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AMAHAI-SERAM ISLAND - Amahai Airport AMBON - Pattimura Airport Ambon ARSO-PAPUA ISLAND - Arso Airport ASTRAKSETRA-SUMATRA ISLAND - Gunung Batin Airport ATAMBUA-TIMOR ISLAND - Haliwen Airport ATINJOE-PAPUA ISLAND - Teminabuan Airport BAJAWA - Bajawa Soa Airport BAJAWA-FLORES ISLAND - Pahdameleda Airport BANAINA-BORNEO ISLAND - Banaina Airport BANDA ACEH - Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport BANDAR LAMPUNG-SUMATRA ISLAND - Radin Inten II Branti Airport BANDUNG-JAVA ISLAND - Batujajar Airport BANDUNG-JAVA ISLAND - Husein Sastranegara International Airport BANDUNG-JAVA ISLAND - Margahayu Airport BANJARMASIN-BORNEO ISLAND - Syamsudin Noor Airport BANYUMAS-JAVA ISLAND - Banyumas Airport BANYUWANGI - Blimbingsari Airport BATAM ISLAND - Hang Nadim International Airport BATU LICIN-BORNEO ISLAND - Batu Licin Airport BATU RAJA-SUMATRA ISLAND - Gatot Subrato Airport BAU BAU-BUTUNG ISLAND - Betoambari Airport BENGKALIS-SUMATRA ISLAND - Sungai Pakning Bengkalis Airport BENGKAYANG-BORNEO ISLAND - Bengkayang Airport BENGKULU-SUMATRA ISLAND - Padang Kemiling Fatmawati Soekarno Airport BENTAYAN-SUMATRA ISLAND - Bentayan Airport BENTIANG - Bentiang Airstrip BIAK-SUPIORI ISLAND - Biak Manuhua Airport BIAK-SUPIORI ISLAND - Frans Kaisiepo Airport BOALANG-CELEBES ISLAND - Boalang Airport BOGOR - Semplak Airport BONTANG-BORNEO ISLAND - Bontang Airport BUNJU ISLAND - Bunyu Airport BUNTOK - SANGGU Airport Buntok BUNTOK-BORNEO ISLAND - Buntok Airport CILACAP-JAVA ISLAND - Cilacap Wulung Airport CILACAP-JAVA ISLAND - Tunggul Wulung Airport CIREBON - Jatiwangi Airport CIREBON-JAVA ISLAND - Penggung Airport DELI SERDANG - Medan Kuala Namu International Airport DENPASAR-BALI ISLAND - Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport DOYO BARU - Doyo Baru Airport DUMAI-SUMATRA ISLAND - Pinang Kampai Airport EAOPOTO - Eaopoto Airstrip ENAROTALI-PAPUA ISLAND - Enarotali Airport ENDE-FLORES ISLAND - Ende H Hasan Aroeboesman Airport ENGKADIK - Engkadik Airstrip FAKFAK-PAPUA ISLAND - Fakfak Airport FRUATA - Fruata Airstrip GAG ISLAND - Gag Island Airport GALELA-CELEBES ISLAND - Gamarmalamo Airport GILGAL - Gilgal Airstrip GORONTALO-CELEBES ISLAND - Jalaluddin Airport GUSIMAWA - Gusimawa Airstrip HELVETIA-SUMATRA ISLAND - Helvetia Airport HITADIPA - Hitadipa Airport INANWATAN AIRPORT-PAPUA ISLAND - Inanwatan Airport JAKARTA - Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport JAKARTA - Pondok Cabe Air Base JAKARTA - Pulau Panjang Airport JAKARTA - Soekarno-Hatta International Airport JAMBI-SUMATRA ISLAND - Sultan Thaha Airport JAYAPURA-PAPUA ISLAND - Sentani Airport JEMBER - Noto Hadinegoro Jember Airport JILA - Jila Airstrip JITA - Jita Airstrip KAIMANA-PAPUA ISLAND - Kaimana Airport KALIJATI-JAVA ISLAND - Kalijati Airport KAO-CELEBES ISLAND - Kao Airport KARIMUNJAWA - Dewadaru - Kemujan Island Airport KARIMUNJAWA-KARIMUNJAWA ISLAND - Dewadaru Airport KEBO - Kebo Airstrip KEDEMBAK - Kedembak Airstrip KEISAH-PAPUA ISLAND - Keisah Airport KELUANG-SUMATRA ISLAND - Keluang Airport KENDARI-CELEBES ISLAND - Wolter Monginsidi Airport KETAPANG-BORNEO ISLAND - Ketapang Rahadi Usman Airport KETAPANG-MADURA ISLAND - Ketapang Airport KETAPING/PADANG-SUMATRA ISLAND - Minangkabau Airport KISARAN-SUMATRA ISLAND - Kisaran Airport KOKONAU-PAPUA ISLAND - Kokonau Airport KOLAKA - Pomala Airport KOMOPA - Komopa Airstrip KORNASOREN-NUMFOOR ISLAND - Kornasoren Airfield KOTABANGUN-BORNEO ISLAND - Kotabangun Airport KOTAMADYA BALIKPAPAN - Sultan Aji Muhamad Sulaiman Airport KOTAMUBAGU-CELEBES ISLAND - Kotamubagu Mopait Airport KUALA KURUN - Kuala Kurun Airport KUALA PEMBUANG - Kuala Pembuang Airport KUALA TUNGKAL-SUMATRA ISLAND - Kuala Tungkal Airport KUPANG-TIMOR ISLAND - El Tari Airport KURIPASAI-CELEBES ISLAND - Jailolo Kuripasai Airport LABUAN BAJO-FLORES ISLAND - Komodo Mutiara II Airport LABUHAN BILIK-SUMATRA ISLAND - Labuhan Bilik Airport LARANTUKA-FLORES ISLAND - Gewayentana Airport LAUT ISLAND - Stagen Airport LEREH-PAPUA ISLAND - Lereh Airport LOKOK - Lokok Airstrip LONG BAWAN-BORNEO ISLAND - Long Bawan Airport LUBUK LINGGAU-SUMATRA ISLAND - Silampari Airport LUNYUK-SIMBAWA ISLAND - Lunyuk Airport LUWOK-CELEBES ISLAND - Bubung Airport MADIUN-JAVA ISLAND - Iswahyudi Airport MAKALE - Pongtiku Airport MAKALE-CELEBES ISLAND - Makale Airport MALANG-JAVA ISLAND - Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport MALIANA-ALOR ISLAND - Maliana airport Airport MALIMPUNG-CELEBES ISLAND - Malimpung Airport MANADO-CELEBES ISLAND - Sam Ratulangi Airport MANGKAJANG-BORNEO ISLAND - Mangkajang Airport MASAMBA-CELEBES ISLAND - Andi Jemma Airport MATARAM - Lombok International Airport MATARAM-LOMBOK ISLAND - Selaparang Airport MAUMERE-FLORES ISLAND - Maumere Wai Oti Airport MEDAN-SUMATRA ISLAND - Soewondo Air Force Base MEKAR PUTIH-LAUT ISLAND - Mekar Putih Airport MENA-TIMOR ISLAND - Mena Airport MENGGALA-SUMATRA ISLAND - Menggala Airport MERAUKE-PAPUA ISLAND - Mopah Airport MODJID-CELEBES ISLAND - Kobok Airport MUARA BADAK-BORNEO ISLAND - Muara Badak Pujangan Airport MUARA BUNGO - Muara Bungo Airport MURATEWEH-BORNEO ISLAND - Beringin Airport NAIKLIU-TIMOR ISLAND - Naikliu Airport NAMODALE-ROTE ISLAND - David C. Saudale - Rote Airport NANGA MERAKAI - Nanga Merakai Airstrip NANGA NYABU - Nanga Nyabu Airstrip NUNUKAN-NUNUKAN ISLAND - Nunukan Airport OKABA-PAPUA ISLAND - Okaba Airport PADANG SIDEMPUAN-SUMATRA ISLAND - Aek Godang Airport PADANG-SUMATRA ISLAND - Tabing Airport PALANGKARAYA-KALIMANTAN TENGAH - Tjilik Riwut Airport PALEMBANG-SUMATRA ISLAND - Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport PALU-CELEBES ISLAND - Mutiara Airport PANGANDARAN-JAVA ISLAND - Nusawiru Airport PANGKAL PINANG-PALAUBANGKA ISLAND - Pangkal Pinang Depati Amir Airport PANGKALANBUN-BORNEO ISLAND - Iskandar Airport PARAPAT-SUMATRA ISLAND - Sibisa Airport PASAR BANDINGAGUNG-SUMATRA ISLAND - Banding Agung Airport PEKANBARU-SUMATRA ISLAND - Sultan Syarif Kasim Ii Simpang Tiga Airport PELABUHAN RATU-JAVA ISLAND - Pelabuhan Ratu Airport PEMATANG SIANTAR-SUMATRA ISLAND - Pematang Siantar Airport PEMUTERAN - Letkol Wisnu Airstrip POGAPA - Pogapa Airstrip PONTIANAK-BORNEO ISLAND - Supadio Airport POSO-CELEBES ISLAND - Kasiguncu Airport PURWOKERTO-JAVA ISLAND - Purwokerto Airport RAHA-MUNA ISLAND - Sugimanuru Airport RAMPI - Onondowa Rampi Airport RANTAU PRAPAT/PADANG HALABAN - Rantau Prapat Padang Halaban Airport RIAM SEJAWAK - Riam Sejawak Airstrip ROKOT-SUMATRA ISLAND - Rokot Airport ROS BORI - YAPEN ISLAND - Ros Bori Airstrip ROTI-ROTE ISLAND - Roti Airport RUMPIN-JAVA ISLAND - Rumpin Airport SABANG-WE ISLAND - Maimun Saleh Airport SAMARINDA - Sungai Siring International Airport SAMARINDA - Temindung Airport SAMPIT-BORNEO ISLAND - Sampit Hasan Airport SANGO-TERNATE ISLAND - Sultan Khairun Babullah Airport SANTAN-BORNEO ISLAND - Tanjung Santan Airport SATAR TACIK-FLORES ISLAND - Frans Sales Lega Airport SAWAN-BALI ISLAND - Sawan Airport SELAYAR - Selayar Aroepala Airport SEMARANG-JAVA ISLAND - Achmad Yani Airport SENGGEH - Senggeh Airport SEPPINGAN-BORNEO ISLAND - Duplicate}Balikpapan Airport SERIMBU - Serimbu Airstrip SERUI-JAPEN ISLAND - Serui Airport SERUKAM - Serukam Airport SIBOLGA-SUMATRA ISLAND - Dr Ferdinand Lumban Tobing Airport SINGKIL - Syekh Hamzah Fansyuri Airport SINKAWANG-BORNEO ISLAND - Singkawang Airport SOKAN-BORNEO ISLAND - Berau Airport SORONG-PAPUA ISLAND - Dominique Edward Osok Airport SUGAPA-PAPUA ISLAND - Bilogai-Sugapa Airport SUKARATA(SOLO)-JAVA ISLAND - Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo Airport SUMBAWA ISLAND - Sumbawa Besar Airport SUMENEP-MADURA ISLAND - Trunojoyo Airport SUNGAI PENUH - Departi Parbo Airport SURABAYA - Juanda International Airport SUSWA - Suswa Airstrip SWACH - Waris Airport TABBING TINGGI-SUMATRA ISLAND - Tebing Tinggi Airport TALANG GUDANG-SUMATRA ISLAND - Pendopo Airport TANAH GROGOT-BORNEO ISLAND - Tanah Grogot Airport TANGERANG-JAVA ISLAND - Budiarto Airport TANJUNG BALAI-KARINMUNBESAR ISLAND - Sei Bati Airport TANJUNG PANDAN-BELITUNG ISLAND - Buluh Tumbang H A S Hanandjoeddin Airport TANJUNG PINANG-BINTAN ISLAND - Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport TANJUNG REDEP-BORNEO ISLAND - Barau Kalimaru Airport TANJUNG SELOR-BORNEO ISLAND - Tanjung Harapan Airport TANTA-TABALONG-BORNEO ISLAND - Warukin Airport TARAKAN ISLAND - Juwata Airport TASIKMALAYA-JAVA ISLAND - Cibeureum Airport TELUK KEPAYANG - Teluk Kepayang Airport TENTENA-CELEBES ISLAND - Tentena Airport TIMIKA - Akimuga Airport TIMIKA-PAPUA ISLAND - Moses Kilangin Airport TINGKEUM-SUMATRA ISLAND - Silangit Airport TJEPU-JAVA ISLAND - Ngloram Airport TUMBANG SAMBA-BORNEO ISLAND - Tumbang Samba Airport UJUNG PANDANG-CELEBES ISLAND - Hasanuddin International Airport WAGETHE-PAPUA ISLAND - Wagethe Airport WAHA-TOMEA ISLAND - Maranggo Airport WAIKABUBAK-SUMBA ISLAND - Tambolaka Airport WAINGAPU-SUMBA ISLAND - Waingapu Airport WAWOORU-CELEBES ISLAND - Ponggaluku Airport WONOSARI-JAVA ISLAND - Gading Wonosari Airport WUASA-CELEBES ISLAND - Wuasa Airport YOGYAKARTA-JAVA ISLAND - Adi Sutjipto International Airport



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