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Norway - I am coming! Discover airport hotels and lodging: Norway is waiting for you is your specialist for accommodations close to airports for Norway

You are looking for a hotel at the airport? Close to the big cities? On this website you will find a list of hotels close to the airport.


AGDENES - Agdenes Airfield Breivika ALSTAHAUG - Sandnessjøen Airport Stokka ALTA - Alta Airport ANDENES - Andøya Airport AUKRA - Gossen Airfield BERGEN - Bergen Airport Flesland BERLEVÅG - Berlevåg Airport BODØ - Bodø Airport BORGE - Torsnes Airfield BRØNNØY - Brønnøysund Airport BYGLAND - Ose Airfield BÅTSFJORD - Båtsfjord Airport DAGALI - Geilo Airport Dagali DOKKA - Dokka Thomlevold Airport EINA - Bøverbru Airfield ELVERUM - Elverum Starmoen Airport EVENES - Harstad Narvik Airport Evenes EVJE OG HORNNES - Evje Airfield FAGERNES - Leirin Airport FARSUND - Lista Airport FEIRING - Feiring Airfield FLORØ - Florø Airport FOLLDAL - Folldal Grimsmoe Airport FROLANDS VERK - Gullknapp Flpl Airport FROSTA - Frosta Airfield FRYA - Ringebu Airfield Frya FRØYA - Flatval Airport FYRESDAL - Fyresdal Airfield FØRDE - Førde Airport GEITERYGGEN - Skien Airport GRONG - Grong Airfield Bjørgan HADSEL - Stokmarknes Skagen Airport HAMAR - Stafsberg Airport HAMMERFEST - Hammerfest Airport HASVIK - Hasvik Airport HATTFJELLDAL - Hattfjelldal Airport HOKKSUND - Hokksund Airfield HONNINGSVÅG - Valan Airport HØNEFOSS - Eggemoen Airport KARMØY - Haugesund Airport KAUTOKEINO - Kautokeino Air Base KIRKENES - Kirkenes Airport Høybuktmoen KJELLER - Kjeller Airport KJEVIK - Kristiansand Airport KLANTEN - Gol Airport KONGSVINGER - Gjølstad Airfield KVERNBERGET - Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget LAKSELV - Banak Airport LEIRVIK - Stord Airport LEKNES - Leknes Airport LESJA - Bjorli Airfield LILLEHAMMER - Lillehammer Mjøsisen Airfield LJØRDALEN - Ljørdalen Flyplass Airport LONGYEARBYEN - Svalbard Airport Longyear LUNDE NOME - Lunde Nome Airfield MEHAMN - Mehamn Airport MELHUS - Ler Airfield MERÅKER - Meråker Airfield Øian MO I RANA - Mo i Rana Airport Røssvoll MOSJØEN - Mosjøen Airport Kjærstad MÅLSELV - Bardufoss Airport NAMSOS - Namsos Høknesøra Airport NARVIK - Narvik Framnes Airport NOTODDEN - Notodden Airport OPPDAL - Fagerhaug Airport OSLO - Oslo Gardermoen Airport REINSVOLL - Reinsvoll Airport RENDALEN - Sølenstua Airfield RINGSAKER - Mesnali Airfield RYGGE - Moss Airport Rygge RYSSTAD - Valle Airfield Åraksøyne RØROS - Røros Airport RØRVIK - Rørvik Airport Ryum RØST - Røst Airport SALANGEN - Salangen Airfield Elvenes SALTDAL - Rognan Airport SANDANE - Sandane Airport Anda SKI - Ski Airfield SKIPSTVEDT - Rakkestad Astorp Airport SNÅSA - Graundalen Airport SNÅSA - Grønnøra Airport SNÅSA - Snåsa Airfield Grønøra SOGNDAL - Sogndal Airport STAVANGER - Stavanger Airport Sola STEINKJER - Henning Nedre Langli Airport STOR-ELVDAL - Atna Airport SUNNDALSØRA - Vinnu Airport SURNADAL - Fiske Airfield SURNADAL - Gravvold Airfield SVEA - Svea Airport SVOLVÆR - Svolvær Helle Airport SØNDRE LAND - Husodden Airfield SØR-FRON - Wadahl Airport SØRKJOSEN - Sørkjosen Airport TANA - Masjok Airport TJUKKEBYGDI - Bømoen Airport TORP - Sandefjord Airport Torp TROMSØ - Tromsø Airport TRONDHEIM - Trondheim Airport Værnes TYNSET - Tynset Airport TØNSBERG - Jarlsberg Airfield TØRBERGET - Trysil Sæteråsen Airport ULVEN - Os Vaksinen Ulve Airport VADSØ - Vadsø Airport VARDØ - Vardø Airport Svartnes VORMSUND - Haga Airfield VORMSUND - Maarud Airport ÅLESUND - Ålesund Airport ÅMOT - Æra Airfield ÅMOT - Rena Airfield Landsørkje ÅRØ - Molde Airport ÅSNES FINNSKOG - Vermundsjøen Airport ØRLAND - Ørland Airport ØRSTA - Ørsta-Volda Airport Hovden



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Be it important city or backwater town. Here you find all airports in Norway sorted by alphabet. Click on the airport, where you are looking for accommodation and find die nearest 10 hotels and lodgings close to the airport. You can find airport hotels listed by proximity to the airport. At the beginning find the accommodation closest to the airport, on 10th place the airport hotel with the longest distance. You will find in this airport hotel catalog airport accommodations in walking distance and others which can be reached quickly by bus or taxi. You can immediately book your favorite airport hotel.



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