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You are looking for a hotel at the airport? Close to the big cities? On this website you will find a list of hotels close to the airport.


AGOTU - Agotu Airstrip AIOME - Aiome Airport AIYURA VALLEY - Aiyura Airport ALOTAU - Cape Vogel Airport ALOTAU - Nowata Airport AMBULUA - Ambaluwa Airstrip AMUSA - Gimi Airstrip ASSENGSENG - Assengseng Airstrip AZIANA MISSION - Aziana Airstrip BANK - Bank Airstrip BATRI - Batri Airstrip BEGESIN - Begesin Airstrip BEWANI - Bewani Airport BIALLA, MATALILU, EWASE - Bialla Airport BINIGUNI - Biniguni Airport BODINUMU - Bodinumu Airport BOMAI - Bomai Airport BOURE - Boure Airstrip BUKI - Finschhafen Airport BULOLO - Bulolo Airport BUNDI - Bundi Airport BUNGUWAT - Bunguwat Airstrip CASTORI ISLETS - Doini Airport DENGLAGU MISSION - Keglsugl Airport DERIM - Derim Airport DINANGAT - Dinangat Airport DOBU - Dobu Airstrip DOROBISORO - Dorobisoro Airport DUSIN - Dusin Airport EFOGI - Efogi Airport EMBESSA - Embessa Airport EMO MISSION - Emo River Airstrip ENGATI - Engati Airstrip ERAVE - Erave Airport ESAALA - Esaala Airport FANE MISSION - Fane Airport FATIMA MISSION - Woitape Airport FOROKO - Foroko Airstrip FULLEBORN - Fulleborn Airport GASMATA ISLAND - Gasmata Island Airport GEMA - Gema Airstrip GEWOIA - Gewoia Airport GIRAMBEN - Giramben Airstrip GOROKA - Haia Airport GORONKA - Goroka Airport GUHU - Guhu Airstrip GURNEY - Gurney Airport GUSAP - Gusap Airport GUWASA - Guwasa Airport GWARAWON - Nankina Airport HABINA - Habina Airstrip HAELOGO - Haelogo Airport HEIWENI - Heiweni Airport HEROWANA - Herowena Airstrip HOSKINS - Kimbe Airport IALIBU - Ialibu Airport IAMALELE, FERGUSSON ISLAND - Iamalele Airport IMANE - Imane Airport IMONDA - Imonda Airport INDAGEN - Indagen Airport ISAN - Isan Airstrip JAYAPURA - Blackwara Airport JUNKARAL - Junkaral Airstrip KAGI - Kagi Airport KAGUA - Kagua Airport KANAINJ - Kanainj Airport KANDEP - Kandep Airport KANDRIAN - Kandrian Airport KAPI - Kapi Airstrip KAR - Kar Airport KAR KAR ISLAND - Kar Kar Airport KARIMUI - Karimui Airport KASONOMBE - Kasonombe Airport KAWBENABERI - Ruti Airport KIMBE - Asirim Airport KOKODA - Kokoda Airport KOL - Kol Airport KOMBAKU - Kombaku Airstrip KONAMBE - Koinambe Airport KONGE - Konge Airport KORA - Kora Airstrip KUBUNA MISSION - Kubuna Airstrip KUMBWARETA - Kumbwareta Airstrip KUNDIAWA - Chimbu Airport LAE - Baindoung Airport LAE - Bawan Airport LAE - Kabwum Airport LAE - Langimar Airport LAE - Lengbati Airport LAE - Nadzab Airport LAE - Ogeranang Airport LAE - Yegepa Airport LERON PLAINS - Leron Plains Airport LINGA LINGA - Linga Linga Airport LOLOATA ISLAND - Oram Airport LOWAI - Lowai Airport LUMUSA - Lumusa Airstrip MADANG - Daup Airport MADANG - Madang Airport MAKINI - Makini Airport MANARI - Manari Airport MANGA MISSION - Manga Airport MANUMU - Manumu Airport MANUS ISLAND - Momote Airport MARALINA - Maralina Airstrip MASA - Masa Airport MENDI - Mendi Airport MENGINA - Mengina Airstrip MILEI - Milei Airstrip MINDIK - Mindik Airport MOKI - Moki Airport MOUNT HAGEN - Appa Airstrip MOUNT HAGEN - Kompiam Airport MOUNT HAGEN - Mount Aue Airport MOUNT HAGEN - Mount Hagen Kagamuga Airport MOUNT HAGEN - Wapenamanda Airport MOUNT HAGEN - Yenkis Yankisa Airport MOUNT TAUWA - Mount Tauwa Airstrip NADUNUMU - Nadunumu Airport NAMANE - Nomane Airport NAMATANAI - Namatanai Airport NAMBAIYUFA - Nambaiyufa Airport NAORO VILAGE - Naoro Airport NEGARBO - Negarbo Negabo Airport NIPA - Nipa Airport NORAMBI - Norambi Airstrip. NOWATA - Nowata Airport OBURA - Obura Airstrip OMAURA - Omaura Airstrip ONANGE MISSION - Ononge Airport OSSIMA - Ossima Airport OWENIA - Owena Airstrip PANGIA - Pangia Airport PINDIU - Pindiu Airport PORT MORESBY - Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport PUMANI - Pumani Airport PURI - Puri Airport RABARABA - Raba Raba Airport RAKANDA - Rakanda Airport SAFIA - Safia Airport SAIDOR - Saidor Airport SALAMO - Salamo Airport SAMANZING - Samanzing Airstrip SAMARAI ISLAND - China Strait Airstrip SAPMANGA - Sapmanga Airport SATWAG - Satwag Airport SEHULEA - Sehulea Airport SENGAPI - Sengapi Airstrip SIALUM - Sialum Airport SILUR MISSION - Silur Airport SIMBAI - Simbai Airport SIMOGU - Simogu Airstrip SIWEA - Siwea Airport STOCKHOLM - Stockholm Airport SUGU - Sugu Airstrip TALASEA - Talasea Airport TALBAKUL - Talbakul Airstrip TAPEN - Tapen Airstrip TARABO - Tarabo Airport TEPTEP - Tep Tep Airport TETEBEDI - Tetebedi Airport TIRI - Tiri Airstrip TOBOU - Tobou Airstrip TOKUA - Tokua Airport TOL - Tol Airport TSENDIAP - Tsendiap Airstrip TSEWI - Tsewi Airport TSILE TSILE - Tsile Tsile Airport TUFI - Agaun Airport TUFI - Aragip Airport TUFI - Tufi Airport TUFI - Wanigela Airport TUVAU - Tuvau Airstrip UROUBI - Uroubi Airport VANIMO - Vanimo Airport WANTOAT - Wantoat Airport WANUMA - Wanuma Airport WASU - Wasu Airport WAU - Wau Airport WEAM - Weam Airport WEDAU - Wedau Airport WONENARA - Wonenara Airport WOPOSALI - Woposali Airstrip WUYABO - Wuyabo Airstrip YALUMET - Yalumet Airport YASURU - Yasuru Airport YAWAN - Yawan Airstrip YIMNALEM - Yimnalem Airstrip YOMNERI - Yomneri Airstrip YULE ISLAND - Kairuku Airport ZUEBAK - Zuebak Airstrip



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