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You are looking for a hotel at the airport? Close to the big cities? On this website you will find a list of hotels close to the airport.


BARDEJOV - Zborov Airport BELÁ - Kamenný Most Airport BOLERÁZ - Trnava Airport BRATISLAVA - M. R. Štefánik Airport DOLEČKY - Gajary UL Airport DUBNICA NAD VÁHOM - Dubnica Glider Airport DUBOVÁ - Dubová Airport HOLIČ - Holič Airport HRABUSICE - Hrabušice Airport KALNA NAD HRONOM - Tekovský Hrádok Airport KAMENICA NAD CIROCHOU - Kamenica nad Cirochou Airport KOSICE - Letisko Veľká Ida Airport KOŠICE - Bidovce Airport KOŠICE - Košice Airport LUČENEC - Lučenec Airport MALACKY - Kuchyňa Air Base MARTIN - Martin Glider Airport NITRA - Nitra Airfield NOVÉ ZÁMKY - Nové Zámky Airport PARTIZÁNSKE - Male Bielice Airport PIEŠŤANY - Piešťany Airport POPRAD - Poprad-Tatry Airport PREŠOV - Prešov Air Base PRIEVIDZA - Prievidza Glider Airport SENEC - Kralova pri Senci Airport SENICA - Senica Airport SLADKOVICOVO - Sládkovicovo Airport SLIAČ - Sliač Airport SPIŠSKÁ NOVÁ VES - Spišská Nová Ves Airport SVIDNÍK - Svidník Airport TOMASOV - Malý Madaras Airport TRENČÍN - Trenčín Airport TRNAVA - Trnava-Kopánka Airport TVRDOSOVCE - Šurany Airport VRBOVE - Krakovany Airport VYDRANY - Dunajská Streda Airport ZVOLEN - Dobra Niva airfield Airport ZVOLEN - Ocova airfield Airport ŽELIEZOVCE - Želiezovce Airport ŽILINA - Žilina Airport



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Following the ABC we listed all airports. Choose your destination airport and find the accurate accommodation for your trip. On the page of the respective airport the nearby accommodations and airport hotels are listed according to proximity to the airport. In this overview, you will find airport hotels in the immediate vicinity of the airport, depending on the region, but also a bit further away in tourist areas with old town, historic city center, restaurants and also on the beach, with family room, air conditioning, parking and airport pickup and drop. Check rates & availability and book your airport hotel right away.



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