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You are looking for a hotel at the airport? Close to the big cities? On this website you will find a list of hotels close to the airport.


AI-AIS - Ai-Ais Airport ARANDIS - Arandis Airport ARANOS - Aranos Airport ARANOS - Aranos Pan Landing Site Airport ARIAMSVLEY - Ariamsvley Airport ARIS - Aris Landrig Strip Airport AROAB - Aroab B Airport AUS - Aus Airport AUSSENKEHR - Aussenkehr Airport BAGANI - Bagani Airport BETHANIEN - Bethanien Airport BITTERWASSER - Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Club Airfield BRUKKAROS - Brukkaros Landing Strip Airport CHAUSIB - Rooisand Airport DAMARALAND - Rag Rock Airport DERM - Derm East Pan Landing Site Airport DORDABIS - Dordabis Carpet Airport DRIMIOPSIS - Drimiopsis Landing Site Airport EENHANA - Eenhana Airport EIRUP - Eirup Landing Site Airport EPUKIRO - Epukiro Airport EPUKIRO - Epukiro North Landing Site Airport GAMSBERG - Gamsberg Landing Site Airport GAMSBERG PASS - Gams Farm Landing Site Airport GARIB - Garib Landing Site Airport GIBEON - Gibeon Airport GOBABIS - Bush Breaks Lodge Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Eintracht Airstrip GOBABIS - Gobabis Airport GOBABIS - Gobabis Street-T Airport GOBABIS - Hetaku Game Lodge Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Julia Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Keitzaub Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Kentucky Sud Pan Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Ninette Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Nossob Gabel Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Ohlsenhagen Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Okahennesiva Landing Site Airport GOBABIS - Solingen Airstrip GOBABIS - Spatzenfeld Landing Site Airport GOCHAS - Auob Lodge Airport GOCHAS - Gochas Airstrip GOCHAS - Katzensteg Airport GOCHAS - Wandervogel Airstrip GOELLSCHAU - Goellschau Farm Landing Site Airport GROOTFONTEIN - Grootfontein Airport HALALI - Halali Airport HARIBES DAM - Haribes Dam Strip Airport HELMERINGHAUSEN - Helmering Airstrip HELMERINGHAUSEN - Helmeringhausen Airport HOACHANAS - Beenbreek Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Bimsfarm Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Bitterwasser N. Sta Airport HOACHANAS - Bitterwasser North Airport HOACHANAS - Blumfelde Pan Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Cowdray Airstrip HOACHANAS - Georgia Peter Schomarz Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Gomnab Airport HOACHANAS - Gravenstein Prv Airport HOACHANAS - Grootpan East Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Hannover N Airport HOACHANAS - Hoachanas Airport HOACHANAS - Intu Africa Pan Airport HOACHANAS - Judaea Strip Airport HOACHANAS - Kaukerus Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Kentani Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Louwater Pan Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Louwater S M7 Airport HOACHANAS - Mbela Big Wings Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Neuloore Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Olifantwater West Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Pokweni Glider Airport HOACHANAS - Rheinpfalz Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Runnersrest Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Tivoli Landing Site Airport HOACHANAS - Victory Airstrip HOACHANAS - Wittenau Pfanne Landing Site Airport HOBAS - Hobas Airport HOCHFELD - Hochfeld Airport ISIBIS - Isibis Airstrip KALKFELD - Kalkfeld Airport KALKRAND - Kalkrand Airport KALKRAND - Kalkrand Pan Landing Site Airport KAMANJAB - Kamanjab Airport KARASBURG - Karasburg Airport KARIBIB - Kansimba Landing Site Airport KARIBIB - Karibib Airport KARIBIB - Onjossa Airport KASANE - Namibia East Air Base KEETMANSHOOP - Guibes Landing Strip Airport KEETMANSHOOP - Keetmansh Railroad Airport KEETMANSHOOP - Keetmanshoop Airport KEETMANSHOOP - Klipdrif Airstrip KEETMANSHOOP - Lendepas Landing Site Airport KEETMANSHOOP - Moscow Landing Site Airport KEETMANSHOOP - Tweerivier Landing Site Airport KEETMANSHOOP - Vredeshoop Landing Site Airport KEETMANSHOOP - Zuuberg Landing Site Airport KGALAGADI TRANSFRONTIER PARK - Kalahari Game Lodge Airport KLEIN AUB - Klein Aub 15M Landing Site Airport KLEIN AUB - Klein Aub Pan Ok Landing Site Airport KLEIN NAUAS - Kiripotib Landing Site Airport KLEIN NAUAS - Klein Nauas Landing Site Airport KOES - Koes Airport KRUMNECK - Krumneck Airport KUB - Kub Landing Site Airport LEONARDVILLE - Leonardville Airport LIANSHULU LODGE - Lianshulu Airport LUDERITZ - Luderitz Airport MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe Airstrip MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe Airstrip MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe 4 Kal Landing Site Airport MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe 5 Kal Landing Site Airport MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe 6 Kal Landing Site Airport MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe 7 Kal Landing Site Airport MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe 8 Kal Landing Site Airport MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe 9 Kal Landing Site Airport MALTAHOEHE - Maltahoehe S Airport MARIENTAL - Anib Lodge Landing Site Airport MARIENTAL - Droeplaas Landing Site Airport MARIENTAL - Finger Gottes Airstrip MARIENTAL - Guamus Airport MARIENTAL - Kouwater Landing Site Airport MARIENTAL - Lidfontein Landing Site Airport MARIENTAL - Mariental Airport MARIENTAL - Nabus Landing Site Airport MARIENTAL - Salzbrunn Airstrip MARIENTAL - Strate Airport MARIENTAL - Tatave Landing Site Airport MARIENTAL - Twilight Airstrip MARIENTAL - Wohlzufrieden Airport MIDGARD - Midgard Airport MOKUTI LODGE - Mokuti Lodge Airport MOUNT ETJO SAFARI LODGE - Mount Etjo Airport MPACHA - Katima Mulilo Airport NAMUTONI - Namutoni Airport NAUCHAS - Nauchas Landing Site Airport NAUKLUFT MOUNTAIN - Bullsport Landig Site Airport NAUKLUFT MOUNTAIN - Gianti-1 Airport OAMITES - Oamites Landing Strip Airport OKAHANDJA - Okahandja Airstrip OKAPANJE - Okapanje Airport OKAUKUEJO - Okaukuejo Airport OKOMBAHE - Godehoop Landing Site Airport OMARURU - Albrechts Aistrip Airport OMARURU - Kamombombe East Airport OMARURU - Onduruqea Lodge Airport OMARURU - Okosongoro Airport Airport OMARURU - Omaruru Airport OMARURU - Omaruru Game Lodge Airport OMARURU - Roidina Peter Jo Airport OMEGA - Omega Airport ONDANGWA - Ondangwa Airport OPERET - Operet Airport ORANJEMUND - Oranjemund Airport OSHAKATI - Oshakati Airport OSONA - Osona Airstrip OTAVI - Khorab Safari Lodge Airport OTJIHAENENA - Otjihaenena Landing Strip Airport OTJIWARONGO - Eureka Farm Airport OTJIWARONGO - Oha Kaua Otjiwa Lodge Landing Site Airport OTJIWARONGO - Otjiwarongo Airport OTJIWARONGO - Otjiwarongo Center Airport OUTJO - Outjo Airport REHOBOTH - Rehoboth Airstrip REHOBOTH - Rehoboth Sta Airport REHOBOTH - Rehoboth Town Airport RIETFONTEIN - Rietfontein Airport RIETOOG - Rietoog Airport ROSH PINAH - Skorpion Mine Airport ROSTOCK - Rostock Ritz Lodge Airport RUACANA - Ruacana Airport RUNDU - Rundu Airport SCHLIP - Schlip Kalkrand1 Landing Site Airport SCHLIP - Schlip 1 Road113 Landing Site Airport SCHLIP - Schlip 2 67 Road Landing Site Airport SCHLIP - Schlip 2 87 Road Landing Site Airport SESRIEM - Sesriem Airstrip SESRIEM - Sossusvlei Lodge Landing Site Airport SESRIEM, SOSSUSVLEI - Weltevrede Rest Landing Site Airport SOLITAIRE - Afro Venture Airport SOLITAIRE - Geluk Kuala Lodge Airport SOLITAIRE - Kerweder Airport SOLITAIRE - Meier Airstrip Landing Site SOLITAIRE - Namib Naukluft Landing Site Airport SOLITAIRE - Solitaire Airport SOLITAIRE - Witwater East Landing Site Airport SOLITAIRE - Witwater West Airport SOLITAIRE - Wolwedans Airport SOSSUSVLEI DESERT LODGE - Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge Airport STAMPRIET - Stampriet Pan Airport STAMPRIET - Stamprietpan Ok Landing Site Airport STAMPRIVIER - Canon Lodge Airport STEINHAUSEN - Steinhausen Landing Site Airport SWAKOPMUND - Swakopmund Airport TSES - Tses Airstrip TSUMEB - Tsumeb Airport TSUMIS - Tsumis Airport TSUMKWE - Tsumkwe Airport UIS MINE - Uis Mine Airport WALVIS BAY - Walvis Bay Airport WATERBERG - Omaha Landing Site Airport WATERBERG - Rhenoster K Airport WINDHOEK - Bergland Landing Strip Airport WINDHOEK - Doornpoort Airstrip WINDHOEK - Eros Airport WINDHOEK - Greub Landing Site Airport WINDHOEK - Hosea Kutako International Airport WINDHOEK - Okamapu Landing Site Airport WITBOOISVLEY - Witbooisvley Landing Site Airport WITVLEI - Witvlei Airport



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