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You are looking for a hotel at the airport? Close to the big cities? On this website you will find a list of hotels close to the airport.


ABAY - Abay Bazar Airport AIMA ATA - Boralday Airport AITBUZUM - Aitbuzum East Airport AK DZHAR - Stepnoye East Airport AK DZHAR - Stepnoye West Airport AKSU - Blagoveshchenskoye-Chu Airport AKTAU - Aktau Airport AKTYUINSK - Aktobe Airport ALMATY - Almaty Airport ALMATY - Almaty North Airport ARYS - Arys Northeast Airport ASTANA - Astana International Airport ATYRAU - Atyrau Airport BADAM - Badam Airport BALKHASH - Balkhash Airport BLINKOVO - Blinkovo Airport BUGUN - Bugun Airport CHARYN - Charyn Airfield CHIKMENT / KHATYNKOPIR - Chikment Khatynkopir Airport CHILIK - Chilik Southeast Airfield CHUBAROVKA - Chubarovka Airport DZHETYGARA - Dzhetygara Airport EKIBASTUZ - Ekibastuz Airport GURVEY - Gurvey Northeast Airport ILIYSK - Iliysk North Airport ILIYSK - Zhetygen Airport KARABULAK - Karabulak Airport KARAGANDA - Karaganda Southeast Airport KARAGANDA - Karaganda Southwest Airport KARAGANDA - Sary-Arka Airport KEGEN - Kegan Airport KENTAU - Kentau Airport KOKCHETAV - Kokchetav Airport KOKSHETAU - Kokshetau Airport KOK_TYUBE - Kok-Tyube Airport KOSTANAY - Kostanay Airport KOSTANAY - Kostanay West Airport KRASNYY MOST - Krasnyy Most East Airport KURCHATOV - Kurchatov Airfield KYZYLASKER - Kyzylasker Airport KYZYLKISHLAK - Kyzylkishlak Airport KZYL-ORDA - Kzyl-Orda Airport KZYL-ORDA - Kzyl-Orda Southwest Airport MOINKUM - Moinkum Airport NOVOTROITSKOYE - Novotroitskoye Airport OBRUCHEVKA - Obruchevka Airport PAVLODAR - Pavlodar Airport PERVOMOYEVKA - Pervomoyevka Airport PETROPAVLOSK - Petropavlosk North Airport PETROPAVLOSK - Petropavlosk South Airport PODGORNY - Podgorny Airport RODNIKOVSKIY - Rodnikovskiy Airport SARKAND - Sarkand Airport SARY AGACH - Sary Agach Airport SAYRAM - Chimkent Sayram Airport SEMEY - Dolon Air Base SEMEY - Semipalatinsk Airport SHAGYR - Shagyr Airport SHARDARA - Chardara Airport SHELPE - Shelpe Southeast Airport SHYMKENT - Shymkent Airport SYUGATI - Syugaty Airport TAGANASSAY - Taganassay Airport TALDY KURGAN - Taldykorgan Airport TAMERLANNOVKA - Tamerlanovka Airport TARAZ - Taraz Airport TOGYZBAY - Togyzbay Airport TURKESTAN - Turkestan Airport URALSK - Uralsk Airport URALSK - Uralsk West Airport UST KAMENOGORSK - Ust-Kamennogorsk Airport VOLSKOYE - Volskoye Airport YESKIIKAN - Yeskiikan Southeast Airport ZAKIROVSKIY - Zakirovskiy Airport ZHILGA - Zhilga South Airport



Find accommodations close to the airport

Following the ABC we listed all airports. Choose your destination airport and find the accurate accommodation for your trip. On the page of the respective airport the nearby accommodations and airport hotels are listed according to proximity to the airport. There are airport hotels, which are a walk away and depending on the offer also those, which are in the city center with shuttle service, parking, view and air conditioning. Check availability and cost and make your room reservation at the best airport hotel.



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