT PLAIN - Di Stefano Airpark FORT PLAIN - Hickory Acres Airport FORT PLAIN - Hop House Airpark FORT PLAIN - Nellis Field Airport FORT PLAIN - ORiley Airport FORT PLAIN - Tomcat Airport FORT POLK - Polk Army Air Field FORT RILEY(JUNCTION CITY) - Marshall Army Air Field FORT RUCKER/OZARK - Cairns AAF Fort Rucker Air Field FORT SCOTT - Fort Scott Municipal Airport FORT SILL - Henry Post Army Air Field Fort Sill FORT SMITH (ARKANSAS) - Cole Landing Zone Airport FORT SMITH - Fort Smith Landing Strip Airport FORT SMITH - Fort Smith Regional Airport FORT STEWART(HINESVILLE) - Wright Aaf Fort Stewart Midcoast Regional Airport FORT STOCKTON - Allison Ranch Airport FORT STOCKTON - Faith Cattle Company Longfellow Ranch Airport FORT STOCKTON - Fort Stockton Pecos County Airport FORT SUMNER - Double V Ranch Airport FORT SUMNER - Fort Sumner Municipal Airport FORT THOMAS - Regeneration Airport FORT VALLEY - Beckley Farms Airport FORT VALLEY - Hutto Farm Airport FORT VALLEY - Miami Valley Farm Airport FORT VALLEY - Peachtree Landings Airport FORT VALLEY - Webb & Shepard Farm Airport FORT WALTON BEACH - Holley Nolf Airport FORT WAYNE - Fort Wayne International Airport FORT WAYNE - Smith Field Airport FORT WHITE - Bradley Airport FORT WORTH - Bourland Field Airport FORT WORTH - Flying Oaks Airport FORT WORTH - Fort Worth Alliance Airport FORT WORTH - Fort Worth Meacham International Airport FORT WORTH - Fort Worth Spinks Airport FORT WORTH - Fuller Airport FORT WORTH - Hicks Air Field FORT WORTH - Kenneth Copeland Airport FORT WORTH - Markum Ranch Airport FORT WORTH - NAS Fort Worth JRB Carswell Field Airport FORT WORTH - Stubbs Strip Airport FORT WORTH - Sycamore Strip Airport FORT YATES - Standing Rock Airport FORTINE - Crystal Lakes Resort Airport FORTUNA - Rohnerville Airport FOSSTON - Fosston Municipal Airport FOSTORIA - Diebleys Airport FOSTORIA - Fostoria Metropolitan Airport FOSTORIA - Mc Ardle Airport FOUNTAIN - Maran Airport FOUNTAIN HILLS - Goldfield Ranch Airport FOUNTAIN RUN - Adair Airport FOUNTAINTOWN - Mc Neil Field Airport FOWLER - Fowler Airport FOWLER - Fowler Airport FOWLER - Turner Field Airport FOWLERTON - Flying Hare Airport FOWLERVILLE - Maple Grove Airport FOXHOME - Knapp Personal Use Airport FOXWORTH - Browns Landing Airport FOXWORTH - Circle Bar Ranch Airport FRANCISCO - Hollingsworth Airport FRANCISCO - Hopkins Farms Airport FRANCONIA - Franconia Airport FRANKENMUTH - Wm Tiny Zehnder Field Airport FRANKFORT - Capital City Airport FRANKFORT - Clark Airport FRANKFORT - Frankfort Airport FRANKFORT - Frankfort Dow Memorial Field Airport FRANKFORT - Frankfort Municipal Airport FRANKLIN - Answered Prayer Airport FRANKLIN - Arnemann Farms Airport FRANKLIN - Canarys Airport FRANKLIN - Fisher Airport FRANKLIN - Flying B Ranch Airport FRANKLIN - Franklin Field Airport FRANKLIN - Franklin Flying Field Airport FRANKLIN - Franklin Municipal-John Beverly Rose Airport FRANKLIN - Franklins Plainview Airport FRANKLIN - Macon County Airport FRANKLIN - Rmr Ranch Airport FRANKLIN - Sandbur Ranches Private Airport FRANKLIN - Shultz Airport FRANKLIN - Smith Airport FRANKLIN - Venango Regional Airport FRANKLIN - Welcome Field Airport FRANKLIN - Woods Field Airport FRANKLIN GROVE - Gittleson Farms Airport FRANKLIN/GLENN - Panacea Airport FRANKLINTON - Franklinton Airport FRANKSTON - Aero Estates Airport FRANKSVILLE - Cindy Guntly Memorial Airport FRANKTON - Stottlemyer Airport FRANKTOWN - Kostroski Airport FRANKTOWN - Reed Hollow Ranch Airport FRAZER - Zerbe Airport FRAZEYSBURG - Vensil Farms Airport FRAZIER PARK - Conover Air Lodge Airport FREDERIC - Geo Jensen Airport FREDERIC - Young Private Airport FREDERICK - Burhans Memorial Airport FREDERICK - Drewniany-Springmeadow Airport FREDERICK - Frederick Municipal Airport FREDERICK - Frederick Regional Airport FREDERICK - Ijamsville Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Cameron Ranch Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Carter Ranch STOLport Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Chimney View Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Dogwood Airpark FREDERICKSBURG - Dutch Country Egg Farms Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Farmers Pride Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Gillespie County Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Headwaters Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Indian Springs Ranch Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Shannon Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Tivydale Ranch Airport FREDERICKSBURG - Tschirhart Ranch Airport FREDERICKSBURG - White Oak Airport FREDERICKTOWN - Fredericktown Regional Airport FREDERICKTOWN - Phillips Airport FREDONIA - Bonner Field Airport FREDONIA - Fredonia Airport FREDRICKSBURG - Silver Wings Airport FREEDOM - Eden Ranch Airport FREEDOM - Freedom Air Field FREEDOM - Freedom Air Ranch Airport FREEDOM - Freedom Municipal Airport FREEDOM - Kindelberger Landing Strip Airport FREEHOLD - Cuddihy Landing Strip Airport FREEHOLD - Ekdahl Airport FREEHOLD - Freehold Airport FREEMAN - Hart Airport FREEPORT - Albertus Airport FREEPORT - Dugger Field Airport FREEPORT - Freeport Dornink Airport FREEPORT - Lindsay Airport FREEPORT - Mc Ville Airport FREER - Douglass Ranch Airport FREER - Duval County Ranch Co Airport FREER - Duval Freer Airport FREER - Seven Cs Ranch Airport FREER - Temple Ranch Airport FREETOWN - Cherry Hill Airport FRELSBURG - Circle M Ranch Airport FREMONT - Fremont Airport FREMONT - Fremont Municipal Airport FREMONT - Fremont Municipal Airport FREMONT - Fremont Murphy Airport FREMONT - Gibbs Field Airport FREMONT - Jenkins Airport FREMONT - Sandusky County Regional Airport FREMONT - Zimmerman Airport FRENCH LICK - French Lick Municipal Airport FRENCHTOWN - Eagles Lair Airport FRENCHTOWN - Malone Airport FRENCHVILLE - Northern Aroostook Regional Airport FRESNO - Arnold Ranch Airport FRESNO - Fresno Chandler Executive Airport FRESNO - Fresno Yosemite International Airport FRESNO - Sierra Sky Park Airport FRIDAY HARBOR - Burden Field- Rabbit Run Airport FRIDAY HARBOR - Friday Harbor Airport FRIDAY HARBOR - Friday West Airport FRIDAY HARBOR - Stuart Island West Airport FRIEDENSBURG - Cider Field Airport FRIEND - R J C Farms Inc Airport FRIENDLY - Potomac Airfield FRIENDSHIP (ADAMS) - Adams County Legion Field Airport FRIENDSWOOD - Polly Ranch Airport FRIONA - Benger Air Park FRISCO - Cottonpatch Aerodrome Airport FRONT ROYAL - Front Royal Warren County Airport FRONTENAC - Frontenac Airport FRONTIER - A.C. Miller Airport FROSTBURG - Marsh Field Airport FROSTPROOF - Lake Clinch Airpark FROSTPROOF - Ridge Landing Airport FRUITLAND - Lemons Field Airport FRUITLAND - Thunder Ridge Airpark FRUITLAND - Whiterik Field Airport FRUITLAND PARK - Flying-H Airport FRUITLAND PARK - Flying Palomino Ranch Airport FRUITPORT - Flying-A-Ranch Airport FRY CANYON - Fry Canyon Field Airport FRYEBURG - Charlie Airport FRYEBURG - Dyers Landing Airport FRYEBURG - Eastern Slopes Regional Airport FRYEBURG - Tib Field Airport FRYSTOWN - Krill Personal Use Airport FT VALLEY - Cameron Field Airport FULDA - Ramerth Airport FULLERTON - C A M P Airport FULLERTON - Fullerton Municipal Airport FULLERTON - Larson Airport FULSHEAR - Covey Trails Airport FULTON - Elton Hensley Memorial Airport FULTON - Fulton Airport FULTON - Fulton-Itawamba County Airport FULTON - Kalt Ranch Airport FULTON - Oswego County Airport FULTON - Sky-Go Farms Airport FUQUAY/VARINA - Fuquay Angier Field Airport GABBS - Gabbs Airport GACKLE - Gackle Municipal Airport GADSDEN - Northeast Alabama Regional Airport GAFFNEY - Gaffney Airport GAFFNEY - La Dolce Terra Airport GAGE - Gage Airport GAINES - Barnstormers 5 Airport GAINESBORO - Jackson County Airport GAINESVILLE - Gainesville Memorial Airport GAINESVILLE - Gainesville Municipal Airport GAINESVILLE - Gainesville Regional Airport GAINESVILLE - Gleim Field Airport GAINESVILLE - Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport GAINESVILLE - Robotek Airport GAINESVILLE - Sunburst Ranch Airport GAINESVILLE - The 88 Airport GAITHERSBURG - Montgomery County Airpark GALAX HILLSVILLE - Twin County Airport GALENA - Briggs Brothers Airfield GALENA - Heller Airport GALENA - Schlosser Airport GALENA - Smiley Creek Airport GALESBURG - Galesburg Municipal Airport GALESBURG - Larry D Boven Airport GALESBURG - Shafter Airport GALESBURG - White Farms Airport GALESVILLE - Carhart Farms Airport GALETON - Cherry Springs Airport GALETON - Hay Fever Farm Airport GALION - Galion Municipal Airport GALION - Horning Airport GALLATIN - Lake Viking Airport GALLATIN - Longwood Mfg Corp Airport GALLATIN - Silvernails Field Airport GALLATIN - Sumner County Regional Airport GALLATIN GATEWAY - Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Airport GALLIANO - South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr Airport GALLIPOLIS - Gallia Meigs Regional Airport GALLUP - Gallup Municipal Airport GALLUP - Sanostee Airport GALLUPVILLE - Blue Heron Airport GALT - Flying R Airport GALT - Mustang Airport GALT - Vetters Sky Ranch Airport GALVESTON (TEXAS) (TEXAS) - Tiki Island Airport GALVESTON - Galveston Airport GALVESTON - Rockeys Air Strip GALVESTON - Scholes International At Galveston Airport GALWAY - Galway Airport GANADO - Calaway Airport GANADO - Ganado Airport GANSEVOORT - August Field Airport GANSEVOORT - Heber Airpark GARBERVILLE - Garberville Airport GARDEN CITY - Bergemann Airport GARDEN CITY - Garden City Regional Airport GARDEN RIDGE - Bat Cave Field Airport GARDEN RIDGE - Kitty Hawk Flying Field Airport GARDEN VALLEY - Garden Valley Airport GARDENDALE - Parker Field Airport GARDINER - Gardiner Airport GARDINER - Gardiner Airport GARDNER - Gardner Airport GARDNER - Gardner Municipal Airport GARDNER - Gardner Municipal Airport GARDNER - Golden Field Yellow Hat Airport GARDNER - Hayden Farm Airport GARDNER - Hermon Farm Airport GARDNERVILLE - Pinenut Airport GARFIELD - Angen Field Airport GARFIELD - Hacienda De Gay Airstrip GARFIELD - Lost Bridge Village Airport GARLAND - Ganze Ranch Airstrip GARLAND - Madeira Airpark GARLAND - Reed-Joseph Land Co. Airport GARNER - Bagwell Airport GARNER - Peacock STOLport Airport GARNETT - Davis Airport GARNETT - Garnett Municipal Airport GARRETT - Hartman Airport GARRETTSVILLE - Bossow Airport GARRETTSVILLE - Gates Airport GARRISON - Barton Memorial Airport GARRISON - Fischer Private Airport GARRISON - Garrison Airport GARRISON - Garrison Municipal Airport GARRISON - Indian Hill Resort Airport GARRISON - Mille Lacs Lake Resort Airport GARRISON - R D Williams Airport GARY - Gary Chicago International Airport GASPORT - Royalton Airport GASQUET - Ward Field Airport GASTON - Darden Airport GASTON - Dick Fisher Airport GASTON - Gaston Airport GASTON - Goodin Creek Airport GASTONIA - Gastonia Municipal Airport GATES - Davis Airport GATES - Jiles Field Airport GATESVILLE - Berry Airport GATESVILLE - Gatesville Municipal Airport GATEWAY - Hendricks Field At West Creek Ranch Airport GATEWAY - Hubbard Airport GATZKE - Arthur Field Airport GATZKE - Hagens Private Airport GATZKE - Klamar Field Airport GATZKE - Paul Field Airport GAUTIER - Colle Field Airport GAY HILL - Gay Hill Farm Airport GAYLORD - Gaylord Regional Airport GAYLORD - Lakes of the North Airport GEARY - Mckinley Ranch Airport GEIGER - Henley Ranch Airport GENESEE - Duford Field Airport GENESEO - Gen-Airpark GENESEO - Geneseo Airport GENESEO - Rush Field Airport GENESSEE DEPOT - Bartell Strip Airport GENEVA - Adams Airport GENEVA - Cedar Knoll Flying Ranch Airport GENEVA - Docs Airport GENEVA - Geneva Municipal Airport GENEVA - Germack Airport GENEVA - Grammar Airport GENEVA - Paines Airport GENEVA - Southerland Strip Airport GENOA - Aero Lake Estates Airport GENOA - Genoa Municipal Airport GENOA - Ramme Airport GENOA CITY - Vincent Airport GENTRY - Cherokee Strip Airport GEOGETOWN - Landry STOLport Airport GEORGE WEST - Live Oak County Airport GEORGE WEST - Rossler Ranch Airport GEORGETOWN - Bar 3 Ranch Airport GEORGETOWN - Brown County Airport GEORGETOWN - Cross-Country Estates Airport GEORGETOWN - Dubey Airport GEORGETOWN - Georgetown Airport GEORGETOWN - Georgetown County Airport GEORGETOWN - Georgetown Municipal Airport GEORGETOWN - Georgetown Scott County - Marshall Field Airport GEORGETOWN - Green Airport GEORGETOWN - Hilde-Griff Field Airport GEORGETOWN - Josephs Airport GEORGETOWN - Mueller Airport GEORGETOWN - Sussex County Airport GEORGETOWN - Tri-Modal Air Park GERALDINE - Geraldine Airport GERALDINE - Owen Bros Airport GERLACH - Black Rock City Airport GERLACH - Lackerman Ranch Airport GERLACH - Soldier Meadow Nr 1 Airport GERLACH - Soldier Meadow Nr 2 Airport GERLACH - Sulfur Airport GERMAN VALLEY - Rummel Restricted Landing Area Airport GERMANSVILLE - Bullfly Ultralightport Airport GERMANSVILLE - Flying M Aerodrome Airport GERMANTOWN - Hummel Airport GERMANTOWN - Jims Airport GERMANTOWN - S.O.P. Airport GERMANTOWN - Willow Creek Airport GERONIMO - Moltz Airport GESSIE - Gessie Airport GETTYSBURG - Captains Folly Airport GETTYSBURG - Cloudbound Airport GETTYSBURG - Gary Myers Airport GETTYSBURG - Gettysburg Municipal Airport GETTYSBURG - Gettysburg Regional Airport GETTYSBURG - Manor Landing Airport GETTYSBURG - Marsh Creek Airport GETTYSBURG - Waltz Airport GHENT - Kline Kill Airport GIBSON - Greenwood Plantation Ultralightport Airport GIBSON CITY - Schertz Field Airport GIBSONVILLE - Mclean Brothers Airport GIDDINGS - Bar S Ranch Airport GIDDINGS - Giddings Lee County Airport GIDEON - Gideon Memorial Airport GIFFORD - Busboom Airport GILA BEND - Gila Bend Af Aux Airport GILA BEND - Gila Bend Municipal Airport GILBERT - Gilbert International Airport GILBERT - Shealy Airport GILBERTS - Koppie Airport GILBERTS - Reid Restricted Landing Area Airport GILBERTSVILLE - Kentucky Dam State Park Airport GILLESPIE - Lindell Loveless Airport GILLETTE - Gillette Campbell County Airport GILLETTE - Little Buffalo Ranch Airport GILLETTE - Madsen Airport GILLETTE - Ohman Ranch Airport GILLIAM - Gilliam Airport GILLSVILLE - B Tree Farms Airport GILMER - Fox Stephens Field Gilmer Municipal Airport GIRARD - Ziggy Carline Airport GLADE PARK - Pinyon Airport GLADEWATER - Gladewater Municipal Airport GLADSTONE - W Gladstone Airport GLADWIN - Gladwin Zettel Memorial Airport GLADWIN - Sugar Springs Airport GLASGOW - Balcony Downs Airstrip GLASGOW - Blatter Airport GLASGOW - Creek Side Landing Airport GLASGOW - Glasgow Industrial Airport GLASGOW - Glasgow Municipal Airport GLASGOW - Twin River Airport GLASGOW - Wokal Field Glasgow International Airport GLASSBORO - Reeder Airport GLASSBORO - Thomas Browne Airpark GLEN ALLAN - Eifling Farms Airport GLEN ALLAN - Lewis Airport GLEN ALLAN - Oglesby Farms Inc. Airport GLEN CANYON NATL REC AREA - Bullfrog Basin Airport GLEN FALLS - Shaw Field Airport GLEN ROSE - Circle Eight Ranch Airport GLEN ROSE - Circle P Ranch Airport GLEN ROSE - Little L Ranch Airport GLEN ROSE - Running M Ranch Airport GLEN ROSE - Wright Ranch Airport GLEN ROSE - Wyatt 3-Rivers Airport GLEN ST MARY - Cuyler Field Airport GLEN ULLIN - Fitterers Strip Airport GLEN ULLIN - Glen Ullin Regional Airport GLENBURN - Judy Strip Airport GLENCOE - Glencoe Municipal Airport GLENCROSS - Lenling Airport GLENDALE - Airscrew Performance Flightpark Ultralightport GLENDALE - Calvert Peak STOLport Airport GLENDALE - Glendale Fokker Field Airport GLENDALE - Glendale Municipal Airport GLENDALE - Luke Air Force Base GLENDALE - Nace Family Airstrip GLENDIVE - Dawson Community Airport GLENDO - Thomas Memorial Airport GLENEDEN BEACH - Siletz Bay State Airport GLENMORA - Jasmine Hill Airport GLENNIE - Stier Airstrip GLENNS FERRY - Glenns Ferry Municipal Airport GLENS FALLS - Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport GLENVIL - Munsterman Airport GLENVILLE - Air-Ag Airport GLENWOOD - Glenwood-Catron County Airport GLENWOOD - Glenwood Municipal Airport GLENWOOD - Whitewater Mesa Ranch Airport GLENWOOD CITY - Mar-O-Dae Farm Airport GLENWOOD SPRINGS - Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport GLIDE - Glide Aero Airport GLIDE - Hilltop Airport GLOBE - San Carlos Apache Airport GLOUCESTER - New Quarter Farm Airport GLOUCESTER COURT HOUSE - Handy Strip Airport GLUEK - Winter Strip Airport GNADENHUTTEN - Gnadenhutten Airport GODDARD - Eck Field Airport GODDARD - Lake Waltanna Airport GODDARD - Yoder Airpark GODFREY - Lake West Wind Airport GODLEY - Aresti Aerodrome Airport GODLEY - Benjamin Franklin Airport GODLEY - Coppenger Farm Airport GODLEY - Hawkins Private Airport GOFFS - Camino Airstrip GOFFSTOWN - Country Club Air Park GOLD BEACH - Gold Beach Municipal Airport GOLD HILL - Gold Hill Airport GOLD HILL - Lz Carroll STOLport Airport GOLDEN - Bel-Voir Acres Airport GOLDEN - Fly 1 On Airport GOLDEN - Table Rock Airport GOLDEN CITY - Leaming Field Airport GOLDEN VALLEY - Brecht Strip Airport GOLDENDALE - Aerostone Ranch Airport GOLDENDALE - Goldendale Airport GOLDENDALE - Hillcrest Airport GOLDENDALE - Piper Canyon Airport GOLDFIELD - Goldfield Airport GOLDFIELD - Lida Junction Airport GOLDSBORO - Goldsboro-Wayne Municipal Airport GOLDSBORO - Scottbrook Farm Airport GOLDSBORO - Seymour Johnson Air Force Base GOLDSBY - David Jay Perry Airport GOLDSBY - Dicks Airport GOLDSBY - Pacer Field Airport GOLDSBY - Paradise Air Haven Airport GOLDSBY - Wyatt Airport GOLDTHWAITE - Edwards Airport GOLIAD - Lantana Ridge Airport GOLTS - DAngelo Airport GOLVA - Boyds Turf Airport GONVICK - Mathis Airport GONZALES - Cal Mire Field Airport GONZALES - Don Babin-Private Airport GONZALES - Double H Ranch Airport GONZALES - Louisiana Regional Airport GONZALES - Roger M. Dreyer Memorial Airport GOOCHLAND - Rose Retreat Farm Airport GOOCHLAND COURT HOUSE - Bachman Farm Ultralightport Airport GOOD HOPE - Rdh Farms Airport GOODING - Gooding Municipal Airport GOODLAND - Bellamy Farm Airport GOODLAND - Fortmeyer Airport GOODLAND - Renner Field-Goodland Municipal Airport GOODLAND - Williams Field Airport GOODMAN - Peterson Airport GOODNOW - Pinewood Air Park GOODRICH - Loghouse Stol STOLport Airport GOODRIDGE - Swanson Private Airport GOODYEAR - Phoenix Goodyear Airport GOOSE CREEK - Mount Holly Airport GORDON - Dearing Ranch Airport GORDON - Gordon Municipal Airport GORDON - Moore Ranch Airport GORDON - Spring Lake Airport GORDONSVILLE - Gordonsville Municipal Airport GORDONSVILLE - Lous Airport GORDONVILLE - Cedar Mills Airport GORE - Als Field Airport GORE - Timber Ridge Airpark GOREVILLE - Kellums Airport GORHAM - Clark Field Airport GORHAM - Gorham Airport GORHAM - Mc Brides Airport GORHAM - Midlakes Airport GORHAM - Webster Field Airport GORIN - Hines Airport GORIN - Howard Airport GORIN - Wileys Air Strip GORMAN - Gorman Airport GORMAN/LANCASTER - Quail Lake Sky Park Airport GOSHEN - Antique Acres Airpark GOSHEN - Big Island Airport GOSHEN - Brown Airport GOSHEN - Goshen Municipal Airport GOSHEN - Hallelujah Field Airport GOSHEN - Kropf Airport GOSHEN - Obannon Creek Aerodrome Airport GOSHEN - Rolling Hills Airport GOSHEN - Wings Ago Airstrip GOSNELL - Randal Field Airport GOSNOLD - Canapitsit Airport GOSPORT - Shenandoah Flying Field Airport GOTHENBURG - Fiese Airstrip GOTHENBURG - Quinn Field Airport GOULDINGS LODGE - Monument Valley Airport GOUVERNEUR - Hendricks Field Airport GOVE - Beesley Farms Airport GOVE - Coberly Airport GOVE - Lundgren Hereford Ranch Airport GOWANDA - Gowanda Airport GRABILL - Pelz Port Airport GRACE - Simpson Airport GRACEVILLE - Kapaun-Wilson Field Airport GRACEVILLE - Kirkland Airport GRACEVILLE - Stanley Field Airport GRADY - Dennis Ranch Airport GRAFORD - Possum Kingdom Airport GRAFTON - Ashenfelter Aerodrome Airport GRAFTON - Hutson Field Airport GRAFTON - Kellys Field Airport GRAFTON - Mole Airport GRAHAM - Costello Island Inc Airport GRAHAM - Graham Municipal Airport GRAHAM - Rosser Ranch Airport GRAIN VALLEY - East Kansas City Airport GRAIN VALLEY - Washburn Farm Airport GRAINTON - Coppersmith Airport GRAINVILLE - Carl Ensor Airport GRANBURY - Granbury Regional Airport GRANBURY - Nassau Bay Airport GRANBURY - Parker Airport GRANBURY - Pecan Plantation Airport GRANBURY - Stark Field Airport GRANBURY - The Landings Airport GRANBY - Granby Grand County Airport GRANBY - Granby Sports Park Ultralightport Airport GRANBY - Lynch Field Airport GRAND CANYON - Grand Canyon National Park Airport GRAND CANYON - Valle Airport GRAND COTEAU - Aeleron Airport GRAND COULEE - Rice Ranch Airport GRAND FORKS - Casslindan Airport GRAND FORKS - Grand Forks Air Force Base GRAND FORKS - Grand Forks International Airport GRAND HAVEN - Grand Haven Memorial Airpark GRAND ISLAND - Central Nebraska Regional Airport GRAND ISLE - Savage Island Airport GRAND JUNCTION - Grand Junction Regional Airport GRAND JUNCTION - St. Somewhere Airport GRAND LEDGE - Abrams Municipal Airport GRAND MARAIS - Grand Marais Airport GRAND MARAIS - Grand Marais Cook County Airport GRAND PRAIRIE - Grand Prairie Municipal Airport GRAND RAPIDS - Gerald R. Ford International Airport GRAND RAPIDS - Grand Rapids Itasca Co-Gordon Newstrom field Airport GRAND RIDGE - Lawrence Airport GRAND RIDGE - Rees Field Airport GRANDFIELD - Grandfield Municipal Airport GRANDIN - Dakota Airport GRANDIN - Double S Ranch Airport GRANDVIEW - Double A Airport GRANDVIEW - Drennan Airport GRANDVIEW - Flying B Ranch Airport GRANDVIEW - Flying M Ranch Airport GRANDVIEW - Glatthaar Airport GRANDVILLE - Weller Airport GRANGER - C. V. Airport GRANGER - Foos Field Airport GRANGER - Vitek Field Airport GRANGEVILLE (IDAHO) - Kooskia Clear Creek Int Airport GRANGEVILLE - Hungry Ridge Ranch Airport GRANGEVILLE - Idaho County Airport GRANGEVILLE - Pinnacle Airport GRANGEVILLE - Running Creek Ranch Airport GRANITE - Twin Lakes Ranch Airport GRANITE FALLS - Granite Falls Municipal-Lenzen-Roe Memorial Field Airport GRANITE FALLS - Green Valley Airfield GRANITE SHOALS - Granite Shoals Municipal Airport GRANITEVILLE - Twin Lakes Airport GRANT - Grant Municipal Airport GRANT - Hendricks Field Airport GRANT - Kumor Airport GRANT PARK - Mussman Airport GRANTHAM - Cox-Grantham Airfield GRANTON - Cunningham Airport GRANTS - Grants-Milan Municipal Airport GRANTS PASS - Billiebob Ultralightport Airport GRANTS PASS - Grants Pass Airport GRANTS PASS - Winkle Bar Airport GRANTSBURG - Circle T Airport GRANTSBURG - Grantsburg Municipal Airport GRANTVILLE - Murphys Landing Airport GRANTVILLE - Sky Classics Field Airport GRANVILLE - Granville Airport GRANVILLE - Morehaven Airport GRAPELAND - W C Ranch Airport GRAPEVINE - Flying Cap Valley Airport GRAPEVINE - Lazy K Acres Airport GRASMERE - Grasmere Airport GRASS CREEK - Dague Strip Airport GRASS VALLEY - Alta Sierra Airport GRASS VALLEY - Nevada County Air Park GRASSFLAT - Folmar Airport GRASSRANGE - Clark Airport GRASSRANGE - N Bar Ranch Airport GRASSY BUTTE - Tachenko Strip Airport GRATIS - Farpoint Airfield GRAVETTE - Bella Vista Field Airport GRAVOIS MILLS - Harbour Airport GRAVOIS MILLS - Sherlock Field Airport GRAY - Southland Strip Nr 2 Ultralightport Airport GRAYLAND - Grayland Intergalactic Airport GRAYLING - Grayling Army Air Field GRAYLING - Kelleys Airport GRAYLING - King Trout Airport GRAYSLAKE - Campbell Airport GRAYTOWN - Bea-D Airport GREAT BARRINGTON - Walter J. Koladza Airport GREAT BEND - Button Airport GREAT BEND - Great Bend Municipal Airport GREAT FALLS - Buchanan Ranch Airport GREAT FALLS - Great Falls International Airport GREAT FALLS - Horner Field Airport GREAT FALLS - Ranch Strip Airport GREAT FALLS - Smith Farms Airport GREAT MEADOWS - John E. Rogers Airport GREAT VALLEY - Great Valley Airport GREELEY - Easton Valley View Airport GREELEY - Greeley Municipal Airport GREELEY - Greeley–Weld County Airport GREELEY - Uhrich Airport GREEN BANK - Nrao Green Bank Airport GREEN BAY - Austin Straubel International Airport GREEN BAY - Martins Aerodrome Airport GREEN BAY - Nicolet Airport GREEN CITY - Widmark Airport GREEN COVE SPRINGS - Haller Airpark GREEN COVE SPRINGS - Reynolds Airpark GREEN CREEK - Paramount Air Airport GREEN POND - Airy Hall Airport GREEN RIVER - Green River Municipal Airport GREEN RIVER - Gtr Green River Intergalactic Spaceport Airport GREEN RIVER - Tavapats Ranch Airport GREEN SEA - Green Sea Airport GREEN SPRINGS - Weiker Airport GREEN VALLEY - Ruby Star Airpark GREENBACK - Mcgraws Backyard Airport GREENBACK - Village Airport GREENBRIER - Iras Airstrip GREENBUSH - Greenbush Municipal Airport GREENCASTLE - Cumberland Valley Airstrip GREENCASTLE - Hampton Field Airport GREENCASTLE - Jj & Pk Airport GREENCASTLE - Owens Field Airport GREENCASTLE - Putnam County Airport GREENE - Greene Airport GREENE - Riconn Airport GREENE - Rocky Ridge Airport GREENEVILLE - Greeneville-Greene County Municipal Airport GREENEVILLE - Pensinger Airport GREENEVILLE - Srigley Field Airstrip GREENFIELD - Arras RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport GREENFIELD - Arthur Airport GREENFIELD - Eagles Point & Red Barn Village Airpark GREENFIELD - Frost Field Airport GREENFIELD - Greenfield Municipal Airport GREENFIELD - Metz Airport GREENFIELD - Morris Airport GREENFIELD - Pope Field Airport GREENFIELD - Ross Field Airport GREENFIELD - Sauer-Harter Airport GREENFIELD - Smith Restricted Landing Area Airport GREENFIELD - Unger Field Airport GREENFIELD - Willis Airport GREENFIELD - Willis Airport Site No. 2 Airport GREENLEAF - C. R. Acres Airport GREENSBORO - Air Harbor Airport GREENSBORO - Flat Creek Airport GREENSBORO - Greene County Regional Airport GREENSBORO - Greensboro Municipal Airport GREENSBORO - Greensboro North Airport GREENSBORO - May Airport GREENSBORO - Meylor Field Airport GREENSBORO - Piedmont Triad International Airport GREENSBORO - Smith Airport GREENSBORO - Southeast Greensboro Airport GREENSBORO - Spiering Airport GREENSBURG - Greensburg Municipal Airport GREENSBURG - Paul Windle Municipal Airport GREENSBURG - Schoettmer Farm Airport GREENTOWN - Fowler Field Private Airport GREENVALLEY - Lutz RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport GREENVILLE - Abide Airpark GREENVILLE - Card Aerodrome Airport GREENVILLE - Country Club Airport GREENVILLE - Donaldson Center Airport GREENVILLE - Fairplains Airpark GREENVILLE - Finlayson Farm Airport GREENVILLE - Flyers Field Airport GREENVILLE - Greenville Airport GREENVILLE - Greenville Downtown Airport GREENVILLE - Greenville Municipal Airport GREENVILLE - Greenville Municipal Airport GREENVILLE - Greenville Municipal Airport GREENVILLE - Greenville-Rainbow Airport GREENVILLE - Greenville Spartanburg International Airport GREENVILLE - Hartness Airport GREENVILLE - Jacobia Field Airport GREENVILLE - Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport GREENVILLE - Majors Airport GREENVILLE - Mid Delta Regional Airport GREENVILLE - Mountain Ridge Airport GREENVILLE - Muhlenberg County Airport GREENVILLE - Pitt Greenville Airport GREENVILLE - Pratt Airport GREENVILLE - Sells Airport GREENVILLE - Skinner Airport GREENVILLE - Trump Airport GREENVILLE - Wabasis Lake Airport GREENVILLE - Weese International Airport GREENWATER - Ranger Creek Airport GREENWICH - Archdale Meadows Airport GREENWICH - Mindzak Airfield GREENWICH - Tracy Field Airport GREENWOOD - Acres of Diamonds Airpark GREENWOOD - Chipola Airpark GREENWOOD - Greenwood County Airport GREENWOOD - Greenwood–Leflore Airport GREENWOOD - Robinson Field Airport GREENWOOD - Sugar Hill Airport GREENWOOD - Town Line Airport GREENWOOD/WONDER LAKE - Galt Field Airport GREER - Chandelle Airport GREER - Emery Airport GREER - O Neal Field Airport GREERS FERRY - Diamond Bluff Airport GREERS FERRY - Phalanx Airport GREERS FERRY - Skypoint Estates Airport GREERS FERRY - Versers Landing Airport GREEVILLE - Meadowview Airport GREGORY - Carriage Lane Airport GREGORY - David Stanley Memorial Airport GREGORY - Gregory Municipal Airport - Flynn Field GREGORY - Richmond Field Airport GRENADA - Grenada Municipal Airport GRENADA - Spencer Field Airport GRENDRA - Peterson Airport GRENOLA - Liebau Ranch Airport GRENORA - Grenora Centennial Airport GRENORA - Nicks Landing Airport GRENORA - Storseth Airstrip GRETNA - Koke Airport GREYBULL - South Big Horn County Airport GRIDLEY - Kuntz Field Airport GRIFFIN (GEORGIA) - atl Airport GRIFFIN - Beaverbrook Aerodrome Airport GRIFFIN - Cedar Ridge Airport GRIFFIN - Fifer Field Airport GRIFFIN - Griffin Spalding County Airport GRIFFIN - Kitchens Field Airport GRIFFIN - Pinebrook Estates Airport GRIFFIN - S & S Landing Strip Airport GRIFFITH - Griffith-Merrillville Airport GRIFFITHVILLE - Tripp Strip Airport GRIGGSVILLE - Curry Airport GRIMES - Day Field Airport GRIMES - Farnsworth Ranch Airstrip GRIMES - Robel Field Airport GRIMES - Thayer Aviation Airport GRIMESLAND - Boyd Field Airport GRINNELL - Grinnell Regional Airport GROOM LAKE - Homey Area 51 Airport GROTON (NEW LONDON) - Groton New London Airport GROTON - Groton Municipal Airport GROTTOES - Mount Horeb Field Airport GROUSE - Antelope Valley Airport GROVE - Grove Municipal Airport GROVE CITY - Flying M Ranch Airport GROVE CITY - Grove City Airport GROVE CITY - Sagulla Airport GROVE HILL - Grove Hill Municipal Airport GROVELAND - Hermitage Airport GROVELAND - Osborn Airfield GROVELAND - Pine Mountain Lake Airport GROVELAND - Seminole Lake Gliderport Airport GROVELAND - Seven Gullies Airport GROVELAND - Sheets Airport GROVETON - Groveton Trinity County Airport GRUNDY - Grundy Municipal Airport GRUNDY CENTER - Grundy Center Municipal Airport GRUVER - Cluck Ranch Airport GRUVER - Gruver Municipal Airport GRYGLA - Grygla Municipal Mel Wilkens Field Airport GUALALA - Ocean Ridge Airport GUERNSEY - Camp Guernsey Airport GUEYDAN - Ken Guidry Nr 2 Airport GUEYDAN - Venissat Airstrip GUFFEY - Coyote Creek Ranch Airport GUFFEY - Dave Nash Ranch Airport GUIDE ROCK - Ely Airport GUIDE ROCK - Schutte Airport GULF SHORES - Jack Edwards Airport GULFPORT - Gulfport Biloxi International Airport GULKANA - Gulkana Airport GULKANA - Jacobus Field Airport GUN BARREL CITY (TEXAS) - Gun Barrel City Airpark GUNNISON - Gunnison Crested Butte Regional Airport GUNSIGHT MOUNTAIN LODGE - Gunsight Mountain Airport GUNTERSVILLE - Guntersville Municipal Joe Starnes Field Airport GURDON - Gurdon Lowe Field Airport GURLEY - Frerichs Airport GUSTAVUS - Gustavus Airport GUSTINE - Gustine Airport GUSTINE - Yoakum Airport GUTHRIE - 6666 Ranch Airport GUTHRIE - Beggs Ranch Airport GUTHRIE - Chappell Airport GUTHRIE - Ellis Harvey Airport GUTHRIE - Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport GUTHRIE - J Y Ranch-R B Masterson Iii Estate Airport GUTHRIE CENTER - Guthrie County Regional Airport GUTTENBERG - Gaa Private Airport GUY - Rak Airport GUYMON - Guymon Municipal Airport GUYTON - Briggs Field Airport GWINN - Lesterson Field Airport GWINNER - Gwinner Roger Melroe Field Airport GYPSUM - Gypsum Creek Ranch Airport HACKBERRY - Music Mountain Air Ranch Airport HACKENSACK - Webb Lake Airport HACKETTSTOWN - Hackettstown Airport HADLEY - Dairyview Airport HADLEY - Hadley Airport HADLOCK - Sfs Airpark HAGERSTOWN - Hagerstown Airport HAGERSTOWN - Hagerstown Regional Richard A Henson Field Airport HAGERSTOWN - Lauras Landing Airport HAGUE - Schumacher Strip Airport HAHIRA - Shilo Farms Airport HAHNVILLE - Triche Field Airport HAILEY - Friedman Memorial Airport HAILEY - Magic Reservoir Airport HAINES - Haines Airport HAINES - Jensens Strip Airport HAINES - Muddy Creek Airport HAINES CITY - Gore Airport HAINESBURG - Mount Pleasant Landing Strip Airport HAKALAU - Peleau Airport HALE - Field of Dreams Airport HALE CENTER - Laney Farm Airport HALEYVILLE - Posey Field Airport HALF MOON BAY - Half Moon Bay Airport HALFWAY - Buddy Harmel Airport HALFWAY - Pine Valley Airport HALFWAY - Smith Farms Airport HALIFAX - Fox Fire Airport HALL - Winters Airport HALLETTSVILLE - Hallettsville Municipal Airport HALLETTSVILLE - Hound Run Airport HALLETTSVILLE - Hound Run Airport HALLETTSVILLE - Lesikar Ranch Airport HALLIDAY - Fredericks Ranch Airport HALLIDAY - Frei Private Airport HALLIDAY - Smith Strip Airport HALLOCK - Hallock Municipal Airport HALLS - Arnold Field Airport HALLS CROSSING - Cal Black Memorial Airport HALLSVILLE - Mission Field Airport HALSEY - Jims Airstrip HALSEY - Waynes Air Service Airport HALSTAD - Christianson Field Airport HALSTEAD - Halstead Airport HAM LAKE - Cooks Landing Airport HAMBERG - Risovi Ranch Strip Airport HAMBURG - Beech Creek Airport HAMBURG - Blue Mountain Academy Private Airport HAMBURG - Dons Place Airpark HAMBURG - Hamburg Inc Airport HAMERSVILLE - Elbel Airport HAMERSVILLE - Jbr Airport HAMERSVILLE - Mc Kinney Field Airport HAMILTON - Butler Co Regional Airport - Hogan Field HAMILTON - Cliff Scott Airport HAMILTON - Flying Crown Airport HAMILTON - Fox Field Airport HAMILTON - Hamilton Municipal Airport HAMILTON - Hamilton Municipal Airport HAMILTON - Kimp Airport HAMILTON - King Ranch Airport HAMILTON - Lautzenhiser Airpark HAMILTON - Marion County Rankin Fite Airport HAMILTON - Muxworthy Airport HAMILTON - Ravalli County Airport HAMILTON - Sullivan Airport HAMLIN - Hamlin Municipal Airport HAMLIN - Killion Ranch Airport HAMMOND - Adkisson Airport HAMMOND - Emmerson Airport HAMMOND - Gardner Airport HAMMOND - Hammond Northshore Regional Airport HAMMOND - Le Blanc Field Airport HAMMOND - Shaw Crop Service Airport HAMMONDSPORT - Loucks Airport HAMMONTON - Hammonton Municipal Airport HAMMONTON - Ideal Mfg Corp Airport HAMPSHIRE - Casa De Aero Park Airport HAMPSHIRE - Dr Joseph W Esser Airport HAMPSHIRE - Edward Getzelman Airport HAMPTON - Atlanta South Regional Airport Tara Field HAMPTON - Beeds Lake Airport HAMPTON - Deerfield Landing Airport HAMPTON - Halls Flying Ranch Airport HAMPTON - Hampton Airfield HAMPTON - Hampton Municipal Airport HAMPTON - Hampton Municipal Airport HAMPTON - Hampton Varnville Airport HAMPTON - Langley Air Force Base HANA - Hana Airport HANALEI - Princeville Airport HANAMAULU - Hanamaulu Airstrip HANAPEPE - Port Allen Airport HANCEVILLE - Mount Aero Lake Farm Airport HANCOCK - Browns Private Airport HANCOCK - Houghton County Memorial Airport HANCOCK - White Birch Field Airport HANFORD - Blair Strip Airport HANFORD - Hanford Municipal Airport HANFORD - Swanson Ranch Nr 1 Airport HANKSVILLE - Hanksville Airport HANKSVILLE - Hite Airport HANNA - Shamrock Airport HANNIBAL - Hannibal Regional Airport HANOVER - Hanover Airport HANOVER - Lee Bottom Airport HANOVER - Merkle Airport HANOVER - Robertson Airport HANOVER - Woods Farm Airstrip HANSON - Cranland Airport HANSVILLE - Mirth Airport HAPPY CAMP - Happy Camp Airport HAPPY CANYON - Happy Canyon Airport HAPPY VALLEY - Cub Port Airport HAPPY VALLEY - Happy Valley Airport HARALSON - Fagundes Field Airport HARALSON - Gable Branch Airport HARBOR SPRINGS - Harbor Springs Airport HARDENSTOWN - Action Airpark HARDIN - Fairgrounds Airpark HARDIN - J & C Antique Airfield HARDIN - Low and Slow Airport HARDING - Cody Port RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport HARDINSBURG - Breckinridge County Airport HARDINSBURG - Lowells Landing Airport HARDY - Meyers Freedom Flight Hardy Airport HARFORD - Huf Airport HARLAN - Gustins Private Airport HARLAN - Harlan Municipal Airport HARLAN - Hook Field Airport HARLAN - Tucker Guthrie Memorial Airport HARLEM - Fort Belknap Agency Airport HARLEM - Harlem Airport HARLINGEN - Farmers Co-Op Airport HARLINGEN - Shofner Farms Airport HARLINGEN - Valley International Airport HARLOWTON - Baxter Strip Airport HARLOWTON - Wheatland County At Harlowton Airport HARMONY - Schneider Haven Airstrip HAROLD - George T Mc Cutchan Airport HARPER - Bob Park Airport HARPER - Cottonwood Creek Ranch Airport HARPER - Deweze Airport HARPER - Harper Municipal Airport HARPER - Kaypod Airport HARPER - Lone Star Flying Service Airport HARPERS FERRY - Needwood Farm Airport HARPERSVILLE - Hawk Field Airport HARPSWELL - Farr Field Airport HARRAH - Harrah Airport HARRAH - Lower Forty Airport HARRAH - Steciak Strip Airport HARRIETTA - Eagles Landing Airport HARRINGTON - Hanes Airport HARRINGTON - Kramer Ranch Airport HARRIS - Boomerang Airport HARRIS - Graham Farms Airport HARRIS - Miller Airport HARRIS - Pinetree Airpark HARRISBURG - Capital City Airport HARRISBURG - Daniels Field Airport HARRISBURG - Harrisburg International Airport HARRISBURG - Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport HARRISBURG - Knoxs Private Airstrip HARRISBURG - Mc Cachren Field Airport HARRISBURG - Yingst Airport HARRISON - Boone County Airport HARRISON - Cincinnati West Airport HARRISON - Clare County Airport HARRISON - Harrison Skyranch Airport HARRISON - Kaan Airport HARRISON - Maple Ridge Airport HARRISON - Raylene Airport HARRISON - Ridgeway Field Airport HARRISONBURG - Cub Haven Airport HARRISONBURG - Frank Field Airport HARRISONVILLE - Arnold Airport HARRISONVILLE - Flying R Airport HARRISONVILLE - Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport HARRISONVILLE - Ridgeview Ranch Airport HARRISONVILLE - Stallone Airport HARRISVILLE - Alton Field Airport HARRISVILLE - Harrisville Airport HARRODSBURG - Harold Reynolds Airport HARROLD - Bollweg Farm Airport HARROLD - Harrold Municipal Airport HART - Hart Aerial Airport HART/SHELBY - Oceana County Airport HARTFORD - Bradley International Airport HARTFORD - Erin Aero Airport HARTFORD - Flying H Ranch Airport HARTFORD - Hartford Brainard Airport HARTFORD - Hartford Municipal Airport HARTFORD - Kenley Airport HARTFORD - Oakleaf Airport HARTFORD - Ohio County Airport HARTFORD - Striplin Airfield HARTFORD - Thomsen Field Airport HARTFORD CITY - Hickory Hills Airport HARTFORD CITY - Minneman Airport HARTINGTON - Hartington Municipal Airport HARTINGTON - Sudbeck Field Airport HARTLAND - Hynes Field Airport HARTLAND - Payne Field Airport HARTLEY - Lambert Fechter Municipal Airport HARTLY - Flying C Airport HARTMAN - Air-Sprayers Nr 2 Airport HARTSEL - Lux Field Airport HARTSELLE - Hartselle-Morgan County Regional Airport HARTSHORNE - Flying A Ranch Airport HARTSVILLE - Curry Airport HARTSVILLE - Hartsville Regional Airport HARTWELL - Airnautique Inc. Airport HARTWELL - Mustang Field Airport HARVARD - Adkins RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport HARVARD - Dacy Airport HARVARD - Harvard State Airport HARVARD - Kirkpatrick Airport HARVARD - Twin Gardens Airport HARVEST - Epps Airpark HARVEY - Harvey Municipal Airport HARVEY - Lonetree Airstrip HARWOOD - Gottwald Field Airport HARWOOD - Wilbourn Ranch Airport HASKELL - Cherokee Ranch Airport HASKELL - Haskell Airport HASKELL - Haskell Municipal Airport HASLET - Ultralight International Ultralightport Airport HASTINGS - Earle Airpark HASTINGS - Hastings Airport HASTINGS - Hastings Municipal Airport HASTINGS - Hutson Airfield HASTINGS - Kathrinstadt Airport HASTINGS - Sandy Flats Airport HASTINGS - Sky Meadow Airport HASTINGS - Tater Farms Strip Airport HASTINGS - Willow Ridge Airport HATCH - Bryce Woodland Estates Landing Strip Airport HATCH - Hatch Municipal Airport HATFIELD - Renshaw Airport HATFIELD - Short Stop Airport HATTERAS - Billy Mitchell Airport HATTIESBURG (MISSISSIPPI) - Shelby Auxiliary Field One Airport HATTIESBURG - Hattiesburg Bobby L Chain Municipal Airport HATTIESBURG/LAUREL - Hattiesburg Laurel Regional Airport HATTON - Feutz Airport HATTON - Gensrich Airport HAUBSTADT - Thrust Industries Airport HAUGHTON - Touchstone Ridge Ultralightport Airport HAUSER LAKE - Smith Ranch Airport HAVANA - Dogwood Farm Airport HAVANA - Havana Regional Airport HAVANA - Peavy Farms Airport HAVANA - Rutten Dusting Strip Airport HAVANA - Saranac Farm Airport HAVELOCK - Dogwood Farm Airport HAVELOCK - Hickory Hill Airport HAVEN - Blocker Field Airport HAVERHILL - Dean Memorial Airport HAVILAND - Gail Ballard Airport HAVRE - Havre City County Airport HAVRE - Sands Ranch Airport HAWARDEN - Hawarden Municipal Airport HAWESVILLE - Lamar Field Airport HAWI - Upolu Airport HAWK POINT - Keeven Air Ranch Airport HAWK POINT - Koala-T-Field Airport HAWK POINT - Monroe Field Airport HAWKEYE - Hawk Field Airport HAWKINS - Diderrich Ranch Airport HAWKINS - Hawk Ranch Airport HAWKINS - Holly Lake Ranch Airport HAWKINSVILLE - Hawkinsville Pulaski County Airport HAWLEY - Hawley Municipal Airport HAWLEY - Johnston Airport HAWLEY - Mountain Bay Air Park Inc Airport HAWTHORNE (NEVADA) - Flying M Ranch Airstrip HAWTHORNE - Hawthorne Industrial Airport HAWTHORNE - Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal Airport HAXBY - Hoolie Airport HAXBY / FORT PECK - Nelson Airport HAXTUN - Haxtun Municipal Airport HAY SPRINGS - Hay Springs Municipal Airport HAY SPRINGS - Orr Ranch Airport HAYDEN - Yampa Valley Airport HAYDEN LAKE - Ranch Aero Airport HAYES - Goose Island Airport HAYES - Hayes Emergency Airstrip HAYES CENTER - Beebe Airport HAYESVILLE - Tusquittee Landing Airport HAYFORK - Hayfork Airport HAYS - Hays Regional Airport HAYS - Philip Ranch Airport HAYS - Rans Airport HAYSVILLE - Buchta Airport HAYTI - Mid Continent Airport HAYWARD - Hayward Executive Airport HAYWARD - Sawyer County Airport HAZARD - Wendell H Ford Airport HAZARDVILLE - Laurie Field Airport HAZEL GREEN - Hazel Green Airport HAZEL GREEN - Rigdon Private Airport HAZEL RUN - W Johnson Field Airport HAZELHURST - Circle A Ranch Airport HAZELTON - Hazelton Municipal Airport HAZELTON - Hazelton Municipal Airport HAZELTON - Humann Private Airstrip HAZELTON - Saville Private Airport HAZELTON - Schirmeister Private Airport HAZEN - Greenwalt Company Airport HAZEN - Hazen Municipal Airport HAZEN - Mercer County Regional Airport HAZEN - Skarda Tollville Airport HAZLEHURST - Hazlehurst Airport HAZLETON - Hazleton Municipal Airport HEADLAND - Headland Municipal Airport HEADQUARTERS - Cptpa Headquarters Airport HEALDSBURG - Healdsburg Municipal Airport HEALDTON - Healdton Municipal Airport HEALY - Healy River Airport HEALY - Wilkens Airport HEALY LAKE - Healy Lake Airport HEARNE - Corpora Airport HEARNE - Hearne Municipal Airport HEBBRONVILLE - Barronena East Airport HEBBRONVILLE - Barronena Ranch Airport HEBBRONVILLE - Jim Hogg County Airport HEBBRONVILLE - Puesta del Sol Airport HEBER - Heber City Municipal Russ Mcdonald Field Airport HEBER - Wisky Ranch Chevlon Airport HEBER SPRINGS - Heber Springs Municipal Airport HEBER SPRINGS - River Acres Airport HEBRON - Buckeye Executive Airport HEBRON - Chase Airstrip HEBRON - Dog Leg Airport HEBRON - Easton Field Airport HEBRON - Hebron Municipal Airport HEBRON - Spring Hill Airport HECKER - Smith Restricted Landing Area Airport HECTOR - Hector Municipal Airport HEDGESVILLE - Green Landings Airport HEDLEY - Hedley Airport HELENA - Bar E Airport HELENA - Davis Airport HELENA - Duncan Airport HELENA - Fort Harrison Army Airfield HELENA - Helena Regional Airport HELENA - Mountain Lakes Field Airport HELENA - Ten Mile Airport HELENA - Wilhelm Airstrip HELENA - Wood Strip Airport HELENA/WEST HELENA - Thompson Robbins Airport HELENDALE - Palisades Ranch Airport HELENDALE - Sun Hill Ranch Airport HELIX - Curtis Airfield HELMSBURG - Kenstin Manor Airport HELOTES - Viejo Ranch Ultralightport Airport HEMET - Ernst Field Airport HEMET - Hemet Ryan Airport HEMINGFORD - Phillips Private Airport HEMINGFORD - Plainsview Ranch Airport HEMINGWAY - Hemingway Stuckey Airport HEMLOCK - Old Fort Farm Airport HEMPSTEAD - Hempstead Gliderport Airport HEMPSTEAD - Pea Patch Airport HENAGAR - Sweet Home Airport HENDERSON - Boardman Aerial Airport HENDERSON - Flying H Farms Airport HENDERSON - Henderson Airport HENDERSON - Henderson City County Airport HENDERSON - Rusk County Airport HENDERSON - The Bluffs Airport HENDERSON - Voc Tech Airport HENDERSONVILLE - Bearwallow Farm Airport HENDERSONVILLE - Hendersonville Airport HENDERSONVILLE - W.N.C. Air Museum Airport HENLY - Byram Ranch Airport HENNESSEY - Enix Boys Airport HENNESSEY - Siegmanns Airport HENNIKER - Intervale Airport HENNING - Henning Municipal Airport HENRIETTA - Henrietta Airport HENRIETTA - Pierce Airport HENRY - Villiger Restricted Landing Area Airport HENRYETTA - Henryetta Municipal Airport HERALD - Bottimore Ranch Airport HERBSTER - Vietmeier Airport HEREFORD - Hereford Municipal Airport HEREFORD - Kimball Farm Service Inc Airport HEREFORD - Thompson International Aviation Airport HERINGTON - Herington Regional Airport HERKIMER - Sky-Ranch Airport HERLONG - Amedee Army Air Field HERLONG - Herlong Airport HERMAN - Herman Municipal Airport HERMAN - Itzen Air Strip HERMAN - Zimmerman Airport HERMANN - Eu-Wish Airport HERMANN - Hermann Municipal Airport HERMANVILLE - Valley of The Moon Airport HERMISTON - Hermiston Municipal Airport HERNANDO - Drake Ranch Airport HERNANDO - Eagles Ridge Airport HERNANDO - Hernando Village Airpark Inc Airport HERNANDO - Twelve Oaks Airport HERNANDO - Vaiden Landing Airport HERON - R & R Field Airport HERREID - Herreid Municipal Airport HERSHEY - Brookside Farms Airport HERSHEY - Evans Ranch Airport HERSHEY - George Airport HERTFORD - Craig Craft Airport HERTFORD - Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity Airport HESPERIA - Hesperia Airport HESSEL - Albert J Lindberg Airport HESSTON - Weaver Ranch Airport HETTINGER - Hettinger Municipal Airport HEXT - Smith I-Ranch Airport HEYWORTH - Johnston Airport HEYWORTH - Wm Quinton Restricted Landing Area Airport HIAWATHA - Davis Airfield HIAWATHA - Hiawatha Municipal Airport HIAWATHA - Sherman Airport HIBBING - Gospel Ranch Airport HIBBING - Range Regional Airport HIBBING - Robertson Field Airport HICKMAN - Alexander Field Airport HICKORY - Hickory Regional Airport HICKORY - Rose Field Airport HICKORY - Wilsons Airport HICKORY VALLEY - Flying D Airport HICKORY VALLEY - Wings Field Airport HICKSON - Ellig Field Airport HICKSVILLE - Howensting Airport HICO - Putty Ranch Airport HICO - Ray Smith Farm Airport HIGBEE - Hess-Mckeown Airport HIGDEN - Bondair Airport HIGGINS - Higgins-Lipscomb County Airport HIGGINSVILLE - Higginsville Industrial Municipal Airport HIGH FALLS - Sheeleys Farm Airport HIGH FOREST - Scrabeck Airport HIGH POINT - Darr Field Airport HIGH SHOALS - Paradise Falls Airport HIGH SPRINGS - Lazy S Farm Airport HIGH SPRINGS - Oak Tree Landing Airport HIGHGATE - Franklin County State Airport HIGHLAND - Highland-Winet Airport HIGHLAND - Sommers Airport HIGHMORE - Highmore Municipal Airport HIGHWOOD - Peterson Ranch Airport HILDRETH - Bunger Field Airport HILL - The Landing Airport HILL CITY - Hill City Municipal Airport HILL CITY - Hill City-Quadna Mountain Airport HILL CITY - Tracy Ranch Airport HILLIARD - Hilliard Airpark HILLMAN - Hillman Airport HILLSBORO - Alfred Schroeder Field Airport HILLSBORO - Deck Airport HILLSBORO - Downs Farm Private Airport HILLSBORO - Hawthorne Feather Airpark HILLSBORO - Highland County Airport HILLSBORO - Hillsboro Municipal Airport HILLSBORO - Hillsboro Municipal Airport HILLSBORO - Hillsboro Municipal Airport HILLSBORO - Joshua Sanford Field Airport HILLSBORO - Krens Farm Airport HILLSBORO - Olinger Airpark HILLSBORO - Starks Twin Oaks Airpark HILLSBOROUGH (NORTH CAROLINA) - Larry F Warren Field Airport HILLSDALE - Black Airport HILLSDALE - Hillsdale Municipal Airport HILLSIDE - Lake Creek Ranch Airport HILLSVILLE - Groundhog Mountain Airport HILLTOP LAKES - Hilltop Lakes Airport HILLTOWN - Philadelphia Gliderport Airport HILLVIEW - Hartwell Ranch RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport HILLVIEW - Martin Airport HILMAR - Ahlem Farms Airport HILO - Hilo International Airport HILTON - Hendershot Airport HILTON HEAD ISLAND - Hilton Head Airport HINCHINBROOK - Johnstone Point Airport HINCKLEY - Bush Field Airport HINCKLEY - Field of Dreams Airport HINCKLEY - Hinckley Airport HINESTON - Roland Airport HINESVILLE - Liberty County Airport HINGHAM - Hutchinson Airport HINGHAM - Lincolns Field Airport HINGHAM - Pester Airport HINSDALE - Hinsdale Airport HINTON - Hinton Municipal Airport HIRAM - Far View Airport HIRAM - Salt Box Airport HISEVILLE - Natchez Trace Farm Airport HITCHCOCK - Johnnie Volk Field Airport HOAGLAND - Holt Field Airport HOBART - Hobart Regional Airport HOBART - Hobart Sky Ranch Airport HOBART - Johnsons Strawberry Farm Airport HOBBS - Industrial Airpark HOBBS - Lea County Regional Airport HOCKLEY - Biggin Hill Airport HOCKLEY - Diamond N Ranch Airport HOCKLEY - Green Acres Airport HODGENVILLE - Hornback Airport HODGENVILLE - Lincoln Farm Airport HODGENVILLE - Williams Airport HOGELAND - Hogeland Airport HOHENWALD - John A Baker Field Airport HOHENWALD - Palmer Village-Napier Lake STOLport Airport HOLBROOK - Holbrook Municipal Airport HOLCOMB - Creekside Airport HOLCOMBE - River Ridge Aero Estates Airport HOLDEN - Marshalls Airport HOLDENVILLE - Holdenville Municipal Airport HOLDINGFORD - Fedor Airport HOLDREGE - Brewster Field Airport HOLDREGE - Olson Field Airport HOLDREGE - Wells Airport HOLLAND - Brandywyne Farms Airport HOLLAND - Gentzke Aeronautical Park Airport HOLLAND - Grasso Salvage Airport HOLLAND - Liesveld Airport HOLLAND - Park Township Airport HOLLAND - Tulip City Airport HOLLANDALE - Hollandale Municipal Airport HOLLANDALE - Ward Airport HOLLEY - Maxon Field Airport HOLLIDAY - Lucky G Airport HOLLIS - Hollis Municipal Airport HOLLIS - Ray Preston Airport HOLLISTER - Christensen Ranch Airport HOLLISTER - Frazier Lake Airpark HOLLISTER - Hollister Municipal Airport HOLLONVILLE - B & L Strip Airport HOLLOWAY - Home-Base Airport HOLLY - Holly Airport HOLLY GROVE - Holly Grove Municipal Airport HOLLY HILL - Holly Hill Airport HOLLY HILL - Russell Airport HOLLY RIDGE - Camp Davis Mcolf Airport HOLLY RIDGE - Holly Ridge Topsail Island Airport HOLLY RIDGE - Topsail Airpark HOLLY SPRINGS - Holly Springs Marshall County Airport HOLLY SPRINGS - Thomas Field Airport HOLLYWOOD - Mac-Ivor & Friends Airstrip HOLLYWOOD - North Perry Airport HOLMDEL - Hop Brook Farm Airport HOLMEN - Holland Air Park HOLMEN - Parkway Farm Strip Airport HOLT - Block Air Village Airport HOLT - Lakeside Airport HOLT - Northwood Airport HOLT - Yellow River Airstrip HOLTON - Francis Airport HOLTVILLE - Holtville Airport HOLYOKE - Holyoke Airport HOLYROOD - Holyrood Municipal Airport HOME - Rayne Airport HOMEDALE - Homedale Municipal Airport HOMEDALE - Richards Airport HOMER - Bear Cove Farm Airport HOMER - Bradley Lake Hydroelectri Project Airstrip HOMER - Camp Point Airport HOMER - Dwight Field Airport HOMER - Eastland Airport HOMER - Glacierview Strip Airport HOMER - Homer Airport HOMER - Homer Municipal Airport HOMER - Oyster Cove Airport HOMER - Trisler Airport HOMER - Webster Airport HOMERVILLE - Homerville Airport HOMESTEAD - B & L Farms Airport HOMESTEAD - Homestead ARB Airport HOMESTEAD - Homestead General Aviation Airport HOMESTEAD - Macs Field Airport HOMESTEAD - Oxbow Airport HOMESTEAD - Richards Field Airport HOMESTEAD - The Wright Place STOLport Airport HOMINY - Hominy Municipal Airport HONDO - Haass Field Airport HONDO - South Texas Regional Airport at Hondo HONEOYE FALLS - Bedsons Land Base Airport HONEOYE FALLS - Honeoye Falls Airport HONEOYE FALLS - Smiths Land Base Airport HONESDALE - Branning Field Airport HONESDALE - Charles G. Kalko Airport HONESDALE - Cherry Ridge Airport HONOKAA - Honokaa Airstrip HONOLULU - Ford Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Airport HONOLULU - Honolulu International Airport HOOD RIVER - Green Acres Air Park HOOD RIVER - Ken Jernstedt Airfield HOOKER - Hooker Municipal Airport HOOKSTOWN - Fino Airport HOOKSTOWN - Hanny Beaver Airpark Inc Airport HOONAH - Hoonah Airport HOOPA - Hoopa Airport HOOPER - Mc Gregor Airport HOOPLE - Anderson Strip Airport HOOVER - Bledsoe Ranch Airport HOPE - Flying H Ranch Airport HOPE - Hashbarger Farm Airstrip HOPE - High Meadow Farms Airport HOPE - Hope Airport HOPE - Hope Municipal Airport HOPEDALE - Hopedale Industrial Park Airport HOPEWELL - Henshaw Airport HOPEWELL - Porter Airport HOPKINS - Gwinn Field Airport HOPKINSVILLE - Cramer Aerodrome Airport HOPKINSVILLE - Hopkinsville Christian County Airport HOQUIAM - Bowerman Airport HORNELL - Hornell Municipal Airport HORNERSVILLE - Hornersville Memorial Airport HORSE SPRINGS - Rael Ranch Horse Pasture Airport HORSEHEADS - Omni Airpark HORSESHOE BAY - Horseshoe Bay Resort Airpark HORSESHOE BEND - Horseshoe Bend Airport HORSESHOE BEND - Loomis Airport HORSFELD - Horsfeld Airport HORTON - Bent Nail Ranch Airport HORTON - Horton Municipal Airport HORTONVILLE - Black Otter Airport HORTONVILLE - Dalonia Airport HORTONVILLE - Rocket City Airport HOT SPRINGS - Flying T Airport HOT SPRINGS - Hot Springs Airport HOT SPRINGS - Hot Springs Municipal Airport HOT SPRINGS - Ingalls Field Airport HOT SPRINGS - Memorial Field Airport HOTCHKISS - Cridler Field Airport HOTCHKISS - Eden Ranch Airport HOTCHKISS - Flying W No.2 Airport HOTCHKISS - Hawkins Ranch Airport HOTCHKISS - Montemadeira Ii Airport HOTCHKISS - Omega 1 STOLport Airport HOTCHKISS - Redlands Airport HOTCHKISS - Widner Airport HOUGHTON LAKE - Roscommon County - Blodgett Memorial Airport HOUGHTON LAKE HEIGHTS - Houghton Lake State Airport HOULTON - Houlton International Airport HOUMA - Houma Terrebonne Airport HOUMA - Huffaker Field Airport HOUMA - Southland Strip Ultralightport Airport HOUSE SPRINGS - Moders Airport HOUSTON - Black Spruce Airport HOUSTON - Dan Jones International Airport HOUSTON - David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport HOUSTON - Ellington Airport HOUSTON - Flyin B Airport HOUSTON - Flying E Airport HOUSTON - George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport HOUSTON - Gus Landing Airport HOUSTON - Happy Landings Airport HOUSTON - Houston Airpark HOUSTON - Houston Executive Airport HOUSTON - Houston Memorial Airport HOUSTON - Houston Municipal Airport HOUSTON - Houston Southwest Airport HOUSTON - Kimmel Land & Cattle Airport HOUSTON - Lone Star Executive Airport HOUSTON - Pearland Regional Airport HOUSTON - Pegasus Ranch Aerodrome Airport HOUSTON - Piney Bend Airport HOUSTON - Reids Landing Airport HOUSTON - Satterbergs Airport HOUSTON - Shenandoah Valley Farms Airport HOUSTON - Skyhaven Airport HOUSTON - Sugar Land Regional Airport HOUSTON - Taus River Ranch Airport HOUSTON - Trio Estates Airport HOUSTON - Weiser Air Park HOUSTON - West Houston Airport HOUSTON - Westheimer Air Park HOUSTON - William P Hobby Airport HOVEN - Hoven Municipal Airport HOVEN - Monty Harer Airstrip HOWARD - Bar P Ranch Airport HOWARD - Howard Municipal Airport HOWARD CITY - Anderson Airport HOWE - Howe Airport HOWE - Kahuna Bay Airport HOWE - Reid-Eash Airport HOWELL - ATK Thiokol Airport HOWELL - Haigh Airport HOWELL - Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport HOWELL - Mckenzies Landing Airport HOWELL - Raether Airport HOWELLS - Dostal-Bradley Airport HOXIE - Hoxie-Sheridan County Airport HUACHUCA CITY - Whetstone Airport HUACHUCA CITY/TOMBSTONE - Four Pillars Airport HUBBARD - Bar 16 Airport HUBBARD - Lenhardt Airpark HUBBARD - Vlachos Acres Airport HUDSON - Beer Airport HUDSON - Columbia County Airport HUDSON - Horth Strip Airport HUDSON - Klaverack Airport HUDSON - Lindys Airpark HUDSON - Platte Valley Airpark HUDSON - Schertz Aerial Service - Hudson Airport HUDSON - Stevens Airport HUDSONVILLE - Harrys Field Airport HUGHES - Tucker Field Airport HUGO - Stan Stamper Municipal Airport HUGOTON - Hugoton Municipal Airport HULBERT - Youngs Airport HULETT - Hulett Municipal Airport HULETT - Ipy Ranch Airport HUMBOLDT - Croisant Airport HUMBOLDT - Humboldt Municipal Airport HUMBOLDT - Humboldt Municipal Airport HUMESTON - Watkins Private Airport HUMMELSTOWN - Ecko Field Airport HUNNEWELL - Lyell Airport HUNT - Comanche Caves Ranch Airport HUNT - Stowers Ranch Airport HUNTER - Hunter Mountain Airport HUNTER - Richtsmeier Airport HUNTERSVILLE - Bradford Field Airport HUNTINGBURG - Huntingburg Airport HUNTINGDON - Carroll County Airport HUNTINGDON - Hilling International Airport HUNTINGDON - Hostetler Airport HUNTINGDON - Huntingdon Airport HUNTINGTON - Beck Private Airport HUNTINGTON - Bowlin Airport HUNTINGTON - Bufords Field Airport HUNTINGTON - Huntington Municipal Airport HUNTINGTON - Huntington Municipal Airport HUNTINGTON - Robert Newlon Field Airport HUNTINGTON - Teal Farm Airport HUNTINGTON - Tri-State Milton J. Ferguson Field Airport HUNTLEY - Landings Condominium Airport HUNTLEY - Phyllis Field Airport HUNTSVILLE (TX) - Private strip nr Huntsville Airport HUNTSVILLE - Big Sky Airport HUNTSVILLE - Huntsville International Carl T Jones Field Airport HUNTSVILLE - Huntsville Municipal Airport HUNTSVILLE - Huntsville Regional Airport HUNTSVILLE - Madison County Executive Airport-Tom Sharp Jr Field HUNTSVILLE - Milton Airport HUNTSVILLE - Moontown Airport HUNTSVILLE - Touchet Valley Airport HURDLAND - Harrison Airport HURDLAND - Hunziker Airport HURDLE MILLS - Whitfield Farms Airport HURDSFIELD - R. Leep Strip Airport HURLEY - Aerohead Airport HURLEY - Dangel Airport HURLEY - Turkey Ridge Airport HURLOCK - Hidden Hills Airport HURON - Hinde Airport HURON - Huron Regional Airport HURON - Marone Airport HURON - Winter Airfield HURON - Zoellner Airport HURRICANE - General Dick Stout Field Airport HURRICANE - Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch Landowners Assn Airport HURRICANE - Hurricane Mesa Airport HURST - Dury Estates Airport HURTSBORO - Sehoy Airport HUSHER - Crash In International Airport HUSON - Nine Mile Airport HUSON - Ted Luark Private STOLport Airport HUTCHINSON - Huey Airport HUTCHINSON - Hutchinson Municipal Airport HUTCHINSON - Hutchinson Municipal Butler Field Airport HUTCHINSON - Quast Airport HUTCHINSON - Sunflower Aerodrome Airport HYAMPOM - Hyampom Airport HYANNIS - Barnstable Municipal Boardman Polando Field Airport HYANNIS - Davis Ranch Airport HYANNIS - Grant County Airport HYSHAM - Hysham Airport IBAPAH - Goshute Airport IDA GROVE - Ida Grove Municipal Airport IDABEL - Mc Curtain County Regional Airport IDAHO - Morkassel Field Airport IDAHO CITY - Harrington Airport IDAHO CITY - Idaho City US Forest Service Airport IDAHO FALLS - Idaho Falls Regional Airport IDAHO FALLS - Q.B. One Airport IDAHO FALLS - Rainbow Ranch Airport IDALOU - Everitt Airport ILLINOIS CITY - Ritter Field Airport ILWACO - Port of Ilwaco Airport IMMOKALEE - Big Cypress Airfield IMMOKALEE - Immokalee Regional Airport IMNAHA - Memaloose Airport IMPERIAL - Imperial County Airport IMPERIAL - Imperial Municipal Airport IMPERIAL BEACH - Naval Outlying Field Imperial Beach Ream Field Airport INDEPENDENCE - Caintuckee Airport INDEPENDENCE - Faust Field Airport INDEPENDENCE - Flying C Ranch Airport INDEPENDENCE - Independence Airport INDEPENDENCE - Independence Airport INDEPENDENCE - Independence Municipal Airport INDEPENDENCE - Independence Municipal Airport INDEPENDENCE - Independence State Airport INDEPENDENCE - Patterson Farms Airport INDEPENDENCE - Wigrich Airport INDIAN CREEK - Indian Creek US Forest Service Airport INDIAN HEAD - Buds Ferry Airport INDIAN HEAD - Maryland Airport INDIAN HILLS - Tall Timber Airport INDIAN RIVER - Calvin Campbell Municipal Airport INDIAN SPRINGS - Circle T Airport INDIAN SPRINGS - Creech Air Force Base INDIAN TRAIL - Goose Creek Airport INDIANA - Indiana County Jimmy Stewart Fld Airport INDIANAPOLIS - Best Lock Corp. Airstrip INDIANAPOLIS - Eagle Creek Airpark INDIANAPOLIS - Greenwood Municipal Airport INDIANAPOLIS - Hendricks County Gordon Graham Field Airport INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Executive Airport INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis International Airport INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport INDIANAPOLIS - Mount Comfort Airport INDIANAPOLIS - Post-Air Airport INDIANOLA - Big Dukes Place Airport INDIANOLA - Hedgewood Landing Airport INDIANOLA - Indianola Municipal Airport INDIANOLA - Laverty Field Airport INDIANOLA - Nash Field Indianola Airport INDIANOLA - Too Short Airport INDIANOLA - Tuinstra Airfield INDIANTOWN - Brady Ranch Airport INDIANTOWN - Coxs Hammock Airport INDIANTOWN - Horseshoe Acres Airpark INDIANTOWN - Indiantown Airport INDUSTRY - Rabb And Nobra Airport INDUSTRY - Sainovich Airport INGALLS - Ingalls Municipal Airport INGLESIDE - McCampbell-Porter Airport INKOM - Skyline STOLport Airport INKSTER - Inkster Airport INOLA - Buzzards Roost Airport INOLA - Dobies Airport INOLA - Gilstrap Field Airport INOLA - Night Hawk Airpatch Ultralightport INTERLACHEN - Oak Ridge Airport INTERLAKEN - Airy-Acres Airport INTERLOCHEN - Green Lake Airport INTERNATIONAL FALLS - Falls International Airport INTRACOASTAL CITY - Central Industries Airport INVER GROVE HEIGHTS - Wipline Airport INVERNESS - Inverness Airport INVERNESS - Lang Flying Service Airport INVERNESS - Lester Field Airport INVERNESS - Newell Flying Service Airport INYOKERN - Inyokern Airport IOLA - Allen County Airport IOLA - Central County Airport IOLA - K Ranch Airport IONE - Camanche Skypark Airport IONE - Eagles Nest Airport IONE - Howard Private Airport IONE - Ione Municipal Airport IONIA - Ionia County Airport IONIA - Rose Port Airport IOTA - Reed Flying Service Inc Airport IOTA - Zaunbrecher Strip Airport IOWA - Light Plane Flyers Airfield IOWA - OBrien Flying Service Airport IOWA CITY - Iowa City Municipal Airport IOWA CITY - Picayune Airport IOWA FALLS - Iowa Falls Municipal Airport IPSWICH - Rappe Field Airport IPSWICH - Snow Airport IPSWICH - Tc Field Airport IRAAN - Iraan Municipal Airport IRMA - Circle K Airport IRON GATE - Riverwood Airport IRON JUNCTION - Stahlberg-Mohr Airport IRON MOUNTAIN - Lilienthal Airport IRON MOUNTAIN / KINGSFORD - Ford Airport IRON RIVER - Bayfield County Airport IRON RIVER - Stambaugh Airport IRONSIDE - Lockhart Airport IRONWOOD - Gogebic Iron County Airport IRVING - Horsefeathers Ranch Airport IRVINGTON - Prairie Airport IRWIN - Huskey Airport IRWIN - Inter County Airport IRWINVILLE - Crystal Lake Airpark ISABEL - Isabel Municipal Airport ISHPEMING - Edward F Johnson Airport ISLAND GROVE - Marjorie Kennan Rawlings Airport ISLAND POND - John H Boylan State Island Pond Airport ISLE - Isle Private Airport ISLE LAMOTTE - Hawks Nest Airport ISLESBORO - Islesboro Airport ISLIP - Long Island Mac Arthur Airport ITASCA - Reece Ranch Airport ITHACA - Airborn Paraflite Ultralightport ITHACA - Grund Field Airport ITHACA - Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport ITHACA - James Henion Private Field Airport ITHACA - Neno International Airport ITTA BENA - Murphey Flying Service Airport IUKA - Iuka Airport IVA - Iva Field Airport IVANHOE - Mulder Field Inc Airport IVANPAH - Hart Mine Airport IVOR - Wells Airport IVYLAND - Jarrett Airport JACK - Benedick Airport JACKMAN - Newton Field Airport JACKPOT - Jackpot Airport Hayden Field JACKSBORO - Campbell County Airport JACKSBORO - Flamingo Airfield JACKSBORO - Flyin Armadillo Airport JACKSBORO - Jacksboro Municipal Airport JACKSBORO - One Sixty Four Place Airport JACKSON - Ben Ammons Airport JACKSON - Feliciana Airpark JACKSON - Fish Ranch Airport JACKSON - Flying H Ranch Inc Airport JACKSON - Hawkins Field Airport JACKSON - Howard Private Airport JACKSON - Howell 1 Airport JACKSON - Jackson County Reynolds Field Airport JACKSON - Jackson Hole Airport JACKSON - Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport JACKSON - Jackson Municipal Airport JACKSON - Jackson Municipal Airport JACKSON - James A Rhodes Airport JACKSON - Johnston Farm Airport JACKSON - Julian Carroll Airport JACKSON - Mc Kellar Sipes Regional Airport JACKSON - Melody Ranch Airport JACKSON - Mooseberry Airport JACKSON - Russ Airport JACKSON - Seven Lakes Airport JACKSON - Southfork Airport JACKSON - Westover Field Amador County Airport JACKSON - Williams Field Airport JACKSON CENTER - Still Meadow Farm Airport JACKSONVILLE - Albert J Ellis Airport JACKSONVILLE - Bethal Airport JACKSONVILLE - Bolton Airport JACKSONVILLE - Cecil Airport JACKSONVILLE - Cherokee County Airport JACKSONVILLE - Deep Forest Airport JACKSONVILLE - Edwards Farm Airport JACKSONVILLE - Epley Airport JACKSONVILLE - Herlong Airport JACKSONVILLE - Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport JACKSONVILLE - Jacksonville Hunter Field Airport JACKSONVILLE - Jacksonville International Airport JACKSONVILLE - Jacksonville Municipal Airport JACKSONVILLE - Jacksonville Naval Air Station JACKSONVILLE - Little Rock Air Force Base JACKSONVILLE - New River MCAS H Mccutcheon Fld Airport JACKSONVILLE - Perrys Airport JACKSONVILLE - Sky Manor Airport JACKSONVILLE - Whitehouse Naval Outlying Field Airport JACKTOWN - Jacktown Airport JACOBSON - Dreamcatcher Airport JACOBSON - Porter Airport JACUMBA - Jacumba Airport JAFFREY - Jaffrey Airport Silver Ranch Airport JAKOLOF BAY - Jakolof Bay Airport JAL - Lea County-Jal Airport JAMESBURG - Werner Private Airport JAMESPORT - Spillman Field Airport JAMESTOWN - Bloom Airport JAMESTOWN - Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport JAMESTOWN - Fairbank Farms Airport JAMESTOWN - Hood Field Airport JAMESTOWN - Jamestown Municipal Airport JAMESTOWN - Jamestown Regional Airport JAMESTOWN - Kistler Ranch Airport JAMESTOWN - Laska Airport JAMESTOWN - Lyons Field Airport JAMESTOWN - Peoria Airport JAMESTOWN - Reimer Aerodrome Airport JAMESTOWN - Ridgeview Airport JAMESTOWN - Russell County Airport JAMISON - Burkinshaw Field Airport JANESVILLE - Bluebird Airport JANESVILLE - Johnstown Center Airport JANESVILLE - Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport JARRELL - Sybert Farm Airport JASONVILLE - Careferre Acres Airport JASONVILLE - Shakamak Airport JASPER - Jasper County Airport-Bell Field JASPER - Marion County Brown Field Airport JASPER - Pickens County Airport JASPER - Squires Aviation Ranch Airport JASPER - Stony Branch Airport JASPER - Twin Oaks Airport JASPER - Walker County Airport-Bevill Field JAY - Buchanan Airport JAY - Golden Harvest Flying Svc Inc Airport JAY - Hilltop Airport JAY - Jay Airport JAY - Lewis North Airport JAY - Odoms Flying Service Airport JAY - Porter STOLport Airport JAY - Thomas Farms Airport JAY - Wells Flying Service Airport JAYTON - Kent County Airport JAYTON - Norris Field Airport JEAN - Heritage Airport JEAN - Jean Airport JEANERETTE - Le Maire Memorial Airport JEANNETTE - Greensburg Jeannette Regional Airport JEFFERS - Ewen Landing Field Airport JEFFERSON - Ames Airport JEFFERSON - Ashe County Airport JEFFERSON - Cypress River Airport JEFFERSON - Davidson Field Airport JEFFERSON - Gilmour Ag Air Airport JEFFERSON - Heckendorf Ranches-Georgia Pass Ranch Airport JEFFERSON - Jackson County Airport JEFFERSON - Jefferson Municipal Airport JEFFERSON - Manning Field Airport JEFFERSON - Robinson Ridge Field Airport JEFFERSON - Skyland Airport JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Memorial Airport JEFFERSONVILLE - Clark Regional Airport JEKYLL ISLAND - Jekyll Island Airport JENA - Jena Airport JENISON - Riverview Airport JENKINS - Ultraflyte Inc Ultralightport Airport JENNERSTOWN - Lohrs Landing Airport JENNINGS - Bird Field Airport JENNINGS - Cimarron Strip Airport JENNINGS - Crystal Airport JENNINGS - Jennings Airport JENSEN - 3-I Rocker Ranch Airport JENSEN - Sundog Airport JERICHO - Davis Private Airport JERICHO - Meadow STOLport Airport JEROME - Jerome County Airport JEROME - Sunset Strip Airport JERSEY - Sunset Strip Airport JERSEY SHORE - Hinaman Acres Airport JERSEY SHORE - Jersey Shore Airport JERSEYVILLE - Jerseyville Aviation Inc Airport JERSEYVILLE - Koenig Airport JERSEYVILLE - Raymond Restricted Landing Area Airport JESUP - Jesup Wayne County Airport JESUP - Poyner Airport JETMORE - Jetmore Municipal Airport JEWELL - Lund Airport JEWELL - Rose Field Airport JEWETT - Hub Field Airport JEWETT - Miles Field Airport JEWETT CITY - Bee Field Airport JEWETT CITY - Spruce Airport JIGGER - Circle G Airport JOBSTOWN - Redwing Airport JOES - Hill Airport JOESPHINE - Wolf Nolf Airport JOHN DAY - Grant Co Regional Ogilvie Field Airport JOHNSON - Ensor Field Airport JOHNSON - Johns Airport JOHNSON - Stanton County Municipal Airport JOHNSON CITY - Bamberger Ranch Airport JOHNSON CITY - Danz Ranch Airport JOHNSON CITY - Harris Ranch Airport JOHNSON CITY - Johnson City Stolport Airport JOHNSON CITY - Keller Ranch Airport JOHNSON CITY - LBJ Ranch Airport JOHNSON CITY - Mc Afee Stol Patch STOLport Airport JOHNSONVILLE - Sherwood Farm Airport JOHNSONVILLE - Weaver Field Airport JOHNSTOWN - Alberter Farms Airport JOHNSTOWN - Fulton County Airport JOHNSTOWN - John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport JOHNSTOWN - Kearns Airport JOHNSTOWN - Mc Knight Airport JOINER - Price Field Airport JOLIET - Joliet Regional Airport JONES - Hopcus Farms Airport JONESBORO - Classic Airstrip JONESBORO - Drisko Airport JONESBORO - Jonesboro Airport JONESBORO - Jonesboro Municipal Airport JONESBORO - Scudder Airport JONESBOROUGH - Kite Field Airport JONESBOROUGH - Murphy Field Airport JONESBURG - Adventures Aloft Airport JONESBURG - Tightsqueeze Field Airport JONESDALE - Tuschen Airport JONESVILLE - Jonesville Airport JONESVILLE - Lee County Airport JONESVILLE - Swan Creek Airport JOPLIN - Five Mile Airport JOPLIN - Joplin Regional Airport JORDAN - Anthonson Airport JORDAN - Merill L Harris Field Airport JORDAN - Stocker Private Airport JORDAN VALLEY - Skinner Ranch Airport JOSEPH - Joseph State Airport JOSHUA - Buffalo Chips Airpark JOSHUA - Stol Field Airport JOSHUA - Taylors Air Park JOSHUA TREE - Roy Williams Airport JULESBURG - Julesburg Municipal Airport JULIAN - Hunts Sky Ranch Airport JULIAN - Kecks Airport JULIAN - Rancho Vallecito Airport JUNCTION - F-6 Ranch Air Field JUNCTION - Junction Airport JUNCTION - Kimble County Airport JUNCTION - Robinson Ranch Airport JUNCTION - West Kerr Ranch Airport JUNCTION CITY - Freeman Field Airport JUNCTION CITY - Munson Airport JUNCTION CITY - Strauch Field Airport JUNEAU - Dodge County Airport JUNEAU - Juneau International Airport JUNTURA - Juntura Airport JUNTURA - Murphy Ranch Airport JUPITER - Br Ranch Airport JUPITER - Tailwinds Airport JUPITER - William P Gwinn Airport JUSTICEBURG - Roy Ranch Airport JUSTIN - Clark Airport JUSTIN - Dew Drop Airport JUSTIN - Dooley Airport JUSTIN - Drop Field Airport JUSTIN - Flying P Airport JUSTIN - Flying S Farm Airport JUSTIN - Jw Airport JUSTIN - Propwash Airport JUSTIN - Prose Field Airport JUSTIN - Sitton Field Airport JUSTIN - Willow Run Airport KADOKA - Kadoka Municipal Airport KAHLOTUS - Angel Park Airport KAHLOTUS - Hille-Kimp Airstrip KAHLOTUS - Lower Monumental State Airport KAHLOTUS - Watson Airport KAHOKA - Kahoka Municipal Airport KAHULUI - Kahului Airport KAILUA/KONA - Kona International At Keahole Airport KAILUA/KONA - Puu Waa Waa Ranch Airport KAISER LAKE OZARK - Lee C Fine Memorial Airport KAKE - Kake Airport KALAMAZOO - East Lake Airport KALAMAZOO - Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport KALAMAZOO - Newmans Airport KALAUPAPA - Kalaupapa Airport KALISPELL - Abel Ranch Airport KALISPELL - Bates Airstrip KALISPELL - Braidwater Farm Airport KALISPELL - Carson Field Airport KALISPELL - Flathead Lake Sky Ranch Airport KALISPELL - Glacier Park International Airport KALISPELL - Kalispell City Airport KALISPELL - Mower Field Airport KALISPELL - Rahn Airport KALISPELL - Sanders Airport KALISPELL - Weaver Airport KALISPELL - Wounded Buck Ranch Airport KALISPELL - Wurtz Airport KALKASKA - Kalkaska City Airport KAMIAH - Kamiah Municipal Airport KAMUELA - Waimea Kohala Airport KANAB - Deer Springs Ranch Airport KANAB - Kanab Municipal Airport KANARRAVILLE - Citabriair Airport KANEOHE - Kaneohe Bay MCAS Marion E. Carl Field Airport KANKAKEE - Benoit Airport KANKAKEE - Greater Kankakee Airport KANKAKEE - Hawker Airport KANKAKEE - Kankakee Airport KANNAPOLIS - Barringer Field Airport KANNAPOLIS - Enochville Airport KANNAPOLIS - Ervin Airfield KANNAPOLIS - Goodnights Airport KANNAPOLIS - Sloop Airport KANNAPOLIS - Wilhelm Airport KANORADO - Hall Farms Airport KANORADO - Wright International Airport KANSAS CITY - Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport KANSAS CITY - Kansas City International Airport KANSAS CITY - Runway Ranch Airport KANSASVILLE - Flaglor Airport KANTISHNA - Kantishna Airport KAPLAN - Harrington Flying Service Airport KAPLAN - Ken Guidry No 3 Airport KAPLAN - Kenan Airstrip KAPLAN - Tee Brads Airport KAPOLEI - Kalaeloa Airport KAPOWSIN - Kapowsin Field Airport KARLSTAD - Karlstad Municipal Airport KARNES CITY - Burris Ranch Airport KARNS - Higdon Airfield KASILOF - Kasilof Airport KASILOF - Winters Strip Airport KASITSNA BAY - Kasitsna Airport KATY - Cardiff Brothers Airport KATY - Harold Freeman Farm Airport KATY - Sack-O-Grande Acroport Airport KAUFMAN - Baum Airport KAUFMAN - Connies Aviation Airport KAUFMAN - Erco Field Airport KAUFMAN - Flying G Airport KAUFMAN - Hall Airport KAUFMAN - Moore Airport KAUNAKAKAI - Molokai Airport KAUNAKAKAI - Panda Airport KAYCEE - Gosney Airport KAYCEE - Willow Creek Ranch Airport KAYENTA - Kayenta Airport KAYENTA - Peabody Bedard Field Airport KEARNEY - Kearney Regional Airport KEARNEY - Kitty Hawk Estates Airport KEARNEY - Peterson Farm Airport KEARNEY - Royal Wood Aerodrome Airport KEARNY - Kearny Airport KEATON BEACH - Ezell Airport KEATON BEACH - Sylvanmir Farms Airport KECHI - Curtis Airport KECHI - Savute Airport KEENE - Dillant Hopkins Airport KEENE - Embry Ranch Airport KEENE - Marcy Field Airport KEENESBURG - Horseshoe Landings Airport KEENESBURG - Jjs Airport KEENESBURG - Land Airport KEENESBURG - The Farm Airport KEITHVILLE - Bluebird Hill Airport KEITHVILLE - Old Hickory Ranch Airport KEKAHA - Barking Sands Airport KELLER - Hillcrest Airport KELLER - Stage Coach Hills Airport KELLERS CHURCH - Ridgeview Airport KELLEYS ISLAND - Kelleys Island Land Field Airport KELLIHER - Helblad Airport KELLOGG - Shoshone County Airport KELSO - Dick Taylor Airstrip KELSO - Southwest Washington Regional Airport KELSO - Walters Arv Ultralightport Airport KEMMERER - Kemmerer Municipal Airport KEMPNER - Worrell Airport KEMPTON - Godbee RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport KENAI - Arness Lake Airport KENAI - Basquo Airport KENAI - Butler Aviation Airport KENAI - Cartys Airstrip KENAI - Doyle Estates Airport KENAI - Drift River Airport KENAI - Henley Airport KENAI - Johnson Airport KENAI - Kenai Municipal Airport KENANSVILLE - Duplin County Airport KENANSVILLE - Escape Ranch Airport KENANSVILLE - Flying S Ranch Airport KENANSVILLE - Mills Ranch South Airport KENANSVILLE - Rlm Farms Airport KENBRIDGE - Lunenburg County Airport KENDALL - Kendall Airstrip KENDALL - Maynards Airport KENDALLVILLE - Kendallville Municipal Airport KENEDY - Card Airfield KENEDY - Karnes County Airport KENLY - Kenly Airport KENMARE - Bodmer Airport KENMARE - Kenmare Municipal Airport KENNA - Bojax Ranch Airport KENNAN - Lonely Pines Airport KENNARD - Flying S Ranch Airport KENNEBEC - Anderson Aerial Spraying Airport KENNEBUNKPORT - Back Acres Airport KENNEBUNKPORT - Goosefair Airport KENNEDALE - Birk Airport KENNEDY - Anderson Field Airport KENNEDY - Kennedy Airfield KENNEDY MEADOWS - Porter Ranch Airport KENNEDY MEADOWS - Sacatar Meadows Airport KENNEDYVILLE - Krastel Farms Airport KENNETT - Kennett Memorial Airport KENNETT SQUARE - Whittle Airport KENNEWICK - Coopers Landing Airport KENNEWICK - Vista Field Airport KENNEWICK - Woodfield Airport KENNEY - Hinson Airport KENOSHA - Kenosha Regional Airport KENSINGTON - Cole Farm Airport KENSINGTON - Mount Cove STOLport Airport KENSINGTON - Propwash Airport KENT - Compressor Station Nr 10 STOLport Airport KENT - Crest Airpark KENT - Decker Ranch Airport KENT - Kent State University Airport KENT - Rancho Del Cielo Airport KENT CITY - Wilderness Airpark KENTLAND - Kentland Municipal Airport KENTON - Hardin County Airport KENTON - Heilman Airport KENTWOOD - Spring Airport KEOKUK - Bickel STOLport Airport KEOKUK - Keokuk Municipal Airport KEOSAUQUA - Keosauqua Municipal Airport KEOSAUQUA - Oldfield Aero Airport KERENS - Hancock Airport KERENS - Roscoe Mc Connico Airport KERHONKSON - Piolis Brookside Airport KERMAN - Bland Field Airport KERMAN - Du Bois Ranch Airport KERNVILLE - Kern Valley Airport KERRICK - Perkins Prothro Cimarron Ranch Airport KERRVILLE - Apache Springs Airport KERRVILLE - Barclays Roost Airport KERRVILLE - Fall Creek Ranch Airport KERRVILLE - Kerrville Municipal Louis Schreiner Field Airport KERRVILLE - Prison Canyon Ranch Airport KERRVILLE - Tierra Linda Ranch Airport KERSEY - Beaugh Airport KETCHIKAN - Ketchikan International Airport KETCHUM - South Grand Lake Regional Airport KETCHUM - Twin Bridges Airport KETTLE FALLS - Flat Creek Field Airport KEUTERVILLE - Spencer Ranch Landing Strip Airport KEWANEE - Kewanee Municipal Airport KEWANNA - Friedrich Airport KEWANNA - Plummer Airport KEWAUNEE - Ranch Side Airport KEY LARGO - Ocean Reef Club Airport KEY WEST - Key West International Airport KEY WEST - Naval Air Station Key West Boca Chica Field KEY WEST - Sugar Loaf Shores Airport KEYMAR - Keymar Airpark KEYSER - Gerstell Farms Airport KEYSER - Miller Field Airport KEYSTONE HEIGHTS - Keystone Airpark KEYSVILLE - Eureka Airport KEYSVILLE - Keysville Airport KIDRON - Stoltzfus Airfield KILBOURNE - Baker Airport KILBOURNE - Bohannan Airport KILBOURNE - Erdy Farm Airport KILGORE - Kilgore Airport KILL DEVIL HILLS - First Flight Airport KILLDEER - Petes Port Airport KILLDEER - Weydahl Field Airport KILLEEN - Fisher Ranch Airport KILLEEN - Skylark Field Airport KILLEEN - White Airport KILMARNOCK - Apple Grove Airport KILMARNOCK - Kilmarnock Tolbert Field Airport KILMARNOCK - Longbranch Airport KIMAMA - Laidlaw Corrals Airport KIMBALL - Kimball Municipal Airport KIMBALL - Kimball Municipal Robert E Arraj Field Airport KIMBERLING CITY - Kimberling Airport KIMBERLY - Longview Ranch Airport KINDER - Wilder Airport KINDRED - Andvik Airport KINDRED - Hamry Field Airport KINDRED - Odegaard Airport KING CITY - Fairbanks Airport KING CITY - Fizzle Ridge Airport KING CITY - Mesa Del Rey Airport KING GEORGE - Powhatan Airport KINGFISHER - Daves Place Airport KINGFISHER - Kingfisher Airport KINGFISHER - Reherman Airport KINGFISHER - White Airport KINGMAN - Dunton Ranch Airport KINGMAN - Kingman Airport KINGMAN - Kingman Airport Clyde Cessna Field KINGMAN - Parsons Field Airport KINGMAN - X Bar 1 Ranch Lower Airport KINGS - Hayengas Cant Find Farms Airport KINGSBURY - Mountain View Airport KINGSBURY - Old Kingsbury Aerodrome Airport KINGSLAND - Flying H Ranch Airport KINGSLAND - Kingsland Estates Airport KINGSLAND - Shirley Williams Airport KINGSPORT - Indian Springs Airport KINGSTON - Etowah Bend Gliderport Airport KINGSTON - Kingston-Ulster Airport KINGSTON - Lake Texoma State Park Airport KINGSTON - Ozark Skies Airpark KINGSTON - Riley Creek Airport KINGSTON - Thompson Airport KINGSTON - Wolf Creek Airport KINGSTREE - Mcintosh Airport KINGSTREE - Williamsburg Regional Airport KINGSVILLE - Fender J H Airport KINGSVILLE - Kingsville Naval Air Station KINGSVILLE - Kleberg County Airport KINGSVILLE - Victors Landing Airport KINGWOOD - Moore Field Airport KINGWOOD TOWNSHIP - Fly-N-D Landing Strip Airport KINSLEY - Kinsley Municipal Airport KINSMAN - Sheets Field Airport KINSTON - Hataway Field Airport KINSTON - Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Field Airport KINSTON - Moss Hill Airport KINZUA - Kinzua Airport KIOWA - Chaparral Airport KIOWA - Comanche Creek Airport KIOWA - Herrick Airport KIOWA - Kiowa Airport KIPTON - Double S Farms Airport KIPTON - Kosik Private Airport KIRBYVILLE - Kirbyville Airport KIRBYVILLE - Misty Meadows Airport KIRK - Idler Bros Airport KIRK - Idlers Field Airport KIRKERSVILLE - Lees Dogpatch Airport KIRKLAND - Harold Bunger Airport KIRKLAND - Rotstein Airport KIRKSVILLE - Kirksville Regional Airport KIRKWOOD - Kirkwood Airpark KIRWIN - Wyrill Farming Airport KISSIMMEE - Stout Airport KITE - Darlas Airport KITTANNING - Dunbar Airport KITTANNING - Stitt Airport KITTITAS - Chinook Farms Airport KITTRELL - Deer Run Airport KLAMATH FALLS - Dillon Field Airport KLAMATH FALLS - Klamath Falls Airport KLAMATH FALLS - Sky Wagon Ranch Airport KLAMATH GLEN - Andy Mc Beth Airport KLAMATH RIVER - Round Mountain Airport KLAWOCK - Klawock Airport KLINGERSTOWN - Schadels Airport KLONDYKE - Av Ranch Airport KLONDYKE - China Peak Observatory Airport KNIGHTDALE - Raleigh East Airport KNIGHTS LANDING - Bobs Flying Service Inc Airport KNIGHTS LANDING - Sunrise Dusters Airport KNIGHTSEN - Las Serpientes Airport KNIGHTSTOWN - Willcox Airport KNOB NOSTER - Whiteman Air Force Base KNOWLESVILLE - Knowlesville Airport KNOX - Bickels Cow Patch Airport KNOX - Singletons Landing Strip Airport KNOX - Smittys Soaring Airport KNOX - Starke County Airport KNOX - West Township Airport KNOX - Wheeler Airport KNOX - Wilson Airport KNOX CITY - Harrison Field of Knox City Airport KNOX CITY - Oliver Airport KNOXVILLE - Champ Field Airport KNOXVILLE - Knoxville Downtown Island Airport KNOXVILLE - Knoxville Municipal Airport KNOXVILLE - McGhee Tyson Airport KNOXVILLE - Powell STOLport Airport KNOXVILLE - Robertson Farm Airport KNOXVILLE - Sky Ranch Airport KOKOMO - Glenndale Airport KOKOMO - Hartman Farms Field Airport KOKOMO - Indian Hills Flying Field Airport KOKOMO - Kokomo Municipal Airport KOOSKIA - Kooskia Municipal Airport KOSCIUSKO - Kosciusko Attala County Airport KOUNTZE/SILSBEE - Hawthorne Field Airport KRALLTOWN - Bermudian Valley Airpark KREMLIN - F.W. Zaloudek Airport KREMLIN - J-B Airstrip KREMLIN - Sorenson Airport KREMMLING - Mc Elroy Airfield KRESS - Joe Vaughn Spraying Airport KRESS - Whitfield Airport KRUM - Addington Field Airport KRUM - Bird Dog Airfield KRUM - Eagles Landing Airport KRUM - Richards Airport KRUM - Stocker Airport KULM - Kulm Municipal Airport KULM - Pruetz Municipal Airport KUNA - BlackS Airfield KUNA - Green Acres Airport KUNA - Indian Creek Ranch Airport KUNA - Larkin Airport KUTZTOWN - Kutztown Airport KUTZTOWN - Zettlemoyer Airport LA BELLE - Berry Grove Airport LA BELLE - Bob Paul Airport LA BELLE - Charlton Strip Airport LA BELLE - Cotton Strip Airport LA BELLE - Devils Garden Strip Airport LA BELLE - Duda Airstrip LA BELLE - La Belle Municipal Airport LA BELLE - South Point Airport LA BELLE - Southwest Citrus Airport LA BELLE - Sundance Farms Airport LA BELLE - Williams Sky Manor Airport LA CENTER - Daybreak Airport LA CENTER - La Center View-Air Airport LA CROSSE - La Crosse Municipal Airport LA CROSSE - Lou Abbett Farms Airport LA CROSSE - Rush County Airport LA FARGEVILLE - Tims Angus Farm Airport LA FONTAINE - Fox Station Airport LA GLORIA - Puesta Del Sol Airport LA GRANDE - La Grande Union County Airport LA GRANDE - Maxwell Private Airport LA GRANGE - Fayette Regional Air Center Airport LA GRANGE - Rocky Creek Ranch Airport LA GRANGE - Thunderbird Southwest Airport LA HARPE - Morton Airport LA JUNTA - La Junta Municipal Airport LA JUNTA - Wine Glass International Airport LA LUZ - Otero Mill Airport LA MOILLE - Clarion Field Airport LA MOTTE - Freedom Field Airport LA MOURE - La Moure Rott Municipal Airport LA PLATA - Edelen Field Airport LA PLATA - Lanseair Farms Airport LA PLATA - Schneider Field Airport LA PLATA - Ty-Ti-To Airport LA POINTE - Madeline Island Airport LA PORTE - La Porte Municipal Airport LA PORTE - La Porte Municipal Airport LA PORTE - Norms Airpark LA PORTE CITY - Nichols Airport LA PRYOR - Chaparrosa Ranch Airport LA PRYOR - Westwind Ranch Airport LA SAL - La Sal Junction Airport LA SALLE - Flaherty Field Airport LA VERNE - Brackett Field Airport LA VERNIA - Cleveland Airport LA VETA - Cuchara Valley At La Veta Airport LA WARD - Whites Airport LACASSINE - Gotreaux Strip Airport LACEY - Flying Carpet Airport LACKAWAXEN - Boehms Field Airport LACON - Marshall County Airport LACON - Parrish RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport LACONIA - Cedar Farm Airport LACONIA - Laconia Municipal Airport LACROSSE - Lacrosse Municipal Airport LADDONIA - Schlemmer Airport LADYSMITH - Rusk County Airport LAFAYETTE - Barwick Lafayette Airport LAFAYETTE - Etter Airport LAFAYETTE - Fox Hole Airport LAFAYETTE - Freebird Field Airport LAFAYETTE - Gibson Field Airport LAFAYETTE - Lafayette Airstrip LAFAYETTE - Lafayette Municipal Airport LAFAYETTE - Lafayette Regional Airport LAFAYETTE - Purdue University Airport LAFAYETTE - Ratcliff Airport LAFAYETTE - Timber House Airport LAFAYETTE - Wyandotte Airport LAFOLLETTE - Deerfield Resort Airport LAGARTO - Arrowhead Airport LAGO VISTA - Lago Vista Tx Rusty Allen Airport LAGO VISTA - Shoreline Ranch Airport LAGRANGE - Grayhill Airport LAGRANGE - Jer-Mar Airpark LAGRANGE - Lagrange Airport LAGRANGE - Lagrange Callaway Airport LAGRANGE - Richards Airport LAGUNA PARK - Laguna Park Community Airport LAHAINA (MAUI, HAWAII) - Pohakuloa Training Area Airport LAHAINA - Kapalua Airport LAINGSBURG - Dennis Farms Airport LAJITAS - Lajitas International Airport LAKE - Scott Airstrip LAKE ANDES - Lake Andes Municipal Airport LAKE ARIEL - Reed Airport LAKE ARROWHEAD - Lake Arrowhead Airport LAKE ARTHUR - Lake Air Service Airport LAKE ARTHUR - Little Pecan Island Airport LAKE BRONSON - Lake Bronson Airport LAKE BUTLER - Department of Corrections Field Airport LAKE CHARLES - Chennault International Airport LAKE CHARLES - Chloe Airport LAKE CHARLES - Lake Charles Regional Airport LAKE CHARLES - Morgan Crop Service Airport LAKE CHARLES - Morgan Crop Service Nr 2 Airport LAKE CHARLES - Open A-1 Ranch Airport LAKE CITY - Cannon Creek Airpark LAKE CITY - Castle Lakes Airport LAKE CITY - Corman Acres Airport LAKE CITY - Delta Airport LAKE CITY - Hill Landing Strip Airport LAKE CITY - Home Acres Sky Ranch Airport LAKE CITY - Lake City Airpark LAKE CITY - Lake City Gateway Airport LAKE CITY - Lake City Municipal CJ Evans Field Airport LAKE CITY - Rossi Field Airport LAKE CITY - Z Ranch Airport LAKE DALLAS - Hidden Valley Airpark LAKE DALLAS - Lakeview Airport LAKE ELSINORE - Mc Conville Airstrip LAKE ELSINORE - Skylark Field Airport LAKE FORK - Flying A Ranch Airport LAKE GENEVA - Grand Geneva Resort Airport LAKE GENEVA - Lake Geneva Aire Estates Airport LAKE GENEVA - Mount Fuji Airport LAKE GENEVA - Prairie View Farm Airport LAKE GEORGE - Antelope Airpark LAKE GEORGE - Doss Field Airport LAKE HAVASU CITY - Lake Havasu City Airport LAKE HAVASU CITY - Sergio Private Airport LAKE HUNTINGTON - Campis Airport LAKE ISABELLA - Lake Isabella Airpark LAKE MILLS - Ha-Rail Airport LAKE MILLS - Lake Mills Municipal Airport LAKE NEBAGAMON - Minnesuing Airport LAKE PANASOFFKEE - Montgomerys Flying M Ranch Airport LAKE PARK - Kaisers Airstrip LAKE PLACID - Blue Head Ranch Airport LAKE PLACID - J. H. Hendrie Farms Airport LAKE PLACID - Kings Port Airport LAKE PLACID - Lake Persimmon Airstrip LAKE PLACID - Lake Placid Airport LAKE PLACID - Last Chance Ranch Airport LAKE PLACID - Placid Lakes Airport LAKE PLACID - Vinces Condominium Association Airport LAKE PRESTON - Lake Preston Municipal Airport LAKE PROVIDENCE - Byerley Airport LAKE PROVIDENCE - Cottonwood Airport LAKE STEVENS - Frontier Airpark LAKE TOMAHAWK - Dolhun Field Airport LAKE VILLAGE - Lake Village Airport LAKE VILLAGE - Lake Village Municipal Airport LAKE WALES - Bent Willies Airport LAKE WALES - Chalet Suzanne Air Strip LAKE WALES - David Wines Airstrip LAKE WALES - Lake Wales Municipal Airport LAKE WORTH - Loxahatchee Airport LAKE/ISLAND PARK/ - Henrys Lake Airport LAKEFIELD - H Reder Field Airport LAKEFIELD - Nauerth Land Ranch Airport LAKEHURST - Lakehurst Maxfield Field Airport LAKELAND - Burntwood Ranch Airport LAKELAND - Green Swamp Aerodrome Airport LAKELAND - Lakeland Linder Regional Airport LAKELAND - South Lakeland Airport LAKEPORT - Lampson Field Airport LAKESHORE - Mountain Road Airport LAKESHORE - Turkey Bayou Airpark LAKESIDE - Lakeside Airport LAKESIDE - Lakeside State Airport LAKESIDE - Orr Airport LAKESIDE - Pawlet Ranch Airport LAKEVIEW - Barnes Valley Airport LAKEVIEW - Farr Airport LAKEVIEW - Gastons Airport LAKEVIEW - Lake County Airport LAKEVIEW - Lakeview Airport LAKEVIEW - Lakeview-Airport-Griffith Field LAKEVIEW - Metzel Creek Airport LAKEVIEW - Teeds Airport LAKEVIEW - Withrotor Airport LAKEVILLE - Lakeville Airport LAKEWOOD (WASHINGTON) - Pacemaker Landing Zone Airport LAKEWOOD - Boden Airport LAKEWOOD - Lakewood Airpark LAKEWOOD - Lakewood Airport LAKIN - Lakin Airport LAKOTA - Lakota Municipal Airport LAMAR - Foertsch Airport LAMAR - Lamar Airport LAMAR - Lamar Municipal Airport LAMAR - Lamar Municipal Airport LAMAR - Larrabee Airport LAMAR - Tinnes Airport LAMBERTVILLE - Goat Hill Airport LAMBERTVILLE - Toledo Suburban Airport LAMESA - Benny White Flying Airport LAMESA - Lamesa Municipal Airport LAMESA - Thorp Airport LAMKIN - Harley White Field Airport LAMONI - Lamoni Municipal Airport LAMONI - Sollys Strip Ultralightport Airport LAMONT - Mount Olive Farm Airport LAMONT - Turkey Scratch Plantation Airport LAMPASAS - Deer Pasture Airport LAMPASAS - Kings Ranch Airport LAMPASAS - Lampasas Airport LANAI CITY - Lanai Airport LANARK - Foxfield Aerodrome Airport LANARK - Swan Valley Farm Airport LANCASTER - Bermuda High Gliderport Airport LANCASTER - Bohunks Airpark LANCASTER - Buffalo Lancaster Regional Airport LANCASTER - Fairfield County Airport LANCASTER - General WM J Fox Airfield LANCASTER - Kirk Air Base LANCASTER - Lancaster Airport LANCASTER - Lancaster Airport LANCASTER - Lancaster County-Mc Whirter Field Airport LANCASTER - Lancaster Municipal Airport LANCASTER - Little Buttes Antique Airfield LANCASTER - Newcomb Hereford Ranch Airport LANCASTER - Unity Aerodrome Airport LAND O LAKES - Kings Land O Lakes Airport LAND-O-LAKES - Simons Airfield LANDER - Hunt Field Airport LANDIS - Broadway Airfield LANDISBURG - Egolf Airport LANDISBURG - Shulls Airport LANDMARK - Landmark US Forest Service Airport LANDRUM - Fairview Airport LANESVILLE - Greenridge RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport LANESVILLE - Lanesville Skyways Airport LANETT - Lanett Municipal Airport LANGDON - Forest Airport LANGDON - Robertson Field Airport LANGLEY - Grandcraft Landing Strip Airport LANGLEY - Harman Airport LANGLEY - Whidbey Air Park LANGTRY - 4M Ranch Airfield LANSFORD - Undlin Airstrip LANSING - Capital City Airport LANSING - Highcrest Air Park LANSING - Mount Muncie Airport LANSING - New River Gorge Airport LAONA - Heritage Acres Airport LAOTTO - Ries Airport LAPAZ - Sherk Field Airport LAPEER - Dupont-Lapeer Airport LAPEL - Pat Robinson Airport LAPINE - T W Spear Memorial Airport LAPORTE - Kellogg Airstrip LAPORTE - Robco Airport LARAMIE - Laramie Regional Airport LARCHWOOD - Zangger Vintage Airpark LAREDO - Laredo International Airport LAREDO - Rachal Airport LAREDO - Rancho Blanco Airport LAREDO - Santa Maria Ranch Airport LARIMORE - Bakke Airport LARIMORE - Larimore Municipal Airport LARIMORE - Morten Airport LARKSPUR - Perry Park Airport LARNED - Larned Pawnee County Airport LARSEN - Larson Airport LAS ANIMAS - City of Las Animas Bent County Airport LAS CRUCES - Burris E Ranch Airport LAS CRUCES - Burris E Station Airport LAS CRUCES - Las Cruces International Airport LAS VEGAS - Henderson Executive Airport LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas Municipal Airport LAS VEGAS - McCarran International Airport LAS VEGAS - Nellis Air Force Base LAS VEGAS - North Las Vegas Airport LAS VEGAS - San Miguel Ranch Airport LAST CHANCE - Chenoweth Airport LAST CHANCE - Frasier Ranch Airport LATEXO - Bruner Airport LATROBE - Arnold Palmer Regional Airport LAURA - Swigart Airport LAUREL - Cottonwood Airport LAUREL - Hesler Noble Field Airport LAUREL - Laurel Airport LAUREL - Laurel Municipal Airport LAUREL - Laurel Municipal Airport LAUREL - Suburban Airport LAURENS - Laurens County Airport LAURIE - Bar-Vik Airport LAURIER - Avey Field State Airport LAVA HOT SPRINGS - Lava Hot Springs Airport LAVACA - Flying W Air Park Inc Airport LAVEEN - Hangar Haciendas Airport LAVERNE - Laverne Municipal Airport LAVINA - Lavina Airport LAWEN - Lawen Strip Airport LAWING - Lawing Airport LAWRENCE - Culp Airport LAWRENCE - Hangar Fly Ultralight Fly Club Ultralightport Airport LAWRENCE - Lawrence Municipal Airport LAWRENCE - Lawrence Municipal Airport LAWRENCE - Michaels Airport LAWRENCE - Norris Airport LAWRENCEBURG - Buzzards Roost Airport LAWRENCEBURG - Lawrenceburg Lawrence County Airport LAWRENCEVILLE - Canaans Field Airport LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett County Briscoe Field Airport LAWRENCEVILLE - Lawrenceville Brunswick Municipal Airport LAWRENCEVILLE - Lawrenceville Vincennes International Airport LAWRENCEVILLE - Logans Chance Airport LAWRENCEVILLE - Pipers Landing Airport LAWSON - Martins Airport LAWTON - Cornish Field Airport LAWTON - Djs Airport LAWTON - Hill Top Private Airport LAWTON - Jerry-Wright Airfield LAWTON - Lawton Airport LAWTON - Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport LAWTON - Neuwirth Airstrip LAYFAYETTE - Hogjowl Airport LAYTONSVILLE - Davis Airstrip LE COMPTE - Summerville Airstrip LE GRAND - Johnson Ranch Airport LE MARS - Le Mars Municipal Airport LE ROY - Le Roy Airport LE SUEUR - Le Sueur Municipal Airport LEADORE - Leadore Airport LEADVILLE - Lake County Airport LEAF RIVER - Duane E. Davis Airport LEAF RIVER - Rock Cut Farms Airport LEAF RIVER - West Grove Airport LEAKEY - Flying J Ranch Airport LEAKEY - Lewis Ranch Airport LEAKEY - Prade Ranch Airport LEAKEY - Real County Airport LEASBURG - Winstead 76 Airport LEAVENWORTH - Blasers Airport LEAVENWORTH - Johnsons Landing Ultralightport Airport LEAVENWORTH - Lake Wenatchee State Airport LEBANON (OHIO) - San Mar Gale Airport LEBANON - Boone County Airport LEBANON - Cedar Crest Field Airport LEBANON - Fall Creek Field Airport LEBANON - Flatwood Field Airport LEBANON - Floyd W. Jones Lebanon Airport LEBANON - Horst Airport LEBANON - Keller Brothers Airport LEBANON - Lebanon Municipal Airport LEBANON - Lebanon Municipal Airport LEBANON - Lebanon State Airport LEBANON - Matzie Airport LEBANON - Mt Hope Airport LEBANON - Shute Airport LEBANON - Tallman Airport LEBANON - Toy Box Airport LEBANON - Warren County Airport John Lane Field LEBEC - Tejon Agricultural Airport LECLAIRE - Schurr Airport LEDBETTER - Ullrich Airport LEE - Flying G Ranch STOLport Airport LEE - Madison County Airport LEE VINING - Lee Vining Airport LEEDEY - Haxton Airport LEEDS - Crystal Springs Ranch Airport LEEDS - Frings Airport LEEDS - Leeds Municipal Airport LEES SUMMIT - Lees Summit Municipal Airport LEESBURG - Donner Field Airport LEESBURG - Flying Baron Estates Airport LEESBURG - Goose Hunt Farm Airport LEESBURG - Leesburg Executive Airport LEESBURG - Leesburg International Airport LEESBURG - Leesburg Spraying Airport LEESBURG - Tex Merritt Private Airstrip LEESVILLE (LOUISIANA) - Forest service strip nr Kurthwood LA Airport LEESVILLE - Leesville Airport LEHIGHTON - Beltzville Airport LEHIGHTON - Jake Arner Memorial Airport LEHIGHTON - Neeb Airport LEHMAN - Countryside Airport LEHMAN - Lehman Airport LEIGHTON - Solt Field Airport LEIPSIC - Ruhes Airport LEITCHFIELD - Grayson County Airport LELAND - Huntley Airport LELAND - Lewis Air Service Airport LEMARS - Plueger Airfield LEMING - Ten Oaks Airport LEMMON VALLEY - Youngberg Ranch Airport LEMOORE - Lemoore Naval Air Station Reeves Field Airport LEMOORE - Stone Airstrip LEMORE - Vineyard Oaks Farm Airport LENA - Kramer Airport LENA - Red Shed Field Airport LENA - Reinoehl Field Airport LENOIR - Lanni Field Airport LENOIR - Lower Creek Airport LENOIR CITY - Big T Airport LENOIR CITY - Cox Farm Airport LENOIR CITY - Massingale Airport LENOIR CITY - Will A Hildreth Farm Airport LENORA - Lenora Municipal Airport LENOX - Domeyer Airport LENWOOD - Depue Airport LEO - Stettler Strip Airport LEOLA - Gillespie Strip Airport LEOLA - Heard Airport LEOLA - Katheryns Landing Airport LEON - Leon Airport LEON SPRINGS - Tarry Bank Airport LEONARD - Casey Field Airport LEONARD - Grove Hill Airport LEONARD - Rockys Place Airport LEONARDTOWN - Deerfield Airport LEONARDTOWN - Hampton Airport LEONARDTOWN - St. Marys County Regional Airport LEOTI - Arrow B Ranch Airport LEOTI - Mark Hoard Memorial Airport LEOTI - Mollenkamp Field Airport LERAYSVILLE - Giffin Airport LEROY - Mc Questions Airport LEROY - Pheasant Run Airport LESTER - Lester State Ultralightport Airport LESTER PRAIRIE - Serenity Airport LETART - Lieving Airport LETCHER - Mj Aviation I Airport LEVANT - Terra B & B Airport LEVELLAND - Levelland Municipal Airport LEWISBURG - Ellington Airport LEWISBURG - Fox Hollow Airport LEWISBURG - Gilmer Airport LEWISBURG - Greenbrier Valley Airport LEWISBURG - Hudgin Air Airport LEWISPORT - Hancock Co-Ron Lewis Field Airport LEWISTON - Garland Airport LEWISTON - Lewiston Nez Perce County Airport LEWISTON - Twin Lakes Airport LEWISTOWN - G. Bray Airport LEWISTOWN - Holland Ranch Airport LEWISTOWN - Krout Airport LEWISTOWN - Lewistown Municipal Airport LEWISTOWN - Sharpe Farms Airport LEWISTOWN - Wagner Airport LEWISVILLE - Black Mark Strip Airport LEWISVILLE - Hilliard Landing Area Airport LEWISVILLE - Jack Oak Airport LEWISVILLE - Shearer STOLport Airport LEWISVILLE - Whiteheart Farm Airport LEWISVILLE - Windmill Hill Airport LEXINGTON (KENTUCKY) - Coal Field Airport LEXINGTON - Blue Grass Airport LEXINGTON - C. A. Moore Airport LEXINGTON - Cotton Patch Airport LEXINGTON - Davidson County Airport LEXINGTON - Flugplatz Airport LEXINGTON - Flying M Airport LEXINGTON - Franklin Wilkins Airport LEXINGTON - Jim Kelly Field Airport LEXINGTON - Lexington Airfield LEXINGTON - Lexington Airport LEXINGTON - Lexington Municipal Airport LEXINGTON - Mc Caslin Airport LEXINGTON - Morrison Field Airport LEXINGTON - P.J. Killian Airport LEXINGTON - Whiteplains Airport LEXINGTON PARK - Cherry Field Airport LEXINGTON-PARSONS - Beech River Regional Airport LEXINGTON/PRATTSVILLE - Maben Airport LIBBY - Libby Airport LIBERAL - Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport LIBERAL - Supreme Feeders Airport LIBERTY - Causey Airport LIBERTY - Davis Field Airport LIBERTY - Hinshaw Greenacres Airport LIBERTY - Liberty Casey County Airport LIBERTY - Liberty Landing Airport LIBERTY - Liberty Municipal Airport LIBERTY - Mc Gehee Air Park LIBERTY - Norris Field Airport LIBERTY - Roosterville Airport LIBERTY - Thomas Airport LIBERTY CENTER - Mossburg Airport LIBERTY HILL - Britts Crosswind Airport LIBERTY HILL - C F C Aviation Ranch Airport LIBERTY HILL - Flying H Ranch Airport LIBERTY MILLS - Westrick Airport LIBERTYTOWN - Harrison Farm Airport LICKING - Craddock Field Airport LIDGERWOOD - Lidgerwood Municipal Airport LIDGERWOOD - Tesch Strip Airport LIGONIER - Hull Airport LIGONIER - Ligonier Airport LIGONIER - Zollinger Strip Airport LIHUE - Lihue Airport LIKELY - Likely Airport LILLIAN - Ban Farm Airport LILLY - Roney Farms Airport LIMA - Dave Rice Ultralightport Airport LIMA - Lima Allen County Airport LIMESTONE - Loring International Airport LIMINGTON - Limington Harmon Airport LIMON - Limon Municipal Airport LINCOLN - Cain Ranch Airport LINCOLN - Cloud Nine Airport LINCOLN - Dream Field Airport LINCOLN - Flying M Ranch Airport LINCOLN - Lincoln Airport LINCOLN - Lincoln Airport LINCOLN - Lincoln Municipal Airport LINCOLN - Lincoln Municipal Airport LINCOLN - Lincoln Regional Airport LINCOLN - Lincoln Regional Karl Harder Field Airport LINCOLN - Logan County Airport LINCOLN - Martin Airport LINCOLN - Mason Airport LINCOLN - Maules Roost Airport LINCOLN - Minder Airport LINCOLN - Pester Airport LINCOLN PARK - Lincoln Park Airport LINCOLN UNIVERSITY - Harris Airport LINCOLNTON - Lincolnton Lincoln County Regional Airport LINCOLNTON - Prater Ranch Airport LINCOLNVILLE - Navrat Airport LIND - Lind Airport LINDALE - Fraser Farm Airport LINDEN - Boon Lovelace Airport LINDEN - Cortopassi Airport LINDEN - Flyers Airpark LINDEN - Fowlers Airport LINDEN - Freddie Jones Field Airport LINDEN - Linden Airport LINDEN - Perry County Airport LINDEN - Prices Airport LINDENWOOD - Alcock RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport LINDENWOOD - Bauer Airport LINDENWOOD - Somers Blossom Airport LINDON - Decker Farms Airport LINDRITH - Lindrith Airpark LINDSAY - Bearden Private Airport LINDSAY - Freedom Field Airport LINDSAY - Johnston Field Airport LINDSAY - Lindsay Municipal Airport LINDSTROM - Barnes Airport LINE LEXINGTON - Moyer Airport LINESVILLE - Merrys Pymatuning Airport LINN - Linn State Technical College Airport LINO LAKES - Lino Air Park LINO LAKES - Vieira Airport LINTON - Linton Municipal Airport LINTON - Morrison Flight Park Ultralightport Airport LINWOOD - Dix Field Airport LINWOOD - Linwood Airport LISBON - Barnes Airport LISBON - Hiam Private Airport LISBON - Lisbon Municipal Airport LISBON - Moellenkamp Airport LISBON FALLS - Margerison Airport LITCHFIELD - Claucherty Airport LITCHFIELD - Harris Corn Field Airport LITCHFIELD - Kruggel Airport LITCHFIELD - L & M Aerodrome Airport LITCHFIELD - Litchfield Municipal Airport LITCHFIELD - Litchfield Municipal Airport LITCHFIELD - Ripley Field Airport LITCHFIELD - Sies Landing Area Airport LITCHFIELD PARK - Coyner Airstrip LITHIA - Stanchester Airport LITHONIA - Lt World Airport LITTLE ELM - Spanish Oaks Airport LITTLE FALLS - Little Falls-Morrison County-Lindbergh field Airport LITTLE RIVER - Little River Airport LITTLE ROCK - Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport Adams Field LITTLE ROCK - Cricket Field Airport LITTLE ROCK - Crystal Ridge Airport LITTLE ROCK - Three Rivers Airport LITTLE ROCK - Two Rivers Airport LITTLE SHASTA - Coonrod Ranch Airport LITTLE VALLEY - Ultralight Port Ultralightport Airport LITTLE YORK - M.A.M Trail Airport LITTLEFIELD - Littlefield Municipal Airport LITTLEFORK - Littlefork Muni Hanover Airport LITTLESTOWN - Kingsdale Air Park LITTLETON - Bowen Farms Nr 1 Airport LIVE OAK - Bowles Airport LIVE OAK - Cooksey Brothers Airport LIVE OAK - Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch Airport LIVE OAK - Kittyhawk Estates Airport LIVE OAK - Moss Meadows Airport LIVE OAK - Pittman Oaks Airport LIVE OAK - Suwannee Belle Airport LIVE OAK - Suwannee County Airport LIVE OAK - Wings N Sunsets LLC Airport LIVE OAK - Wright Farms Airport LIVENGOOD - Livengood Camp Airport LIVERMORE - Kohlhaas Airport LIVERMORE - Livermore Municipal Airport LIVERMORE - Meadowlark Field Airport LIVERMORE FALLS - Bowman Field Airport LIVERPOOL - Frymoyer Airport LIVERPOOL - Toy Airpark LIVINGSTON - Flying Y Ranch Airport LIVINGSTON - Foster Ranches Airport LIVINGSTON - Green Acres Airport LIVINGSTON - Livingston Municipal Airport LIVINGSTON - Livingston Municipal Airport LIVINGSTON - Mission Field Airport LIVONIA - Myers Farm Airport LIZTON - Bergs Airport LIZTON - Haffner Airport LIZTON - Myers Field Airport LLANO - Crystal Airport LLANO - Flying D Airport LLANO - Llano Municipal Airport LLANO - Mc David Ranch Airport LOA - Wayne Wonderland Airport LOCK HAVEN - Ponderosa Airport LOCK HAVEN - Tall Pines Airfield LOCK HAVEN - William T. Piper Memorial Airport LOCKHART - Lockhart Municipal Airport LOCKHART - Someday Ranch Airport LOCKNEY - Outback Airport LOCKNEY - Sherman Airport LOCKPORT - Bassett Field Airport LOCKPORT - Bent-Wing Airport LOCKPORT - Cambria Airport LOCKPORT - North Buffalo Suburban Airport LOCKRIDGE - R S Auto Airport LOCKWOOD - Boehne Field Airport LOCKWOOD - Woodfield Airpark Inc Airport LOCUST - Tucker Field Airport LOCUST GROVE - Holders Field Airport LOCUST GROVE - Mallards Landing Airport LOCUST GROVE - River Bend Airport LODI - Faber Vineyards Airport LODI - Ferdun Ranch Airport LODI - Kingdon Airpark LODI - Lodi Airpark LODI - Lodi Airport LODI - Lodi Lakeland Airport LODI - M.C.R. Airport LODI - Wallom Field Airport LOGAN - Lazy-W Airport LOGAN - Logan-Cache Airport LOGAN - Logan County Airport LOGANSPORT - Logansport Cass County Airport LOGANVILLE - Spring Valley Farm Airport LOGANVILLE - Tri-Center Airport LOHRVILLE - Riedesel Private Airport LOLO - Fords South Airport LOMETA - Birchfield Ranch Airport LOMETA - Lometa Air Strip LOMPOC - Lompoc Airport LOMPOC - Vandenberg Air Force Base LONDON - Chesnut Knolls Airport LONDON - London-Corbin Airport Magee Field LONDON - Madison County Airport LONDON - Roberts Airport LONDONDERRY - North Windham Airport LONE GROVE - Colby Field Airport LONE JACK - Friends Field Airport LONE JACK - Lambs Field Airport LONE JACK - Michael Farm Airport