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Iceland - I am coming! Discover airport hotels and lodging: Iceland is waiting for you is your specialist for accommodations close to airports for Iceland

You are looking for a hotel at the airport? Close to the big cities? On this website you will find a list of hotels close to the airport.


AKUREYRI - Akureyri Airport ARNGERÐAREYRI - Arngerðareyri Airport BAEIR - Baeir Airport BAKKAFJÖRÐUR - Bakkafjörður Airport BAKKI - Bakki Airport BILDUDALUR - Bildudalur Airport BLÖNDUÓS - Hjaltabakki Airport BORGARFJÖRÐUR EYSTRI - Borgarfjörður eystri Airport BREIÐDALSVÍK - Breiðdalsvík Airport BÚÐARDALUR - Búðardalur Airport DAGVERÐARÁ - Dagverðará Airport DJÚPIVOGUR - Djúpivogur Airport EGILSSTAÐIR - Egilsstaðir Airport EINHOLTSMELAR - Einholtsmelar Airport FAGURHÓLSMÝRI - Fagurhólsmýri Airport FLATEYRI - Holt Airport FLÚÐIR - Flúðir Airport FORSÆTI - Forsæti Airport FÁSKRÚÐSFJÖRÐUR - Fáskrúðsfjörður Airport GEYSIR - Geysir Airport GJÖGUR - Gjögur Airport GRUNDARFJÖRÐUR - Grundarfjörður Airport GRÍMSEY - Grímsey Airport GRÍMSSTAÐIR - Grímsstaðir Airport GUNNARSHOLT - Gunnarsholt Airport HELLA - Hella Airport HERÐUBREIÐARLINDIR - Herðubreiðarlindir Airport HORNAFJORDUR - Hornafjordur Airport HRAFNSEYRI - Hrafnseyri Airport HRAUNEYJARFOSS - Hrauneyjarfoss Airport HRISEY - Hrisey Airport HUSAVIK - Husavik Airport HVAMMSTANGI - Krókstaðarmelar Airport HVERAVELLIR - Hveravellir Airport HVOLSVÖLLUR - Hvolsvöllur Airport HÓLMAVÍK - Hólmavík Airport HÚSAFELL - Húsafell Airport KALDÁRMELAR - Kaldármelar Airport KERLINGAFJÖLL - Kerlingafjöll Airport KIRKJUBÆJARKLAUSTUR - Kirkjubæjarklaustur Airport KROKSFJARD-ARNES - Kroksfjard-Arnes Airport KÓPASKER - Kópasker Airport MELANES - Melanes Airport MELGERÐISMELAR - Melgerðismelar Airport MYVATN - Reykjahlíð Airport MÚLAKOT - Múlakot Airport NORÐFJÖRÐUR - Norðfjörður Airport NÝJIDALUR - Nýjidalur Airport ONUNDARFJÖRÐUR - Ingjaldssanður Airport PATREKSFJORDUR - Patreksfjordur Airport RAUFARHÖFN - Raufarhöfn Airport REYKHÓLAR - Reykhólar Airport REYKJANES - Reykjanes Airport REYKJAVIK - Reykjavik Airport REYKJAVÍK - Keflavik International Airport RIF - Rif Airport SANDSKEIÐ - Sandskeið Airport SANDÁ - Sandá Airport SAUÐÁRKRÓKUR - Sauðárkrókur Airport SELFOSS - Selfoss Airport SIGLUFJORDUR - Siglufjordur Airport SKÁLAVATN - Skálavatn Airport SKÓGASANDUR - Skógasandur Airport SPRENGISANDUR - Sprengisandur Airport STEINASANDUR - Steinasandur Airport STORA-HOLT - Stora-Holt Airport STYKKISHÓLMUR - Stykkishólmur Airport STÓRIKROPPUR - Stórikroppur Airport SUÐUREYRI - Suðureyri Airstrip SVÍNAFELL - Svínafell Airport THORISOS - Thorisos Airport THORSHOFN - Thorshofn Airport TUNGUBAKKAR - Tungubakkar Airport VARMAHLID - Varmahlid Airport VATNSNES - Vatnsnes Airport VESTMANNAEYJAR - Vestmannaeyjar Airport VOPNAFJÖRÐUR - Vopnafjörður Airport VÍK - Vík Airport ÁLFTAVER - Álftaver Airport ÍSAFJÖRÐUR - Ísafjörður Airport ÓLAFSFJÖRÐUR - Ólafsfjörður Airport ÞINGEYRI - Þingeyri Airport ÞÓRSMÖRK - Þórsmörk Airport



Find accommodations close to the airport

Be it important city or backwater town. Here you find all airports in Iceland sorted by alphabet. Click on the airport, where you are looking for accommodation and find die nearest 10 hotels and lodgings close to the airport. The top 10 airport hotels are not listed arbitrarily, but rather actually air-line distance to the airport. In the case of particularly large airports, of course, the distance to the respective departure hall or arrival hall is also relevant. The selection ranges from airport hotels just around the corner of the airport, which are a walk away and hotels that are easily accessible by taxi and airport shuttle service, with bar, restaurant, parking and where check-in around the hotel clock is possible. Check rates & availability and book your airport hotel right away.



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