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ABREGO - Santa Lucía Airport ACACIAS - El Monasterio Airport ACACIAS - Quebraditas Airport ACANDI - El Gilgal Airport ACANDÍ - Alcides Fernández Airport AGUACHICA - Base Principal Celta Airport AGUACHICA - Calima Airport AGUACHICA - El Paraíso Airport AGUACHICA - Hacaritama Airport AGUACLARA - Aguaclara Airport AGUAZUL - El Moriche Airport AGUAZUL - El Porvenir Airport AGUAZUL - Fasca Main Base Airport AGUAZUL - Jamaica Airport AGUAZUL - Maríaangélica Airport AIPE - La Manga Airport ALVARADO - Calicanto Airport ALVARADO - El Diamante Airport ALVARADO - Leticia Airport ALVARADO - Ventaquemada Airport AMALFI - Amalfi Airport AMBALEMA - Cerritos Airport AMBALEMA - El Santuario Airport AMBALEMA - El Triunfo Airport AMBALEMA - Pajonales Airport ANDES - Andes Airport APARTADO - Los Planes Airport APIAY - Gomez Nino Apiay Air Base ARAUCA - La Rubiera Airport ARAUCA - Santiago Perez Airport ARAUQUITA - El Troncal Airport ARBOLETES - Arboletes Airport ARIGUANI - El Coraje Airport ARMENIA - El Cedrito Airport ARMENIA - El Eden Airport ARMENIA - Portugalito Airport ARMENIA - Puerto Nare Airport ARQUIA - Unguia Airport ATACO - Ataco Airport AYACUCHO - Ayacucho Airport AYAPEL - Ayapel Airport AYAPEL - El Cebruno Airport BAHÍA CUPICA - Bahia Cupica Airport BAHÍA SOLANO - Cupica Airport BAHÍA SOLANO - José Celestino Mutis Airport BAJO BAUD0 - Pizarro Airport BALBOA - Ingenio Risaralda Airport BARBOSA - Barbosa Airport BARRANCA BERMEJA - La Cascajera Airport BARRANCA DE UPIA - Barranca De Upia Airport BARRANCABERMEJA - Yariguíes Airport BARRANCAS - Cerrejón Central Airport BARRANCAS - Oreganal Airport BARRANCO DE UPÍA - Guaicarano Airport BARRANQUILLA - Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport BAYUNCA - El Tambo Airport BECERRIL - Becerril Airport BELTRAN - Colombaima Airport BERÁSTEGUI - Berástegui Airport BETANIA - Planadas Airport BOCAS DE SATINGA - Bocas De Satinga Airport BOGOTA - El Dorado International Airport BOGOTÁ - La Uribe Airport BOSCONIA - Julia Carolina Airport BOSCONIA - La Palma Airport BOSCONIA - San Martin Airport BUCARAMANGA - Palonegro Airport BUENAVENTURA - Gerardo Tobar López Airport BUENAVISTA - San Pedro Airport BUGA - El Milagro Airport BUGA LA GRANDE - San Pablo Airport CABUYARO - El Edén Airport CABUYARO - El Vergel Airport CABUYARO - La Arabia Airport CABUYARO - Los Gavanes Airport CABUYARO - Petriba Guayabal Airport CABUYARO - Yalconia Airport CAJIGA - La Libélula Airport CALI - Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport CALI - Marco Fidel Suarez Air Base CALOTO - La Arrobleda Airport CALOTO - La Cabaña Airport CAMPIÑA - Herrera Airport CAMPO ALEGRE - Campo Alegre Airport CAMPO ALEGRE - El Limonar Airport CAMPO ALEGRE - El Viso Airport CANDELARIA - Cavasa Airport CANDELARIA - Ingenio Mayaguez Airport CANDELARIA - La Esmeralda Airport CANDELARIA - Las Cañas Airport CAPURGANÁ - Capurganá Airport CAREPA - Antonio Roldan Betancourt Airport CAREPA - Los Almendros Airport CARMEN DE BOLIVAR - Carmen De Bolivar Airport CARTAGENA - Rafael Nuñez International Airport CARTAGENA DEL CHIARA - El Pacífico Airport CARTAGO - Santa Ana Airport CASTILLA - La Diana Airport CASTILLA LA NUEVA - El Cairo Airport CASTILLA LA NUEVA - El Ruby Airport CASTILLA LA NUEVA - Guamitos Airport CASTILLA LA NUEVA - La Union Airport CASTILLA LA NUEVA - Las Juanas Airport CASTILLA LA NUEVA - San Vicente Airport CERETE - Los Mochuelos Airport CHAPARRAL - Chaparral Airport CHICORAL - Chicoral - Estra Airport CHIGORODÓ - Chigorodó Airport CHIVOLO - Chivolo Airport CHÍA - Guaymaral Airport CIMITARRA - Cimitarra Airport CIÉNAGA - La Amalia Airport CIÉNAGA - La Ceiba Airport CIÉNAGA - La Cheka Airport CIÉNAGA - La Fe Airport CIÉNAGA - La Ye Airport CODAZZI - Ana María Airport CODAZZI - Casacara Cayta Airport CODAZZI - La Dilia Airport CODAZZI - La Esperanza Airport CODAZZI - Las Flores Airport CODAZZI - Monteliban Airport CODAZZI - Pororó Airport CODAZZI - Tamaca Airport CONDOTO - Mandinga Airport COROZAL - Las Brujas Airport COSTA RICA - La Primavera Airport COVEÑAS - Coveñas Airport COYAIMA - Tamarindo Airport CRAVO NORTE - Cravo Norte Airport CUMARAL - La Cabana Airport CUMARAL - La María Airport CUMARAL - Las Delicias Airport CUMARAL - Santa Bárbara Airport CUMARAL - Umbría Airport CURRILLO - Currillo Airport CÚCUTA - Camilo Daza International Airport CÚCUTA - Cinera Airport CÚCUTA - Petrolea Airport DARIEN - Darien Calima Airport EL BANCO - Las Flores Airport EL CARMEN - El Carmen Airport EL CERRITO - Ingenio Providencia Airport EL CHARCO - El Charco Airport EL COPEY - Bethania Airport EL COPEY - La Fe Airport EL DIFÍCIL - Mayorca Airport EL ESPINAL - Aniversario Estra Airport EL ESPINAL - El Espinal Airport EL ESPINO - El Espino Airport EL GUAMO - Guamo - Asta Airport EL GUAMO - La Bastilla Airport EL PASO - La Irlanda Airport EL SOCORRO - Comuneros Airport EL YOPAL - El Yopal Airport EL YOPAL - El Zamuro Airport ESPINAL - Agua Blanca Airport ESPINAL - Nueva York Airport FLANDES - Aerosport Airport FLANDES - El Recuerdo Airport FLANDES - San Jerónimo Airport FLORENCIA - Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport FONSECA - Buenavista Airport FRONTINO - El Plateado Airport FUENTE DE ORO - Caño Blanco Airport FUENTE DE ORO - Guanayas Airport FUENTE DE ORO - Halcones Airport FUENTE DE ORO - La Candela Airport FUENTE DE ORO - La Luna Airport FUENTE DE ORO - Los Sabanales Airport FUENTE DE ORO - Majagual Airport FUENTE DE ORO - San Luis Airport FUNDACIÓN - Algarrobo Airport FUNDACIÓN - Fundación Airport GAMARRA - Fabal-Coal Airport GAMARRA - Germania Airport GAMARRA - La Nena Cayta Airport GARZÓN - La Jagua Airport GARZÓN - San Francisco Airport GIRARDOT - Santiago Vila Airport GRANADA - El Progreso Airport GRANADA - Malvinas Airport GUACAMAYAS - Guacamayas Airport GUACARI - La Base-Fumivalle Airport GUACARI - La .Estrella Airport GUACARI - San Gerardo Airport GUAMAL - El Carmen Airport GUAMAL - Guamal Airport HACIENDA BORRERO - Codazzi Airport HACIENDA VERACRUZ - Hacienda Veracruz Airport HATO CORO - La Chapa Airport HATO COROZAL - El Cairo Airport HATO COROZAL - El Danubio Airport HATO COROZAL - Hato Corozal Airport HATO COROZAL - Hato La Aurora Airport HONDA - Ganadería Airport IBAGUE - Cruz Verde Airport IBAGUE - El Aceituno Airport IBAGUE - El Escobal Airport IBAGUE - El Paraíso Airport IBAGUE - Guadalaja Airport IBAGUE - Hato De Opia Airport IBAGUE - Potrerito Airport IBAGUE - Rancho Grande Airport IBAGUÉ - Perales Airport IPIALES - San Luis Airport ITUANGO 2 - La Providencia Airport JABALCÓN - Jabalcón Airport JAMUNDI - Udelva Airport JURADO - Alfemar Airport JURADO - Cabo Marzo Airport JURADO - Jurado Airport JURADO - Jurado Airport LA DORADA - German Olano Air Base LA GLORIA - Bella Cruz - San Juan Airport LA GLORIA - Las Tapias Airport LA JAGUA DE IBIR - La Jagua De Ibir Airport LA JAGUA DE IBIRICO - Cerro De Piedra Airport LA JAGUA DE IBIRICO - Nueva Granada Airport LA LOMA - Calenturitas Airport LA LOMA - Elborrego Airport LA MINA-MAICAO - Jorge Isaac Airport LA PALESTINA - La Palestina Airport LA PRIMAVERA - El Gavilán Airport LA PRIMAVERA - La Jaula Airport LA PRIMAVERA - La Primavera Airport LA PRIMAVERA - Rancho Alegre Airport LA TEBAIDA - Las Gaviotas Airport LA VICTORIA - La Mesa Airport LAS CEIBAS - Tolemaida Air Base LETICIA - Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport LIMÓN - Cicuco Airport LORICA - San Pablo Airport LORIGA - San Pablo Airport LÉRIDA - Hacienda García Airport LÉRIDA - La Carmelita Airport LÉRIDA - San José Airport MADRID - Madrid Air Base MAGANGUÉ - Baracoa Airport MAGUÍ PAYÁN - Maguí Payán Airport MAICAO - Maicao Airport MANATÍ - El Esfuerzo Airport MANAURE - Manaure Airport MANIZALES - La Nubia Airport MANÍ - Casanare Airport MANÍ - Dumacita Airport MANÍ - Estero Airport MANÍ - La Gloria Airport MANÍ - Los Milagros Airport MANÍ - Santiago I Airport MANÍ - Tío Bayo Airport MANÍ - Villa Andrea Airport MARIQUITA - Mariquita Airport MARÍA LA BAJA - Honduras Br Airport MARÍA LA BAJA - San Pablo - Incora Airport MEDELLÍN - Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport MEDINA - Medina Airport MELGAR - Melgar Air Base MICAY - Lopez De Micay Airport MIRANDA - Ingenio Incauca Airport MOMPÓS - San Bernardo Airport MONDO NUEVO - Mondo Nuevo Airport MONTELÍBANO - Montelibano Airport MONTERREY - Monterrey Airport MONTERÍA - Los Garzones Airport MULATOS - Mulatos Airport MURINDO - Murindo Airport MURINDO - Vigía Del Fuerte Airport MUTATA - Mutata Airport MUZO - Muzo Airport MÁLAGA - Málaga Airport NATAGAIMA - San Germán Airport NECOCLI - Necocli Airport NEIVA - Benito Salas Airport NUEVA FORTUNA - Nueva Fortuna Airport NUNCHIA - Banco Airport NUNCHIA - Bizerta Airport NUNCHIA - El Deshecho Airport NUNCHIA - La Barquereña Airport NUNCHIA - La Ceiba Airport NUNCHIA - La Nevera Airport NUNCHIA - La Reforma Airport NUNCHIA - Nunchia Airport NUNCHIA - Palma Rosa Airport NUQUÍ - Reyes Murillo Airport OBANDO - Hacienda La Elvira Airport OBANDO - Praga Airport OCAÑA - Aguas Claras Airport ORITO - Orito Airport OROCUE - Altamira Airport OROCUE - Buena Vista Airport OROCUE - El Boral Airport OROCUE - El Caimán Airport OROCUE - El Medano Airport OROCUE - El Rodeo Airport OROCUE - El Viejo Carmen Airport OROCUE - Guanapalo Airport OROCUE - Guarilaque Airport OROCUE - La Candelaria Airport OROCUE - La Culebra Airport OROCUE - La Pista Airport OROCUE - Lasguabin Airport OROCUE - Mararey Airport OROCUE - San Pablo Airport OROCUE - Santa Ana Airport OROCUE - Sardinas Airport OTU - Remedios C Airport PADILLA - San Jacinto Airport PAILITAS - Buenos Aires Airport PAIPA - Juan Jose Rondon Airport PALERMO - El Juncal Airport PALERMO - Guamito Airport PALERMO - San Luis Airport PALMIRA - Ingenio Manuelita Airport PARATEBUENO - La Aurora Airport PARATEBUENO - La Paz Airport PARATEBUENO - La Ponderosa Airport PARATEBUENO - Paratebueno Airport PARATEBUENO - Primero De Mayo Airport PASTO - Antonio Narino Airport PATIA - El Guayabx Airport PAYÁN - Payán Airport PAZ DE ARIF - San Fernandof Airport PAZ DE ARIPORO - Caño Garza Airport PAZ DE ARIPORO - Chaparrito Airport PAZ DE ARIPORO - La Carpeta Airport PAZ DE ARIPORO - La Colonia Airport PAZ DE ARIPORO - La Venganza Airport PAZ DE ARIPORO - Paz De Ariporo Airport PAZ DE ARIPORO - Venecia De Guamas Airport PENSILVANIA - Pensilvania Airport PEREIRA - El Diamante Airport PEREIRA - Matecaña International Airport PIEDRAS - Agua Blanca Airport PIEDRAS - La Opia Airport PIEDRAS - San Javier Airport PIEDRAS - Santa Ana Airport PIEDRAS - Teucali Airport PIEDRAS - Waterloo Airport PITALITO - Pitalito Airport PIVIJAY - La Palestina Airport PLATO - Corral Nuevo Airport PLATO - La Gaviota Airport PLATO - Plato Airport POLONIA - Polonia Airport POPAYÁN - Guillermo León Valencia Airport PORE - Pore Airport PORTETE - Puerto Bolívar Airport PRADERA - Castilla Central Airport PRADO - Las Garzas Airport PROVIDENCIA - El Embrujo Airport PUERTO ASÍS - Tres De Mayo Airport PUERTO BERRIO - Puerto Berrio Airport PUERTO BOYACÁ - Velásquez Airport PUERTO GAITAN - Puerto Gaitan Airport PUERTO GAITÁN - El Rodeo Airport PUERTO GAITÁN - Hato La Esperanza Airport PUERTO GAITÁN - Sabaneta Airport PUERTO LLERAS - Gaviotas Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Bello Horizonte Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - El Rinconcito Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - La Reforma Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Lajitas Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Los Bálticos Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Los Venados Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Mundo Nuevo Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Natalia Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Palmasola Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Puerto Lleras Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Puerto López Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Rancho Nare Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - San Isidro Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Tobasia Airport PUERTO LÓPEZ - Yátaros De Meluá Airport PUERTO MOSQUITO - Gamarra Airport PUERTO NARIÑO - Loreto North Airstrip PUERTO RICO - Puerto Rico Airport PUERTO RICO - Puerto Rico Airport PUERTO RONDÓN - Rondón Airport PUERTO SALGAR - Palanquero Airport PUERTO TRIUNFO - Puerto Perales Airport PUERTO WILCHES - Buenos Aires Airport PUERTO WILCHES - El Porvenir Airport PUERTO WILCHES - La Ponderosa Airport PUERTO WILCHES - Los Gemelos Dorados Airport PUERTO WILCHES - Puerto Wlches Airport PURIFICACION - La María Airport QUIBDÓ - El Caraño Airport QUIPAMA - Furatena Airport RIOHACHA - Almirante Padilla Airport RIOHACHA - Cotoprix Airport RIONEGRO - El Marne Airport RIONEGRO - El Tornillo Airport RIONEGRO - Jose Maria Córdova International Airport ROLDANILLO - Tierra Blanca Airport RÍOHACHA - Ríohacha Highway Strip Airport SABANA DE - Mata De Plátano Airport SABANA DE TORRES - Las Cruces Airport SABANALARGA - Sabanalarga Airport SABANALARGA - Santa Clara Airport SALDANA - San Agustín Airport SALDAÑA - Facón Saldaña Airport SALDAÑA - Los Mangos Airport SAN ALBERTO - El Bosque Airport SAN ALBERTO - Hipilandia Airport SAN ALBERTO - Irho Airport SAN ANDRÉS - Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport SAN CARLOS DE GUAROA - El Prado Airport SAN CARLOS DE GUAROA - La Cabana Airport SAN CARLOS DE GUAROA - La Florida Airport SAN CARLOS DE GUAROA - La Mansión Airport SAN CARLOS DE GUAROA - San Miguel Airport SAN CARLOS DE GUAROA - Suescun Airport SAN DIEGO - La Matua Airport SAN GIL - San Gil Airport SAN JOSÉ DEL GUAVIARE - Calamar Airport SAN JOSÉ DEL GUAVIARE - Jorge E. Gonzalez Torres Airport SAN JOSÉ MULATOS - San José Mulatos Airport SAN JUAN DE URABA - San Juan De Uraba Airport SAN JUAN DEL CÉSAR - San Juan Del César Airport SAN JUAN DEL CÉSAR - San Juan Del César Airport SAN JUANITO - San Juanito Airport SAN LUIS - Los Feria Girón Airport SAN LUIS - Varsovia Airport SAN LUIS DE PALENQUE - Caño Grande Airport SAN LUIS DE PALENQUE - El Recreo Airport SAN LUIS DE PALENQUE - La Bramadora Airport SAN LUIS DE PALENQUE - La Flora Airport SAN LUIS DE PALENQUE - Las Delicias Airport SAN LUIS DE PALENQUE - Matenovillos Airport SAN LUIS DE PALENQUE - San Luis De Palenque Airport SAN MARCOS - El Algarrobo Airport SAN MARCOS - San Marcos Airport SAN MARCOS - San Marcos Airport SAN MARTIN - La Cacica Airport SAN MARTIN - La Ceiba Airport SAN MARTIN - La Loma Airport SAN MARTIN - Los Monjes Airport SAN MARTIN - Mapiripan Airport SAN MARTIN - Matupa Airport SAN MARTIN - Sabaneta Airport SAN MARTIN - San Martin Airport SAN MARTIN - Villa Oliva Airport SAN ONOFRE - El Rincón De Mucura Airport SAN ONOFRE - Los Morros Airport SAN PEDRO - Chambimbal Airport SAN PEDRO - La Macarena Airport SAN PEDRO DE JAGUA - San Pedro De Jagua Airport SAN PEDRO DE URABÁ - San Pedro Airport SAN VICENTE DE CHUCURÍ - San Vicente Airport SAN VICENTE DEL CAGUÁN - Eduardo Falla Solano Airport SANTA CATALINA - Santa Catalina Airport SANTA MARTA - La Diva Airport SANTA MARTA - Simón Bolívar International Airport SANTA MARÍA - Santa Maria Airport SANTA RITA, ITUANGO - Santa Rita Ituango Airport SANTA ROSA DEL SUD - Santa Rosa Del Sud Airport SANTA ROSALIA - Santa Rosalia Airport SANTA ROSALÌA - Santa Rosalìa Airport SANTA SOFIA - Nugent Airstrip SANTAFE DE ANTIOQUÍA - Rancho Ae Airport SANTANA - El Edén Airport SANTANA RAMOS - Santana Ramos Airport SARAVENA - Los Colonizadores Airport SIMITI - Millan Airport SOGAMOSO - Alberto Lleras Camargo Airport SOPETRAN - Sopetran Airport SUPIA - Vegas Del Rio Airport SURIMENA - Yaguarito Airport TABLÓN DE TAMARA - Tablón De Tamara Airport TAME - Gustavo Vargas Airport TAURAMENA - Cusiana Airport TAURAMENA - La Concordia Airport TAURAMENA - La Envidia Airport TAURAMENA - Providencia Airport TAURAMENA - Tarqui Airport TAURAMENA - Tauramena Airport TELLO - San Diego Airport TESALIA - Santa Bárbara Airport TESALIA - Tesalia Airport TIBÚ - Tibú Airport TIERRALTA - Chapinero Airport TIERRALTA - Urra Airport TOLÚ - Golfo de Morrosquillo Airport TRINIDAD - Elf Trinidad Airport TRINIDAD - Los Toros Airport TRINIDAD - Malabares Airport TRINIDAD - Palmarito Airport TRINIDAD - Trinidad Airport TULUÁ - Heriberto Gíl Martínez Airport TUMACO - Guinulero Airport TUMACO - La Florida Airport TUNJA - Tunja Airport TURBO - Gonzalo Mejía Airport TURBO - Indira Airport TURBO - Villanueva Airport UERTO SALGAR - La Esperanza Airport URIBE - Uribe Airport URIBIA - Puerto Estrella Airport URRAO - Urrao Airport VALLEDUPA - Campo Alegre Airport VALLEDUPA - Madaci Airport VALLEDUPA - Sala 77 Airport VALLEDUPA - Villa Rosa Airport VALLEDUPAR - Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport VELEZ - Campo Capote Airport VENADILLO - Boluca Airport VILLA CLARET - Gilgal Airport VILLA GARZÓN - Villa Garzón Airport VILLANUEVA - Colegial Airport VILLANUEVA - El Vigía Airport VILLANUEVA - Palmar De Oriente Airport VILLANUEVA - Palmas Del Casana Airport VILLANUEVA - Santa Helena De Upia Airport VILLANUEVA - Señorías Airport VILLANUEVA - Soceagro Airport VILLANUEVA - Villanueva Airport VILLANUEVA - Villanueva Airport VILLAVICENCIO - Andalucía Airport VILLAVICENCIO - Canaima Airport VILLAVICENCIO - El Convento Airport VILLAVICENCIO - El Diamante Airport VILLAVICENCIO - La Colina Airport VILLAVICENCIO - La Esmeralda Airport VILLAVICENCIO - La Realidad Airport VILLAVICENCIO - Las Brisas Airport VILLAVICENCIO - Neiva York Airport VILLAVICENCIO - San Luis De Airport VILLAVICENCIO - Santa Isabel Airport VILLAVICENCIO - Tapa Chicamocha Airport VILLAVICENCIO - Vanguardia Airport VILLAVIEJA - Berlín Airport VILLAVIEJA - Sinai Airport VISTA HERMOSA - Vista Hermosa Airport YAGUARA - La Floresta Airport YOPAL - Araguanen Airport YOPAL - Ciénaga Airport YOPAL - Germania Airport YOPAL - Los Cabros Airport YOPAL - Trompillos Airport ZAMBRANO - La Vega Airport ZAMBRANO - Monterrey Airport ZAPATOCA - Zapatoca Airport ZARZAL - Rio Paila Airport ZARZAL - San Marino Airport



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