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108 MILE - South Cariboo Region 108 Mile Airport ABBOTSFORD - Abbotsford Airport ACME - Acme Airport AIRDRIE - Airdrie Airport AKLAVIK - Aklavik Airport ALBIAN VILLAGE - Fort MacKay Albian Aerodrome Airport ALERT BAY - Alert Bay Airport ALEXANDRIA - Alexandria Aerodrome Airport ALIDA - Alida Cowan Farm Private Aerodrome Airport ALLAN PARK - Robinson International Air Field ALLISTON - Alliston Airport ALMA - Alma Airport ALTONA - Altona Municipal Airport AMOS - Amos Magny Airport ANAHIM LAKE - Anahim Lake Airport APPLE RIVER - Apple River Airport ARBORFIELD - Arborfield Airport ARBORG - Arborg Airport ARCOLA - Arcola Airport ARNES - Arnes Airport ARNPRIOR - Arnprior Airport ARNSTEIN - Arnstein Airport ARTHUR - Arthur Metz Field Airport ARTHUR EAST - Arthur Walters Field Airport ASSINIBOIA - Assiniboia Airport ATHABASCA - Athabasca Airport ATIKOKAN - Atikokan Municipal Airport ATLIN - Atlin Airport ATWOOD - Atwood Coghlin Airport BADDECK - Baddeck Crown Jewel Airport BAGOTVILLE - CFB Bagotville Airport BAIE-COMEAU - Baie Comeau Airport BAIE-COMEAU - Baie-Comeau Manic 1 Airport BAINSVILLE - Lancaster Airpark BALDWIN - Baldwin Airport BALDWIN - Baldwin West Aerodrome Airport BANCROFT - Bancroft Airport BANFF - Banff Airport BAR RIVER - Bar River Airport BARKERVILLE - Barkerville Airport BARRHEAD - Barrhead Airport BARRIE-ORILLIA - Barrie-Orillia Lake Simcoe Regional Airport BARRYS BAY (ONTARIO) - Centreview Airstrip BARRYS BAY - Barrys Bay Madawaska Valley Airpark BASHAW - Bashaw Airport BASSANO - Bassano Airport BATHURST - Bathurst Airport BAWLF - Bawlf Blackwells Airport BEAUSÉJOUR (MANITOBA) - Beausejour Av-Ranch Airpark BEAVER CREEK - Beaver Creek Airport BEAVERLEY - Beaverley Airport BEAVERLODGE - Beaverlodge Airport BEAVERTON - Beaverton North Airport BEISEKER - Beiseker Airport BELL ISLAND - Bell Island Airport BELLA BELLA - Bella Bella Campbell Island Airport BELLA BELLA - Denny Island Airport BELLA COOLA - Bella Coola Airport BELLEVILLE - Belleville Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Arthur Arthur South Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Arthur Peskett Field Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Belwood Baird Field Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Belwood Ellen Field Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Belwood Wright Field Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Grand Valley Black Field Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Grand Valley Luther Field Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Grand Valley Martin Field Airport BELWOOD (ONTARIO) - Grand Valley North Airport BIG BAY - Stuart Island Airstrip BIG RIVER - Big River Airport BIGGAR - Biggar Airport BIRCH HILLS - Birch Hills Airport BIRD RIVER - Bird River Lac Du Bonnet Airport BJORGUM FARM - Bjorgum Farm Airport BLACK DIAMOND (ALBERTA) - Black Diamond Flying R Ranch Airport BLACK DIAMOND - Cu Nim Airport BLACKIE - Wilderman Farm Airport BLOODVEIN RIVER - Bloodvein River Airport BLUE RIVER - Blue River Airport BOB QUINN LAKE - Bob Quinn Lake Airport BON ACCORD (AB) - Edmonton Morinville Mikes Field Airport BONAVENTURE - Bonaventure Airport BONNYVILLE - Bonnyville Airport BOSTON BROOK - Boston Brook Airport BOW ISLAND - Bow Island Airport BOWMANVILLE (ONTARIO) - Blackstock Martyn Airport BOWMANVILLE (ONTARIO) - Hampton Airport BOYLE - Boyle Airport BRADFORD - Bradford Airport BRAEBURN - Braeburn Airport BRAMPTON - Brampton Airport BRAMPTON - Littles Farm Airport BRANDON - Brandon Municipal Airport BRANT - Brant Dixon Farm Airport BRANTFORD - Brantford Municipal Airport BRECHIN (ONTARIO) - Beaverton Airport BRECHIN (ONTARIO) - Beaverton North Airport BRIDGEWATER - Bridgewater Dayspring Airpark BRIERCREST SOUTH - Briercrest South Airport BRISTOL - Bristol Airport BROCKVILLE - Brockville - Thousand Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport BROCKWAY - Brockway Airport BROMONT - Bromont Roland Desourdy Airport BROOKS - Brooks Regional Airport BRORA - Regina Aerogate Airport BRUSSELS - Brussels Armstrong Field Airport BUCTOUCHE - Buctouche Airport BURGESSVILLE (ONTARIO) - Curries Rand Private Airfield BURLINGTON (ONTARIO) - Charlies Field Airport BURLINGTON - Burlington Executive Airport BURNS LAKE - Burns Lake Airport BURTTS CORNER - Weyman Airpark BURWASH - Burwash Airport CABLE HEAD - Cable Head Airpark CABRI - Cabri Airport CACHE CREEK - Cache Creek-Ashcroft Regional Airport CALABOGIE (ONTARIO) - Matawatchan Airport CALEDON (ONTARIO) - Schomberg Sloan Valley View Farm Airfield CALEDON - Brisbane Airport CALGARY - Calgary Christiansen Field Airport CALGARY - Calgary International Airport CALGARY - Calgary Okotoks Air Park CALGARY - Calgary Okotoks Rowland Field Airport CALGARY - Calgary Springbank Airport CALLING LAKE - Calling Lake Airport CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge Reids Field Airport CAMDEN EAST - Camden East Airstrip CAMDEN EAST - D.C. Airstrip CAMDEN EAST - Varty Lake Airport CAMPBELL RIVER - Campbell River Airport CAMROSE - Camrose Airport CANDLE LAKE - Candle Lake Airpark CANORA - Canora Airport CARCROSS - Carcross Airport CARDSTON - Cardston Airport CAREY LAKE - Carey Lake Airport CARLETON PLACE - Carleton Place Airport CARLYLE - Carlyle Airport CARMAN - Carman South Airport CARMAN - Friendship Field Airport CARP - 1669 Diamondview Road Private Strip Airport CARP - 1797 Diamondview Road Private Strip Airport CARSTAIRS - Bishells Airport CASSELMAN (ONTARIO) - Maxville Bourdon Farm Airport CASTLEGAR - Castlegar West Kootenay Regional Airport CASTOR - Castor Airport CAUSAPSCAL - Causapscal Airport CAYLEY - Cayley A J Flying Ranch Airport CAYUGA (ONTARIO) - Selkirk Kindy Airstrip CAYUGA - Cayuga Airport CENTRAL BUTTE - Central Butte Airport CENTRAL FRONTENAC - Bakers Valley Airport CENTRALIA - James T. Field Memorial Aerodrome Airport CHARLEVOIX - Charlevoix Airport CHARLO - Charlo Airport CHARLOTTETOWN - Charlottetown Airport CHARLOTTETOWN - Charlottetown Airport CHASE (BRITISH COLUMBIA) - Shuswap Skwlax Field Airport CHATHAM (ONTARIO) - Highgate South Airport CHATHAM-KENT - Chatham Kent Airport CHATSWORTH (ONTARIO) - Farrows Field Airport CHEADLE - Cheadle Airport CHESTERMERE - Chestermere Kirkby Field Airport CHETWYND - Chetwynd Airport CHIBOUGAMAU - Chapais Airport CHICOUTIMI - Chicoutimi St Honoré Airport CHILKO LAKE - Chilko Lake Tsylos Park Lodge Airport CHILLIWACK - Chilliwack Airport CHIPMAN - Chipman Airport CHIPMAN - Chipman Airport CHRISTINA BASIN - Christina Basin Airport CHURCHBRIDGE - Churchbridge Airport CHURCHILL - Churchill Airport CHUTE-ST-PHILIPPE - Chute-St-Philippe Airport CLARENVILLE - Clarenville Airport CLARESHOLM - Claresholm Industrial Airport CLARINGTON (ONTARIO) - Hampton Morawetz Field Airport CLARINGTON (ONTARIO) - Port Perry Hoskin Airport CLARINGTON (ONTARIO) - Seagrave Airfield CLARKSBURG (ONTARIO) - Walters Falls Piper Way Airfield CLEARWATER - Clearwater Airport CLEARWATER RIVER - Clearwater River Airport CLINTON - Clinton Bleibler Ranch Airport COBDEN - Bruce McPhail Memorial Airport COCHRANE - Arkayla Springs Airport COCHRANE - Cochrane Airport COCHRANE - Sky Wrench Field Airport COLD LAKE - CFB Cold Lake Airport COLD LAKE - Cold Lake Regional Airport COLLINGWOOD - Collingwood Airport COMOX - Comox Airport CONKLIN (ALBERTA) - Christina Lake Airport CONKLIN - Conklin Leismer Airport CONN - Conn Field Airport CONSORT - Consort Airport COOKSTOWN - Cookstown Airport CORNWALL - Cornwall Regional Airport CORONACH - Scobey Border Station Airport CORONATION - Coronation Airport CORTES ISLAND - Cortes Island Hansen Airfield Airport COTTAM - Cottam Airport COURTENAY - Courtenay Airpark COURTENAY - Courtenay Smit Field Airport COUTTS - Ross International Airport COWLEY - Cowley Airport CRAIK - Craik Airport CRANBROOK - Cranbrook Canadian Rockies International Airport CRAWFORD BAY - Crawford Bay Airport CREEMORE - Dundalk Tripp Field Airport CRESTON - Creston Valley Regional Airport - Art Sutcliffe Field CROSS LAKE - Cross Lake Charlie Sinclair Memorial Airport CRYSTAL CITY-PILOT MOUND - Louise Municipal Airport CUDWORTH - Cudworth Airport CUDWORTH - Cudworth Municipal Airport CUMBERLAND HOUSE - Cumberland House Airport CUT KNIFE - Cut Knife Airport DAUPHIN - Dauphin Barker Airport DAVIDSON - Davidson Municipal Airport DAWSON CITY - Dawson City Airport DAWSON CREEK - Dawson Creek Airport DAWSON CREEK - Dawson Creek Flying L Ranch Airport DE WINTON - De Winton South Calgary Airport DE WINTON - Highwood Airport DEASE LAKE - Dease Lake Airport DEBDEN - Debden Airport DEBERT - Debert Airport DEBOLT - Debolt Airport DEEP RIVER - Rolph Airport DEER LAKE - Deer Lake Airport DEL BONITA - Del Bonita Whetstone International Airport DELORAINE - Deloraine Airport DELTA - Delta Heritage Air Park DIGBY - Digby Annapolis Regional Airport DINSMORE - Dinsmore Airport DISLEY - Disley Private Airstrip DOAKTOWN - Doaktown Airport DOLBEAU-ST-FÉLICIEN - Dolbeau St Felicien Airport DONNELLY - Donnelly Airport DORE LAKE - Dore Lake Airport DOUGLAS LAKE - Douglas Lake Airport DOWNS GULCH - Downs Gulch Airport DRAYTON VALLEY - Drayton Valley Industrial Airport DRUMHELLER - Drumheller Municipal Airport DRUMHELLER - Ostergards Airport DRUMMONDVILLE - Drummondville Airport DRYDEN - Dryden Regional Airport DU ROCHER-PERCÉ - Du Rocher-Percé Pabok Airport DUNCAN - Duncan Airport DUNDAS (ONTARIO) - Skydive SWOOP Airport DWIGHT (ONTARIO) - Dwight Airport EAGLESHAM - Eaglesham South Airport EAR FALLS - Ear Falls Airport EARLTON - Earlton Timiskaming Regional Airport EAST GORE - East Gore Eco Airpark EASTERVILLE - Easterville Airport EATONIA - Eatonia Elvie Smith Municipal Airport ECHO VALLEY - Echo Valley Airport EDAM - Edam Airport EDDONTENAJON - Eddontenajon Iskut Village Airport EDENVALE - Edenvale Aerodrome Airport EDMONTON - Edmonton Cooking Lake Airport EDMONTON - Edmonton Gartner Airport EDMONTON - Edmonton International Airport EDMONTON - Edmonton Josephburg Airport EDMONTON - Edmonton Twin Island Airpark EDMONTON - Edmonton Villeneuve Airport EDMONTON - Parkland Airport EDMUNDSTON - Edmundston Airport EDSON - Edson Airport ELBOW - Elbow Airstrip ELDORADO - Thunderbay Eldorado Field Airport ELK LAKE - Elk Lake Airport ELK POINT - Elk Point Airport ELKIN CREEK - Elkin Creek Guest Ranch Airport ELKO - Elko Airport ELLIOT LAKE - Elliot Lake Municipal Airport ELMIRA - Elmira Airport ELMIRA - Elmira East Airport EMBRUN - Ottawa Embrun Airport EMPRESS - Empress Airport EMPRESS - Empress McNeill Spectra Energy Airport EMSDALE - Emsdale Airport ENGLEHART - Englehart Daves Field Airport ERICKSON - Erickson Municipal Airport ESSEX - Essex Airport ESTERHAZY - Esterhazy Airport ESTEVAN - Bryant Airport ESTEVAN - Estevan Airport ESTEVAN - Estevan South Airport ESTON - Eston Airport ETHEL - Ethel Airport EXPLOITS VALLEY - Exploits Valley Botwood Airport FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS - Fairmont Hot Springs Airport FAIRVIEW - Fairview Airport FARNHAM - Farnham Airport FENELON FALLS (ONTARIO) - Kirkfield Balsam Lake Airfield FERGUS - Fergus Holyoake Airfield FERGUS - Fergus Juergensen Field Airport FERGUS - Fergus Royland Field Airport FERGUS - Fergus Vodarek Field Airport FERLAND - Ferland Airport FILLMORE - Fillmore Airport FINLAY - Finlay Air Park FISHER BRANCH - Fisher Branch Airport FLIN FLON - Flin Flon Airport FLORENCEVILLE - Florenceville Airport FOGO - Fogo Airport FORDWICH - Fordwich Airport FOREMOST - Foremost Airport FORESTBURG - S.I.R.Bernard Forestburg Airpark FORESTVILLE - Forestville Airport FORT ERIE - Fort Erie Airport FORT FRANCES - Fort Frances Municipal Airport FORT LANGLEY - Fort Langley Airport FORT MACKAY - Fort Mackay Horizon Airport FORT MACLEOD - Fort Macleod Airport FORT MACLEOD - Fort Macleod Alcock Farm Airport FORT MCMURRAY - Fort McMurray Airport FORT MCMURRAY - Fort McMurray Mildred Lake Airport FORT NELSON - Fort Nelson Airport FORT NELSON - Gordon Field Airport FORT PROVIDENCE - Fort Providence Airport FORT SASKATCHEWAN (ALBERTA) - Edmonton Goyer Field Airport FORT ST. JAMES - Fort St James Airport FORT ST.JOHN - Fort St John Airport FORT VERMILION - Fort Vermilion Airport FOX CREEK - Fox Creek Airport FOX HARBOUR - Fox Harbour Airport FRASER LAKE - Fraser Lake Airport FREDERICTON - Fredericton Airport FRENCH RIVER - Alban Airport FRONTIER - Frontier Airport GANANOQUE - Gananoque Airport GANDER - Gander International Airport GANG RANCH - Gang Ranch Airport GASPÉ - Gaspé Michel-Pouliot Airport GATINEAU - Ottawa Gatineau Airport GILBERT PLAINS - Gilbert Plains Airport GIMLI - Gimli Industrial Park Airport GLADSTONE - Gladstone Airport GLASLYN - Glaslyn Airport GLENBORO - Glenboro Airport GLENDON - Glendon Airport GODERICH (ONTARIO) - Brussels Hemingway Field Airport GODERICH - Goderich Airport GOLDEN - Golden Airport GOODSOIL - Goodsoil Airport GORDON LAKE - Gordon Lake Airport GORE BAY - Gore Bay Manitoulin Airport GRAND BEND - Grand Bend Airport GRAND FALLS - Grand Falls Airport GRAND FORKS - Grand Forks Airport GRAND MANAN - Grand Manan Airport GRAND RAPIDS - Grand Rapids Airport GRANDE - Grande Airport GRANDE CACHE - Grande Cache Airport GRANDE PRAIRIE - Grande Prairie Airport GRANDES-BERGERONNES - Grandes-Bergeronnes Airport GRAVELBOURG - Gravelbourg Airport GREEN LAKE - Green Lake Airport GREENBANK - Greenbank Airport GREENWOOD - CFB Greenwood Airport GRENFELL - Grenfell Airport GRIMSBY - Grimsby Airpark GRIMSHAW - Grimshaw Airport GRIST LAKE - Grist Lake Airport GUELPH - Guelph Airport GULL LAKE - Gull Lake Airport HAFFORD - Hafford Airport HAINES JUNCTION - Haines Junction Airport HALIBURTON - Stanhope Municipal Airport HALIFAX - Halifax Stanfield International Airport HAMILTON - John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport HANLEY - Hanley Airport HANNA - Hanna Airport HANOVER - Hanover Saugeen Municipal Airport HANOVER - Mount Forest Roths Field Airport HARBOUR GRACE - Harbour Grace Airport HARDISTY - Hardisty Airport HARPER CORNERS - Gamble Field Airport HARRISON MILLS (BRITISH COLUMBIA) - Pretty Estates Resort Airport HARROW - Harrow Airport HARTNEY - Hartney Airport HAVELOCK - Havelock Airport HAVRE ST-PIERRE - Havre St Pierre Airport HAWKESBURY - Hawkesbury Airport HAWKESBURY - Hawkesbury East Airport HAY ISLAND - Hay Island Airstrip HAY RIVER - Hay River Merlyn Carter Airport HAZELTON - Private Airstrip HAZELTON - Seeley Lake Field Airport HAZELTON - Witwer Airfield HEARST - Hearst René Fontaine Municipal Airport HESPERO - Hespero Airport HIGH LEVEL - High Level Airport HIGH PRAIRIE - High Prairie Airport HIGH RIVER - High River Airport HIGHGATE - Highgate Airport HINTON - Hinton Entrance Airport HINTON - Hinton Jasper-Hinton Airport HOLLAND LANDING - Holland Landing Airpark HOMEWOOD - Homewood Airport HOPE - Hope Airport HORNEPAYNE - Hornepayne Municipal Airport HOUSTON - Houston Airport HUDSONS HOPE - Hudsons Hope Airport HUMBOLDT - Humboldt Airport HUNTSVILLE - Deerhurst Resort Airport HYTHE (AB) - Beaverlodge Clanachan Field Airport IGNACE - Ignace Municipal Airport IMPERIAL - Imperial Airport INDUS - Winters Aire Park Airport INNISFAIL (ALBERTA) - Olds North 40 Ranch Airstrip INNISFAIL - Innisfail Airport INUVIK - Inuvik Mike Zubko Airport INVERMERE - Invermere Airport IQALUIT - Iqaluit Airport IRMA - Irma Airport IROQUOIS - Iroquois Airport IROQUOIS FALLS - Iroquois Falls Airport ITUNA - Ituna Airport IVANHOE - Ivanhoe Airstrip JAN LAKE - Jan Lake Airport JANVIER - Janvier Airport JASPER - Jasper Airport JENPEG - Jenpeg Airport JOLIETTE - Joliette Airport JUNIPER - Juniper Airport KAKABEKA FALLS - Kakabeka Falls Airport KAMLOOPS - Kamloops Airport KAMSACK - Kamsack Airport KANAWATA - Kanawata Aeroparc Airport KANGIQSUJUAQ - Kangiqsujuaq Wakeham Bay Airport KAPUSKASING - Kapuskasing Airport KARS - Kars Rideau Valley Air Park KASLO - Kaslo Airport KATTINIQ - Donaldson Airport KAWARTHA LAKES - Lorneville Airstrip KEENE - Elmhirsts Resort Airport KELOWNA - Kelowna International Airport KELSEY - Kelsey Airport KELVINGTON - Kelvington Airport KEMBLE (ONTARIO) - East Linton Kerr Field Airport KENORA - Kenora Airport KERROBERT - Kerrobert Airport KILLAM - Killam-Sedgewick Airport KILLARNEY - Killarney Airport KILLARNEY - Killarney Municipal Airport KINCARDINE - Kincardine Airport KINCARDINE - Shepherds Landing Airport KINDERSLEY - Kindersley Airport KINGSTON - Kingston Norman Rogers Airport KINGSVILLE (ONTARIO) - Essex Billing Airstrip KIPLING - Kipling Airport KIRBY LAKE - Kirby Lake Airport KIRKLAND LAKE - Kirkland Lake Airport KITCHENER (ONTARIO) - Roseville Field Airport KITCHENER - Ayr Sargeant Private Airfield KITCHENER - Plattsville Lubitz Flying Field Airport KITCHENER - Waterloo Airport KITIMAT - Kitimat Airport KNUTSFORD - Knustford Airstrip KYLE - Kyle Airport LA CRETE - La Crete Airport LA RONGE - La Ronge Airport LA SARRE - La Sarre Airport LA TUQUE - La Tuque Airport LAC AGILE - Lac Agile Mascouche Airport LAC DU BONNET - Lac Du Bonnet Airport LAC ETCHEMIN - Lac Etchemin Airport LAC LA BICHE - Lac La Biche Airport LAC À LA PERCHAUDE - Lac à la Perchaude Airport LAC-À-LA-TORTUE - Lac a la Tortue Airport LAC-À-LA-TORTUE - Lac-à-la-Tortue Water Aerodrome Airport LACHUTE - Lachute Airport LACOMBE - Lacombe Airport LAKEFIELD (ONTARIO) - Douro Airfield LAMPMAN - Lampman Airport LANGLEY - Langley Airport LANIGAN - Lanigan Airport LASSOMPTION - LAssomption Airport LEADER - Leader Airport LEAMINGTON (ONTARIO) - Belle River Field Airport LEAMINGTON (ONTARIO) - Ruscom Station Field Airport LEAMINGTON (ONTARIO) - Stoney Point Trepanier Airport LEAMINGTON - Leamington Airport LEASK - Leask Airport LEBEL-SUR-QUÉVILLON - Lebel-sur-Quevillon Airport LEDUC (ALBERTA) - Edmonton Calmar Maplelane Farm Airport LEMBERG - Lemberg Airport LEOVILLE - Leoville Airport LETHBRIDGE (ALBERTA) - Lethbridge J3 Airfield LETHBRIDGE - Lethbridge Anderson Field Airport LETHBRIDGE - Lethbridge County Airport LEWVAN - Lewvan Farr Strip Airport LIKELY - Likely Airport LILLOOET - Lillooet Airport LINDEN, AB - Linden Airport LINDSAY - Lindsay Airport LISTOWEL - Listowel Airport LITTLE BEAR LAKE - Little Bear Lake Airport LIVERPOOL - Liverpool South Shore Regional Airport LLOYDMINSTER - Lloydminster Airport LONDON - London Airport LONDON - London Chapeskie Field Airport LONG SAULT (ONTARIO) - Long Sault Airstrip LOON LAKE - Loon Lake Airport LOUISEVILLE - Louiseville Airport LOURDES-DE-BLANC-SABLON - Lourdes de Blanc Sablon Airport LOURDES-DE-JOLIETTE - Lourdes-De-Joliette Airport LOWER EAST PUBNICO - Lower East Pubnico La Field Airport LUCAN - Lucan Airport LUCKNOW - Lucknow Airpark LUCKY LAKE - Lucky Lake Airport LUMSDEN - Lumsden Colhoun Airport LUNDAR - Lundar Airport LUSELAND - Luseland Airport LÎLE DENTRÉE - LÎle dEntrée Airfield MABEL LAKE - Mabel Lake Airport MACDONALD - Macdonald Airport MACGREGOR - Macgregor Airport MACKLIN - Macklin Airport MAIDSTONE - Maidstone Airport MANITOU - Manitou Airport MANITOUWADGE - Manitouwadge Airport MANITOWANING - Manitoulin East Municipal Airport MANIWAKI - Maniwaki Airport MANNING - Manning Airport MANOTICK - Ottawa Manotick Hope Field Airport MANSFIELD - Mansfield Airport MANSONVILLE - Mansonville Airport MAPLE CREEK - Maple Creek Airport MARATHON - Marathon Airport MAREK FARMS - Marek Farms Airport MARGAREE - Margaree Airport MARKHAM (ONTARIO) - Brougham High Perspective Hang Glider Port Airport MARYS HARBOUR - Marys Harbour Airport MARYSVILLE (MICHIGAN) - Colinville Field Airport MATAGAMI - Matagami Airport MATANE - Matane Airport MATHESON ISLAND - Matheson Island Airport MATTAWA - Mattawa Airport MAXVILLE - Maxville Private Airstrip MAYERTHORPE - Mayerthorpe Airport MCBRIDE - Mcbride Airport MCCREARY - Mccreary Airport MEADOW LAKE - Meadow Lake Airport MEDICINE HAT - Medicine Hat Airport MEDICINE HAT - Schlenker Airport MELBOURNE - Melbourne Airport MELFORT - Melfort Airport MELITA - Melita Airport MELVILLE - Melville Municipal Airport MERRITT - Merritt Airport MIDLAND - Huronia Airport MIDWAY - Midway Airport MILK RIVER - Milk River Airport MILK RIVER - Milk River Madge Airport MILTON (ONTARIO) - Campbellville Bellshill Airpark MINNEDOSA - Minnedosa Airport MIRAMICHI - Miramichi Airport MONCTON - Greater Moncton International Airport MONCTON - Moncton McEwen Airport MONT-JOLI - Mont Joli Airport MONT-LAURIER - Mont Laurier Airport MONT-TREMBLANT - St-Jovite Airport MONTE CREEK - Monte Creek Airstrip MONTMAGNY - Montmagny Airport MONTREAL (QUÉBEC) - Saint-François-de-Laval Laval Aviation Airport MONTRÉAL - Montreal Aéroparc Île Perrot Airport MONTRÉAL - Montreal International Mirabel Airport MONTRÉAL - Montreal Les Cèdres Airport MONTRÉAL - Montreal Mascouche Airport MONTRÉAL - Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport MONTRÉAL - Montréal Saint-Hubert Airport MONTRÉAL - Montreal St-Lazare Airport MOOSE JAW - Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport MOOSE JAW - Moose Jaw Municipal Airport MOOSE LAKE - Moose Lake Lodge Airport MOOSOMIN - Moosomin Airport MORDEN - Morden Airport MORRISBURG - Morrisburg Airport MOUNT FOREST (ONTARIO) - Roths field Airport MOUNT HOPE (ONTARIO) - Tyneside Field Airport MOUNT PLEASANT - Mount Pleasant Airport MULE CREEK - Mule Creek Airport MUSKEG TOWER - Muskeg Tower Airport MUSKOKA - Muskoka Airport NAICAM - Naicam Airport NAKUSP - Nakusp Airport NANAIMO - Nanaimo Airport NAPANEE (ONTARIO) - Selby - Howards Airstrip NAPANEE - Napanee Airstrip NASS CAMP - Nass Camp Airstrip NEEPAWA - Neepawa Airport NEILBURG - Neilburg Airport NELSON - Nelson Airport NESTOR FALLS - Nestor Falls Airport NEUVILLE, QC - Québec Neuville Airport NIAGARA FALLS - Niagara South Airport NIPAWIN - Nipawin Airport NIXON - Nixon Airport NORTH BATTLEFORD (SASKATCHEWAN) - Spiritwood H & M Fast Farms Airport NORTH BATTLEFORD - North Battleford Airport NORTH BAY - North Bay Airport NORTH DURHAM AND KAWARTHA LAKES - Sunderland field Blackwater creek Airport NORTH PENDER ISLAND - Hastings Field Airport OAK HAMMOCK - Oak Hammock Air Park OLDS - Olds Netook Airport OLDS-DIDSBURY - Olds-Didsbury Airport OLIVER - Oliver Airport ONE HUNDRED MILE HOUSE - One Hundred Mile House Airport ORANGEVILLE (ONTARIO) - Laurel Whittington Airport ORANGEVILLE (ONTARIO) - Orangeville Brundle Field Airport ORANGEVILLE - Orangeville Laurel Airstrip ORANGEVILLE - Orangeville Murray Wesley Kot Field Airport ORILLIA - Orillia Airport ORONO - Elizabethville Airstrip ORONO - Hawke Field Airport ORTON - Orton Smith Field Airport OSHAWA - Oshawa Airport OSOYOOS - Osoyoos Airport OTTAWA - Navan Bearbrook Airport OTTAWA - Ottawa Carp Airport OTTAWA - Ottawa Casselman Shea Field Airport OTTAWA - Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport OTTAWA - Ottawa Rockcliffe Airport OTTER LAKE - Otter Lake Airport OUTLOOK - Outlook Airport OWEN SOUND - Owen Sound Billy Bishop Regional Airport OWEN SOUND - Owen Sound Cook Field Airport OWEN SOUND - Varys field Airport OXBOW - Oxbow Airport OYEN - Oyen Municipal Airport PALMERSTON - Palmerston Airport PANGMAN - Pangman Airport PARADISE HILL - Paradise Hill Airport PARENT - Parent Airport PARRY SOUND (ONTARIO) - Nobel Lumsden Air Park PARRY SOUND - Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport PEACE RIVER (ALBERTA) - Nampa Hockey Airport PEACE RIVER - Peace River Airport PELEE ISLAND - Pelee Island Airport PELICAN - Pelican Airport PELICAN NARROWS - Pelican Narrows Airport PEMBERTON - Pemberton Airport PEMBROKE - Pembroke Airport PENDLETON - Pendleton Airport PENTICTON - Penticton Airport PERTH-ANDOVER (NEW BRUNSWICK) - Upper Kent Airport PETAWAWA - Petawawa Airport PETERBOROUGH - Peterborough Airport PIKANGIKUM - Pikangikum Airport PIKWITONEI - Pikwitonei Airport PILOT BUTTE - Pilot Butte Airport PINCHER CREEK - Pincher Creek Airport PINE DOCK - Pine Dock Airport PINE LAKE - Pine Lake Airport PINEHOUSE LAKE - Pinehouse Lake Airport PITT MEADOWS - Pitt Meadows Airport PLEVNA - Tomvale Airport POKEMOUCHE - Pokemouche Airport PONOKA INDUSTRIAL - Ponoka Industrial Airport PONTIAC - Pontiac Airpark PORCUPINE PLAIN - Porcupine Plain Airport PORT ALBERNI - Port Alberni Airport PORT ALBERT (ONTARIO) - Dungannon Airport PORT AU CHOIX - Port Au Choix Airport PORT COLBORNE (ONTARIO) - Burnaby Field Airport PORT COLBORNE - Port Colborne Airport PORT ELGIN - Port Elgin Airport PORT ELGIN - Port Elgin Pryde Field Airport PORT HARDY - Port Hardy Airport PORT HAWKESBURY - Port Hawkesbury Airport PORT HOPE (ONTARIO) - Wesleyville Airstrip PORT HOPE - Canton Aerodrome Airport PORT HOPE - Port Hope Peters Field Airport PORT HOPE SIMPSON - Port Hope Simpson Airport PORT MCNEILL - Port Mcneill Airport PORT-MENIER - Port Menier Airport PORTAGE - Southport Airport PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE - Portage La Prairie North Airport PORTERS LAKE - Porters Lake Airport POWELL RIVER - Powell River Airport PREECEVILLE - Preeceville Airport PRINCE ALBERT - Prince Albert Glass Field Airport PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY - Ferns Field Airport PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY - Picton Airport PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY - Trenton Mountain View Airport PRINCE GEORGE - Prince George Airport PRINCE RUPERT - Prince Rupert Airport PRITCHARD - Prichard Airstrip PROVOST - Provost Airport PUNTZI MOUNTAIN - Puntzi Mountain Airport QUALICUM BEACH - Qualicum Beach Airport QUAMICHAN LAKE - Quamichan Lake Raven Field Airport QUAPPELLE - Odessa Strawberry Lakes Airstrip QUEBEC - Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport QUESNEL - Quesnel Airport QUESNEL LAKE - Quesnel Lake Airport QUILCHENA - Quilchena Airport QUILL LAKE - Quill Lake Airport RADISSON - Radisson Airport RADIUM HOT SPRINGS - Radium Hot Springs Airport RADVILLE - Radville Airport RAE - Edzo Airport RAYMOND (ALBERTA) - Lethbridge Mercer Field Airport RED DEER (ALBERTA) - Red Deer South 40 Airstrip RED DEER (ALBERTA) - Red Deer Truant Airfield RED DEER - Red Deer Regional Airport RED DEER FORESTRY - Red Deer Forestry Airport RED LAKE - Red Lake Airport REGINA - Regina International Airport REGINA BEACH - Regina Beach Airport RESTON - R.M. of Pipestone Airport REVELSTOKE - Revelstoke Airport RICHELIEU - Richelieu Airport RICHMOND HILL (ONTARIO) - Foxden Farms Airport RIDGETOWN - Ridgetown Carnie Airfield CRN2 RIDING MOUNTAIN - Riding Mountain Airport RIMBEY - Rimbey Airport RIMOUSKI - Rimouski Airport RIVERTON - Riverton Airport RIVIÈRE ROUGE - La Macaza Mont-Tremblant International Inc Airport RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP - Rivière-du-Loup Airport ROBERVAL - Roberval Airport ROBLIN - Roblin Airport ROCANVILLE - Rocanville Airport ROCKGLEN - Rockglen Airport ROCKTON - Rockton Airport ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE (ALBERTA) - Alhambra Ahlstrom Airport ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE - Rocky Mountain House Airport ROCKYFORD - Rockyford Airport RODNEY - Rodney New Glasgow Airport ROLAND - Roland Graham Field Airport ROSENORT - Rosenort Airport ROSETOWN - Rosetown Airport ROUGEMONT - Rougemont Airport ROUYN-NORANDA - Rouyn Noranda Airport RUSSELL - Russell Airport SAINT JOHN - Saint John Airport SAINT-ALEXIS-DE-MONTCALM (QUÉBEC) - St-Esprit Airport SALMON ARM - Salmon Arm Airport SANDY BAY - Sandy Bay Airport SARNIA - Chris Hadfield Airport SASKATOON - Corman Air Park SASKATOON - Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport SAULT STE MARIE - Sault Ste Marie Airport SCOTTSFIELD - Scottsfield Airpark SCUM LAKE - Scum Lake Airport SECHELT - Sechelt-Gibsons Airport SELKIRK - Selkirk Airport SENNETERRE - Senneterre Airport SEPT-ÎLES - Sept-Îles Airport SEVOGLE - Sevogle Airport SEXSMITH - Exeter Airport SHAUNAVON - Shaunavon Airport SHEDIAC BRIDGE - Shediac Bridge Airport SHELBURNE - Shelburne Fisher Field Airport SHELLBROOK - Shellbrook Airport SHERBROOKE - Sherbrooke Airport SHERIDAN LAKE - Sheridan Lake Airstrip SHOAL LAKE - Shoal Lake Airport SILVER CITY - Silver City Airport SILVER FALLS - Silver Falls Airport SIMCOE - Simcoe Dennison Field Airport SIOUX LOOKOUT - Sioux Lookout Airport SIOUX NARROWS - Sioux Narrows Airport SLAVE LAKE - Slave Lake Airport SMITHERS - Smithers Airport SMITHS FALLS - Smiths Falls-Montague Russ Beach Airport SNOW LAKE - Snow Lake Airport SOMERSET - Somerset Airport SOREL - Sorel Airport SOURIS GLENWOOD - Souris Glenwood Industrial Air Park SOUTH RIVER - SUNDRIDGE - South River Sundridge Airport & Float Plane Base SOUTHAMPTON - Southampton Airport SPARWOOD - Sparwood Elk Valley Airport SPIRIT RIVER - Spirit River Airport SPIRITWOOD - Spiritwood Airport SPRING VALLEY - Spring Valley North Airport SPRINGDALE - Springdale Airport SPRINGHOUSE - Springhouse Airpark SPRINGWATER - Springwater Barrie Airpark SQUAMISH - Squamish Airport SQUAW RAPIDS - Squaw Rapids Airport ST CATHARINES - Niagara District Airport ST GEORGES - St Georges Airport ST JEAN - St Jean Airport ST LEONARD - St Leonard Airport ST THOMAS - St Thomas Municipal Airport ST-ANSELME - St-Anselme Airport ST-BASILE - St-Basile Marcotte Airport ST-BRUNO-DE-GUIGUES - St Bruno-de-Guigues Airport ST-DOMINIQUE - St-Dominique Airport ST-DONAT - St-Donat Airport ST-FERDINAND - St-Ferdinand Airport ST-FRÉDÉRIC - St-Frédéric Airport ST-HYACINTHE - St Hyacinthe Airport ST-JEAN CHRYSOSTOME - St Jean Chrysostome Airport ST-JÉRÔME - St-Jérôme Airport ST-LAMBERT-DE-LAUZON - St-Lambert-De-Lauzon Airport ST-LOUIS-DE-FRANCE - St-Louis-De-France Airport ST-MATHIAS - Grant Airport ST-MATHIAS - St-Mathias Airport ST-MATHIEU-DE-BELOEIL - St-Mathieu-De-Beloeil Airport ST-MICHEL-DES-SAINTS - St-Michel-Des-Saints Airport ST-QUENTIN - St-Quentin Airport ST-RAYMOND - Paquet Airport ST-VICTOR-DE-BEAUCE - St-Victor-De-Beauce Airport ST. ALBERT (ALBERTA) - Edmonton Morinville Currie Field Airport ST. ANDRE AVELLIN - St. Andre-Avellin Airport ST. ANDREWS - St. Andrews Codroy Valley Airport ST. ANTHONY - St. Anthony Airport ST. BRIEUX - St. Brieux Airport ST. FRANÇOIS XAVIER - St. François Xavier Airport ST. JOHNS - St. Johns International Airport ST. JOSEPH ISLAND - St. Joseph Island Airport ST. LEWIS - St. Lewis Fox Harbour Airport ST. PAUL - St. Paul Airport ST. STEPHEN - St. Stephen Airport STANHOPE - Stanhope Airport STANLEY - Stanley Airport STANSTEAD - Weller Airport STARBUCK - Starbuck Airport STAYNER (ONTARIO) - Stayner Clearview Field Airport STE-AGNÈS-DE-DUNDEE - Ste-Agnès-de-Dundee Airport STE-ANNE-DES-MONTS - Ste Anne Des Monts Airport STE-LUCIE-DE-BEAUREGARD - Ste-Lucie-De-Beauregard Airport STE. ROSE DU LAC - Ste. Rose Du Lac Airport STEINBACH - Steinbach Airport STEINBACH - Steinbach South Airport STEPHENVILLE - Stephenville Airport STETTLER - Stettler Airport STEWART - Stewart Airport STIRLING - Stirling Airport STONEY CREEK - Stoney Creek Airport STONEY POINT - Stoney Point Le Cunff Airport STONY PLAIN - Stony Plain Lichtner Farms Airport STRAFFORDVILLE - Straffordville Airport STRATFORD (ONTARIO) - Paterson Field Airport STRATFORD - Stratford Municipal Airport STRATHCLAIR - Strathclair Airport STRATHMORE - Appleton Field Airport STRATHMORE - Strathmore D.J. Murray Airport STRATHROY - Strathroy Blue Yonder Airport STRATHROY - Warren Field Airport SUDBURY - Sudbury Airport SUDBURY - Sudbury Coniston Airport SUMMERSIDE - Summerside Airport SUNCOR ENERGY SITE - Fort Mackay Firebag Airport SUNDRE - Sundre Airport SUNDRE - Sundre Goodwins Farm Airport SURREY - King George Airpark SUSSEX - Sussex Airport SWAN HILLS - Swan Hills Airport SWAN RIVER - Swan River Airport SWIFT CURRENT - Swift Current Airport SYDNEY - Sydney J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport TABER - Taber Airport TALTHEILEI NARROWS - Taltheilei Narrows Airport TEEPEE - Teepee Airport TEESWATER - Teeswater Thompson Field Airport TERRACE - Terrace Airport TESLIN - Teslin Airport TEXADA - Texada Gillies Bay Airport THAMESFORD - Thamesford Harydale Farms Airport THE PAS - The Pas Airport THE PAS - The Pas Grace Lake Airport THESSALON - Thessalon Municipal Airport THETFORD MINES - Thetford Mines Airport THICKET PORTAGE - Thicket Portage Airport THOMPSON - Thompson Airport THORBURN - Thorburn Airport THREE HILLS - Three Hills Airport THUNDER BAY - Thunder Bay Airport TILLSONBURG - Courtland Tillsonburg Flying Club Field Airport TILLSONBURG - Tillsonburg Airport TIMMINS - Timmins Victor M. Power Airport TIPELLA - Tipella Airport TISDALE - Tisdale Airport TOAD RIVER - Mile 422 Alaska Highway Airport TOBERMORY - Tobermory Airport TOFIELD - Tofield Airport TOFINO - Tofino Long Beach Airport TORONTO - Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport TORONTO - Buttonville Municipal Airport TORONTO - Downsview Airport TORONTO - Lester B. Pearson International Airport TORONTO - Markham Airport TOTTENHAM - Tottenham Ronan Aerodrome Airport TOTTENHAM - Volk Airport TOWN OF PRINCETON - Princeton Airport TRAIL - Trail Airport TREHERNE - Treherne Airport TREHERNE - Treherne South Norfolk Airpark Airport TRENTON - CFB Trenton Airport TRENTON - Trenton Airport TROIS-RIVIÈRES - Trois-Rivières Airport TROUT LAKE - Trout Lake Airport TSACHA LAKE - Tsacha Lake Airport TSETZI LAKE - Tsetzi Lake Pan Phillips Airport TSUNIAH LAKE LODGE - Tsuniah Lake Lodge Airport TUMBLER RIDGE - Tumbler Ridge Airport TURNER VALLEY BAR N RANCH - Turner Valley Bar N Ranch Airport TWO HILLS - Two Hills Airport TYENDINAGA - Tyendinaga Mohawk Airport UNITY - Unity Airport UXBRIDGE - Sandford Field Airport UXBRIDGE - Utica Airfield VAL-DOR - Val-dOr Airport VALCOURT - Valcourt Airport VALEMOUNT - Valemount Airport VALLEY - Valley Airport VALLEYFIELD - Valleyfield Airport VALLEYVIEW - Valleyview Airport VANCOUVER - Boundary Bay Airport VANCOUVER - Vancouver International Airport VANDERHOOF - Vanderhoof Airport VAUXHALL - Vauxhall Airport VEGREVILLE - Vegreville Airport VERMILION - Vermilion Airport VERMILION BAY - Vermilion Bay Airport VERNON - Vernon Airport VICTORIA - Victoria International Airport VICTORIAVILLE - Victoriaville Airport VIKING - Viking Airport VIKING - Viking South Airport VILLENEUVE - Edmonton Villeneuve Rose Field Airport VIRDEN - Virden Gabrielle Farm Airport VIRDEN - Virden R.J. Bob Andrew Field Regional Aerodrome Airport VULCAN (ALBERTA) - Vulcan Kirkcaldy Airport VULCAN - Vulcan Airport WABASCA - Wabasca Airport WADENA - Wadena Airport WAINWRIGHT - Wainwright Airport WAINWRIGHT - Wainwright Field 21 Airport WAKAW - Wakaw Airport WALKERTON (ONTARIO) - Teeswater Dent Field Airport WARBURG - Warburg Zajes Airport WARNER - Warner Airport WARREN - Warren Woodlands Airport WATERVILLE - Waterville Kings County Municipal Airport WATROUS - Watrous Airport WAWA - Wawa Airport WAWOTA - Wawota Airport WELLAND - Welland Niagara Central Airport WELLINGTON (ONTARIO) - Nicholson Island Private Airstrip WEST POPLAR - West Poplar Airport WESTLOCK - Westlock Airport WESTPORT - Brier Island Airstrip WESTPORT - Westport Rideau Lakes Airport WETASKIWIN - Wetaskiwin Regional Airport WEYBURN - Weyburn Airport WEYMONTACHIE - Weymontachie Airport WHITE CITY - White City Radomsky Airport WHITECOURT - Whitecourt Airport WHITEHORSE - Whitehorse Cousins Airport WHITEHORSE - Whitehorse Erik Nielsen International Airport WHITEWOOD - Whitewood Airport WIARTON (ONTARIO) - Griffith Island Airport WIARTON (ONTARIO) - White Cloud Island Airport WIARTON - Wiarton Airport WILDWOOD (ALBERTA) - Wildwood Loche Mist Farms Airstrip WILLIAMS HARBOUR - Williams Harbour Airport WILLIAMS LAKE (BRITISH COLUMBIA) - Dugan Lake Air Strip WILLIAMS LAKE - Williams Lake Airport WILLOW BUNCH - Willow Bunch Airport WINDERMERE - Windermere Airport WINDSOR - Windsor Airport WINGHAM - Wingham Richard W. LeVan Airport WINKLER - Winkler Airport WINNIPEG - Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport WINNIPEG - Winnipeg Lyncrest Airport WINNIPEG - Winnipeg St. Andrews Airport WINTERLAND - Winterland Airport WOODCOCK - Woodcock Airport WOODSTOCK (ONTARIO) - Willow Lake Airstrip WOODSTOCK (ONTARIO) - Woodstock Private Airstrip WOODSTOCK - Woodstock Airport WOODSTOCK - Woodstock Airport WYEVALE - Wyevale Boker Field Airport WYNYARD - Wynyard W.B. Needham Field Airport YARMOUTH - Yarmouth Airport YELLOWKNIFE (NORTHWEST TERRITORIES) - Thor Lake Airport YELLOWKNIFE - Yellowknife Airport YORK - York Airport YORKTON - Yorkton Municipal Airport ZHODA - Zhoda Airport ÎLE AUX COUDRES - Île aux Coudres Airport ÎLE-AUX-GRUES - Île-aux-Grues Airport ÎLES-DE-LA-MADELEINE - Îles-de-la-Madeleine Airport



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